ABC 20/20 on AJ Dicken

| January 5, 2014

In case you missed it Friday night, here’s the ABC 20/20 report on AJ Dicken, the phony SEAL who we’ve discussed several times. ABC tracks him down once again;

Our buddy, Don Shipley, makes an appearance at about 4 minutes.

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  1. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    I saw the bit. It was a good story and as usual Don Shipley’s hair up staged all.

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    It’s delicious, isn’t it? Con artist, coward, felon, coward, receiving stolen goods, and did I say coward?

    Glad to see Don Shipley’s hair in charge, as usual.

    If you have questions, talk to The Hair.

  3. A Proud Infidel says:

    I SO look forward to the day that Phillip Dale Monkress and Paul K. Wickre receive the attention that AJ Dicken is getting right now!!

  4. Sparks says:

    I still have hair but Don…puts me in the back of the hair bus! Glad to see they gave Don some air time on this. This guy has more story to come, I just know it. We haven’t heard the last of AJ Dicken. Or maybe we are lucky and he learned his lesson and will shrink back into the wallpaper.

  5. Old Trooper says:

    @1: Yep, the hair FTW.

  6. CR says:

    @Ex-PH2 RE coward… you have no idea how much of a coward Dicken is. Threatened everyone that exposed him and told them to meet him in the field but don’t bring guns because that’s what cowards do. And then he never showed up! He had Chad O’Kelley (also a convicted felon involved in all this… google him) have his teenage son confront the people!
    @Sparks – Dicken and his wife have been scamming people for almost a decade (maybe more). They simply pick up and run and scam elsewhere (google “Wrightwood CA” +”Dicken”). The only way he gets stopped is when people say ENOUGH! and get him thrown in jail so he can spend more quality time with his ilk.

  7. Marine_7002 says:

    What in the $%*@#()!! is up with all that arm-waving that Dicken is doing while holding a knife? I’ve seen prime rib carvers at Sunday buffets who were much more coordinated than he looks.

    Reminds me of the scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” where Harrison Ford shoots the sword-wielding fella:

    Spielberg explains how they made the scene:

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    @CR – I think it’s safe to say that dicken is a chicken. Oh, wait – we already know that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The woman who offered to do their PR made a move that may seem to her to have been the dumbest thing she ever did, but she uncovered a scam that could have cost lives, never mind the money involved. It’s strange how things work out that way.

    Well, dicken the chicken ran from Las Vegas to his mother’s basement, and then to some wooded place in Alabama. He’ll probably stay low until he thinks it’s safe to come out of his hidey hole and start up again. The thing is, it may seem as though he isn’t getting what we think he deserves, but it will catch up with him. I’m more sure of that now than I was when I saw the first thread posted about him.

  9. Herbert J Messkit says:

    The hair appeared at about minute 3

  10. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder if Commander Monkress and APL invested in this turd.

    Also, maybe 20/20 should look into Phildo and his nefarious and felonious claims.

  11. CWORet says:

    Nice. Been waiting a while to hear this. I love The Hair’s part in one of his clips, “If one more person asks me if Aj Dickens was a Navy SEAL — — BOOM!!!

  12. Green Thumb says:

    And I love all the rounds being discharged.

    Just notice the absence of any camera recording them hitting any target.

    What a fool.

  13. CR says:

    @Ex-PH2 – He’s in Garfield, AR, not AL. And you are indeed correct that the woman made a mistake but in the end, the hope is that someone will benefit somehow from her work when nobody else had the balls to stand up to the coward. Of course, I’m assuming that’s what she would hope. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Giduck's Taint says:

    For all interested..the results of last night’s match

    Giduck’s Taint – 1

    Psul’s Tongue – 0

  15. streetsweeper says:

    I don’t get what part of “felon” and “possession of weapons” does not apply to Chicken Dickens. Carson County Nevada must be on a real tight budget or law enforcement agencies in Arkansas are bit slow on the draw.

  16. John says:

    How gullible were those people? Weren’t they a little suspicious that he never wrote a book?

    This is why whenever someone claims to be a SEAL, I immediately challenge them to a knife fight. (Really, though, it’s a shame he got shut down before I could fork over $500 for throwing star lessons, plus (yikes!) climbing and rappelling instruction.)

  17. Green Thumb says:


    Not to mention he seems to be the type that “eyeballs” you in the Men’s Room.

  18. ExHack says:


    “Turd” just doesn’t seem to cover it for this guy.

    More like the less solid product of my colon during my recent bout of stomach flu: Noisy. Stinks. Runs fast. Nothing but trouble. All around nasty.

  19. Combat Historian says:

    Word to the wise: when a “decorated veteran” wants you to invest money in his scheme based on his “decorated veteran” status, DO NOT believe him! Check out his shit before you lose your valuable cash…

  20. NHSparky says:

    I love how all the shirts, hats, etc., have Budweiser emblems all over them, but when confronted he denies he ever claimed he was a SEAL.

    He’s so cute when he squirms.

  21. Green Thumb says:

    Isn’t this maggot tending bar somewhere?

  22. Muqdadiyah19D says:

    Is it me, or at 1:45 does he not only NOT clear that monstrous rifle, but then aims it, almost towards the camara? If I was a on the range, I’d hit him with my thin little coat hangar deal in the fuckin’ face….”weapon up and downrange, motherfucker.”

  23. Green Thumb says:

    Maybe he could contact Giduck and acquire some tips on how to do a proper training video.

    And maybe Phildo and APL could invest taxpayer dollars to promote it.

  24. ExHack says:

    @22: It’s not you. I noticed that too, and although I do love my guns, I consider myself an avid amateur, never a professional of any kind. Terrible gun handling habits for the allegedly most decorated SEAL in history.

  25. Aaron Loffe says:

    I was hired by AJ in Carson City. After just one week I could tell his techniques and claims were folly. I then spent $1.95 for an online background check to find he was a convicted felon. Another open source search led to forums that he was a scam artist. I then contacted the Navy Special Warfare headquarters in Coronado, CA and via the Freedom of Information Act was able to request any record of him. There was none. I was assured by them he was not a Navy SEAL nor did he EVER serve. I resigned the next morning. He is a thief, liar, coward, and all that, but it took me less than an hour and just a dollar and ninety five cents to figure all that out. What idiots those investors are to each shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars on a guy they didn’t do simple research on. Living in a dream to think they can be security contractors with backgrounds as doctors. Sucker born every day.

  26. melinda says:

    I knew AJ, aka BUTCH Dicken in High School. He was ALWAYS a huge liar!! He resurfaced around the time of our 30 year reunion with more tall tales…i.e. he was a Fireman, Nurse, and the best one a member of the MONGELS motorcycle gang. Even sent us all photos of his house…funny that it had an entire room of dolls and rocking horses…When we talked with his parents, who were actually very nice, law abiding people, lo and behold the house was theirs…LOL.
    I just wish I had know what he was doing. I could have stopped this before it ever got so far as to endanger others…I would have blown his cover long long LONG AGO!!

  27. Alan says:

    @Melinda – You still may be able to help. Email offline –