Gunman kills 7 wounds seven more in CA

| May 24, 2014

Fox News reports that a gunman killed seven people and wounded seven others in Santa Barbara last night. The gunman’s lifeless body is in that count. A lawyer for a Hollywood director claims that he thinks the perp was that director’s son, although police haven’t named him yet.

Police say a gunman driving a BMW near the university campus carried out the rampage. Authorities described the tragedy as “obviously the work of a mad man.”


The gunman got into two gun battles before crashing into a parked car. Deputies found the lone suspect dead, but it wasn’t immediately clear whether he was killed by gunfire or if he committed suicide, Brown said.

Especially important is this;

[Lawyer Alan Shifman, attorney for director Peter Rodger] says the director’s family called police several weeks ago after being alarmed by YouTube videos “regarding suicide and the killing of people.”

The lawyer said police conducted an investigation and interviewed the young man. Shifman said police did not find a history of guns, but did say the man had trouble making friends.

“This was a premeditated mass murder, “ Brown said. He called the killer “severely mentally disturbed.”

So, there you go. It couldn’t have been Elliot Rodger, as the lawyer claimed, he’d already been investigated by the police and they found him to be harmless. What the Hell does “a history of guns” mean?

I wonder how long it will take them to announce that he’d talked with a military recruiter in recent days, or maybe he bought one of the most deadly guns a person can own from a gun show. The YouTube videos are plastered around the internet, but I’m not posting them. you’ll have to find them yourselves.

Good thing they passed those new gun laws in California last year. feel safer?

ADDED: Perhaps more shocking than a shooting in California, three are dead and 1 wounded in Brussels Belgium at a holocaust museum, according to the Washington Post:

The three dead were two women and a man, and they were hit by bullets in the throat and face, said Ine Van Wymersch, spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office. No further details were given.

Van Wymersch said one suspect was detained after he drove away from the museum around the time of the attack. A second person suspected of being implicated apparently walked away from the scene.

Milquet said anti-terror measures were immediately heightened. “We decided to apply to a maximum level of protection to Jewish sites,” she said.

A quick perusal of Belgium’s gun laws tell me that gun ownership is not a right and tightly restricted by the state – so how could this happen?

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  1. Sparks says:

    Here. We. Go. Again! I offer my sympathies to the families of those innocents killed.

    Now it’s time for the liberal California media to be honing their skills. They’ll be pulling out their old articles and “urban liberal, anti-gun dictionaries”. They won’t want to miss a single possible liberal anti-gun angle on this one. Especially since it involves one of their own. A Hollywood director no less. They can’t blame his son because one of their own people’s son could never be responsible for this. So it had to be conservative, pro-gun, rhetoric. Along with tremendous angst over the nation’s war-like foreign policies from the Bush era, as well as Fox News and conservative talk radio. But since the police rubber stamper “GOOD TO GO” on his forehead, well then it’s a done deal. Forget his Youtube videos, he was just a young man who, “had a tough time making friends”, and therefore he was forced, forced I tell you to get an evil, black gun and go kill people.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      Jesus Christ, Sparks, I live in California! Don’t give them ideas! It’s hard enough dealing with all the crap that the Inner Party members in LA and the Gay Bay shove down our throats! Don’t encourage the bastards!

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    Here is the latest on this story.

    He IS identified as Elliott Rodger, is said to suffer from a form of Asperger’s syndrome, but if you read the updated story, there is a link to Asperger’s info that specifies there is no known link between Asperger’s and violent behavior. (Adam Lanza was one who had this disorder.)

    Elliott Rodger had extreme bouts of anger at being rejected by women and, from what the article says, went into a stalking behavior, shooting random victims. He also threatened the members of a sorority who had rejected him with ‘wiping out all of you’. His complaint was that he hadn’t been kissed by or had sex with an available girl, and he was a male virgin at the age of 22.

    This is not, in my opinion, the REAL reason for his problem. It is an excuse to commit violence. He could have, after all, gone on a rampage with a machete which would have been far more bloody. But because he is dead, we won’t get the real cause of his deadly killing spree.

    • HS Sophomore says:

      One of the things I will never, ever forgive the media for is mentioning Aspergers as a possible reason for Newtown and this. THERE IS NOT, HAS NEVER BEEN, AND WILL NEVER BE A LINK BETWEEN ASPERGERS AND BAD BEHAVIOR, PERIOD. I know because I’ve been diagnosed with it myself for a long time. Anyone who commits a crime like this is legitimately mentally ill with a TRUE mental illness and is a shitty person besides. Instead of recognizing this basic fact, thanks to media shitheads like these, I and my similarly-afflicted friends have to hide that we have it extra-carefully because people think we’re crazy. It sucks.

      • Seadog says:

        Don’t take this personally, but back in the day, Aspergers wasn’t an issue. There’re wasn’t a diagnosis for being a teenageer.
        Today’s society has to have an excuse for kids stupidity.

