Weekend Open thread

| April 25, 2014

Because some of you are already asking for it…um, it’s not the weekend yet. But the news has slowed down, and I need a nap after I finish off the Friday afternoon cigar and glass of rum (on the rocks). Smoke ’em if you got ’em – the smoking lamp is now lit.

Smoking Lamp USMC

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  1. Jonn is using a Navy reference???

    “Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em – the smoking lamp is now lit.”

    • FatCircles says:

      As long as he isn’t passing scuttlebutt down on the well deck 3 stanchion beyond the last port hole on the starboard side near the ladder well I think we are good.

  2. FatCircles says:

    What the deuce is that picture of?

  3. Sea Dragon says:

    The smoking lamp has been lit, and the mainbrace has been spliced (AD 28).

    I my self am enjoying a Bombay martini and a Montecristo Epic.

  4. Sparks says:

    HEY! It’s Weekend Open Thread time! Let the fun, games and jokes begin.

    • Green Thumb says:

      The joke is Commander Monkress.

      Commander Phil Monkress at All-Points Logistics continues to avoid calls seeking clarification of his Navy SEAL, Native American and Law Enforcement claims.

      To include the current status of his DUI (and how that will impact his SC and the company’s SCIs) and his ongoing relationship(s) w/ current and former All-Points Logistics employees that make harassing phone calls.

      And this is a taxpayer-funded government contractor.

      The standard.

  5. Before the fun begins, I want to invite all the regulars (no Stupid League members need apply) to a reception for Mission: VALOR next Wednesday 30 April at the historic Garryowen Club in NYC. Mad Mike, Tom Kratman, and others are sending signed books and more for the silent auction, and we have several bits of good news to share. Oh, did I say open bar? Details at http://www.missionvalor.org/?page_id=147.

    Now, back to mocking Bernutless, Witlesswonder, Psul, and the other residents of the Hall of Stupidity.

    • Oops, forgot:


      • Sparks says:

        Laughing Wolf…thanks for the invite. However a couple of things. First, I’m on the left coast. Second I am a small town boy from the mountains of NC and live in a small town now. I’ve been to NYC, ONCE and I have to say, I never lost a thing there I ever need to go back and look for. Now before all you NYC livers and lovers jump on my ass I have to say there are a lot of nice folks there. I didn’t meet many myself, but I did meet a few and I know some of you are there and YOU ALL are great folks in my book and always will be.

        Cab drivers, (shuddering now as I remember) well, they sorta sunk the whole experience for me. I had been in frightening, fear producing situations in my life. But the cab rides from the airport to hotel and back…scared seven shades of shit out of me! I couldn’t believe how fast they could drive, in bumper to bumper traffic, changing lanes and flippin’ people off at the same time. NEVER had both hands on the wheel ANYTIME! All the while listening to their radio at +30dbm and yelling and cussing at other cabbies and drivers like they had called their mother a nasty name. I felt bad for the pedestrians and bicycle riders big time…THERE WAS NO MERCY GIVEN. No I’m sorry, not for this kid anymore. I was young then too. Still had the “invincible” mindset and they still had me getting out, kissing the ground and thanking God!

        To end, thanks again for the invite, I know your heart is in the right place and you’re a great guy. But I would have to pass if I had the time and a free ticket. It’s too far to walk from the airport to anywhere on a crutch. If I tried the buses or the subways…I’d be a brand new, homeless vet, lost in NYC the rest of my life in no time at all!

        • Valkyrie says:

          Sparks – I too was born and raised in small towns my whole life. I got a call from my baby cousins that their Mom wasn’t taking them trick or treating. So I head up to Rock Away Township (?), it’s 15 miles west of the Tappenzee (sp?) Bridge. I go up there for a week and end up loving it so much I stayed till the end of February. I went into the city once to Macy’s (had to get some clothes). I was mugged in the fucking elevator, good thing I happened to be with my old Aikido Sensei. I never went back into the city but bounced around the edges and in New Jersey, that was some of the prettiest country I have seen up there, and I was raised in the Smokey Mountains. And don’t even get me started on the food! I would go back in a heartbeat!

          Sorry about the rambling, I’m in a talkative mood today. Migraine meds!

          • Sparks says:

            Valkyrie…My first job out of the military was with Eastman Kodak. I had to go to 16 weeks of training in Rochester. It was beautiful around there. Winter time so lots of snow but I liked it. I ate my first bagel there. They had these bagel places everywhere and I thought they were like a donut. I was surprised the first one I had but it was good. I’ll take the food from down home though any day! 😀

  6. SJ says:

    This is for service retired/soon to be retired folks.

