NH’s Ray Buckley; Astroturfing phony soldier

| October 26, 2008

Last night I got an email from Debbie Lee, the mother of Marc Alan Lee, the first SEAL killed in the war against terror, forwarded by Bev Perlson of the Band of Mothers. Now, I met Debbie Lee last year at the ANSWER/IVAW protest in DC and a sweeter woman doesn’t exist. But anyway, she was camapigning in New Hampshire the other day and she confronted one of the candidates who had neglected to return the call of a Gold Star mother who was calling the Congressional office seeking assistance.

While Debbie was confronting the congresswoman, a man interrupted her. From her email;

I turned around and in disgust commented that Carol had just lied. A man in the crowd chanted, “Where’s the proof? Prove it. Prove it!” I pointed to Natalie who was speaking with media and said. “She’s the proof. That’s the Mother who Carol refused to call.”  I repeated to the man “Our son’s gave their tomorrows, their futures, so that she could have her today’s and she can’t even return a phone call? That’s disgraceful.

He then told me he had served in Viet Nam and had friends who were POW-MIA. I compassionately touched his arm thanked him for his service and told him I was sorry for his loss. I told him that no matter where you stood on the politics of the War on Terror that a Congressman or Senator out of respect should return a phone call to a Gold Star family member. He stated his disgust for what we were doing in Iraq and said “We’ve all lost things.” THINGS????? My son is not a thing. He was a hero who stood out in the direct line of fire 3 times that day and gave his life for this man and he has the audacity to compare his sacrifice with a thing???? I was livid!!! How dare him.

After being told by debate officials to take the discussion outside, Debbie turned around and started to walk away;

I could not believe what had just taken place. I knew I was wasting my time and started to walk away when the man I had the confrontation with told me “Your just being used by the campaign.” Oh my goodness again, I can’t believe the antics of this idiot. He obviously doesn’t know that nobody uses me. I turn around and tell him “NOBODY uses me!” You don’t raise a son to be a Navy SEAL by having a character that is used by people. Unbelievable! As I approached the other Blues Star Moms and campaign staff that was there they asked what had just taken place. I retold the confrontation with the condescending, heartless man. They asked me to point him out. I was informed that his name was Ray Buckley and that he was the Chairman of the Democrat Party in NH. I was even more appalled that the man who had disgraced my son and insulted me was a high ranking official in the Democrat Party.

Well, as soon as I read the email (at about 2300 Zulu), I just “googled” Buckley’s name and hit on a Wikipedia entry (probably written by Buckley himself) and learned;

Buckley’s first involvement in Democratic Party politics was at age eight, when he campaigned for a gubernatorial candidate by making homemade signs.[2] As a twelve year old in 1972, he was volunteering for the Ed Muskie primary presidential campaign.

I don’t know how he passed himself off as eighteen years old when he was eight or nine years old and went to Vietnam as he told Debbie he did. Or maybe he’s just an opportunistic liar. In fact, a perusal of his Wikipedia entry turns up not one mention of ANY military service;

His parents divorced in 1972. By high school, his family had settled in Canterbury, where at the young age of 14, he served as the town’s Democratic Party Chair (due to his young age, his mother held the post officially). He planned to go to college upon graduating high school, but lacking the finances, he accepted a job offer to work for then State Democratic Chair Joanne Symons. He has been a professional politician ever since.

Buckley is openly gay and has faced opposition to his sexuality since his first election to the State House in 1986. Before that election, he helped found the New Hampshire Citizens Alliance for Gay and Lesbian Rights. Of his own sexuality, Buckley has said “You cannot make me straight, so get over it.”

Apparently this morning, there is an acknowledgement in New Hampshire online media and the Nassua Telegraph that the incident occurred. There’s also a YouTube video of Buckley saying that Hitler should have bombed The Hague, picking his nose and eating the result for the camera, saying “F**k America”.

And now he’s trying to pass himself off as veteran. Is this the guy Democrats of New Hampshire want in their fore?

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  1. Beverly says:

    Thank you for your post and for exposing this slithering snake among us. The Democratic Party just keeps signing up slimeballs like this creep who in all reality, should get out of our country!!!! I am sick and tired of traitors to this country, living among us! Buckley and Porter both need to get out of America, we don’t want them here. They are a disgrace!

