The Post’s red herring

| October 25, 2008

The Washington Post this morning sought to throw up camoflage for Obama and ACORN and their illegal activities by hinting that John McCain seeks to destroy democracy. Here’s screen shot of the front page link;

In the headline, they claim that it’s merely hyperbole;

So how does McCan “threaten Democracy”? Well, by questioning ACORN’s underhanded voter registration process.

The group, whose voter registration drive has helped sign up about 450,000 low-income, minority and young voters this election, has been accused of submitting phony or duplicate registrations. ACORN itself has acknowledged problems, noting that in Nevada “there have been several times over the past ten months that our Las Vegas Quality Control program has identified a canvasser who appears to have knowingly submitted a fake or duplicate application in order to pad his or her hours.” ACORN says it phones those who sign voter registration cards to verify that the applications are valid and flags the questionable registrations for election officials. Most of what are presumed to be fraudulent registrations can be explained as clerical errors; voting officials routinely check registrations against databases, such as driver’s license records, to identify questionable submissions.

Just clerical errors…like the guy that registered 72 times despite the fact that he claims he told the ACORN folks he was already registered. The Washington Post admits that there has, indeed, been some voter fraud, but they call the evidence “scant”

What Mr. McCain’s alarmist attack ignores, however, is the enormous gulf between improper voter registration — whether fraudulent or merely erroneous — and actually committing fraud at the ballot box. Evidence of fraudulent voting is scant, though there is always a risk. But there is a far greater risk of citizens entitled to vote being turned away from the polls — and the real threat to the “fabric of democracy”….

The threat isn’t ACORN’s widespread attempt to effect the upcoming election by fraud and deception, it’s McCain questioning their relationship with the Obama campaign according to the Post. If the Post got this upset at the ACORN thugs, maybe McCain wouldn’t have to defend the sanctity of the vote.

Does this look like ACORN is nonpartisan?

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