Law Enforcement’s Legit Gripe with the Latest DOJ Nominee

| January 11, 2014

The last few days, I’ve been watching the debate over Debo Adegbile’s nomination as the Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. I’m glad I waited to write something about it, because our buddy, John Bruhns, an Iraq veteran who used to protest the war but grew out of that to be a good conservative and an advocate for national security, sent us this piece he wrote, since he was pretty sure that his editors at the Huffington Post wouldn’t touch it.

Over the past few days, the nomination of Debo Adegbile to a powerful post in the Department of Justice – assistant attorney general for the civil rights division – has been gaining a groundswell of support from civil rights advocates, union leaders, politicians, and even a top corporate executive. On the face of it, the popularity of this choice makes sense: the 12-year veteran of the NAACP’s Legal Defense and Education Fund appears to check every box for leading an office that enforces anti-discrimination laws, having argued twice in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in cases about voting rights. Born to an Irish mother and Nigerian father, Adegbile, who grew up poor in New York City, seems to be every progressive’s dream. He was even a child actor on “Sesame Street.”

But there is one huge factor that disqualifies him for the job: decades after Mumiu Abu-Jamal was tried and convicted of the heinous murder of a police officer on the streets of Philadelphia, Adegbile stepped in and took up his cause, finding a legal technicality to get his death sentence commuted to life in prison.

According to The Hill:

Abu Jamal was sentenced to death, but appeals of the sentencing kept his case in the courts for much of the next three decades.

In 2011, Abu Jamal avoided the death penalty, after the courts ordered that he should be resentenced after flaws during his original 1982 trial. Prosecutors then announced they would no longer seek the death penalty against him.

The NAACP legal defense fund represented Abu Jamal during the resentencing. From 2001-2013, Adegbile held various leadership roles in the fund.

Showing poor judgment at best, Adegbile jumped on the bandwagon of Hollywood actors, writers, news authors and commentators who hold up the radical Black Panther supporter as some kind of innocent martyr. This cold-blooded murderer shot the young police officer Daniel Faulkner at close range, including once in the face from 12-inches away. He was later overheard saying, “I shot the mother_cker and I hope he dies.” The evidence of his guilt was overwhelming. And yet this brutal execution of Faulkner has somehow turned Abu-Jamal into an international cause celebre. Stephen Vittoria’s documentary,

“continues the glorification of this unrepentant cop killer as some sort of icon for civil rights.

For those of us who grew up in Philadelphia, this is an intimate murder case. It’s impossible not to have a strong opinion about what happened when this young officer was gunned down on our streets. As the case went to trial and more facts came to light, we were sickened by what we learned: that Abu-Jamal intentionally ambushed Daniel Faulkner. The evidence makes it glaringly obvious that Abu-Jamal had his brother, Billy Cook, drive the wrong way up a street to bait the officer into stopping him for a traffic violation. Abu-Jamal was close by, gun in hand, and it’s no coincidence that he happened to be on the same street at the same time. As Faulkner attempted to arrest Cook, Abu-Jamal came running, and first shot the officer in the back.

In Philadelphia, this is seen as a straightforward murder case with layers upon layers of proof that Abu-Jamal is guilty. The evidence is transparently presented in Tigre Hill’s documentary,

Yet the further one travels outside the City of Brotherly Love, the more conspiracy theories and misinformation distort the facts, turning Abu-Jamal into a modern-day human rights leader and vilifying the fallen officer by falsely accusing him of beating up Abu-Jamal’s brother, deeply insulting his family, and police officers everywhere. For decades, the case has been played out again and again, with repeated appeals for a retrial being turned down. It’s quite fascinating that Abu-Jamal’s own brother wouldn’t testify on his behalf.

After his nomination, Adegbile called Faulkner’s death a “tremendous loss,” saying he never meant to insult Daniel Faulkner’s widow and family by representing his killer, maintaining that his involvement in the case was merely “about the legal process.” But that’s completely disingenuous. He wasn’t just some court-appointed lawyer assigned to the case. Decades after the fact, he volunteered hundreds of hours of his services for free as part of the NAACP’s active campaign on Abu-Jamal’s behalf. His close involvement shows he had an agenda – to do all he could to somehow exonerate this false hero.

