Paul Knox; Phony SEAL in LA

| February 15, 2014

Paul Knox

Don Shipley sends us a link to the Sulphur Daily News in Sulphur, Louisiana about the town’s awarding of recognition to Navy SEAL and Navy Cross recipient Paul Knox;

Vietnam War veteran and Purple Heart recipient Paul Knox was recognized for his military service by the Sulphur Armed Forces Commission at the Feb. 10 City Council meeting.

Knox served from 1969 to 1975 in the U.S. Navy as a Navy Seal, leaving with the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer. During his military tour of duty, Knox was a Special Operations Seal for Team 4. His service awards and medals include two Purple Hearts, the Navy Cross and the Vietnam Service Ribbon. Knox, a retiree, is currently an active member of the American Legion.

A resident of the area for over 13 years, Knox and his wife, Michelle, are the parents of three children.

Knox received a certificate and city medal from Commission members.

Of course, since you know that Don sent it to us, he’s not a SEAL, nor is he a Navy Cross recipient;

Paul Knox Navy Cross

You’d think that the Sulphur Armed Forces Commission could find a computer and check on something so simple. So, since he’s not a SEAL, not awarded the Navy Cross, I’m doubtful about the two Purple Hearts, too. I also don’t think Marilyn Monroe wrote the article either.

So while I was waiting for a call back from Don to pull the trigger, the Sulphur Daily Times pulled the article, but the internet is forever;

Paul Knox - Sulphur Daily Times

ADDED: Mary says his birth date is in 1957. He’s two years younger than me, and I was too young to have been in Vietnam. So, while we don’t have his records, we know he wasn’t a SEAL, we know he wasn’t in Vietnam (combat troops were pulled from Vietnam in 1973, when he was 16, Don says SEALs left Vietnam in 1972), we know he doesn’t have a Navy Cross, we also know he wasn’t an E-8, the Purple Hearts are in question because he wasn’t in Vietnam. Do we really need records on him?

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  1. Joe Williams says:

    The picture of Paul Knox, pony seal and fake NC holder. The false claim of Navy Chief is as dangerous as ,lnying to good Canjun , A lot of gator bait, they just saying.I was always treated great by the people of Ls. I did not lie to them. Joe

  2. MustangCryppie says:

    @6 During the early part of my career which started in 1980, I distinctly remember a PO1 getting the USN Sailor of the Year and then being meritoriously advance to CPO. With 5 years of service! Even this Nicky Newguy recognized that as the speed of light for advancement.

    I was always interested in finding out how that guy’s career worked out.

    I’ve also seen that during WW2, Sailors made CPO in about 4 years. Obviously a special case though.

  3. mr.sharkman says:

    The report is totally legit and further proof that the Stealthiest Frogs ever all hailed from ST-4.

    “Knox served from 1969 to 1975 in the U.S. Navy as a Navy Seal, leaving with the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer. During his military tour of duty, Knox was a Special Operations Seal for Team 4.”

    ST-4 was sneaking all over the world KP&BTS for 14 years before it was officially recognized in ’83.


    Mal Ad Osteo!

  4. NR Pax says:

    The fastest I have ever seen was a Sergeant Major who went from E-1 to E-6 in six years. And he was a grunt, so that was nothing short of a miracle.

  5. Twist says:

    E-8 in six years? I’m behind the power curve since it took me 12 to make E-7. I probably would have made E-8 if I didn’t drag my Commander through a palm grove in Iraq by his chin strap. My 1SG thought it was hillarious, my Commander not so much.

  6. Andy says:

    Fastest I ever saw was a CSM that had made his E8 in 12-14 yrs. He told me he “paid” for such a rapid advance though. DA didn’t promote him to E8 until he had 22-23 years in.

  7. Andy says:

    @56, fat fingered it, *promote him to E9 until he had 22-23 years.

  8. MustangCryppie says:

    Story about a Sailor who made CPO in 5 years. A bit too quick for my tastes, but whatever.

    Whidbey Sailors Make Chief Selection Family Affair
    Story Number: NNS070821-06
    Release Date: 8/21/2007 12:43:00 PM

    –> PASTE BYLINE BELOW –>By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Tucker M. Yates, Fleet Public Affairs Center Det. Northwest

    OAK HARBOR, Wash. (NNS) — After only five years in the Navy, a cryptologic technician from Naval Air Station (NAS) Whidbey Island was selected for advancement to chief petty officer on Aug. 8.

