Miscalculation on Bergdahl

| June 4, 2014

It looks like the White House counted on Bergdahl’s release to be a “rally ’round the flag, boys” moment, but they were blindsided by the backlash from people across the country, including former members of his unit. I suppose that’s because most of the people who knew the truth kept their mouths shut about the circumstances preceding his capture, if that’s how you want to describe it.

Troops who were there at the time had been ordered to keep their stories to themselves. Families of those killed looking for Bergdahl were told they were killed looking for high value targets – not a deserter. So that worked to mask the outrage that has been expressed since at the attempts of the likes of Susan Rice and Chuck Hagel trying to make Bergdahl some kind of national hero.

“This is a joyous day,” Rice said during an interview Sunday morning on ABC….

See, that’s where the 9-11 truthers’ tales fall apart, too. When there are things to be outraged about, someone will always come forward and testify to the truth. We’re Americans and we know injustice when we see it.

As soon as the news of Berdahl’s release was announced, the veneer over his heroic story slipped away under the scrutiny of his former peers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that he’s been released from the hands of those goat ropers. But, some of us have been busting for five years trying to keep the secret and advocating for his release, especially when the Haqqani released news and photos of him. I can only imagine what it was like for the folks who served with him and those who lost brothers looking for him.

But, if you haven’t seen the video of his release yet, here’s the propaganda video that the Haqqani released last night of their great victory, from ABC News;

ABC US News | ABC International News

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  1. MAJMike says:

    Well, now he can face a 15-6 investigation and a court martial. Will the usual suspects be able to whitewash this? Time will tell.

    • radar says:

      I think the stench is getting too strong for a whitewashing. Maybe I’m too optimistic, but I’m really hopeful that we’ll see the court martial this scumbag so richly deserves.

      • Clownpuncher says:

        Yeah, they’ll go through a quick trial where they will call it a bad case of Stockholm syndrome and he’ll get time served.

        Then him and his old man will become lobbyists working to free the rest of the oppressed freedom fighters.

      • MAJMike says:

        Hope you’re right. I am no longer the optimist I once was (if ever I was one).

      • Grimmy says:

        Imo, the last handful of years has proven that there is no stench too strong for a whitewashing.

        All that’s required, any more, is for the left to jam its fingers into its ears and yell out “I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you! Neener neener!!!” for a year or so and we’ll get tired of yelling at them on the issue. Then it all goes away.

  2. Ex-344MP says:

    I like how they tell him not to come back to A-stan, almost like he was becoming a liability for them.

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      Yeah, I had the same impression. Hell, if he was so valuable to the US that they got five terrorists for him, one would think they’d want him to return to get at least five more out.

    • CC Senor says:

      Shades of “Deliverance”.

  3. Dan says:

    I doubt this shit could even build a stink bomb for the taliban, more likely he was Omar’s bitch.

    • Blubear says:

      Probably screwed up Omar’s white underwear on laundry day, and that was the last straw to the point the other flunky’s rushed to get him out of the country before Omar killed him…

  4. Devtun says:

    The Daily Beast has a piece honoring the late LT Darryn Andrews…

  5. Ben Stiller says:

    It shows how wildly out of touch our senior leaders (military and civilian) are with the vast majority of the force. Reflective belts. That is all.

    • MAJMike says:

      Heh! Exactly, but its nothing new. Professors have their ivory towers, our Perfumed Princes have their mink-lined bunkers.

  6. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    “[W]hat our assessment is as of the present is in fact what began spontaneously in Benghazi as a reaction to what had transpired some hours earlier in Cairo where, of course, as you know, there was a violent protest outside of our embassy– –sparked by this hateful video.” Susan Rice on Benghazi terrorist attack

    “He [Bergdahl] served the United States with honor and distinction.” Susan Rice on Bergdahl’s release

    Benghazi: Spontaneous protest in response to a video.

    Bergdahl: Served with distinction and honor.

    Got it. That’s good enough for me. Susan Rice wouldn’t lie or fabricate anything.

    • MAJMike says:

      She’s too stupid to have an insight of her own. However, she’ll have a job at the Obama Presidential Library and Foot Washing Station.

  7. CCO says:

    Some of y’all know the guy, and it’s not like I do. He’s ours, and I’m glad he’s back, warts and all.

    The Armorer also reminds us to keep larger issues in mind (VA, EPA, etc.): http://www.thedonovan.com/archives/2014/06/meh_12.html.

  8. Hussar says:

    He looks pretty healthy for someone on the verge of death.

    There are also a few rather…odd….things about that video, but I’ll save that for tinfoil hat.com.

    • Isnala says:

      If by odd you mean the pat down and search. It’s SOP in most recovery cases where they need to positively ID the pwrson in question and ensure they aren’t carrying anything even unknowingly that could compromise the safety of the recovery team. Most times there’s some time do to it off camera and out of general view, but in this case getting out of dodge was a high priority. So the recovery team probably wanted to make sure he wasn’t carrying or wearing a bomb ( manual or remote detonated) or some other harmful item be for boarding the helo and clearing the area.

      • Hussar says:

        No, that makes sense. It’s the gratuitous hand waving/shaking that just seems a little off. And parking a helo right next to a structure like that in this type of situation? Ehh….ok.

        And before it is said, I’m not claiming anything other than it just seems a little weird. My tinfoil comment was tongue in cheek.

