Helman has history of bureaucratic cover-ups at VA

| April 26, 2014

Sharon Helman

Fox News reports that Sharon Helman, the Phoenix VA official who instituted the program which hid the facility’s inability to treat veterans in a timely manner was also at the agency’s Spokane facility and instituted a program to hide veteran suicides there;

From July 2007 through the first week of July 2008, at least 22 veterans in the Spokane VA service area committed suicide. During that same time period, however, Spokane VA reported nine suicides and 34 attempted suicides, according to Military.com and other media outlets.

Helman was director of the Spokane facility at the time the number of suicides were being misreported. Shortly after news revealed that such data had been falsified, Helman was transferred to the VA facility in Hines, Ill., after having spent less than two years in Spokane. From there, Helman moved to Phoenix, where she became director of the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system in February 2012.

Despite her piss-poor performance, Helman was paid a $9,345 bonus on top of her nearly $170,000 salary, so apparently, her deceit is not only accepted at the VA, but rewarded. The VA rots from the head.

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  1. MustangCryppie says:

    Hell! At the rate she’s going, she’ll be heading up the VA before you know it!

  2. LebbenB says:

    She has a history of cover ups. That makes her perfect for this administration. There’s no way the POTUS is going to let her go.

  3. Kinda old ET1 says:

    She needs to be fired. Now.

  4. 1SG, Gimmie Some!! says:


  5. Sparks says:

    Sharon Helman is a worthless lying bitch. Her and her bosses all the way to the top of the VA should be prosecuted and hung. That is the way of bureaucracy, reward the worthless and when they screw up, move them on to another duty station instead of canning them.

  6. Old Trooper says:

    This issue cuts across party lines and goes directly to the problem of career gummint administrators. It’s all about window dressing so they get bonuses and promotions. They can fuck up a free lunch line and still not get fired. They just get “reassigned” until the heat dies down, then they get moved to a new location and pick up where they left off. Competency within government is a sham.

    This makes me sick to my stomach.

  7. GruntSgt says:

    We had a decent VA at Ft. Harrison in Montana when I was there with good Docs including one of the top Orthos in the country. Then in came a director around 2008. She thought he knew more about medicine than the Drs and nurses and thanks to her heavy hand and being able to fuck up a wet dream many of the Docs quit. Same thing with her moved on not out. Things started getting better. Being a small population area wait times for appointments weren’t that long. Now that we’ve relocated to the DFW area I’m almost hesitant to go into the Larger VA here due to the larger population. I try to talk to other Vets here to get there opinion on it.

    • Green Thumb says:

      Has it changed?

    • RICH WEIR says:


  8. gitarcarver says:

    While Helman needs to go and perhaps be criminally prosecuted if there is an applicable law, the people who helped implement this nefarious plan have to go as well.

    If you are not committed to helping vets; if you are not committed to helping people in need while working in a hospital; and if your morals or lack of morals allow you to lie and falsify records placing people in need in greater jeopardy, your services are no longer needed.

  9. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Fuckin’ WHORE has a special place in hell awaiting her when her time comes, the same for every one of her breed!!

  10. Roger in Republic says:

    In a just world, this despicable waste of air would be dragged out of her cushy office and be hanged from a lamp post.

  11. BOILING MAD CPO says:

    Current VA users as the Saginaw, MI VA. Please correct me if I am wrong, but it was ran excellent when I had to take my dad in a few years ago.

    Currently I know of 3 former sailors that use it with zero complaints. BZ

  12. Green Thumb says:

    Contact Western Area Director (VBA) Willie Clark at the Phoenix Office and let him know what you think.

    He is her boss. Also, do not fall for the whole VHA-VBA thing.

    Willie Clark: Office Number 602-627-2746

  13. B Woodman says:

    Sounds like the same thing the Catholic church was doing during their sex scandals, shuffling and moving bishops and other clergy around.
    Maybe someone could work up some political satire from this idea?

  14. Beretverde says:

    It looks like the VA’s body count is exceeding the Taliban’s.

    Can the bureaucratic VA manager (not leader) Helman be declared an enemy combatant?

    What does Shinseki say: “Give her more money.”

  15. 1AirCav69 says:

    This is so, “nothing new…same same.” This is how the VA has been operating for years. Fire the whistle blower and just move the Director to another VA facility. It was going on when I began work with them in 1980 and was sure it was going on before. Having close ties with our congressmen when I worked for the VA I turned in the Washington DC VAMC after my operation there. Too long of a story but this place was filthy, the staff abusive, and medical records were disappearing at a huge rate. They did a surprise inspection, found over 2,300 medical records thrown behind filing cabinets, and a ton of other bad shit. The VA’s response…they fired the Chief of Medical Administrative Services. Bingo, that’s it, not the director, not the Chief of Staff, just a Department Head. Sorry folks, it will never change.

  16. joe dzik says:

    As a former members of the Forces,we need to get TOGETHER and show theese MOTHER FUCKERS what we as a group can do.Call your FUCKEN congressman and senator EVERYDAY until they answer for the 40+ deaths!! Lets not be passive pussys asd let them get away with the crime.

  17. skitzo says:

    +1 to Joe Dzik. We as veterans should come together and voice our disgust with not just the hierarchy of the VA, but the despicable way that they run their operations. We just cannot rely on others to fight this war on our behalf… we have to show that the veterans themselves have an active interest in fighting for change as well. To quote Shitsucki, “As we know from the veteran community, most veterans are satisfied with the quality of their VA health care, but we must do more to improve timely access to that care,” Shinseki said. “I am committed to strengthening veterans’ trust and confidence in their VA healthcare system.” Hahaha… I may be diagnosed with mental issues but I think we really know who needs that depakote, SHITSUCKI!