    Chief (Sel.) Cryptologic Technician (Collection) (SW/AW) Joe Lemanek, who is stationed at Navy Information Operations Command Whidbey Island, described his remarkable advancement.

    “I feel there is always room to improve and that you cannot possibly be prepared for everything you will encounter,” Lemanek said.

    “I’ve seen and done a lot in my short time in, but the biggest thing that helped me is that I’ve always learned something wherever I went and succeeded because of the team that supported me,” explained Lemanek.

    Lemanek’s mother, Laura, 48, a reservist with 19 years combined active and reservist service, currently on a one-month activation to Chinhae, Korea, was also selected to become a chief boatswain’s mate for this cycle. They have spoken on several occasions about his advancement.

    “She’s obviously very proud and a little worried,” said Lemanek. “She made sure to point out that she will always be my senior, no matter where my career takes me.”

    Lemanek’s mother understood the odds her son beat to be selected to the chief petty officer ranks, but was equally thrilled with his selection.

    “When he told me he boarded I was excited, but also knew that with him being in under six years, that the odds were going to be against him,” said Lemanek’s mother. “When he told me he was selected, it was one of those ‘are you kidding me’ moments, and then I told him how proud I was of him and how excited I was for him. We laughed together, talked about his brothers and we are very supportive of each other.”

    Lemanek joined the Navy in 2002 as an E-2, was selected for accelerated advancement out of “A” school and was frocked to E-4 in May of 2003. He made it to the rank of E-5 the first time up. He then earned early promotes on his evaluations, which allowed him to take both his E-6 and chief’s examination a year early, making each first time up. He was the 51st selection out 51 cryptologic technicians (collection) selected for advancement to chief petty officer.

    “I’m absolutely stoked,” said Lemanek. “I have a lot to learn, but I hope I have a lot to offer to the Navy and chief’s mess.”

    NAS Whidbey Island has 87 selectees, of which about a third are deployed, currently going through the induction to become a chief petty officer. Chief’s induction is a deep-rooted, traditional, six-week long conversion of the Sailors selected to become the leaders of the Navy.

    “We’re training them to be our replacements,” said NAS Whidbey Island Command Master Chief (AW/SW) Francis Bagarella. “They’ve had grooming earlier in their careers from their leaders; we’re just putting on the finishing touches.”

    For more news from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, visit

  9. AW1 Tim says:

    I passed the CPO exam at 7 years, 10 months. But then, I also came in as an E-3 due to college/ROTC/etc.

    Passing the exam wasn’t the problem. It was getting advanced that caused the headaches, and that was all through the Navy in those days. We had a lot of smart people, but fewer slots in the CPO ranks.

  10. NHSparky says:

    So getting an early promote on your evals means you can knock a year off the TIG requirements, huh? That’s bullshit, but he made the most of it. Good on him. No such animal when I was in.

  11. Smitty says:

    @NR Pax, i know a lot of grunts that made E-6 in 4 years, a couple made E-7 in 6-7 years, but never heard of an E-8 in 6.

  12. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    When I was born, the nurse noticed a US Navy Chief Anchor tattooed on my leg, God has me on speed dial, Wonder Woman – did that, King Neptune is a pussy. I spent over 2/3 of my 32 year as a Chief, Senior and Master Chief. When I made MCPO … I was 1 of 1.

    I developed, created, selected and boarded CPO like know other … 4 time voting member …

    I am an intiated and genuine OLD SCHOOL CPO.

    Everything else is Blah, Blah, Blah!

  13. Ex-PH2 says:

    It may happen now, but not when I was in, which is when this dinosaur claims he was in, so it’s BS. If you came out of RTC as a designated striker, you were E-2(PHAA) until you got to A School, then E-3 (PHAN) during school, then you got E-4 (PH3) when you had enough time in rate, which was April 1968 for me, 13 months after I enlisted. I took the (E-5) PH2 test and passed and got my PH2 crow August 1969.

    It wasn’t about rapid promotion, it was about whether or not you understood what the hell you were doing enough to qualify.

    When I was at Pensacola in 1967, there was a CPO school, with the newest bunch of Chief Petty Officers marching to it in long-sleeved khakis and carrying briefcases, every morning, like a bunch of raw recruits.

    This dull clod making Senior Chief that quickly, IF he even served, is doubtful. I would sincerely like to see idiotstick’s DD.