So when Chuck Canterbury, president of the Fraternal Order of Police described Adegbile’s nomination as “a thumb in the eye of our nation’s law enforcement officers,” he was absolutely right.

It’s not about the fact that Abu-Jamal’s death sentence was overturned. What bothers me is that, out of all the cases for which Adegbile could have volunteered his services, with hundreds of black men sitting on death row who may well be deserving of Adegbile’s legal aid, he chose this guy. What does that really say about his values and sense of fairness?

There are many horrors of racism, but this case has nothing to do with that. In fact, using race to justify such a heinous crime is both cynical and hurtful to those genuinely innocent people who can’t get a break. It is a classic case of demagoguery based on race-baiting and ignorance that’s being repeated across the nation. Those who defend Abu-Jamal represent the worst of moral relativism, allowing a heartless thug to hide behind the dignity of the civil rights movement and undermining the hard work and sacrifice of all those who came before him.

Just to be clear, this was written by John Bruhns.

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  1. FatCircles0311 says:

    I remember sitting in one of my criminal justice classes and we had to watch a video about that fucking scumbag. I couldn’t believe that bullshit presented in that class and the fucking asshole kids that thought the guy was innocent. Shit makes me rage to this day. A bunch of dumb shit kids supposedly going into law enforcement advocating for a cop killer.

  2. vietnam war protestor a.k.a. u.s.s. liberty says:

    You lost the election! We won! Elections have consequences! As for Abu jamals death sentence being overturned Has the children at my li death sentencee been overturned? Or the four students at kent state has their death sentence been overturned? They certainly were not pardoned like ollie (the drug dealer) north or scooter (the traitor) libby ;by the way is mr republican randy”duke”cunningham out of jail yet? Has nixon’s pardon been rescinded yet?

  3. Hack.Stone says:

    No, but it seems as if the killers of the four Americans at Benghazi have been pardoned. And you might want to get some spell check software, azzhole!

  4. Hondo says:

    vietnam war protestor: do you ever have an original thought? Or an intelligent one? Or like some politicians, do you just parrot whatever verbal garbage someone hands you?

    Just curious.

  5. NHSparky says:

    vwp–in a perfect world, Abu-Jamal would have been worm food about a quarter century ago.

    Oh, and would you please ask your mother if abortions can be retroactive? I am normally opposed to them, but in your case I’ll make an exception.

  6. Flagwaver says:

    You know, I was going to make a comment, but then I read what VWP said and decided that it made too much sense for the likes of his little brain.

    Tell me, oh regurgitated one, can you give me the names of those killed at Kent State? What about the names of those who pulled the triggers? Or, as is more likely, are you simply puking on your keyboard the same slop you were handed by that one college professor who showed you a special way to touch yourself?

    This man admitted to executing a police officer who was arresting his cousin or brother. He did so for only the reason of not wanting his family member arrested when they broke the law.

    This lawyer, the one who is possibly going to be the head of the Civil Rights Division, volunteered to defend this criminal. Not just defend him, but convince others that he did kill the police officer in cold blood, but he doesn’t deserve to die for doing it.

    Remember, this is the same Justice Department who says that the Knockout Game isn’t a thing and definitely isn’t a hate crime… until a white guy does it to a black victim.

  7. streetsweeper says:

    @ #2; What would you fucking know about My Lai, asshole? Or the four dead at Kent State other than the usual tripe you might try to push forth?

  8. NHSparky says:

    Oh, and fucktard poseur, it’s spelled My Lai. Any REAL Vietnam war protestor could tell you that.

  9. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    How does one write of this nomination without mentioning OBAMA by name or title? Or did I miss it? I don’t think I did. Instead, we have freakin’ Ed ‘The Asshole’ Asner’s mug to look at. I won’t watch that knucklehead’s video and I’, sure as hell am not going to view mop head’s. So, what gives? It’s OBAMA’s nominee. I think that’s worth a mention by Bruhns, instead of just a reference to a generic nominee. Again, maybe I missed it. If so, it must have been well hidden in the piece.