        • HS Sophomore says:

          I would say, though, that that was because psychology and understanding of the human mind just wasn’t there yet. There was a time when certain people in society were berated as idiots and where it was speculated that a donkey kicked them in the head as a kid because people didn’t realize mental retardation was a thing. Autism and disorders like Aspergers that are on the Autism spectrum are much the same. People didn’t understand that it was the result of real, physical changes in the brains of people that had it (which have been measurably proved to exist) as opposed to just being a socially inept ass by choice. I am, however, in agreement with you that it’s not an excuse for obviously unconscionable behavior or for claiming to have it without diagnosis by a medical professional to get out of having to work on your social skills. I know from experience that there’s plenty of that, and it pisses me off because it gives people like me who legitimately have it a bad name.

    • Aysel says:

      This guys comments on his youtube channel say sociopathic to me and not a very high functioning one at that. As for Asperger’s, that’s just bullshit, loads of people have Asperger’s and they aren’t violent.

    • Gravel says:

      With due respect for HS Sophomore, and others, I have a brother with Aspergers and he is one of the shittiest, most violent (at the drop of a hat) people I’ve ever known.

      Now that’s not to say he doesn’t have other issues also (last time I had contact with him he hadn’t been diagnosed with anything else, but that’s been since about 2006. Who knows, maybe he’s been diagnosed with other stuff.) Nor does it mean every one with Aspergers will be that way. But my own personal experiences with it, and him, are terrible.

      The rest of the members of my family know they’re not to release my contact information to him under any circumstances. I don’t care if he found Jesus and is preaching the gospel and is laying hands on people and healing quadriplegics … I’d rather stay in my wheelchair than deal with him again, thank you very much.

      • HS Sophomore says:

        With all due respect to your flesh and blood and my sincere hopes he’ll find Jesus, it sounds like he’s just a dick and a shitty person who happens to have Aspergers. I think there might be some misplaced cause and effect here; some people afflicted with Aspergers are good people, and others are bad, just like in people without it. Put more simply, he just sounds like an O2 thief who happens to have Aspergers rather than an O2 thief who is an O2 thief BECAUSE of Aspergers. Lanza and this fuckwad are much the same, although your brother is undoubtedly nowhere near that bad.

  3. valerie says:

    “the director’s family called police several weeks ago after being alarmed by YouTube videos “regarding suicide and the killing of people.” ”

    The question here is, why couldn’t the family have this obviously unstable young man committed, even against his will?

    • Hondo says:

      Can’t speak for CA, valerie. But in many states, state law makes it quite difficult to get an adult involuntarily committed unless they’ve committed some act of violence. That was the case in CT, where Lanza’s own mother was trying to get him committed for treatment – and could not.

      • Richard says:

        In the olden days, it wasn’t so hard. When did it change?

        • OWB says:

          Because it wasn’t FAIR! Better, according to the lefties, that society should adapt to the insane than the insane should be kept isolated, properly supervised, in a safe environment while protecting the rest of us from them.

          • HS Sophomore says:

            In a lot of ways, though, it wasn’t. It used to be that you could get someone committed to an asylum if you got three signatures from people in their family testifying to their mental instability. This led to a tremendous amount of score settling and grudges being implemented through our country’s mental health system. Also once you were in, even if you got symptom free, it was very, very difficult to get out. I don’t think what we have now is working, but there were tremendous flaws in the way we used to do it as well.

          • 68W58 says:

            About 25 years ago I worked for a year in a mental hospital (which I’m not sure if I’d call a “safe environment”, but never mind).

            Now, there was definitely something wrong with most of those guys, but most of them-if they took their medication-were functional.

            So, once they were functional, there was no reason to keep them institutionalized (unless they had charges or a judgment against them, some did, but most didn’t) and when they were released they stopped taking their meds which took them right back to square one.

            There are a lot of “odd young men” in our society. But, and I say this as one who once would have been described that way accurately enough, that’s all they are-odd young men, trying to find their way in the world. Some small minority of them will at some point turn violent-who knows why, but I don’t know how we can go about locking up anyone who might seem suspicious just in case.

        • Hondo says:

          In the US, Richard, that generally happened during the 1960s and 1970s. It happened during the deinstitutionalization movement of that time frame.

          Both were at least partially reactions to widely-publicized abuses at a number of asylums. The other reasons were concerns that institutionalization of the mentally ill “created a poor environment for their treatment” and “violated their rights”. The movement was a pet cause for many of our libidiot “brethren” during that time frame.

          Unfortunately, no one seemed to consider – or give a damn about – the potential effect on society of releasing tens of thousands of seriously mentally ill patients back into society, or of making it difficult to get someone who was “not all there” involuntarily committed for treatment. (Or on those being released or kept on the streets, for that matter.) Or maybe those pushing that agenda did consider the efffect, but just didn’t give a damn.

          The result was predictable. Unfortunately, along with releasing a huge number of seriously mentally ill persons back into the community, in many places state laws were also changed to make it very difficult to get someone involuntarily committed before they’d committed a violent act against someone else or themselves. In particular, CT changed its laws to make that virtually impossible in CT.

