Dear LTC Bateman; Hippies don’t have any money

| April 7, 2014

You know that as soon as the next shooting happened, LTC Robert Bateman, one of our favorite trolls here, was going to shoot off his big mouth again and lecture us on his vastly lacking combat experience and steep us in his unique insights having lived in the UK and stuff. Well, he’s in Esquire again (thanks to Mike for the link);

What is not working, as Secretary Hagel formulated it, is America’s gun culture. All of these mass shootings took place with privately owned weapons purchased without any sort of serious screening or taken from their rightful owners — a mother or a father, by theft or murder. In essence, you can be a complete and total nutcase and acquire a gun pretty easily. You can even purchase one yourself, provided you do not have a criminal record. Or if you have an IQ over 70 and can drive yourself to a gun show, you can buy one there even if you do have a criminal record.* No matter what, you can have a gun. Period.

Yeah, I have three guns which I’ve bought at gun shows and went through background checks every time. Your problem seems to be with “nut cases” not with me, but you want me to give up my guns, too. Frighten easily? You say you’re infantry, but you don’t even gun, do you?

How about being tough on the mental health profession which doesn’t want to put people who shouldn’t have guns into the background checks system which you think is woefully inaccurate. Oh, yeah, you hippies don’t want to stigmatize mental patients – just the rest of us.

Last month I was traveling, in part with my wife and daughter, and I began to notice something. There were a lot more concealed weapons there than I remember seeing before. Four times in the space of just a few days I noticed men carrying pistols under their shirts, in restaurants, stores, and even in a children’s play area of a shopping mall.


What we need to do is make owning guns impractical for everyone. The simple solution for this is not a new law or judicial ruling. It is “voting” with our wallets.


We are often told that there are 100 million gun owners in the United States, though that is actually just a guess put forward by gun advocates. But what that also means is that there are 211 million non-gun-owners who have a collective buying power far beyond that smaller group.

As Eric Cartman so eloquently put it once, LTC Bateman, hippies don’t have any money. Threatening to boycott businesses with the chump pocket change of hippies is like threatening to empty the oceans with a Dixie cup.

It will not stop another Fort Hood from happening, not for ten or even thirty years, but eventually it might lead to something that will.

Yeah, hope in one hand, Robbie – you know the rest. Because something “might” work someday is totally worth only having criminals with guns in businesses.

Actually, there is no lower IQ limit for either a driver’s license or a gun, but at least with the former you must undergo training, pass that training, then go through both a written and practical exam after registering with the state.

Yeah, despite my military service, I was still required to take training in West Virginia. So sell that tripe elsewhere.

At least this time Bateman didn’t bother to waive his non-existent combat experience in our collective face.

If we who are sick of the sickness of guns in our culture act collectively with our massively larger purchasing power….

Take your purchasing power to Colorado and buy weed and pretty soon you won’t even be thinking about guns. Stupid hippie.

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  1. FatCircles0311 says:

    Lord Bateman is making his views known regarding the serfs again.

    It’s 2014, not the 15th century England you shitbag fascist. For somebody whom supposedly took an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution you sure are enthralled with eliminating core individual rights.

    Reading comprehension should have been a test for Bateman before his commission.

  2. Sparks says:

    “What we need to do is make owning guns impractical for everyone. The simple solution for this is not a new law or judicial ruling. It is “voting” with our wallets.”

    Hum…well Colonel, you totally missed the logic train on your theory of a “simple solution”. When you boycott with your wallet you are telling K-Mart to F-off, I’m going to buy from Sears. How do you vote with your wallet on gun purchases? Since the citizens he refers to don’t buy guns anyway. If I vote my wallet for guns I buy S&W instead of Glock. I don’t think he gets the disconnect in his argument. But then again, most of his arguments are disconnects from the reality of America and from logic. That makes him a typical, scared of guns, liberal who doesn’t know their ass form a hole in the ground about the subject of guns to start with. They are the most uniformed bunch of people talking about a subject which requires, information. Information based on personal experience. I have no experience in dealing with AIDS for instance. So my only source of reference are statistics. Statistics compiled by folks for or against more government money for AIDS research for example. My lack of first hand experience though keeps me silent after a point in the discussion. When the people with AIDS start talking, I listen since I cannot relate to their experience. I am sorry I am belaboring a point here because I just cannot fathom a Colonel who is Infantry speaking this way about guns in America and he pisses me off to no end. I will stop now. (And everybody said, “thank God!”)