    It is my hope

    Beverly Perlson
    The Band of Mothers

  2. Vetangel says:

    This man is the main stream of what the Democratic party is putting in office to represent us? The United States of America? Murtha, Durbin, Buckley, Carol Shae-Porter and the rest, all need to spend some time in the sandbox. Maybe they’ll get some appreciation for what sacrifices these families have made for the rights and freedoms THEY enjoy! Bold face lieing?? Is anyone shocked? Please people, the democractic party in this country has changed drastically from what it used to be. Let’s VOTE them out! Debbie and Natalie, we are sorry for your loss and well as the loss of every service member who has stood up to defend this great Nation from its inception. God Bless you both.

  3. yonason says:


    And, if there aren’t enough stoopid ones to elect him, he’ll get ACORN to steal the election with votes by dead people.

  4. Bill Duncan says:

    I was there when Mrs. Healy and Mrs. Lee participated in Jeb Bradley’s carefully planned ambush of Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter. I could see that something was up when I arrived. Jeb’s team, including Mrs. Healy and Mrs. Lee, had come early to get the front row and kept re-arranging who was sitting where for maximum advantage.

    Jeb’s campaign is just not gaining traction – no feet on the street for visibilities, no yard signs or other signs of support in our area, only close friends and family there to support him. He must feel, like McCain, that this kind of attack is all that’s left for him in opposing the highly productive Congresswoman, Carol Shea-Porter.

    I’m a Vietnam vet and advocate for Iraq and Afghanistan vets and their families. I think service members and their families who have sacrificed deserve our most humble appreciation and support. But that scene at that debate looked more like gotcha politics than respect for sacrifice.

    Based on my observation, Mrs. Lee’s letter has misquoted Mr. Buckley. Mr. Buckley has not been in the military and did not say he had been. He clearly is too young to have served in Vietnam and, again, did not say he had. His family has a distinguished military record and he shared that with Mrs. Lee.

    Mr. Buckley’s error, if he made one, was in not realizing that Mrs. Lee was a well known activist honored by President Bush for her support of the war and was there to “campaign,” as you say, and to “confront the Congresswoman,” apparently seeking to gain media coverage and thereby assist Mr. Bradley in his campaign. There was, of course, no potential for a rational discussion in this situation, but Mr. Buckley did not realize that at the time.

    And now we have this misquote recounted on a web site that accuses people of lack of patriotism and urges them to leave the country. Nobody involved is un-American or deserving of that kind of accusation. I think people should just calm down and get back to campaigning for their candidates.

    Jonn wrote: Are you saying you heard the entire conversation between Ms. Lee and Mr. Buckley? Ms. Lee was very specific about the encounter. If you can provide absolute proof, I’ll apologize and retract the post. But for all I know, you’re Buckley himself pulling another fast one.

    And to be clear, this “web site” didn’t accuse people of a lack of patriotism nor did this “web site” urge anyone to leave the country. Commenters on this blog may have done that, but this blog, more specifically, me, did not. There’s a difference.

    And even if it was a setup, as you claim, there wouldn’t have been anything to set up if Shea-Porter had done her job in the first place or answered the question put to her at the debate truthfully, would there?

  5. Bill Duncan says:

    I’m not sure what form “absolute proof” would take. The fact is, Mr. Buckley does not claim to be a Vietnam vet. It’s as simple as that. He’s well known and, as you point out, much too young to have served in Vietnam. Beyond that, he did not serve in the military. Mrs. Lee is just incorrect. I should think that, rather than beating a dead horse, you would just be glad that a misunderstanding has been cleared up.

    Jonn wrote:
    I don’t know how you figure this is “cleared up”. Some stranger comes on my blog and tells me something didn’t happen and that just clears it up? I’ve watched some of Buckley’s antics on YouTube and I spent most of the morning reading about him and Buckley making a false statement to an absolute stranger doesn’t seem out of character for him from what’s publicly available.

    I’m not beating a dead horse. I know Debbie Lee, I don’t know you (like Ray says in the comment below), so unless you’ve got some proof, you’re the one beating a dead horse, partner.
    And I guess you have no dog in this fight do you? Well, other than the fact you’ve campaigned for Shea-Porter as her Vet Director.

  6. Ray says:

    Let’s see… Should I believe a Gold Star Mom who is known by Jonn, or a democrat pol??? Decisions decisions. I notice ol’ Bill STILL hasn’t addressed why the Congresswoman did not return the Gold Star Mom’s call. Sun got in her eyes? the call’s in the mail? Maybe she’s just a plain old asshat Democrat who could care less about the families of our troops? Nah… that could never happen could it?