          The result was that Adam Lanza’s mother knew he was seriously mentally disturbed and needed help – but she could not get him involuntarily committed so he could get that help (she tried). Not terribly long afterwards, Lanza stole her guns, then murdered her – along with 23 other innocents – before killing himself.

          • OWB says:

            Many of us had to deal with the horrendous effects of the dumping of those 10’s of thousands. I believe the figure was nearly half that for the one city in which I worked at the time.

            None of these people’s lives improved nor did the lives of those in whose communities they where they were literally dumped. Many starved to death or froze to death or met otherwise not particularly improved deaths. Those who survived the first winter bred profusely. The babies forced into this lifestyle were beyond tragic. (It was about this same timeframe that the same happy hippies got many orphanages closed, forcing unfit mothers to raise their children on the streets.)

            While I have no sympathy with mistreating institutionalized human beings, forcing them to fend and forage for themselves was hardly an acceptable solution. It was about this time that I realized just how dangerous and devoid of critical thinking skills lefties were and remain to this day.

            Not all persons institutionalized had been mistreated. Almost all who were released certainly were.

          • HS Sophomore says:

            It’s plenty true that the full-scale deinstitutionalization that put all these people on our streets was a tremendously bad idea, but it doesn’t change the fact that there were, in fact, enormous abuses within the system before that. Releasing everyone wasn’t the answer, but returning back to status quo ante isn’t acceptable, either.

        • vietnam war protestor aka uss liberty says:

          It hasn’t changed everywhere in scottsdale arizona I read a police officer had killed his sixth mentally ill or disturbed person while on duty their.

          • Hondo says:

            vwp: you do realize you just reinforced my argument, don’t you?

            Deinstitutionalization put tens of thousands of people back on the streets who are incapable of acting rationally, some of whom are a violent threat to others. Laws in many places today make it difficult if not impossible for them to be involuntarily committed before they commit a violent act.

            Were that not the case, many if not most of those seriously mentally disturbed individuals who are threats to themselves and others would be safely institionalized, getting the treatment they need. Instead, they’re in most cases roaming the streets unsupervised. And a few are getting into violent confrontations and ending up dead.

            That’s what you libidiots asked for, whether you realized it or not. Don’t bitch about getting precisely what you asked for.


            • HS Sophomore says:

              I don’t know if that’s true because it’s VWP (given that, it probably isn’t), but if it is, it does seem grossly excessive. I’ve dealt with mental illness before (I shit you not, I literally just got back from a walk through town where an old lady who was clearly in need of help told me to “go fuck yourself” and “go to hell”), and while I know there are certainly many crazy people on the streets and out and about (I have to commute to San Jose most everyday, a city that has one of the highest populations of homeless people in the country, most of which are mentally ill), it is an incredibly tiny minority that ever create a situation in which lethal force could be justifiably used. If that cop really has shot six mentally ill people to death, he’s probably a sociopath looking to do that and using their mental illness as an excuse. No way he managed to encounter six separate situations where he needed to use lethal force to stop a mentally ill person from harming someone. Just the way I see it.

              • OWB says:

                And it is real nice for you that you live in such a happy community, with docile mentally ill roaming around. It’s not that way around the country.

                What would you suggest? Maybe a “V” tattooed on the forehead of the more violent ones so that they could be recognized more easily?

                IF a single officer killed multiple mentally ill folks it could indicate quite a few things, not the least of which is that perhaps he was assigned in areas where the most violent population resided. Or that he was a nutcase himself. Most often it is the former.

                • HS Sophomore says:

                  According to this study (, there were 2,002 deaths at the hands of law enforcement and in their custody between 2003 and 2005, with about 55% of those being justifiable homicides by police officers (other causes involved suicides in cells, people being arrested while very drunk/high and dying later, heart attacks/strokes, etc.). If those numbers are even remotely similar to today, that officer could have accounted for a almost 0.75% of all law enforcement successful uses of deadly force nationwide over a two-year period by himself. Six people rightly shot to death by one officer in the line of duty? I’m sorry, no. Just no. With all respect, that’s a ridiculous number. All but a tiny minority of mentally ill people will never create a situation in which lethal force needs to be used. Taken into custody? Yes. Killed? No.

                  • The Other Whitey says:

                    I take it you’re unfamiliar with the term “shit magnet.”

                  • Hondo says:

                    HSSophomore: you were right to take vwp’s claims with a grain of salt. But it would have been very easy for you to find out for yourself he was misrepresenting things.

                    Here’s the individual he was doubtless referencing. Finding this took me about 2-3 min.


                    Peters was involved in 7 shootings over a 9+ year period. (In one case, Peters did not fire a shot that hit the suspect.) Only one of these shootings appears to have involved an unambiguously mentally disturbed person. (A second may have, but circumstances involving the “distraught, disbarred” lawyer don’t clearly indicate if the guy was (a) actually mentally disturbed or (b) was simply at the end of his rope due to his life coming apart and decided to opt for “suicide by cop” vice shooting himself.)