    • korea95 says:

      “When you boycott with your wallet you are telling K-Mart to F-off, I’m going to buy from Sears.’

      if he said that, he really is an idiot.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Vote with my wallet? How? I don’t normally go to Schrank’s Smoke’n’Gun except to buy cigars for someone else.

      I don’t haunt the weapons section at the local Bass Pro shop or Walmart or Gander Mountain.

      And if I do go to those stores, at Bass Pro, I’d be acquiring archery equipment and hiking socks and shoes and ogling the stuffed trophy fish. At Walmart, I’d be in the grocery section, counting my coupons and how many boneless/skinless chicken boobs are in the bulk pack. And at Gander Mountain, I’d be looking for fishing equipment and trying to decide if I want to ask them to carry prints of my wading bird, geese and duck photos.

      None of those things involve guns, so how would I be voting with my wallet?

      Has anyone told bateman to his face that defines the term ‘asshole personified’?

  3. 68W58 says:


  4. Lurker Curt says:

    Hey everybody, look- Bateman is still a dumbass!!!

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    Desk jockey.

  6. LebbenB says:


  7. JohnC says:

    The 211 million is closer to 120 million, if you exclude to those too young/insane/convicted/alien/living abroad/living in NY, Chicago, etc. (and, assuming arguendo, that the gun owners do not self-underreport).

  8. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I am now convinced that Bateman just enjoys seeing his own byline. I read that pap he wrote in which he allowed that his prior use of polemics got “mostly nowhere.” ( Don’t be so kind to yourself, bud, you got nowhere, not mostly nowhere.) So, now, he offers a “practical suggestion.” Yeah, it’s practical what he proposes, so long as shop and store owners don’t mind losing their businesses by banning customers from carrying weapons. Of course, the proposal would necessarily require the businesses not to possess weapons for their own protection from robbers and other miscreants. Or is Bateman suggesting that weapons would be okay if kept by the storeowners? If so, that alone would be the kiss of death for the “practical suggestion.” And if he is not including them in the ban, that hypocrisy would similarly be the kiss of death for the businesses. So, Bateman has now put himself in a corner. Out went the polemics and in went the practical suggestion—that is, in actuality, nothing but a silly, sophomoric suggestion. I guess his next approach will be to just call on the government to begin confiscation.

  9. Sapper3307 says:

    Bateman needs to do something beneficial for all humanity like choke!

  10. Enigma4you says:

    Ok I will play,

    Last year I spent just over 10K on guns. Thats a little less than I spent the year before but on par with what I spent per year the last 5 or so years. This is not counting any of the ammo I purchased, just guns. Now do I need that many guns? Well define need. Most are investments. Some are just because I wanted it. A few were gifts.

    I am not a minority. There are many many people like myself that spend in that range plus. We are not “Gun Nuts” We follow the laws, when needed we make sure that we have the correct signatures. I have turned down good deal because of missing serial numbers, or the seller was not willing to do a legal transfer.

    Now almost ever community has someone like myself. Unless we tell you, you dont know.

    We put more money in the economy than most. We support conservation efforts. We support the ENTIRE Bill of rights, not just 2a.

    So Bateman, if you want to see a real American, just take a look at one of those guys carrying a gun. Bitch all you want, but Im sure that if you ever find yourself in the position that you need a gun and dont have one, you will be looking for a good guy that does.

  11. David says:

    Well, he noticed more people carrying, yet apparently he survived without serious injury? No one arbitrarily shot anyone while he was there? One could infer that, amazingly, armed citizens don’t necessarily start shoot-outs in the streets at any possible provocation, now, couldn’t one?

    That would probably require an actively functioning intellect…. of which Bateman is sadly bereft. However, he should be an object lesson to those who think “vets always vote Republican” or “vets are always conservative” – we are no more homogeneous a group than any other, and have our fair proportion of idiots, nutcases, dumbasses, and Batemans.

    • UpNorth says:

      “Four times in the space of just a few days I noticed men carrying pistols under their shirts, in restaurants, stores, and even in a children’s play area of a shopping mall.”
      No shit? Wow, what was the person carrying the weapon supposed to do, turn to a stranger standing there, and say, “here, hold my weapon, I’m about to enter a children’s play area”? Bateman, did you ever think that perhaps someone who was intent on doing something violent, or illegal, saw the same thing you did and said, “fuck it, I’ll just go on my way, I don’t wanna get shot”?

