Marine/Guardsman sacrificed himself for middle school kids

| October 21, 2013

There was a shooting at a Middle school in Nevada today, if you hadn’t heard. Two people died in the gunfire – a teacher and the shooter, according to Business Insider. the teacher was Michael Landsberry a former Marine (in the mid-80s) and a current member of the Nevada National Guard;

A witness told the Gazette-Journal that a teacher told the shooter to put the gun down before he was shot.

The student said: “We were at school, we were by the basketball court and we heard a pop, like a loud pop, and everybody was screaming. And then the teacher came to investigate. I thought it was a firecracker at first, but the student was pointing a gun at the teacher after the teacher told him to put it down. And then the student fired a shot at the teacher and the teacher fell and everybody ran away. … While we were running, we heard about four or five more shots.”

Apparently, one of those shots was the shooter (a boy wearing a Sparks Middle School uniform) offing himself. From the Associated Press;

“In my estimation, he is a hero. … We do know he was trying to intervene,” Reno Deputy Police Chief Tom Robinson said of the teacher who was killed, who initially was identified only as a staff member.

Family members identified him as math teacher Michael Landsberry, a 45-year-old military veteran who leaves behind a wife and two stepdaughters.

Two other students were injured, but many more were uninjured, thanks to Michael Landsberry.

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  1. DirtDart says:

    Honor and Respect Friend, may you be with the honored dead and await the rest of your family in the next life.

  2. SSG Medzyk says:

    Duty, Honor, Country, Semper Fi to the end.

    Had this well trained Warrior been allowed to protect his charges in the best way known to man, and shot the little creep before any damage could have occurred…..

    ….would have us celebrating a live Hero.

    Stupid leftist gun policies just killed another great American.

  3. TN says:

    Interesting that I’ve heard NOTHING about this on the MSM.

  4. NHSparky says:

    God bless Mr. Landsbury. Watch over him and his family.

  5. Pam says:

    Prayers sent for all those involved. Stories like this break my heart. Rest easy Marine.

  6. ByrdMan says:

    Semper Fidelis, Brother. Rest easy.

  7. FatCircles0311 says:

    Chalk up another win for libtards and their policies killing another fine individual.

    If allowing teachers to conceal carry saves just one life, it’s worth it.

  8. Joe Williams says:

    God, grant peace to the family.He went with honor ,a Marine to the end. Join the Marines Guard for duty at God’s Gate. Semper Fidelis Brother Joe

  9. CAs6 says:

    If he’s in the NV Guard, does Pathfinder know him?

  10. UpNorth says:

    A true hero. He ran to the sound of gunfire. As others said, if he’d been armed, he might still be alive and maybe the two kids who were wounded might be home with their families instead of in the hospital. Rest in Peace, Marine.

  11. OldSoldier54 says:

    Damn. I heard about the shooting, but none of the rest.

    Dear Lord, why our best?

    See you in a while, Brother Mike. I’ll be praying for the peace of your wife and step-daughters in their grief.

  12. JAL67 says:

    RIP Mr Landsberry, thanks for stepping up when you were called.

  13. streetsweeper says:

    Dianne Sawyer had it on her prized news slut er show and MADE sure she got her gun control talking point out there too, reminding us of other school shootings, Newberry…

  14. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I sampled the Big Four, Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS to see whether their stories’ headlines mentioned Veteran or Marine, as such stories always do with negative stories involving a Veteran. Surprisingly, ABC and CBS did, with CBS doing the better job. Fox and NBC saw no value in pointing out that this man was a Veteran, at least in their headlines.

    • Hondo says:

      2/17 Air Cav: the Fox story indicates the teacher was a vet and was believed to be trying to protect other students when he was shot, albeit not in the headline. I’ll pass on wading into that swamp called MSNBC to check out their spin.

  15. Old Trooper says:

    RIP Marine.

    I’m sure glad the school is a “gun free zone” or this could have been bad.

    Folks, that is sarcasm so don’t light me up. I feel horrible that this fine man is no longer with us just so the anti-gun crowd can pretend that gun free zones work.