  10. streetsweeper says:

    Ed freaking Asner, communist mouthpiece AND because he played a “news show producer” for so long on TV, Hollywood feels the need that they has to interject him and his commie point of view into everything including “liberating” this piece of crap, Abu Jamal. I’m betting and have been since Jamal’s notorious rise as a marxist’s wet dream, that one of these days, Eric Holder and friends will find a way to exhonerate him of murdering of David Faulkner. So the more the far left loons can distort the facts, the better and easier it will be for them to do so.

  11. DefendUSA says:

    VWP– What a dick. He won’t come back with anything but more puke. I cannot stand Ed Asner. And Bruhns is spot on.

  12. Cylon War Protestor AKA The Other Whitey says:

    When a despicable piece of shit falsely claims to have made one or more selfless and heroic acts as a member of the military, when in most cases they never even served at all, we call it Stolen Valor. Then there’s the curious case of VWPussy. He/she/it smugly claims to have been a treasonous backstabbing dickless sack of shit during the 60s, but regularly slips up and reveals him/her/itself to be a lying sack of shit about even that. I don’t know if anybody has brought this up yet, but wouldn’t that be best defined as “Stolen Cowardice?” Kinda like Stolen Valor, only more pathetic.

    Switching topics (and oxygen thieves), Abu Jamal Whatever is a shitbag even as murderers go. He is a hateful, racist fuck and should be treated accordingly, just like klansmen, skinheads, and mechistas. I like the idea of putting all those fuckers in the same yard, let them go to town on eachother, and shoot whoever is left. Saves ammo that way.

    The NAACP pissed away whatever good name and respectability they might have still had when they defended this douche. Fuck this hack Adegbile, and fuck them too. And how does it make any sense that Ed Asner can still walk and talk at the age of 473, but the much-cooler and non-douchey James Gandolfini gets a fatal heart attack?

    BTW, VWPansy: does it strike you as ironic that you and your ilk say we should disarm ourselves and leave our safety entirely up to the police, yet you celebrate a particularly-despicable cop killer who ambushed a young officer in the course of his duties? If you possessed a shred of intelligence, you would recognize that as something called “hypocrisy.”

  13. A Proud Infidel aka Crimean War Protestor says:

    Vwpissbucket is just pissing himself before he does tricks behind the bus station so he can buy more glue to sniff!

  14. OWB says:

    OK, back to the original piece.

    There are a couple of separate, but equally important aspects to this situation, in my opinion. The first can simply be stated as “Don’t shoot the messenger!” When trial errors are made, it is not the fault of those who point out the errors. Miranda, for instance, happened because there were sloppy (at best) cops who DID routinely violate standards of human behavior and the expectation civilized people expect from law enforcement. Now, all law enforcement must live with the results of what a few sloppy (at best) cops did.

    Second, the fact that this clown went out of his way to find and sue on behalf of a cop killer is on him. Fine with me that he did it, but he should understand that because he did so I am not inclined to support him in any way, shape, or form. Is it really asking too much that he just step back from the public trough?


  15. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @14. I love the Miranda story. Ernesto Miranda was a Mexican immigrant who was arrested in 1963 for the kidnapping and rape of a young woman. He confessed to the crime after a two-hour police interrogation and the conviction that resulted was overturned. He was retried without benefit of the now-bad confession and was again convicted. He was sentenced to a term of 20-30 years. He was paroled in 1972 and, surprise of surprises, Ernesto violated his parole for multiple minor crimes and was returned to prison. He was again released in December 1975 and was stabbed to death a month or so later in some dive. A number of people were questioned by police after the killing and two suspects were identified but never charged. All were ‘mirandized.’ No one went to trial for Ernesto’s killing. Don’t you just love happy endings?

  16. UpNorth says:

    @#3. Hack, as I said on another thread, vwp can’t get spell-check, he can’t spell it, so all he gets is a 404 error. If his momma hadn’t bookmarked TAH for him, he wouldn’t be here.

  17. OWB says:

    @ #15: Yep. Happy endings are good.

    May Adegbile remain just as happy.