    32+ years ago I signed up for Survivor Benefits Program because it was the right thing to do since I was 10 years older than my beloved wife. Maybe I should have had Lawyer Bernasty Esq read me the where-for’s etc.

    My beloved wife went to her reward ahead of me in spite of The Plan. Then I learned that the $ I had paid in for 30+ years went back to the treasury. Our daughter could not get it. It was gone for Congress to spend as they wish. Ok.

    Then joy came back in my life and I remarried. Well cool, because at least new wife can get the SBP. Well, true BUT, will not happen for 1 year after the marriage. So now I have to stay alive for a year for her to be covered.

    I don’t know if I would do anything different but I just wanted to pass on what I didn’t know (but probably should have).

    • MrBill says:

      SJ – be sure to sign her up pronto if you haven’t already. Not long ago I was trying to help a lady (a second wife) whose husband had (possibly) waited too long after their marriage to sign her up. Fortunately, I found some irregularities in the paperwork that suggested that, more likely than not, it was the government’s mistake rather than the husband’s, so the government finally conceded and granted her the benefits. But, this is a common stumbling block when a retiree remarries.

      In the meantime, look both ways before crossing the street!

  7. Valkyrie says:

    Let me tell y’all about my day. (Stop grumbling, sit down and listen!) My son came to me at 6am saying he didn’t feel well, I took his temperature and it was 105! After a dose of meds and a bath with cool towels I got it down and he’s been fine since. Then while gathering my stuff to drive my daughter to the bus stop, the one that just last week got her cast off for a broken ankle, fell down our wheelchair ramp! I swear someone has placed a curse on my kids or they have my bad luck. Gonna be a long weekend! I hope you guys have a great one! Raise a glass for me.

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    I will be around all weekend, chasing Snakes and developing new and interesting (but not yet patented) plasma weapons, which Proud, I’m sure, will try to claim for his own (again).

    For the Saturday supper menu:
    Corned beef with potatoes, onions and carrots
    Chopped veggie salad with EVOO/lemon dressing
    Dessert is lemon sorbet I found in the freezer – still good – and shortbread cookies

    Oh, and my special ops team is doing specialty training with leopard sharks in the saltwater pool, while my Marines are off in pursuit of some Very Bad Villains.

    And I’ll do a load of laundry while I’m at it. It will be cold and rainy and I will be busy.

    • BinhTuy66 says:


      Where’s the cabbage?

      You can’t have corned beef without cabbage!

      By the way, the sun is setting on the Left/West Coast… I hear bushes shaking in Tigard.

      • Green Thumb says:

        The corned beef and cabbage are getting tossed in Phildo’s two-hole.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        No cabbage because the last time I did cabbage with corned beef, an inversion layer of sulfurous hue hung over Washington, DC for two weeks running.

        That was 1969, I believe. I promised myself never again, unless it’s cole slaw made with cabbage, tomatoes and onions. And I warn the neighbors. And the EPA.

    • Going to do an experiment this weekend. Got some chicken breasts that I am going to pound out thin, put down some paleo-friendly plain yoghurt I found with some dill, put down a few basil leaves, then put asparagus and goat cheese in and roll it up. Then do the outside with some of the plain yoghurt mixed with tumeric, cumin, coriander, and cinnamon. Then bake.

      Experimented this morning with kale, not a success as it either needs to be sauteed like hell or minced. It wasn’t bad with the eggs, meat, and goat cheese, but…

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        My favorite way to do chicken is to simply marinate them in Italian Salad Dressing for two days and throw ’em on the grill!

        • Sadly, no grill. Did three breasts flattened and rolled. One I did with gorgonzola mousse (the dressing got a lot thicker than planned). Delicious. Did two breasts with chipotle, salt, smoked paprika, and a small bit of liquid smoke. Portioned, diced, and froze to go into my eggs in the morning.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      I don’t care, Ex-PH2, that M666 Plasma Gun IS MINE!!!

  9. Toasty Coastie says:

    Happy weekend everyone!

    Sorry I haven’t been around much..Its Anniversary week so me and my Soldier/Sailor spent the unusual time off together being silly.

    I so hope we get puppets tonight 😀 I only have today and tomorrow to play here then Soldier/Sailor and me are off again for a couple of days.