                    One of the seven shootings seems to me questionable. Another is borderline, but I’d give him the benefit of the doubt (the last, involving the mentally disturbed individual.) The other 5 seem to me to be clearly justified.

                    All were investigated and found to be justified.

            • LIRight says:


              Reading your comment was almost as good as having sex. Well, maybe not quite as good as sex, but I think you get my point.

              VWP, (I refuse to write his name in full) kinda brings a smile to my face cause he’s such a dumb bastard. “their” yeah, OK!

              I took a chance and posted this comment over at a few minutes ago….clearly full of left-leaning readers, so I expect to receive the wrath of Marx before long.

              My comment:
              I think we should immediately make all knives safe: blunt the points and dull the edges. Make alcohol beverages safe by removing the alcohol content, thus making it safe to drive an automobile again. Make all buildings safe by not allowing construction over two stories and destroy all others – thus, no more jumping suicides from any building over three floors.

              Let’s make EVERYTHING safe. Close all fast food restaurants, since eventually they will cause obesity and eventual death. Eliminate all forms of powered transportation – we should only walk because it’s so much safer.

              Sorry folks, the world and life just isn’t absolutely safe… thoughts and prayers are with the families that were shot and stabbed to death in California…..but please, let’s get a grip on reality.
              Unless and until society can effectively mind-read and predict the future, insane people will do insane things.

          • The Other Whitey says:

            Gawdalmighty, VWPussy is back! Our discussions can once again be improved immeasurably by his/her/its second-grade-level grasp of the written English language and special-needs-preschool-level comprehension of history, foreign policy, and sociology. Oh joy!

  4. GoldenDragon says:

    Saw the video he posted on Youtube yesterday, clearly the dude was a loon.

    This is what happens when you leave it to the police to protect you.

  5. OWB says:

    Picking a nit here, but we have been told that Aspergers sufferers are not violent, but we have two cases in recent memory where the gunmen had Aspergers. Either it is time to rethink that violence and Aspergers thing or consider the possibility that the medication to treat it DOES cause violence, at least in some.

    Here’s another suggestion that makes just about as much sense as the anti-gun crowd with their usual screed: outlaw sororities!

    • HS Sophomore says:

      No, with all respect, Aspergers does NOT cause violence. I’ve been diagnosed with it for the better part of my life, and I have yet to so much as raise a fist against anyone. The overwhelming majority of the people I know who have it are the same way, and the minute number who do have anger issues are just normal people with anger issues who happen to have Aspergers as opposed to people who have those issues specifically because of Aspergers. In the same way, Lanza and this O2 thief are people who have serious mental health issues while happening to have Aspergers at the same time. The speculation that Aspergers could be the source of their anger comes from media talking heads who have no idea what they’re talking about, same as with PTSD.

    • Aysel says:

      he was probably a misdiagnosed sociopath

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Asperger’s syndrome is not the problem.

      If this condition is not understood, it’s because in general, people simply don’t get the facts on it.

      Temple Grandin is someone who overcame the problem. Anyone interested in her work can get information on it here:

      My point is that there may be other issues accompanying Asperger’s that are either not addressed or not resolved, as with Adam Lanza’s violent bouts of anger and this other young man Elliot Rodgers’ frustration and anger at being rejected by women.

      Since there are plenty of people with Asperger’s syndrome that do not commit acts of violence but rather overcome the problem and do quite well, let’s not lump them all together in a group.

      If we do so, we’re as bad as the people who lump all veterans together into a group of potentially violent people, when in fact, we are not remotely like that.

      • Slause says:

        Thank you PH-2, most of my family have spent their life’s working with children and adults who suffer with autism. Thank you for saying this in one hell of a better way than I could. For anyone curious about autism and it’s spectrum ( And you oh well what if fuckers) I think you need to see this:

        This link in one of many and I suggest you educate yourselves because your no better than the fucking liberals who lump veterans together. As you can tell, this is a sensitive for me. I’ve see. These kids overcome a lot, only to have people lump them in with shit like this. For the rest, shameful.

  6. JarHead Pat says:

    So I just saw this on fox, and my heart goes out to all those who were killed/wounded,but then i saw on my local tv station,how one of the father of one of the killed, went on and ranted about the NRA,I’m sorry but you are one dumb fucktard,Your grieving and I feel for you,but the NRA/or conservative America hd nothing to do with your son’s death,here is a thought how about be made at the gunman you fucking twat.

    • ExHack says:

      The O2 thief killed 3 people with his gun (which, I’ll certainly give you, is 3 too many). He also killed 3 with a knife or knives, and wounded several more with the cute little Bimmer Daddy no doubt gave him. He used several tools at hand. Is Mr. Martinez also placing the appropriate share of blame at the feet of the Ginsu knife people and the National Auto Dealers’ Association?

