Phillip Koval; another phony Marine

| January 3, 2014

Phillip Koval Blues

Yeah, I’m sure you Marines are proud to have this fine specimen, Phillip Koval, in your ranks. Well, relax, his FOIA says that he’s never served, if you can’t tell from the sad shape of his uniform;

Phillip Koval FOIA

Need a closer look at his impressive rack?

Phillip Koval rack

Yeah, his highest awards are a Meritorious Service Medal and and 2 Air Medals. He’s buddies with Doug Collett, who claimed that he had seen Koval’s DD214. How do these phonies find each other? Are they organized or something?

Phillip Koval RV

There’s more of his glorious visage at Scotty’s

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  1. streetsweeper says:

    I’v been telling Scotty for quite some time now that he needs to tighten it up. Damn Marine, never listens. *cackle*

  2. JohnnyJ says:

    Another Poser-Loser….wish we could stomp them all like a roach!

  3. Scotty says:

    # 50, I had almost forgotten about him until someone put another alert out about him back in Nov. That’s when I found that I hadn’t requested for his FOIA yet. That’s what I get for allowing the toilet plunger Collett consume all of my time back then. I promise to take one shit outside in the cold for my forgetfulness.

  4. MrGameandShow says:

    LOL #53 Scotty, ah that explains it. I remember Collette was hounding you everyday nearly 5 months ago. Mentioning you at every minute he could along with Witless guy. Good thing I never saw that RMRSF page with this guy, back then I would have went to check him out since he doesnt live too far away.

  5. jonp says:

    I’m surprised no-one has mentioned the first thing that popped out to me when I looked at the picture of him lounging outside his palace. His flag is displayed backwards.
    I would have walked up to him, and I have done so on a number of occasions to people and businesses, and asked him what he was doing with the flag. A local gunshop had one backwards on the wall and after I got the step ladder and fixed it without asking them I told them what I thought of it and would never buy anything from them again.

  6. CWO5USMC says:


    I would chime in and say how effed up the uniform is but………what the hell is that thing?

    Jesus effing Christ……….I’m speechless.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Full Metal Jacket…

    Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: “Are you allowed to eat jelly doughnuts, Private Pyle?”
    Private Gomer Pyle: “Sir, no sir!”
    Gunny: “And why not, Private Pyle?”
    Pyle: “Sir, because I’m too heavy, sir!”
    Gunny: “Because you are a disgusting fat body, Private Pyle!”

  8. Mushroom says:

    I have seen 3rd phase recruits who had better looking uniforms!

    Turdbucket can’t even put on his EGAs the right direction.