    Since the Lyric Goddess, Ex-PH2 made dinner for Saturday, I’ve left Sunday’s meal for you in the fridge. You’ll find:

    Caprese Salad with a French Poppy Seed Vinaigrette

    Slow Braised Curry Pork Shanks

    Mashed Sweet Potatoes

    Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower Mix

    Guinness Chocolate Pudding Pie with Baileys Whipped Cream. The pie shell is graham cracker lined with peanut butter.

    Now, off I go to get caught up on the latest doings 🙂

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      It’s good to see you again, TC, I was hoping you were all right!!

      • Toasty Coastie says:

        @ A Proud Infidel~
        Thank you my friend. Its good to be back even if only for a day or two for now.

        Lets hope we get some puppets tonight. I feel the Muses in the air.


        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          Yes, indeed, M’Lady, I was looking forward to seeing you and the other fine ladies of TAH treating a few trolls like a house cat does a brand new catnip-scented scratching post!!

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      That’s it. I’m going to TC’s house for Sunday dinner.

      And to think, I was going to have mere roast chicken on Sunday.

      • Toasty Coastie says:

        Come on over 🙂 There is plenty for you and everyone else who’d like to come…

  10. OWB says:

    Dang! And here I was feeling good that we had decided to clear some space in the freezer and cook some of whatever we find in there. Like a turkey breast, maybe a pig roast of some sort and stuff like that.

    We’ve been adjusting our diets to include some new and wonderful food sensitivities and are finally a bit beyond the consumption of beans, brown rice, and avocadoes. In the first place, neither of us believed that we would live long enough to be concerned with such things much less be forced to implement all these dietary restrictions.

    The good news is that after eliminating a few things, we feel much better. And the substitute stuff available these days is quite tasty.

  11. karma says:

    Breaking News, in case you missed it last night:


  12. AW1Ed says:

    Went to a Cardiologist today on referral from my new Navy Doc. I’m retired but grandfathered in to the base clinic here in Pax River, MD. My new Doc (looks about 18 years old) was concerned about my blood pressure and wanted a sonogram of my ticker. So I checked in, BP was 120/80, and after a few questions I was ushered in to the sonogram diva’s lair. Interesting experience, I nearly fell asleep. Long story short, the Cardio Doc said all is well, no need to come back and give us a call if anything requires our help. I celebrated the good news with a nice stogie and a disturbingly large glass of single-barrel bourbon as the thunder storm rolled in. Or was it two large glasses?. 😉

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Who cares wow many glasses? I’m convinced that our Blessed Creator meant for us to enjoy life, that’s one of the reasons he gave it to us. The Wall of Remembrance is somewhere near my AO this weekend, I’m gonna visit it and say hello again to a few Bro’s I lost overseas. Then I’ll drink a glass or three of good Scotch while I enjoy a stogie tomorrow night while remembering the good times with them!!

      Rest in Peace, Brothers, Enjoy Heaven, you’ve done your time in hell.

  13. E-6 type, 1 ea says:

    Due to my vacation plans this year taking me to Scotland, I am also fortunate enough to be able to travel to France for the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings. I was wondering if anyone else on here would be attending as well, and if so, would possibly like to do a quick meet and greet, or grab a drink somewhere?

  14. Toasty Coastie says:

    @ E-6 type, 1 ea

    Durnit, I would love to meet up with you…We were just there last June for the 69th..It was incredible. May just have to see if leave can be had and can make it…will keep you posted.

  15. Just a friendly little reminder for all you folks, so you don’t forget – – – ,

    TUESDAY is “SOYLENT GREEN” day ! ! !

    Be sure and get to the shops EARLY, so you can get your full ration of Soylent Green before the supply is exhausted.

    As all of you very well know, whenever the shops run out of Soylent Green, there’s always a massive food riot, and that causes the police to send in the scoop trucks.

    “Get your filthy paws off of me, you damn dirty ape!”

    “Some folks calls this Hell, but you’re still in Oklahoma territory.

    I don’t know who hung you, or why, but if you’re innocent, the judge will set you free, and if you ain’t – – – , well, we’ll just have to take the trouble to hang you again.”

  16. Valkyrie says:

    Just had to call 911, neighbors birthday party turned into a brawl and after 7 gun shots I called the police. Took 20 mins and 6 deputies. I can hear the yelling from 4 houses down. Big fun in a tiny town.

    • Gosh, gee whillikers, that sounds like where I used to live, at the Ol’ Soldiers’ Home in Washington, D.C.