  16. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    A lost warrior because the parent(s) of this lost soul had no idea of the trouble brewing inside. A 12 year kid shoots and kills Marine then shoots self.

    I want to hear from the parents and see the kids online activity. As we have seen in all other cases. This was preventable.

    And the answer has nothing to do with gun control.

    FOX News – “Hero Marine uses body to shield students.”

  17. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    We have certainly lost a precious resource here, I agree with MCPO at this age there is almost always indicators that this little turd was f#cked up nine ways to Sunday….

    Too bad the little b4stard didn’t start with himself…

  18. Ex-PH2 says:

    RIP Marine.

    I, too, want to know what was going on in that kid’s head that would drive him to such an extreme.

  19. Old Trooper says:

    @17: Don’t be too quick to blame the parents. As the decades roll by, parents have been pushed out of parenting by the schools and government (it takes a village to raise a child?) and they have successfully removed the tools of parenting. You aren’t allowed to spank your kids, you are only allowed school/government approved disciiplinary measures, teachers can’t put a hand on an unruly student, etc. However, there are some parents that have become overachievers when it comes to the hands off approach to parenting, also. Too many people think it’s their job to tell you how to parent, when they have no children of their own. I have watched it in action and schools do feed these stupid thoughts into kids heads, too.

  20. rb325th says:

    May he RIP…

  21. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @15. Yes, I was talking only about the headlines. It has been my experience (and probably yours) that when the story is negative, they all find a way to work “Former Marine” or “ex-GI” or “Iraq Veteran” or some such thing into the headline. And that’s my beef.

  22. That Guy says:

    I’d like to point out how little the media actually covered this.
    I saw NOTHING on it in Ohio. Fucking. Nothing. At all. I heard more about a robbery at a BP near my house than about this man.
    I wonder why that was…

  23. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    @ OT … although your observations are valid in some places, I take the approach NOT IN MY HOME and I employ intrusive leadership as a parent. I know everything and I am responsible for everything. All others (PC police, public school admin, social engineers, etc …) stay away from my family.

    I blame the actions of the twelve year old on the parent(s) and or guardian for not KNOWING and preventing this.

    But that is my opinion and I know it may not be shared by all!

  24. PintoNag says:

    You only hear about the shootings; the “guns in backpacks” stories normally stay local. We’ve had several here in the last year. Kids taking guns to school is a real problem. Parents need to be more aware, both of their kids and their guns.

  25. That Guy says:

    As a criminologist who is an expert in bullying and school shootings, this is kind of my wheel house. And I can tell you, the majority of ‘gun in backpack’ incidents have their root in a criminal household and general thuggery by the ‘head’ of household.

  26. NavCWORet says:

    Any word in where the gun came from ?

  27. Hondo says:

    NavCWORet: according to this article, it’s believed – but not known definitively – that the gun belonged to his parents:

    Gave it a quick read. Predictably for CNN, it uses the incident as an excuse to push the “guns . . . bad” agenda in the context of school shootings.

  28. NavCWORet says:

    So, if true, his parents hold some responsibility for failing to safeguard the weapon.
    When are parents going to realize that they need to secure the weapon against someone else taking it and using it ?

  29. USMCE8Ret says:

    @17 & 18: I’m betting the kid (shooter) was bullied.

  30. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    If the kid was bullied … he should have been taught (by his parents) to fight back! Picking up a gun (the parents gun) … OH Geeze!


  31. A Proud Infidel says:

    Mr. Landsberry,
    Rest In Peace, Fallen Warrior.
    You were a Real Man and a Warrior until the end of your time here on Earth.
    May GOD and his Angels be with your grieving family and friends.

  32. NHSparky says:

    @31–unfortunately, schools will not only NOT punish the bully, they’ll make sure your kid is punished worse for standing up for himself.

    I’ve seen it, sadly. We’re turning our kids into a bunch of pussies who can’t defend themselves, and this is what happens when they hit the breaking point.