  7. Azygos says:

    Getting someone admitted to a psychiatric facility for evaluation is damn near impossible in my state. The last one I did took thirty days to come before a special psychiatric administrative judge. I sat there eight hours waiting for the patients case to be called. When it finally was the judge asked the patient a couple questions and then sent her home. The only thing I got out of it was that I lost a days wages and eight hours of my life I will never get back.

    As to who (whom?) is responsible for making it difficult to get someone evaluated? That would be LBJ.

  8. vietnam war protestor aka uss liberty says:

    More blood for nra blood lusting vampires! It must have been caused by not taking down gun free zone sign! I am sure the first graders at sandy hook would be alive today if they had just taken down that gun free zone sign and bra wannabe would have just moved on right!

    • 68W58 says:

      Is there no tragedy which you will not use to make a spectacle of your incredible stupidity?

    • Hondo says:

      If this was on-campus at UCSB, it was indeed a gun-free zone. Virtually all college campuses are gun free zones.

      Were that not the case, the toll of dead and injured here might well be substantially lower.

    • NHSparky says:

      VWP, the only difference between you and a festering cock sore is the sore can be treated and will eventually disappear.

      • The Other Whitey says:

        All this time I thought VWPudslurper had been banned. Or maybe finally OD’ed on the mixture of his/her/its own ass gas and bong water. Sadly, I seem to have been mistaken.

    • HS Sophomore says:

      This happened in CA, the most anti-gun state in the history of existence. It has the strictest gun control of anywhere (I should know; I live here). If this was able to happen nevertheless, what does that tell you?

      • Kinda old ET1 says:

        To a leftist loon like vwp it means the need for MORE gun control. But the boy dont think so straight anyways…

    • The Other Whitey says:

      Bloodlusting vampires? You mean like your fellow travelers at SPLC, the Brady Center, and CNN? The people whose solution is to make potential victims as vulnerable as possible rather than addressing any of the causative factors involved in violent crime of any kind?

      God, you’re fucking stupid, VWPieceofshit.

    • ANCCPT says:

      “Do not swallow bait offered by an enemy” –Sun Tzu.
      A little more modern axiom is : Obvious troll is obvious. Don’t feed him. Ignore this guy. He’s trying to get a rise out of us and you’re playing into his hands. Cease fire, and continue on mission.

    • Flagwaver says:

      How would you fix the solution? Remember, you must be able to make criminals obey any laws that you propose as well as cease the illegal importation of any weapons across the southern border, if you try to ban all weapons.

  9. Ex-PH2 says:

    vwpisspot, you really don’t have a decent bone in your entire body?

    Just try clearing the weed out of your system and exercise your brain by thinking, if you can still make it function. All you do is insult the people who died, and you have no valid point to make. You’ve made it quite clear that you are only lurking here to serve yourself, so please, have some decency and sew your stupid mouth shut.

  10. Green Thumb says:


    My condolences to their families.

  11. JoshO says:

    Fuck that spoiled little mouth breather. I wish they could kill him again. They oughta hold his parents responsible too for raising such a defective piece of shit.

  12. Ex-PH2 says:

    Well, apparently, because this deceased killer sent off a 106,000 word essay to a TV station, which he had labeled a ‘manifesto’, he had no social skills, women didn’t like him and he thought everyone hated him.

    In fact, according to this article, he hated all women because he couldn’t get laid.

    I’m guessing here, but there must have been something rather creepy about him that put women off, in addition to having no social skills. Maybe he felt a sense of entitlement that he hadn’t earned. We’ll never know, but his ‘manifesto’, which included his intention to kill his stepmother and other family members, will be analyzed to pieces and dissected at length, until a conclusion is drawn.

    I think it’s probably safe to say that he just didn’t know how to get along with people, he took even the slightest rebuff as a major personal affront, and thought everyone hated him so he hated everyone right back.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      In light of this new information, I propose the following legislation:

      Given that this troubled young loner blamed lackanookie for his vicious rampage, something must be done. Henceforth, for every nerd, outcast, comic book reader, anime freak, or real-life Howard Wollowitz on every college campus, every registered sorority will be mandated to select a semi-willing, not-atrociously-ugly (minimum 4 on the 10 scale) female member to take one for the team. This process is to be carried out on a quarterly basis for each high-risk individual. By having our female students put out once in a while for these undesirable males, we will surely prevent another senseless mass-murder.

      Exploitative, chauvenistic, degrading. What the hell, it makes more sense than any of the gun-grabbing legislation that’s come up in the last three decades. Says something about the gun grabbers, huh?

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Why do you want to punish women that way? (snarking here)

      • Azygos says:

        Whats the weight limit on that? No one with ramps and pulley’s to get in and out of their home?

        Hondo, You spelled out the problem of dumping patients on the street quite well. I was going for brevity with my answer (smile).

    • HS Sophomore says:

      So…severely mentally ill guy with a narcissistic personality who was angry with the powers that be for withholding his vagina ration. Look at that; I just summed up weeks of armchair psychology/mindless speculation by talking heads who don’t know what they’re talking about before it’s even happened! Ninja skillz.

