Fraud; the hallmark of Democrats

| October 24, 2008

We’ve all been watching, with our jaws on our chest, as the media and prosecutors and judges allow ACORN to subvert the US electoral system, but that’s hardly the end of it. If you were reading Atlas Shrugs yesterday, you learned of the incredible story of John Galt who is a phony donor who was able to donate to the Obama campaign dispite the fact that his personal information didn’t match his credit card – there’s proof at Pamela Geller’s place in the form of screen shots.

That started a spate of internet sleuths trying their hand at committing election fraud. An Ace of Spades reader discovered he could do the same thing on John Murtha’s website. Oddly enough, the same maneuver didn’t work at Republican campaign sites. Funny how that works. And the media completely ignores it.

If you listened to Blackfive’s Uncle Jimbo and Dave Bellavia on their “In the Crosshairs” show the other day, they breifly talked about the Faifax County VA registrar who is tossing about 200,000 military ballots on a technicality. For some reason, the registrar wouldn’t talk to Jimbo…I don’t know what that’s about. I heard about the story several days ago from that stellar blogger on all things Virginian, at The Dillard Doctrine (who goes by the handle D. when he’s commenting here).

The gist of the story is this; The Virginia Senate in 2002 passed a law that required a witness signature and contact information on requests for an absentee ballot, but the current request for the absentee ballot doesn’t mention the requirement of even have a place for the information to be written…so the Democrat registrar (who’d probably bend himself into a pretzel for a felon trying to vote from prison) has decided that he’ll just toss the ballots instead of coming up with a fix (like emergency legislation).

Like a child, the Democrat Party will get away with as much as they can get away with to steal this election just so the world will think better of us and the media is letting them get away with it, while they discuss Sarah Palin’s wardrobe expenses. Good call, “journalists”.

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  1. defendUSA says:

    And it makes me sick. Truly sick. The question has arisen again, about Obama’s place of birth. Why does the press leave it alone? It is a piece of paper. ARe they waiting til the election is done to obfuscate the Constitution?