      That’s why I transferred down here to the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport, Mississippi.

      BIG difference – – – ,

      A whole LOT safer and QUIETER!

      Do you have a dog to warn you, and a shotgun for protection?

      Police recommend the short barrel twelve gauge pump shotgun, loaded with double aught buckshot, as THE best weapon for home defense.

      • Valkyrie says:

        I prefer a .357 magnum. Shotguns are to cumbersome when you’re in a hurry, for someone my size.

        • There’s a couple of reasons why the twelve gauge pump shotgun is recommended.

          First of all, with a shotgun, you won’t miss your target.

          You’ll have to spend money to have the mess cleaned up and repairs made, but you’ll definitely destroy the threat.

          Secondly, with a PUMP shotgun, it’s probable that you’ll never have to actually pull the trigger,

          BECAUSE – – – ,

          Once you make that unique, unmistakable sound, “KA-CHUNK”, of racking a shell into the chamber, the panicking criminal will break his bones trying to get away from there, for EVERY criminal recognizes that sound, and they KNOW what’s coming next!

          By the way, if you, or any of your neighbors, ever do suffer the misfortune of having to shoot a criminal in or near your residence, the news will quickly spread among ALL of the bad guys, and as a result, no one in your neighborhood will ever be bothered again.

          To be effective, it only has to happen once, and everyone, everywhere will instantly get the word.

          • AW1Ed says:

            Sorry JRM, I have to disagree with you about racking the slide on the shottie. You’re assuming the person who got you’re attention is alone, sane, and rational, not a psycho or whacked out on meth with his pals. You’ve also given away your intentions, position and weapon type to an unknown number of home invaders. My shottie is cocked and locked- the bad guy will never hear me slipping the safety, and his pals (if any) will indeed hear the blast, and THEN a slide racking.
            JMHO, YMMV.

            • AW1Ed says:

              Also, at indoor ranges your shot pattern is about the size of your fist, so yes, you do indeed have to aim a shottie.

  17. Boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy ! ! !

    It’s SATURDAY!

    Do you know what that means?

    I get to work the “SATURDAY STUMPER” crossword puzzle at the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES web site.

    And tomorrow, at the WASHINGTON POST web site, there’ll be the “SUNDAY CHALLENGER” crossword puzzle, the “SUNDAY CROSSWORD PUZZLE”, and the “POST PUZZLER” crossword puzzle!

    Nifty, huh?

    I wait all week long for that stuff.

    • Well, it took me over an hour, but I finally solved it.

      That’s how I like my puzzles – – – ,
      intellectually CHALLENGING!

      Anyway, as I’m typing this, it’s presently, 0200 Hours, plus 30 minutes on Saturday 26 April 2014.

      Why aren’t you people AWAKE?

      If I’m awake, shouldn’t you also be awake?

      Sounds logical.

      Makes sense to me.

      • Kinda old ET1 says:

        I was awake John, and at work. My weekend does not start for another 24 hours, have one more 12 hour shift to go. And now its nap time…

    • AW1Ed says:

      Congrats! I like the Post’s daily crossword and the Sunday Challenge, too. It helps to keep my brain from rusting shut.

  18. Like a bolt out of the blue, I just had a sudden realization.

    Do you know one of the nicest things about being old?

    It’s waking up each day and realizing you’re still alive.

  19. Fsckity-Fsck says:

    Couldn’t pass a noteworthy Giduck until last night….prune juice mixed with fear, some tall tales, and some stinky blond pussy helped.

    Finally duckwalked a huge Giduck out that when flushed, stood on its end, spun until the top sagged over, until it slowly disappeared submerged like the Loch Ness monster.

    Meaty, weighty. and fat…..is there any other kind of Giduck?

  20. AverageNCO says:

    Okay since this is an open thread I’m going off on my own subject. Lesson for the day:
    If you’re traveling from Camp Zama to NAF Atsugi by local train, please not that Sagamino and Sagamini-Ono are two completely different train stations.

  21. thebesig says:

    A big thanks goes out to Senior Chief Don Shipley for getting back with me about a person I suspected was a phony Navy SEAL. 😀 The guy was indeed a phony SEAL.