      • PavePusher says:

        I’m wondering how he saw all these concealed sidearms. While it is certainly possible to spot various ‘tells’ of CC carriers, it does take some training and close observation.

        And in the meantime, he’s completely focused on something that is not a threat, at the expense of anything that is…..

  12. JarHead Pat says:

    Pog Boot Fuck,would not follow him into battle.

  13. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Bateman is still babbling buffoon and an idiot, which is akin to saying things like:
    1. Water is still wet.
    2, Fire is still hot and can burn you.

  14. Just An Old Dog says:

    Give him credit, at least he saw a firearm ( aledgedly) and didn’t wet his panties. I’m suprised his urterus didn’t fly out his nostrils, being te little delicate flower he is.

    • Old Trooper says:

      We don’t know that for sure. He could have wet his panties, but didn’t tell us that in his article. I’m betting he wet his panties, started hyperventilating, and then got sand in his vagina, all in the span of 30 seconds. He was probably a blubbering wreck (more than usual).

  15. Climb to Glory says:

    Love the Cartman reference. I’m so sick of anti-2nd amendment people screaming background checks. If there are no background checks, then the dude at Cabelas is playing a sick joke on me having me fill out paperwork. I love seeing all these hand-wringing pussies come up with “solutions.”

  16. OIF '06-'07-'08 says:

    or simultaneous reach-arounds. 😉

  17. ArmyATC says:

    What that anti-American asshole fails to realize is that his “buying power” won’t affect the gun industry one little bit. So let the few department stores like Wal-Mart quit selling guns and ammo. The gun stores will still be going strong. I guess the turd, Robert Bateman, forgot about his oath to protect and defend the Constitution. That would include all the rights enumerated in that document, to include the 2nd Amendment, asshole.

  18. The Other Whitey says:

    Ol’ Master Bateman is back, eh? I’m surprised VWPussy wasn’t right behind him.

    Let me get this straight. He came back here recently and was deeply distressed by the number of people he noticed exercising their Constitutional right to be prepared to defend themselves and others from violence. And yet, as David already pointed out, the only harm he suffered was a self-inflicted case of wadded panties. No shots fired, no bullets dodged, methinks the paranoid coward doth protest too much.

    How the hell is this guy not facing any kind of discipline? He’s an active-duty officer using his rank to try to legitimize a push to ignore the very Constitution he swore to defend. As I understand it, that puts him in the latter half of “all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

    Guess what, Bobby? A sizeable majority of this great nation of ours doesn’t share your views. That’s the beauty of a democratic system: we are not peasant serfs to be dictated. We choose what we want, you don’t choose for us. Thus, any imposition like that which you advocate would be and act of fascism and tyranny, incompatible with the oath you swore as an officer in the United States Army.

    If you love English society, culture, and government so much, Bob, you are welcome to stay there. But you may remember that America exists because our forbears were not so fond of the British way of doing things. In fact, they fought two wars to prove that very point. They are our allies today (which is a good thing, mind you), but we are not the same at all, despite our common language. Many people from the UK who don’t like Britain’s more restrictive laws and overrated healthcare have moved here to escape it. Given your aversion to American society, culture, and government, I advise you to follow their example. Since you already live there, you should have no difficulty.

    And as I have said before, if you want so badly to remove my weapons from my possession, you are welcome to come and try for yourself. Not send somebody else, COME AND TAKE THEM YOURSELF, if you can. Otherwise, go fuck yourself with a cricket bat.

    Kiss my blue-collar, German-Irish, Roman Catholic, gun-owning ass.



    • ExHack says:

      Funny you invoke that “come and take it” battle cry. Just tonight I saw in a news story that at least one company is making AR-15 versions of the Gonzalez Flag:

      And yes, LTC Bateman, with all due respect, GFY.

    • T.S. ONeil says:

      My guess would be that Bateman is trying to impress someone in his CoC and get promoted or be the voice of the military for a leftist station like MSNCC, sort of like the Lefty Counterpart to LTC (R) Ralph Peters on FNC. There are lots of Senior Officers in the Army, especially, who have tied their wagon to Obama’s star. My feeling is that Bateman may have a 09 Senior rater or even higher and he is trying to suck up to for an 06 promotion.

  19. CWORet says:


    Sorry GT. Had to be said…

  20. MrBill says:

    Holy economic obliviousness, Bateman!

  21. A Proud Infidel® says:

    If Bateman lived anywhere near me, I would want to know what he looked like, and once I knew, the moment I saw him being robbed, mugged, etc, I would know not to lift a finger in his defense, he could just take care of his own hot air-filled, pompous, hypocritical self!!

