The Daniel A. Bernath Chronicles

| April 25, 2014

John SheppardDaniel Bernath

The odyssey upon which we embarked last December to get Daniel A. Bernath to admit that he made up a military career has taken a few odd turns in the ensuing months. First, we discovered, thanks to our reader “Sparks” that the picture which he posted on his local VFW website was photoshopped from a picture of a photographer’s mate. John Sheppard had also been a victim of Bernath’s in the past when Bernath claimed credit for photos that Sheppard had actually taken. Now, in what seems like an act of revenge, Bernath stole Sheppard’s medals and his body as well.

Bernath claimed that he was bestowed with an honorary promotion to Chief Petty Officer by an organization which disavows that they even bestow that honor on anyone. Bernath’s response, of course, is to threaten that organization and it’s leader with another lawsuit.

Let’s talk about legal actions involving Bernath for a minute; Supposedly, he has sworn out a restraining order against me. He wasted no time posting portions of it on his website and emailing my lawyer a copy, but, of course, it has no force of law behind it until I get served with my own copy. That hasn’t happened – mostly because all of the charges in the document are not things that I’ve done or written on this blog. I’m not stupid enough to make threats in a public forum. Or in a private forum. Bernath claims that the reason he hasn’t served me is because he’s afraid that I’d shoot the process server, which is absolutely ridiculous. I’m a responsible gun owner who doesn’t shoot random people. Which is why I’m still a gun owner.

While we’re on the subject of legal stuff, the other day, one of our own process servers went to his home to serve him with stuff regarding his buffoonery (i.e., his website and his trolling of various Facebook forums with his bogus BS). His wife told the process server that he hasn’t lived in his house (which is in a trust so it can’t be seized and sold to pay off his various legal debts, by the way) since January. I don’t know if I believe that, though. But that seems to be his entire legal strategy – avoid process servers to avoid answering for his booby-hatch antics. Another brilliant strategy.

Bernath also made a report to the police that we were knocking on his front door (where, by the way, he hasn’t lived since January, according to his wife) and scurrying away. He’s across the country from me, and despite my fat pensions, I just don’t have the money or time to fly out to Oregon to knock on a door. The police arrived at the same conclusion and threw his report in the “crack pot” pile.

Frustrated in his endeavors to shed the crack pot label, Bernath has gone deeper into the crack pot weeds. Since he couldn’t frighten us into submission, he’s begun threatening family members. (At this point, I’d advise members of this forum to pre-emptively block him on your Facebook account) you know, because he thinks it’s cool to drag your kids into his attempts to cling to his phony military career. But, he’s posted pictures of some of our members’ families on his crappy website. He’s also tried to get a few of our members fired from their day jobs, to no avail.

And if he’s not crazy enough by himself, he’s brought in two of our favorite trolls into his clown car ride of phonies. The perpetual clown, Dallas Wittgenfeld with criminally insane Paul Wickre have cheered him on. Wittgenfeld clings to everyone who tries to do battle with us, virtually insuring their failure.

Despite the fact that the Oregon Bar Association has told Bernath to stop acting like he can practice law in their state, Paul Wickre has engaged Bernath to work as a lawyer on his behalf, oddly enough on the same day that the Oregon Bar Association warned Bernath to stop saying that he is a lawyer;

From: paul wickre
Date: Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 10:52 PM


I consent to you representing me. Per the discussion, I want you to
take the Defendants Seavey and Lilyea off every email, as I do not
wish to have knolwedge of them or any communication. Please do not
copy me with any email to Seavey of Indiana or Liyea of W VA.

I dont wish to converse with them, and they are actors in the MD Suit
coming up they can get their own representatrion. I wish nothing to do
with either of them. However as we sue them, in future suits you can
correspond with their defensive counsel or however it plays out.

Please sever all your email limks between me as the Palintiff and the
American Legion as Defendant, including the agents of the American
Legion. I wnat NO contact with the Defendants, and you will make it
so, as I form the entire array against them, their agency and every
legal issue, that is well- documented.

I think they well know the hard road that tehy have picked. I wnat you
to call the Mineral County State Proseutor, to form this up as to
constatnt complaints. I will handle the DOJ in DC.

I agrree, we find and perfect the RICO statute, as to riding on
Meaghans Law for cyber bullying a and these people are a pox a tumor
to be removed from the ranks of society.

You are the lawyer and leave me out if it, to the Defendants. I will
pursue everything legally and properly through my attorneys as well

M17 Haploid group all in against the MLS dying victim.

7500 pages are in the Court System and the State Attorney will sit in
They have no idea as to what will happen to them. Perhaps in the
future they will be more carefull about attacking strnagers.


Yeah, Wickre wants to be left out of it because we have a civil suit pending against him. And it’s funny that he says that we need to be careful about attacking “strnagers”, that’s precisely how Wickre started the whole thing – attacking people he thought would scurry away from his usual bullying tactics. And that’s who Bernath endeavors to represent, even though he can’t practice law in his own state because he lacks moral character, according to the Oregon Bar Association.

And you know, all of this could have been avoided if Bernath had simply told the truth for the first time in his life and apologized for the obvious photoshop at the top of this post. Speaking of photoshop and telling the truth, in his restraining order against me, he claims that the Wanted poster we did on him said that he was “Wanted; Dead or Alive”. Do you see that in the poster?


While I’m pissing all of these people off, here’s something for Wittgenfeld;

Wittgenfeld mugshot

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