  22. Lurker Curt says:

    Man, I love hearing what you all cook! LW, ExPH2, Valkyrie, you damn sure know how to throw down in the kitchen!
    I have invited my son and his girl over- haven’t decided if it will be whole chickens or a pork butt- this time tomorrow there will be well-rubbed meat on the smoker. Beers and smokes, inappropriate behavior (Green 6 is out of town),Army vs. Marine jokes…ah, good times!
    God love and keep you all. For those traveling, I pray nothing but good. For those at home, even more safety- I have the 1911 cocked and locked with the Mossberg close by- I hope you have but don’t need…

  23. charles b mcallister says:

    I agree with the 12ga for home defense although I use #7 3inch because the houses are so close together. One Saturday night, someone tried to kick my wife’s front door. She called 911. I picked up my Remmington M870 riot gun and chambered a round. By the time I got to the front door, whomever it was had trashed the flowers trying to get away. There were 11 successful home invasions that night in the (upscale and mostly unarmed) neighborhood (all gang related from another county). The police showed about 10 minutes after the incident and we had a nice talk, with them saying I should have shot the perp through the door and then finish him off, if necessary, with my Browning .45ACP. (I was still armed and outside). I look at the officer and ask him what time it is. 2230 he says. I ask what time Home Depot closes. He goes Oh yeah, 2100 you would not have been able to get a new front door tonight. What a hoot!

    And although I have a concealed permit, when I walk the dog, the Browning is NOT concealed. Dog goes nuts when I chamber a round cause he knows it is WALK TIME! None of the neighbors complain about me carrying either.


    • When I worked at the Utah State Prison, when on duty in the perimeter towers, we were armed with a Colt AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and a Remington 870 pump shotgun.

      Another good pump shotgun for home defense is the Winchester Model 1100 “Defender”.

  24. I just got back from chow in our mess hall.

    For a special treat today, we had fresh strawberries!

    As for myself, in addition to the fresh strawberries, I had a hot dog, a bacon cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato, French fries, soft vanilla ice cream, sugar cookies, and two glasses of ice cold Coca-Cola.

  25. Valkyrie says:

    Just made a slow roasted pork tender loin. It was so moist and tender it fell apart just by cussing it! Had with it buttermilk rolls with fresh butter and sliced green beans with pearl onions, it was looking to be a fine meal until my kids pitched a fit for mac and cheese. Oh well I guess mature taste buds take time to develop.

  26. Valkyrie says:

    And coconut cake with lemon curd for dessert. Best part by far is having a 13 year old to clean the kitchen while I try to stir up some trouble online.

    Shaping up to be a fine weekend! I hope y’all are having a great one also.

  27. Sparks says:

    Okay, so I’m doing my wife a solid. (No…not what you’re thinking, so get your heads out of the gutter! 😀 )I go to “FiveBucks” for her mocha, whatever it is called. The drive through is backed up and who gets ahead of me…an Oregon “Onion Head”. I guess they must not have Starbucks in Oregon because when she got the the speaker she did not know what she wanted. Now, though I don’t like Starbucks myself, I do find that most people can rattle off exactly what they want in the foreign coffee language used there. Usually no muss, no fuss. But the Onion Head wants to know EVERYTHING they offer AND what it has in it AND what else can you get in it! She asks questions like a third grader. The order taker is polite and tells her basically the whole menu. But because she is an Onion Head from Oregon, she had stopped at the state line weigh station and left her brain as they all do. Now I understand having a problem ordering there, unless it is exactly what the wife always gets. Because they call a straight up cup of Joe by a name that has six words in it. But for the love of Pete this was other planet stuff! Okay by this time the order line of cars is GONE all the way to the hand out window and she’s still asking questions. I am chewing the steering wheel at this point! (By the way, gray vinyl Hyundai steering wheels don’t taste too bad!) FINALLY the order taker has had enough which is a first in my experience at Starbucks and says “ma’am if you’re not sure what we offer or what you want perhaps you should come inside”. Reason…the first hint of reason. What does the Onion Head do? Ha Ha Ha…that is my laughter through anger and tears. She pulls up to the delivery window…and…she starts all over!!!!! Me, thinking she was leaving was so happy I was turning on the CD to listen to some tunes and ready to hit the speaker and order. Then I hear, “I’m sorry can you hold on JUST a minute please?” What can I do? There are cars behind me, she is in front, I’m trapped, like a rat in the corner. After lots of hand motions back and forth from her to the window, showing her cup sizes and so forth I hear, “I’m sorry for the wait please order”. So I lay it out pro style and head to the window. SHE IS STILL THERE!! So what can I do? I yell loudly out my window, “Hey lady…if you don’t know what the heck you want go inside or JUST LEAVE!”. She does WHAT? Flips me off! Now I’m really gnawing the wheel and chewing my finger nails and I never chew my finger nails. You know if you bite one of those things and pull it off the wrong way…IT WILL BLEED PROFUSELY and sting like hell. So the ending is coming. She just pulls away. Then stops just before I can get to the window, gets out and walks back to my car. Her hubby is still sitting in the passenger seat because he had his balls in his wife’s purse or he would have gotten out. She was a big gal too! I mean I could have taken her two falls out of three, maybe, but not with a replaced knee and on a crutch. She walks to my window and in phony, crocodile tears says…”You hurt my feelings terribly! and you should apologize.” I said “lady the line is backing up and I don’t have time to entertain your feelings. By the way nice bird you shot me!”. She says “I’m not moving until you apologize”. Now I’m stuck between a rock and a fat cow. So to get this all done I say, “Okay lady I apologize, how’s that?” She says, “Thank you…ASS HOLE”. No shit, there I was, now ready to get out of my car, pull her husband out and kick his ass then maybe hers. Like I said she was pretty big though. So I get to the window, the person apologizes all over themselves and I say “hey, not your problem don’t worry about it. Things have a way of working out”. She gives my my ten word mocha drink for FREE…how cool was that! Now, I know this Onion Head is headed back to Oregon and will be in the left turn lane, hopefully beside me. As it turns out SHE WAS!!! SWELL!!! The light is red and I motion for hubby to roll down the window, I then say, “by the way, I take back the apology and if you’ll cut back to a couple of pork roasts a day…you’ll lose some of that fat ass you’re hefting around…ASS HOLE!” Hubby kinda smirks and rolls up the window. The straight light goes green before the left turn and I am on my way home. Vindicated. Today, folks…I…made a difference in the world. Not sure what it was but I felt like I had just dropped a couple of Black Beauties. The sky was bluer, the birds were singing and all was well with the universe again. So that is my little Starbucks saga.