      • streetsweeper says:

        Pretty dang good, HS…lmao!

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Not bad, grasshopper, but I don’t buy the idea that he was mentally ill.

        I think he just expected women to automatically jump when he snapped his fingers, and when they didn’t, it pissed him off.

        I’m also inclined to think that he was a social moron who stood off at the side and watched while everyone else created relationships. Even a brief conversation with someone is a relationship, albeit temporary. There are people like this creepazoid who can’t even do that, but in his view it was always someone else’s fault that he couldn’t get what he wanted.

        • 68W58 says:

          I finally watched the little lunatic’s video via the Daily Mail this morning. Aside from the fact that what he was actually saying was completely insane, he was composed and lucid-and I doubt if he would have admitted his murderous urges to a shrink, so I’m not sure how he would have been stopped by psychiatric screening.

          I don’t think his alleged virginity was his actual motivation. Daddy doubtlessly gave him a big enough allowance to hire a prostitute if he was so inclined. Maybe rejection was an issue, but I think he probably had several girls who were attracted to him and he either failed to recognize their interest or rejected them as unworthy of his affections somehow.

          He obviously had entitlement and arrogance issues. I think sociopath is my best amateur psychologist guess.

        • ExHack says:

          Yep. This. And yes, nice work, HS Soph.

  13. Hayabusa says:

    It’s not getting a lot of coverage in the media, but the murderer killed his first three victims at his apartment with a knife before killing another three random strangers with a gun. It’s almost as if maniacs intent on doing mayhem will use whatever weapons they can get their hands on.

  14. FatCircles0311 says:

    Oh, look. Libtards salivating once again over a mass murdering loser.

    Losers love losers don’t they?

  15. vietnam war protestor aka uss liberty says:

    how long will it be before the next one?

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      What are you doing at, say, 11:00 this morning?

      • Sparks says:

        2/17 Air Cav Damn it! Haven’t laughed so hard on a Sunday morning in weeks! Perfect and I mean perfect comment and perfectly timed. You are my main man today 2/17. Now I’ll get a rag to clean the coffee and snot off my keyboard and screen. MAN, that was a great one I tell ya!

    • The Other Whitey says:

      I dunno, VWPutz. Are any of your friends acting shittier than usual?

  16. ExHack says:

    For anyone who hasn’t seen his farewell video:

    I don’t think I’m getting through all of it. It’d be nauseously laughable if he hadn’t killed and wounded a bunch of people who’d done nothing to him. Why weren’t girls attracted to him? Physically he wasn’t a bad looking kid so it must’ve been … oh yeah, that he was an arrogant, entitled, spoiled little creeper who gave them the willies.

    • Sparks says:

      ExHack, I guess we differ here. I thought he was an ugly mug of a kid and I could see, along with that winning personality of his, why he couldn’t get the time of day off a woman. Every man can remember times of being “hard up” for a date. But to blame it on the women and then want to kill people over it, well someone messed up big time. The police interviewed him, his videos were out there to see and troubled his parents yet no one said, “hey let’s get this guy some therapy or other help”. He was arrogant, wealthy and privileged and figured the world owed him everything his special little snowflake heart wanted. But when it comes to relationships, now it’s a two way street and the gal has to be on board with his ideas of a “good time”.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        It’s not so much the looks, I think it was his personality that turned Women off to him. Looks alone won’t get you by, look at Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, two of the ugliest White Men in recent history, and Women still throw their panties at the both of them!

        Liberals also screech for more of theis, more of that, blame the NRA,… But where was any kind of intervention when the little shit gave off warning signs, ditto with the other mass shooters?

      • ExHack says:

        Parents had him seeing multiple therapists, who had him on meds. He actively resisted treatment and refused to take the meds.

      • ExHack says:

        Ya know, I just had a (horrid) flash, and it was you who brung the pain here with “special little snowflake.” We know a certain blond he could’ve had, one with a personality so compatible with his … CHELSEA MANNING.

        • Fjardeson says:

          ExHack, that image requires a bulk delivery of brain bleach. I just called Clorox and requested a tanker truck load.

    • Sparks says:

      ExHack I just suffered through his little last video. BIGTIME. BATSHIT. CRAZY. CREEPY! No wonder he couldn’t pick up any girlfriends!

  17. streetsweeper says:

    Not a professional but the previously mentioned premeditated murders at the appartment are what they are, premeditated. Same for the shootings and dying behind the wheel of his expensive toy car. He chose his method of seeking help and got it. Okay, the parents. Are they to blame? Maybe, but not entirely. It is a natural instinct parents have to want their um, chosen egg(s) to live a better life than they had even though it could be conscrewed as making a huge mistake.

    In the end it all fell in this dudes lap to own it and be responseable for himself. The failkure isn’t the system, it’s with the individual. Sorta like VWPussy here…his needle is stuck in a groove and he can’t figure out how to get out of it. So, he comes here for a dose of knockdown.

