Dumbest Marine ever

| March 12, 2014


This guy is a school security officer and he claims to have been a Marine – you can tell by all of the Marine slag on his desk there. But he was in a panic the other day when a student brought this into school and he called the bomb squad out to disarm something as harmless as a rock in the parking lot;


The boot in the picture is quoted at Oklahoma City’s Channel 4;

A former marine and former police officer, [Phil] Stewart knows these .50 calibers are some of the most powerful available to the public. The bullets are fit for a large sniper rifle. They can shoot something from a milie [sic] away. He says the bullet the child brought in looked to him like WWII era ammo. So, he called the bomb squad.

“If anything you would have had an explosion risk, and that’s it. But, we didn’t know what was inside that bullet or if it even had an internal core,” said Stewart. “We couldn’t tell just from looking at it.”

Well, what I can tell by looking at it is that it is inert. Blue bullets are for training. We had inert ammunition just like it to teach people how to load the Bushmaster main gun on the Bradley. It’s perfectly safe because it can’t be fired. It’s a lump of lead or steel or something – there’s nothing in it because it’s for training and we used to load them into the dismounted gun in classes in the barracks. We couldn’t do that if there was the slightest danger of it being fired.

If that’s not bad enough, it’s not even .50 caliber. It looks to be 20mm or 25mm. A .50 cal. is about 12.7mm – about half the size of the bullet they have right there. Our buddy, Bob Owens has a comparison photo at his place, Bearing Arms.

I think Phil was trying to make himself sound like some sort of weapons expert, when the truth is that he is the furthest thing you can get from an expert. Scotty says that he’s just another pogue, I think he’s a dangerous pogue, scaring the daylights out of the public for no good reason. Yeah, if I was in his position, I wouldn’t allow that stuff in school either, but it’s no reason to call the f’n bomb squad, dingus.

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  1. AW1 Tim says:


    It’s all I’ve got.

  2. NHSparky says:


    Ex–former, used to be.

    spert–drip under pressure.

  3. Bobo says:

    I’m probably hyper sensitive after seeing the parade of posers thus far this year, but the abundance of USMC swag all over the office and his inability to distinguish a 20mm blue training round from a projectile all seem like the red flags of a phony.

  4. Old Tanker says:

    Oh….My…. Did this guy ever fire a round of anything besides 5.56? Certainly not after he got out of basic….

    • Ex-PH2© says:

      Probably just his mouth, Old Tanker.

      Was he actually in the Marines, or was he something else? There are so many fakers showing up that his behavior seems questionable.

      • Old Tanker says:

        He could have been a REMF. If you only shoot an M-16 in basic you would never see a blue training round. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing a .50 cal training round. Just the 25mm for Bradleys and of coarse, the blue training rounds we used in tanks in both 105mm and 120mm!

    • CBSenior says:

      Yes, he shot his load into his sock everynight.

  5. fuckinturd says:

    This poser is a former Harrah, OK police officer. It is a small one horse town east of Oklahoma City. He liked to wear air assault wings on his cop/polo shirt. Turd.

    Video of him which shows the phony air assault wings.


  6. EdUSMCLeg says:

    This guy is an idiot. Marines (former/current) like this make my skin crawl. He is either a poser or didn’t do anything while he was in judging by the fact that he has the entire Sgt Grit inventory displayed in his office. It’s rare to see a grunt do that- especially one who has any salt. It’s one thing to have pride but it’s a completely embarrassing thing to try to make yourself special by plastering it everywhere and commenting on things you know nothing about. I was a grunt so you won’t find me talking about POG-work.

    • Sorensen45 says:

      Contrary to what the LCpl who did all of his 4 year stint at an infantry BN and never deployed might say, POGs are probably even less motarded as a group overall than combat arms folks. I have yet to see a talking head or hyper-assertive security contractor who spends all day talking about how he used to be motor t/intel/admin/crypto etc.

  7. BOILING MAD CPO says:

    Give the guy some credit. What with the schools policy of tolerance today he probably would have gotten himself into some sort of trouble from school administrators and the parents if he had just carried the slug outside. The panic issue is something else again. BZ

    • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

      I would have had all the kids muster in the parking lot. Reviewed basic ammo color codes. WP is my FAV.