    • Bubblehead says:

      This guy being an idiot and fake aside, I’ve had several chiefs serve with me who made it in very rapid fashion. One of my nuke chiefs reported on board as an E-4 (they can re-enlist for it) and by the time he was at 6.5 years was putting on chief. He stayed on for his chief tour and as the most junior chief he was ranked #1. I also had my TMC make it early and be ranked #1 on board as the most junior chief. Both those guys were leaders in every sense of the word. Some guys get it, some don’t. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to make chief as long as you got the knowledge and capability to do so. Something this joker clearly lacks.

  14. A Proud Infidel says:

    The more I look at his/its picture, the more I’m convinced that he’s nothing but a scammer that MIGHT have served a few years at most. I first notice his facial expression, one that says to me that he expects everyone to bow to him because he served, and he’ll use his slovenly appearance and cane to play on people’s sympathies to manipulate them, and I’m sure that he played that game to con those folks into giving him that award.
    As for advancement, I grew up in the seventies and eighties in an Army town, and I’ve known Soldiers that made E6 in two years. Beyond that, i don’t know, one of my Boot Camp DS’s made his E6 in about four years, but Knox, HELL NO, I call BULLSHIT on his story!!

  15. Twist says:

    The first time I made E-6 I did it in six years and that was considered fast tracking.

  16. The Other Whitey says:

    As I understand it, SEALs, Green Berets, Force Recon, etc. all have some pretty rigid physical fitness standards. Hell, when I was a kid, my Dad worked with a guy who was a SEAL in Vietnam. He was legit, didn’t talk a big game, had pictures of his BUD/S class, and had scars to prove his Purple Heart. And even after having been out of the Navy for 25 years was still in insane shape!

    So why is it that the phonies who claim to have been high-speed badasses are almost always morbidly obese fat fucks who haven’t excercised a day in their lives? That seems to me like a dead giveaway.

  17. Marine_7002 says:

    I wrote to the paper at

    “Please, please, PLEASE…for all of the veterans who REALLY were SEALs, who REALLY served, who REALLY sacrificed, who REALLY earned honors such as the Navy Cross…PLEASE, expose Paul Knox and do a story about how low-lifes like him “steal valor”!”

    Just in case anyone else wants to pile on…hint hint hint
    Will be interesting to see if they respond.

  18. Green Thumb says:


    My point exactly.

  19. NHSparky says:

    Well, if he thinks he’s in the clear because of the 2009 SV Act getting overturned, the SV Act of 2013 makes claiming a Navy Cross and/or a Purple Heart a crime, and how much you want to bet this guy is either rockin the PH/NC plates, or gets a property tax break because of his claims?

  20. 351BG says:

    Paul “chockablock” Knox.

  21. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    I’ve served with guys and gals from that pat of LA… pretty down to earth people that were proud to put on a uniform (one actually got hired on by the Secret Service after he got out). I’m sure if the locals found out about this shit, there would be a Cajun-style ass woopin’ waiting for “Flabby” Knox.

  22. rb325th says:

    I bet his 3 children will be so proud to fin out dear old dad is an utter loser and fake.

  23. Andy says:

    @71, wonder if it would be as bad as this film?

  24. NHSparky says:

    @72–Oh, I think they’ve already got a pretty good idea.

  25. 2/16 says:

    and the hits just keep on coming….

  26. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    OK. As soon as I finish with Bernath. Knox is my new bitch. And me ST-6 Navy Cross Recipient buddy “Slab” will be notified forwith.

    My bandwith is short considering all the work Jonn has been giving me!

  27. Comrades in Arms:

    As for someone being too young to have served in Viet Nam, I vaguely remember some rather incredible news items from back in those days.

    I probably read these reports in either the “STARS & STRIPES”, the “PACIFIC STARS & STRIPES”, and/or the “ARMY TIMES” newspapers.

    One was of a highly decorated (Silver Star?) FIFTEEN (15) year old, whose deception was discovered while he was recuperating from his wounds at a military hospital in North Carolina.

    Another was of a TWELVE (12) year old from Alabama!

    I don’t know how he was detected, but at the time, he actually was serving in the Republic of Viet Nam, and I think he had a couple of wives back in Alabama (who didn’t know about each other).

    To this day, I don’t understand how any TWELVE (12) year old kid could successfully deceive all those people in all those places for as long as he did.

    Those were just two (02) instances that I specifically recall, and of course, there obviously were numerous others.