  18. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I bet he used a black assault Ginsu! And his assault BMW was black too! What we need is legislation. This one is for the resident moronic protester:

    “What do we need?”


    “When do we want it?”


    • OWB says:

      It’s terribly difficult to get into the rantings of the lefties who proudly display their childishness publicly, but the actual chant is:

      “What do we WANT?”

      “More laws.” (Most of them cannot say such a big word as legislation.)

      “When do we want it?”


      These clowns have demonstrated for decades that they have no interest in the needs of society – it’s all about what they want. No critical thinking required for that.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      That BMW had a high-capacity gas tank, in excess of ten gallons! This allowed the maniac to drive and run people over for at least 300 miles before stopping at a gas station! We must demand that all vehicles be retrofitted with five-gallon gas tanks, and any pre-ban vehicle that can’t be retrofitted must be seized and destroyed! We must DO something! For the children! If it saves just one life…!

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I do see a separation occurring here in society. It’s probably been under way for a while, too, in a subtle but definite manner.

      You’ll have one group made up of individuals who are self-sufficient, know how to think for and take care of themselves, and only ask for fair treatment in exchange for what they do. If they don’t get fair treatment, they’ll get what they need by going underground.

      Then you’ll have another set made up of people who are perpetual children in adult bodies, can’t think for themselves, and expect to be looked after and ‘helped’ forever, and always ‘feel good’.

      The first group will likely be supporting the second group for a while, but may have enough sense to tell the second group to go pound sand and take care of themselves.

      Oh, wait – that’s already going on, isn’t it?

      • PFM says:

        Society over the past 30 years has become ‘risk averse’. Now they have taken it to the extreme, leading to kids that grow up unable to handle sudden changes to their safe routines. It has even infected the military – you can’t walk down the street anymore without filing that CRM documentation :).

        • Eric says:

          Yep, even firing at my installation, regardless of what you are doing, what range you are, as long as you have bullets that leave a weapon system, its a “moderate” risk and an O-5 has to sign off.

          Just the same as the commanders who require Soldiers in combat zones to wear reflective belts.

          Still plenty of “Darwin nominees” out there, but its just silly the excessiveness of it all.

          Its a shame this happened, but its not going to be fixed by putting more bandaids on it like more gun laws. there are thousands of gun laws in this country, more isn’t going to make it better.

      • Sparks says:

        Ex-PH2 Well said and you made excellent points.

      • ExHack says:

        As always with you: This.

        And a disconnect for those who are coddled all their lives, then encounter … The real world, which doesn’t care about them. This is their way of making the world pay attention, which they feel entitled to.

    • Richard says:

      I’m having trouble forming this idea. I will spring it on you half-done and hope that you can be figure it out.

      The concept is: there are a bunch of people who want more gun laws because it will prevent shootings and murder. Presumably this works because everyone obeys.

      Yet many of these same people have been arguing for decades for legalized pot. During this whole time, there have been laws on the books outlawing pot use that many of these people have been violating – I refuse to believe that all of those South American and Central American drug lords ship that shit to the US then throw it away – somebody is buying that shit and it isn’t me.

      It troubles me that they think that gun possession and use laws will work while simultaneously breaking the pot possession and use laws. In my opinion, this requires an impossible mental contortion.

      Seems to me that there are people who think that “it is different for thee than it is for me”. In my opinion that is a core problem.

      I recognize that my generalization “all anti-gun rights people smoke dope” probably isn’t universally true. Without a doubt, some people who favor gun rights smoke dope. Favoring gun rights does not absolve them of other crimes and offenses.

      Crumbs for musing …

      • OWB says:

        No, Richard, you are not the only one who has made that observation. Yes, over generalizing is not a good thing, but what we can say is this:

        Those who concurrently espouse more control of the weaponry of others and are criminally using drugs are at best hypocritical and at worst simply not sane themselves. It’s about them – what they want is dandy because it’s what they want and too bad if one of us disagrees with them or points out that what society needs is more important than what they want.

  19. Smitty says:

    Clearly this guy caught the PTSD from a war movie his father directed. We need to Institute new gun laws (that won’t actually be enforced) banning black scary rifles from movies! I don’t see how yall could blame the system or this guy for these acts, it’s a no brained that a black scary rifle acted alone in these murders.

  20. PFM says:

    I caught part of an interview with the local sheriff on the radio in my car yesterday where he stated that the kid’s mental health status was not on file and thus he was able to pass the background checks. Damn you, NRA, for refusing to allow mentally ill people to have that info available when they purchase firearms! Obviously, we need more laws and press conferences against the firearms manufacturers and the NRA…How does your personal medical info privacy trump someone else’s right to keep drawing breath in our ultra safe society? Any takers on this in DC or the press? Yeah, I know, crickets :).

  21. Adam says:

    Saw on another site how the father of one of the victims blamed the NRA. According to this, he may want to blame the cops.