      Then demonstrated with a ball peen hammer that blue ALWAYS means INERT.

  8. Tankboy says:

    Pogue or fake. As he was sporting the air assault wings, my money is on poser. Every recruit sees the smurf rounds while in boot camp and SOI/MCT. Hard to believe he didn’t know that.

  9. BOILING MAD CPO says:

    Perhaps I should not have called this training piece of iron a slug, because it is just a piece of iron. Sorry for my ignorance. BZ

  10. Nina says:

    It could’ve been worse, he could’ve made an extra speshul fool of himself over something like this . . . http://www.tactical-life.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/50-cal-bottle-opener-c.jpg

  11. MAJMike says:

    @tankboy –Heh! “Smurf rounds”! I like that! Never heard that term before. I’m so stealing that.

  12. rfisher says:

    BM CPO – I agree with you on the hyper sensitivity of all of the schools. Kids get suspended for toy guns and kitchen knives. All the loser had to say was “nothing to see here, just a training round, not allowed but not dangerous, move along”. He made the situation much worse by being a tool.

  13. SFC Von says:

    Anyone else notice this guy is making himself out to be one hardcore school security officer? Looking at the picture of him at his desk-
    Magazine rack on the left has copies of Counter Terrorism magazine (I’m sure every SRO needs these to stay abreast of emerging threats). Four USMC swag items on his desk. A name plate with a DEA badge on it. A coffee cup with a UH-60 on it, a calendar from HK, and to top it all off- he is wearing a wounded warrior polo shirt… This is the kind of guy that reeks phony/ wanna-be.

  14. Atkron says:

    Can Marines even become Air Assault ‘certified’? My money is that he’s a fake.

    I can’t believe anyone in the military doesn’t know Blue=inert for training purposes.

  15. Steadfast&Loyal says:

    Howdy. Been lurking…too busy (and admittedly lazy) to post anything.

    Not confirming that this guy is legit but I will comment on the desk crap.

    I see guys like this all the time at work (I’m a DoD employee). Most want to relive the glory days and pretend they are still O5s or O6s (the occasional E8/E9). Their office’s and desks are shrines. It saddens me really.

    I am not saying not to be proud to have served. Put up some old time stuff as memories but to have every new piece of gear, swag, to start a conversation that takes you down some war story? Some offices have the commander’s “love me wall” going on.

    Argh….its to the point where my desk is sterile. Unless they have been there as long as I have been most don’t even know I served. It’s embarrassing. There is a reason for a desk and it’s not to be your kitchen sink full of mugs plates and nick-knacks.

  16. Army Jarhead says:

    Thats too big to be 25mm Brad rounds. Too smal for an 81, I’m thinking it’s an inert 60mm mortar round for training. I wasn’t a mortar maggot but I know the guys are a hoot to watch when they do their training drills for accuracy.

    By the way, the guy is full of Shit!

    Just sayin…..

  17. Just An Old Dog says:

    The guy is a complete douche-nozzle. He found a golden opportunity for a “het look at how I’m such a great schhol security guy” and rook it.
    Its a flipping TRAINING projectile… not even a cartridge attached to it.
    This fucking idiot had to know that. His desk reeks of Motard.
    He is either a phony or emnellisher.
    As far as the “Air Assault Certified” its not something that is recognixed as a unique skill in the corps. Though a Battalion Landing Team usually has a company designated as Helo Company, pretty much every grunt nows how to and occasionally does ops on a helicopter.

  18. Old Trooper says:

    I haven’t commented for a couple of reasons:

    A) I’m tired of ignorant types that push the panic button at the sight of anything they don’t understand, and should, while then pounding their chest as though they accomplished something on a super hero level. This dickweed is prime example.

    B) I don’t want to get into a pissing match with people on what the big blue scary looking projectile is. I know what it is and if I were standing in front of the dickweed, I would explain to him what a dumbass he is, no matter who was standing by him.

    • Old Tanker says:

      You’re right. If he didn’t know what it was and called some one who did then it’s no big deal. But to walk around waiting for a medal or an atta boy for NOT knowing shit from shinola? Pathetic!