  7. Bill Duncan says:

    Ok, here’s my last on this. No one except Mrs. Lee thinks Mr. Buckley is trying to pass himself off as a Vietnam vet. If you want to spend time chasing that, go to it.

    Now, on Carol Shea-Porter. Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Healy campaign in support of the war in Iraq. They may well want to campaign against Congresswoman Shea-Porter because her opponent supports the war in Iraq and she doesn’t. But an effort to suggest that the Congresswoman is not responsive to communications from her constituents, particularly vets and military families, is bound to fail. She has wide support from veterans. She’s passed important legislation for vets. The VFW-PAC has endorsed her as a patriot strong on national defense. The Veterans and Military Families Project has endorsed her. The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America have given her an A+ rating. The DAV has given her a 100% for 2007 (while Jeb Bradley got a 0% in 2004 and 2005). Veterans and families she has helped say things like “she has changed my life,” and “her constituency services is on a whole other level.” Her record on vets and constituents is just too strong to be assailed.

    Jonn wrote: I’m sure you wanted, but forgot, to thank me and my partners for allowing you to air the other side of the argument. I don’t know what the point of you going through all of this could have been – you weren’t even willing to admit that you heard the conversation yet I was supposed to delete this whole thing because you had a feeling that Buckley didn’t say he was a Vietnam veteran. (Too late to say you heard the conversation, by the way…I gave you three chances. An admission at this point would force me to call you a liar)

    Of course he’s too young – that was my point. You and Buckley only buttress my argument that Democrats are lowlife, underhanded shysters with no shame and wouldn’t know the truth if it bit their nose. Anyone who has ever been in the military when a Democrat was running the Administration could never be a Democrat himself and have the country and the troops in their hearts.

  8. ECM says:

    Wow, check out that YouTube video of this guy! I won’t link to it but good God this is the kind of guy that the Dem party wants running the show in the state?!?!

  9. ECM says:

    I should add: after viewing that video, anyone that believes Bill Duncan’s take on what went down needs their head examined–can you say “astroturfing”? I knew you could!

  10. Raoul says:

    Despite all this, Ray Buckley still qualifies to be a member of Veterans For Peace, the real founders of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

  11. Ray says:

    Well gee… If the IAVA have endorsed her she must be awesome. We all know how trustworthy their opinions are thanks to TSO and Jonn.


  12. Spurwing Plover says:

    Another dirty lying demacrtaic scoundrel and lowlife reptile this guy is low enough he would need a ladder in order to be able to reach up far enough and ticle a snakes belly

  13. israfel070 says:

    You should ask someone if he is punishable under the Stolen Valor Act 🙂

  14. I happen to know a few American Legion personnel who have publicly endorsed Bradley. Including one of whom who is friends with the Dem Vice Chair Ms. Martha Fuller Clark. Do you really want to play this game Mr. Duncan? I am happy to, but I think you’d be better off playing elsewhere.

  15. Yeah, Jeb sucks, which is why these people endorsed him:

    Paul Chevalier — Former State Commander New Hampshire Veterans of Foreign Wars
    Al Baldasaro — Retired United States Marine Corp
    Earl Beale — Past State Commander New Hampshire American Legion
    Bob Blais — VA&MR New Hampshire American Legion
    Peter Burdett — Retired Commander United States Navy
    Fran Byron — Former Commander Danville Post 115 American Legion
    John Calo — Commander of New Hampshire Veterans of Foreign Wars
    Beth Castricone — Former President New Hampshire Ladies Auxiliary Veterans of Foreign Wars
    Joe Caouette — New Hampshire Veteran
    Don Caron — Former State Commander New Hampshire Veterans of Foreign Wars
    Harold Chamberlin — Commander Post 18 American Legion Wolfeboro
    Ingrid Crete — Children and Youth Officer American Legion Post 27 Londonderry
    Ginny Deady — New Hampshire Representative of WAVES National
    Jack Deady — Former President Military Intelligence Association of New England

    Denise DeBlois — Past State Commander of a New Hampshire Veteran Service Organization

    Gary Desrosiers — Detachment Commander Sons of American Legion

    Don Duhamel — Founder of Liberty House

    Dale Finnemore — Service Officer for New Hampshire Disabled American Veterans

    Ed Foley — Commander Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 11557 Greater Conway