    I want to thank each and every one of you for enduring that long comment. Only on a Weekend Thread would I post this. You have been patient and kind for suffering through this. But hell since I had to suffer this bitch in the drive through then…we’re even. 😀 😀 😀
    (I think the Black Beauties effect has worn off and I am back to sorta upset. Sorry folks)

    • Sparks says:

      Well I am hoping it was just the natural time of death for this Weekend Open Thread and not my post as the thread stopper. All good things must come to an end though. Have a great week ahead everyone. 😀

  28. clamsgotlegs says:

    Sorry, Sparks. This thread is still alive.

    I proclaim this “whack a mole” weekend. The posers are really duking it out for higher seeds. Pardon me while I go hide the cheese.

    PS Sparks. I was up around Damascus a couple of weekends ago and thought of you. Nice place now that the Russians don’t have a bullseye on it. LOL

  29. IFCSguy says:

    Well, it’s about closing time for this thread but I have to drop by before it dies and give a thanks to Ex-PH2. She planted a seed which bloomed into an unusually good supper yesterday. Corned beef. For us, it was with cabbage, the green fog is a side affect that is totally acceptable. Before bed tonight I’ll have a corned beef and Swiss Cheese sandwich. The potatoes cooked in that broth come out like candy – too sinful for an old cuss like me to eat but the carrots and cabbage are fine.

  30. RunPatRun says:

    Shameless plug, if you’re in the DC area:

    Saturday, May 24 @ 4 pm: Madison Rising in concert at Post 177, and dinner courtesy of Concerned Veterans for America.

    If you ride, Candlelight Vigil to the Wall is Friday, Sunday is Rolling Thunder, both leaving from Fairfax Post 177.

    Won’t have a helmet-less TSO riding two up in a hoodie again this year, though. (insert unhappy face)

  31. Candle says:

    Found old insignias of my dads today, I think they came from the 760th tank battalion. They show a stegosaurus with the word consternation beneath. Dad never wanted to talk about the war much so any trivia I could scrounge up would make it more interesting to his great grandson. I am making a flag box but would love to have additional data if anyone knows any!

  32. Just an Old Dog says:

    Candle, that sounds like a custom made patch of the 760th. There is a lot of info on then on google. Looks like the fought in Italy.

  33. Candle says:

    I did find a book about the 760th:

    To Rome and Beyond: With Our Story of the 760th Tank Battalion, WWII
    by John E. Krebs
    Got it ordered of course! Now I know why he ragged on me for going into the AF lol