  19. Pineywoods NCO says:

    This numbnut couldn’t secure a grain of sand. I have forwarded this moron to family near Oklahoma City to keep an eye for him.

  20. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Well this won’t convince me we are moving forward with any real progress in our education system….if Mr. Marine Corpse (coudn’t resist) represents the capable security officers at this establishment I won’t be expecting great things from this location.

  21. NHSparky says:

    Well, looks like Barney Fife here might be looking for a job real soon if he can’t tell “inert” from “ert” ammunition.

    I hear Billy Blake is looking for a job. How about we team these doucherockets up and get a little toe-on-toe action going on?

  22. Dissenting Opinion says:

    Man, I don’t know about the air assault claim, but the lot of you are way too ready to shit on him/rmfs/etc.

    Schools are as safety conscious as they come. In addition: just because thay let thing wasn’t marked as HE doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been loaded later. So far no one in here has correctly lD’d the round, so if that thing is hollow it could have been packed with HME. Is it far fetched? Yes.

    Is it his job to worry about it anyway? Also yes.

    • NHSparky says:

      Um, no, they can’t.

      That’s why they’re called INERT rounds.

      Even this dumbass squid knows that.

      • Dissenting Opinion says:

        Hope that makes you feel good. Regardless, your willingness to shit all over a guy becuase “He’s stupid” is breathtaking.

        No one here knows the whole story. But y’all are quick as fuck to judge.

    • Beretverde says:

      You mean- “The Air Assault School, the ten hardest days in the Army!”

    • Old Trooper says:

      Listen, sockpuppet, I know what that round is and obviously you don’t, just like the doofus in the story, so save your sanctimonious lecture bullshit for someone else. It isn’t “hollow”, it is a standard training round (the blue paint gives it away), which means it’s a SOLID projectile. If it had a bunch of little red “Ts” stamped on it going around the projectile at the spot where the projectile starts to taper, it would mean it’s a tracer round. It doesn’t have those, so it’s just your average hunk of steel that can do nothing to harm anyone, unless you throw it at someone. Your assertion that it could be loaded later is laughable and shows your stupidity. I don’t know of anyone that has loading dies for 20mm rounds and I really don’t think that too many people have active 20mm cannons around, either, which would be needed to fire it (don’t forget that it takes 320-480 volts of DC electricity to fire it. that’s right, in most cases it uses an electrical primer, not a concussive primer). There was no danger and he should have known that, being a former Marine and cop. Now, there is a difference with being safety conscious and just straight out pussified. This guy is pussified.

      How do I know these things? Because I dealt with them on a daily fricken basis in the military as a weapons tech. I stated above that I didn’t want to get into a pissing match with anyone over what the projectile is, because I know what it is, but you can’t read and had to show your ass.

      I hate ignorant people that then get on their high horse and try to lecture us on shit that we know frontward and backward, because it was OUR JOB, and act as though they are obliged to lecture us because they are ignorant.

  23. Dissenting Opinion says:

    Also: us Pogues exist in a support capacity. It’s our job to get you what you need, when you need it. Why shit all over us for it? To make you feel better than us? Pogs die in battle too. Are our dead less honorable than yours?

    All that matters is the mission and bringing people home. If you don’t get that, you’ve got problems.

    • Old Tanker says:

      Actually, I don’t think anyone here has a problem with pogues as long as they stay in their lane. I would never try to expound on things like the infantry because I was a tanker….I know about tanks. The problem is when a pogue or anyone for that matter strays outside their lane and shows their ass to everybody. I certainly would not tell the news paper that was a .50cal round because it obviously isn’t. I’m not sure exactly what it is but it’s inert and is not in a cartridge.

  24. EdUSMCLeg says:

    No one really hates POG’s. However, when they open their mouth about things they have no clue about or have an office that looks like his he should expect to be shit on.

    • Dissenting Opinion says:

      Some people are motivated like that. What’s the problem? The way I see it, you’ve got a bunch of people here talking shit about a guy who was doing his job, making up reasons why he was “an idiot”, and making themselves feel good at his expense.