    Jim Golden — Commander Rochester Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1772

    Bob Graham — District 3 Commander Veterans of Foreign Wars

    Natalie Healy — Gold Star Mother

    Bill Hooley — Past State Commander New Hampshire American Legion

    Dana Hussey — Former State Commander New Hampshire Veterans of Foreign Wars

    Larry Johnson — Retired United States Air Force

    Bob Jones — Vietnam Veteran

    Ed Joyce — Commander Veterans of Foreign War Post 9347 Manchester

    Dave Kenney — President Reserve Officers Association

    Russ Lauriat — Former Commander Post 7015 Veterans of Foreign Wars Goffstown

    Dennis Lynch — Jr. Vice Commander Marine Corp League Seacoast Detachment

    Greg Lynch — Commander Veterans of Foreign War Post 1088 Kingston

    Bancroft McKittrick — Colonel United States Marine Corp Retired

    Jack Martin — Chaplin American Legion Post 27 Londonderry

    Brian Matchett — Former State Commander New Hampshire Disabled American Veterans

    Chuck Mitchell — Former Commander Post 8179 Veterans of Foreign Wars Londonderry

    Jackie Nevin — President of Ladies Auxiliary of the New Hampshire Veterans of Foreign Wars

    Jack Neylon — Former State Commander of a New Hampshire Veteran Service Organization

    Sandy Neylon — Former State President of a New Hampshire Veterans Service Organization

    Frank O’Neil — Former State Commander New Hampshire Veterans of Foreign Wars

    Hank Page — Marine Corps League Seacoast Detachment

    Bob Patenaude — Commandant Marine Corps League Lakes Region Detachment

    Roland Patnode — Past State Commander New Hampshire Veterans Service Organization

    Gene Pawlick — Former State Commander New Hampshire Veterans of Foreign Wars

    Susan Peterson — Blue Star Mother

    Tony Romano — Former Commandant Marine Corps League

    Don Smith — Commander Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in Raymond

    Russ Tanguay — Former State Commander New Hampshire Disabled American Veterans

    Ken Warner — Marine Corps League Lakes Region Detachment

    Bob Wayss — Former State Commander New Hampshire Disabled American Veterans

    George West — Former State Commander New Hampshire American Legion


    Wanna keep playing?

  16. Incognito says:

    That’s so typical. And regardless of he said/she said.. the main issue is that Carol Porter never returned the call, which is disgraceful.

    As for Buckley, just another ass in the Democratic Party, and we know how many there are.

  17. A significant number of my Guard unit’s members live in eastern NH. Che-Porter hasn’t done a damn thing for them; she’s contemptuous of volunteers as “mercenaries” and has voted against sustainment money for the troops in combat, while sucking over $20 million out of the DOD budget in earmarks (and pocketing the resulting “campaign contributions”). That’s money taken away from the mission and squandered on politically-connected corporations, but it’s how Che-Porter works.

    Bill Duncan, who (like Ray Bradley!) claims to be a Vietnam vet, wants to “honor” us by spitting on what we did and what our friends have sacrificed for. While on the payroll (or masthead, at least, if he’s a volunteer) of a Congresswoman who steers defense money away from the troops and towards contractors that can kick back to her.

    Duncan, we don’t need your phony sympathy or your demeaning, degrading and insulting attacks on us, however thinly you disguise them as concern. We’ll stick with those who respect us.

    If Che-Porter goes back in, will she vote for Barney Frank’s 25% defense cut? (Which will leave an even smaller pool of money from which to dispense her corrupt earmarks)? You know she will.

  18. Billy says:

    It is unfortunate to see that another snake has slithered out from under the rocks, this time in wonderful NH – just as the Murthaconstrictor has continued his slimy ambush in PA – and this clown is an ex-marine. Fortunately for them, but undfortunately for us, they live in America where it is up to all of us to recognize this scum for what it is and flush it once and for all. My heartfelt thanks to all of the brave men and women who serve their country proudly and to the families and friends who steadfastly and unwaveringly support them.

  19. CaptDMO says:

    “Wanna keep playing?”
    I do.
    I don’t recall seeing ANY of personal those endorsements
    published in the NH “Paper of record” or from 2 1/2 Beacon

    They’re ALL verifiable, um….. SOMEWHERE, right, Thus Spake Ortner? After all, they’re “endorsements”. Who, exactly, was the audience?

    Just askin’

    Jonn wrote: How about here.