    On the Internet, and in DAV and VFW magazines, I’ve even seen organizations referenced which were exclusively for veterans who enlisted before they were old enough to legally serve.

    Also, I remember reading a report in the “PACIFIC STARS & STRIPES” newspaper about some of the really unbelievable stuff that happened in Viet Nam, and in that report, they actually stated that no matter how fantastic some stories might sound, they probably were true.

    Thank you.

    John Robert Mallernee
    Armed Forces Retirement Home
    Gulfport, Mississippi 39507

  28. Marine_7002 says:

    Damnit, y’all are getting it WRONG. Quit maligning his good name.

    He didn’t say he was in Seal Team 4. He said Seal Team 4 was IN him. He ate it!

  29. streetsweeper says:

    In way it sounds to me like you defending this man, Mr. Mallernee. But, whatever.

    #48-ArmyATC: Yea, thats what they do…

  30. 3/17 air cav says:

    @77…..your last paragraph about fantastic stories. Most days were filled with boredom and routine. With some moments of terror. Most of the bullshit stories I’ve heard are about the same with a few wrinkles added in.

    As for underage troops serving in Vietnam, there were 2.7 million military people who served in Vietnam. This guy serving there underage would be akin to winning the lottery. I don’t think so.

  31. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    I agree with John …

    Little know factoid about me:

    In 1969, at the age of seven, I piloted a Navy F-4 and conducted many bombing missions over Ho Lee Fuk and Mi We Lo.

  32. Seadog says:

    @81, MCPO… With or without a gun? For a while they had both versions.

  33. 1stCavRVN11B says:

    Get some streetsweeper!

    Ad BTW, here’s the youngest man (15yrs) KIA in VN:

    And I believe there were about 8-10 16 yr olds KIA.

  34. @ 79 – STREETSWEEPER, Et Alii:

    No, my comment was not intended to defend a Stolen Valor perpetrator.

    I was merely pointing out, that during initial questioning of a Stolen Valor allegation, we need to remember that someone who was too young at the time MAY have circumvented that handicap.

  35. As for fantastic news reports, hey, don’t take my word for it.

    Research the archives of the “PACIFIC STARS & STRIPES”, the “STARS & STRIPES”, and/or the “ARMY TIMES” newspapers.

  36. I remember one guy in the 101st Airborne, who (as far as I know) was probably never an actual soldier in the United States Army, but he really did do combat patrol(s) in the Republic of Viet Nam.

    His brother, who was in that 101st Airborne unit, went home on leave, and didn’t want to go back.

    So, the two brothers traded places, with the civilian assuming the soldier’s identity.

    Of course, his fellow troopers discovered the charade, and as a result, there was a court martial for the soldier, while the civilian was sent home (to face prosecution?).

    I think it was 1970 or 1971, when that happened.

  37. O-4E says:

    Is that a MC club vest he is wearing? Say it ain’t so

  38. NHSparky says:

    Wish I could, but sure looks like it, @87.

    All he needs now is an Air Cav patch.

  39. streetsweeper says:

    When someone tells me to research something they tell me, I tend to NOT do it. You bring it up, you back it up.

    @ #83 1stCavRVN! YO, bro! How the hell have you been? Very long time! I’m trying to get some. Moving slow today though, lol. Do you still have my Yahoo addy? If so shoot a email my way. My old gmail addy got shutdown but, I do have a new over there. Some whinning bastage cried GMail a river, so they shut my ass down. Laters, bro.


  40. Green Thumb says:


    Probably headed to Florida then to check out Phildo’s boys…

  41. @89-STREESWEEPER, Et Alii:

    Well, I’m just recalling something that happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, so you’ll just have to take my word for it, for my fading memory is all I have.

    These things really did happen, and I really did read about them in the newspaper, whether it was the “STARS & STRIPES” (when I was in Germany), or the “PACIFIC STARS & STRIPES” (in Viet Nam and Korea), or the “ARMY TIMES” newspapers.

  42. OldSargeUSAR says:

    @15 – I thought this POS was probably a Harley guy based on the vest he’s wearing in that photo, above. And he’s done missions with the Patriot Guards? A serious embarrassment to an organization to which I belong. Hopefully, somebody in charge of PGR down there in Cajun Country can dump this bedwetter.

  43. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    MCPO… got you beat brother. I was there at MACHO GRANDE!!!!!

  44. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    @81 – Lots of AAA over Lon Duc Dong, from what I remember (takin’ my A-6 DOWNTOWN!!!)