      If it turns out he’s a phoney, i’ll bay for his blood too. But damn are you folks ready to eat a guy alive for the most ridiculous reasons.

  25. JarHead Pat says:

    Dumb as a bucket of shrimp,Everyone knows ‘BLUE’,are inert training rounds,and it looks more like something for the M242 Bushmaster,25mm.This guy must have been in warehousing and supply for about 6 weeks until he fucked up and got kicked out,look at all that bullshit moto on his desk/wall,hahahahah,he thinks he is Chesty(RIP)..

  26. Just An Old Dog says:

    Just to be clear on the “Air Assault” bade and designation. The Marines have no such a badge, formal school or unit designation.
    Some of the Marsoc types do spie-rigging but that doesnt rate a badge

    • EdUSMCLeg says:

      I’ve never seen a Marine with that badge… We would do helo missions and spy-rig and all that, but we wouldn’t do it enough to need to go to the Air Assault School. I suppose a Marine could get a spot at the school, but I’ve never seen/heard of it and I know a lot of Force and MARSOC guys. I would assume one of them would have been to the school if it was available. I doubt the Marine Corps would be cool with it anyways considering it isn’t really part of our mission. We are ground pounders from the Sea who occasionally hop in a helo when the mission calls for it.

  27. David says:

    well, based on the size of the PostIt in the photo and I assume a .45 slug in the foregrounfd, I am going with about 50-60mm

  28. obsidian says:

    Anyone can spray paint a round blue, even a live round.
    Better safe than sorry.
    It was a school, there were children about and he wasn’t taking any chances.
    Then again he may have been the one who planted the things just so he could be a big hero and save the world.

  29. Jacobite says:

    I’m with Jonn, if you look at the size of the round compared to the print behind it on the desk blotter it’s sitting on, you’ll notice that the round is close to 3/4 of an inch in diameter, i.e. 20mm. The nose profile is more in keeping with the 20mm as well.

  30. arturo says:

    blue isn’t blanks(powder but no projectile)? I thought black (completely covered) w/silver case(if applicable) was inert projectile/ammunition, isn’t that what they use for loading and unloading training?

  31. radar says:

    As a bonifide air wing pogue, let me say that most of us know that a) blue means an inert training round b)whatever that thing actually is, it sure as shit looks like nothing like a .50 cal round.

  32. TopGoz says:

    As another former Air Wing POG, my money is on that being the projectile from a 20mm inert (dummy) round. Dummy seems more appropriate in this case. Many of the dummy rounds I’ve seen even say DUMMY on them, although the paint could have been worn in that area.
    As to whether or not this guy may or may not have served, he does have a standard MCRD platoon photo on the wall behind him, so if he’s in it and he didn’t photoshop it, he’s at least visited MCRD PISC or SD. Doubtful he’d hang that picture if he couldn’t at least fake being in it… (where are you? Oh, I was sick that day…).

  33. FatCircle0311 says:

    The only training round I ever saw was for the m203 and although non explosive they were not inert. This motard is an idiot though.

    I always wondered about the motard class that keeps sgt grit in business and my theory is confirmed by this story.

  34. Bubblehead Ray says:

    Now I realize I’m just a Bubblehead squid, but that looks exactly like the blue training round my cousin Dave brought home to me from the Air Force. He told me it was a training 20mm from a Phantom. I still have it somewhere, and he gave that to me when I was about 9 years old. I have the brass too 🙂

  35. RunPatRun says:

    Definitely looks like a piece of iron. On the Vulcan our 20MM target practice tracers (TPT) were blue (inert projectile with tracer material in base), High Explosive yellow with other markings, and inert training rounds completely silver and one piece (easy to tell, no brass).

  36. fuckinturd says:

    I am in Okla City. This guy hit my radar with the air assault badge deal. 53convert over on the Oklahoma Shooters message board claims to know him. Quote “He really is a combat marine and did 20 years as a line officer so I really cant equate this news article with the person I knew……. ”

    I have a major problem with a career Marine having trouble identifying inert rounds. The comment about an explosion risk is also troubling. The slag on his desk is a red flag. Harrah school officials should verify his credentials.