  22. kram says:

    OK – some of you have already covered the parents angle. What about his roomates? He was able to kill (stab multiple times) ALL three roomates to death – SURE… – and according to other sites he had three hand guns and 40 magazines. Doesn’t anyone think you can live with three roomates and no one know what’s going on and they would have reported his activities to someone (mental health profs. at the school) or had him evicted? He kills so many people – you still have to be a good shot to do what he did AFTER stabbing his roomates (would have used up his adrenaline just on that…). And anynone who has three roomates in college will get laid or at least a date. I’m sorry, thats what friends do – is go to parties and get laid. I don’t buy this crap for a minute. Oh, and again the berieved parent of one of the victims is on tv within hours after their kid’s deathj – right – just like all the other hoaxes/false flags. It just won’t happen. Even the police will ask the parents to hold off on making a statement until they can get all the evidence.

    Oh yeah and weren’t there witnesses who saw TWO people in his BMW?

  23. SGT_B says:

    Awfully convenient with the call for new gun control legislation waning hard and the leftist gun grabber crap is increasingly being ignored we have a new mass shooting to fire things up again.

    Anyone care to bet as we get closer to the Elections we see more of this going on?

    • LC says:

      More….what? If you’re implying this is some coordinated operation to give an excuse to people who want to grab guns, I suggest you step out into the sunlight, take a deep breath, and recognize that the simpler truth is there are just some really fucked up people who commit crimes like this without being part of an evil liberal conspiracy.

      If you mean more COVERAGE of the gun & mental health angles of this, then absolutely. Politicians pushing agendas will push them harder when elections approach. News at 11.

  24. Roger in Republic says:

    I’m glad this assclown died a virgin. Can you imagine how polluted the gene pool would be if this slug reproduced?
    The bunch at Brady cause me to scratch my head. A delusional madman shoots some people and they blame the gun. To them, people are hard to control, civil rights and such. Guns on the other hand are far easier to control, all they have to do is violate the peoples constitutional rights. Such is the twisted thought processes of the left.

  25. thebesig says:

    Read bits and pieces of his “manifesto,”; it was like reading through a Dean Koontz novel… where the author shows the bad guy’s thought processes.

    Women must be punished for their crimes of rejecting such a magnificent gentleman as myself. All of those popular boys must be punished for enjoying heavenly lives and having sex with all the girls while I had to suffer in lonely virginity.

    I’m not saying that he got this from reading Dean Koontz, but the thought process is very similar to many of the bad guy’s thought processes in his novel.

    As others have pointed out, this guy lived a privileged life. Almost everything was handed to him, including most of his social life. He did make a small number of friends, two or three were friends with him for a long time… until he wierded them out.

    Even they moved on, deciding that they didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

    This guy didn’t just have problems socializing with women, he had problems socializing with men as well. He couldn’t even make “friend zone” with the women.

    The parents tried to help him out, not just with the psychological issues, but with his social issues. They even had a “dating coach” for him. They sent him to summer camp so that he could work on his social skills and hopefully make friends.

    Reading between the lines in his stories, it also appears that his friends tried to help him… until they had no choice but to move on.

    The guy didn’t put much effort into what he was trying. He was speaking to a “counselor” at school every week. If this was an academic counselor, then it would have to be about his academic performance.

    Based on his video statements and on his manifesto, he spent a lot of his time in class focusing on the wrong things… mainly the women and couples that were there. He was under the impression that college was mainly a place to get laid.

    He admitted that he was average when it came to gaming. He was too proud to make productive use of his time by seeking employment when he dropped out of his college courses.

    Like Dennis Howard Chevalier, he put average to below average efforts to whatever he tried, and fell short. This included attempts to socialize. His writing hints that he never even tried to fit in… things had to be his way.

    Apparently, he was expecting life to be the way has raised, with things handed to him.

    He was too arrogant to see that he was the problem. The solutions that he was looking for had to fit with something he could live with… rather than something that he didn’t want to do.

    He had to make major changes, but he didn’t want to embrace the challenges involved… he consistently searched for the path of least resistance.

    But, there was still the issue of his ego and his not getting laid. The latter really grated at the former. Like a Dean Koontz novel character (bad guy), he kept lamenting that he should be the one with the girls.

    Like a Dean Koontz character (bad guy), he thought this:

    The first strike against women will be to quarantine all of them in concentration camps. At these camps, the vast majority of the female population will be deliberately starved to death. That would be an efficient and fitting way to kill them all off. I would take great pleasure and satisfaction in condemning every single woman on earth to starve to death. I would have an enormous tower built just for myself, where I can oversee the entire concentration camp and gleefully watch them all die. If I can’t have them, no one will, I’d imagine thinking to myself as I oversee this.

    His manifesto kept repeating the theme of how it wasn’t fair that he wasn’t getting the benefit of sex, and how the “evil” women were giving it to those “evil” guys instead.

    He ultimately decided on committing mass murder as a means to “get even.” His fantasies on how he was going to do that matched the fantasies of some of Dean Koontz’s bad guys.