    • Robert Bateman says:

      I would not need a wimp like you who needed a gun, to defend me. 47 years and not a single threat, ever, got through. Now maybe you are a tiny little man, say 4’7”, and you think you need a gun. But I am figuring that you are just paranoid. At home, my machete works just fine, and I have never, ever, missed with it.

      • Jonn Lilyea says:

        Yeah, pretty much the way we feel about a wimp like you trying to legislate away our 2d Amendment rights.

      • Hondo says:

        Hey, everyone – Bateman just confirmed that he advocates bringing a knife to a gunfight as a viable strategy. Or, in plain language: he’s OK with taking a known losing position as his self-defense strategy.

        Sheesh. Let me ‘splain’ something to you, fella – since you obviously missed this on your own. Your past is not necessarily a perfect indicator of the rest of the world’s needs. Just because you’ve never personally experienced the need for something is not a foolproof indication that the need doesn’t exist.

        Here’s an example. I’m guessing you’ve also never personally needed chemotherapy drugs to treat cancer. So I guess your position is that there’s no need for such drugs – right?

        The fact that Bateman actually conned the Army into listening to him as a strategist explains much – about what’s wrong with the Army today.

      • OWB says:

        Yeah, like a machete would work against the bear that likes to visit my garden occasionally. And like I would actually want to carry a machete around instead of garden tools.

        But if that is all you need in your neighborhood, go for it! I have no objection to your exercising your freedom to arm yourself with your weapon on choice, or not. How’s about affording others the same courtesy?

  22. MAJMike says:

    Just shows how flawed the O-5 selection boards are.

  23. David says:

    Reminds me of the punch line to an old joke about officer’s rank insignia that ends with ‘historically we have always hidden our pricks under oak leaves.”

  24. Jonn Lilyea says:

    So, the lieutenant colonel who has avoided infantry service through the last thirteen years is questioning my service now. Good luck with that, dingus.

  25. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Phukem. Let him file for it.

  26. JAGC says:

    How is LTC Bateman getting away with writing opinion columns by identifying himself as an officer, particularly without any caveats/disclaimers. There’s an entire regulation against this to avoid exactly what is happening here, which is embarrasment to the Army by someone casting opinions that people may confuse with official Army positions. If they’re not retired, typically people list their name as author, include that they are an officer in the Army, but the writing is his own personal opinion, etc.

    Am I missing something?

  27. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I was under the impression that his views were, in fact, pre-approved for publication and that they ARE reflective of the Pentagon’s and the administration’s views on these matters.

  28. cannoncocker says:

    This just in: Bateman still sucks.

  29. 1 OF 100 MILLION says:

    Buy now it should be clear the real reason libs want to disarm lawful Americans.

  30. H1 says:

    He is now using the the M. Yon personal attack method of argument.
    Won’t engage first or thoughtful commentators.
    Just ones he thinks he can bully.

  31. OWB says:

    Here’s a clue: It is the 2nd Amendment which protects all the other Amendments. Without it, the others are in jeopardy.

    It is obvious that clowns like Bateman have no place in the argument much less in the US Army. Yes, he is entitled to his opinion. He is even entitled to express it. But, his writing indicates to me that he is unwilling to uphold his oath.

    It is also obvious that clowns like Bateman have no ability to think critically. They seem convinced that by disarming law abiding citizens that they will magically be safer. They are convinced that a ratio of fewer safely owned guns by law abiding citizens per armed outlaw makes sense. No matter how often they stomp their feet and whine about it, that is not a view based in reality.

    • Hondo says:

      Agreed, OWB.

      It would indeed be wonderful if the whole world would live “Kumbaya”, weapons of any type were unnecessary, and those with evil intent never preyed on those weaker than themselves. But that’s not the world we live in today.

      I’m not planning to hold my breath waiting for those to ever be reality, either.

  32. T.S. ONeil says:

    The clown was telling someone that they dont know the history of the 2nd Amemdment, so I posted the following case: District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), was a landmark case in which the Supreme Court of the United States held in a 5-4 decision that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution applies to federal enclaves and protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home. The decision did not address the question of whether the Second Amendment extends beyond federal enclaves to the states,[1] which was addressed later by McDonald v. Chicago (2010). It was the first Supreme Court case to decide whether the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms for self-defense.[2]

  33. H1 says:

    Butthurt Bateman has gone dark.
    Comments continue to tool in but he has stopped replying.