        • Isnala says:

          Looked at the full video a few times ti see what your talking about and the gesturing looked to be assurances of non threatening behavior. See our hands are open and not holding weapons. Waving to say we are abiding by the rules ‘we’re all friendly here and aren’t picking a fight’. Looks pretty standard to me. Also I didn’t see any structures near the helo landing but then I’m looking at on a small phone vs large screan whre I can zoom in. Again the pick-up looked pretty standard, get in, secure the indvidual in a non hostile to the captures fashion as much as possible, get out. What is probably not shown on camera is the other air assests on station. If I were to guess there was probabbly at least an AC-130 and other assests near by monitoring the exchange and within easy response range should things go south.

          • Hussar says:

            I get that. Was just odd the Tali handlers were openly posturing and the US guys were kinda just back on the block.

            • ArmyATC says:

              Posturing? How? I didn’t see anything in the video that would lead me to believe they were making any threatening moves. Maybe you’re reading too much into it?

              • Hussar says:

                They were armed, they are the enemy.

                Posturing enough for me. I’ll give the US guys this much, they have brass ones for doing that. Covered or not, I doubt I would have gone up without (visibly) being armed.

                • ArmyATC says:

                  Our guys were armed also. Didn’t you notice the barrels of that minigun sticking out the helicopter? It also appears the guys who stayed with the helicopter were armed also. And I’m sure we didn’t see the AC-130 on overwatch or many of the other security measures in place.

                • Jacobite says:

                  “I doubt I would have gone up without (visibly) being armed.”

                  A possible admission that you don’t have any military experience?

                  See, here’s how it usually happens;

                  Superior to subordinate – “ground your weapon and go escort Bergdahl back to the helicopter.”

                  Subordinate to superior – “Yes Sir/Sgt!”

                  Simple actually. 🙂

  9. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Hassar. No school today?

    • Hussar says:

      You’re embarrassing yourself.

      • 2/17 Air Cav says:

        Hussar. Your view of anything carries no weight. Now, on to the reason you will continue to catch it from me. I think you’re a BS artist. Your arrogance bespeaks rank immaturity and your refusal to even say whether you are a Veteran, AD, or NG is quite odd, if not unique. I suspect there is good reason for your silence: You would like to give an impression of yourself that is false. So, what grade are you in?

        • Hussar says:

          One, I don’t need to get into some kind of bar room pissing match with some random dude on a website. I mean, are you 12?

          Two, nothing I’ve posted is anything other than fact. It may not be fact that you prefer, but still fact.

          • OWB says:

            Yet you come here demanding respect which you have not earned. Oh, well. Just don’t act so surprised that your acting like a troll gets a negative response.

            This is mostly a been there done that crowd. You really should temper your comments accordingly.

            • Hussar says:

              I haven’t “demanded” respect from anyone. And troll? Since when is pointing out fact, or using logic and reason trolling?

              2/17 is the one running around like a baby demanding things that have nothing to do with any of the topics at hand.

        • Jacobite says:


          I wouldn’t describe him as ‘arrogant’ 2/17 AC, that implies a concrete ability in which one can express confidence.

          ‘Conceited’ is more appropriate since it more accurately describes an unfounded or unproven belief in his own ability or relevance.

  10. Adirondack Patriot says:

    This Bergdahl incident has had a crushing effect on this Administration’s ineptitude in two areas: 1.) Susan Rice, and 2.) the closing of JTF GTMO.

    1. By putting Rice out as s spokeperson belies her true role as the designated liar. The public now have adequate proof to go back and question Obama put her front and center after the Bengazi massacre. Her value as U.N. Ambassador — or any official position — is gone.

    2. By releasing five of the worst terrorists in GTMO shows us that the President is willing to forfeit terrorists for a Saturday morning press conference. Dozens of officials in his OWN ADMINISTATION advised against their release, but he went ahead and did it anyway. The next time he talks about closing GTMO, the first question will be about the Bergdahl Five, and how this Administration has no plans to protect the American people from terrorism.

  11. MrBill says:

    The administration should not have been surprised by the reaction. While most folks were being appropriately restrained in their comments prior to Bergdahl’s release, there was plenty of information already out there to suggest that Bergdahl had walked away from his unit.

    • Isnala says:

      Part of nondisclosure/ gag orders was because there was a on going criminal investigation and external comments to people not appart of the investigation could comproise the case and potential jury pool. Again SOP for most criminal investigations. Handed a few gag orders for the same reason my self as an additional duty first sergeant.
      Now that he’s back and with the current admin trying to make him out as a saint, people can only bite their toung /swallow their bile down for so long.

  12. E-6 type, 1 ea says:

    I wonder what “organization” he’s going to donate 5+years of back E-5 combat pay to.

  13. royh says:

    I keep hearing about how the deserter’s health was the reason why the deal was made. When do we get to see the pictures of him at his release?

    • royh says:

      Just read a couple of upthread comments and I guess he’s in the video that is blocked by our firewall. Will watch later.

  14. AverageNCO says:

    Not looking good….not looking good. I still stand by my overall mixed emotions…but this sums it up pretty good for me right now. Scroll down for the video.

    • ChipNASA says:

      Not really funny but give it up to John Stewart to nail it on all sides.

      😀 🙁 :-O

  15. Valerie says:

    I think it is hilarious that apologists for this administration are trying to claim that this is all some partisan bickering. Last I checked Sen. Feinstein, for just one example, was a Democrat. Has this changed?

    Also, that they are surprised by the response. Nonsense. They had been told time and again, by senior members of both parties and several agencies, that trading a bunch of senior Taliban for this suspected deserter and possible collaborator would be a mistake. They knew this was not going to go down well.

    So where did the idea for this in-your-face insult to every adult outside the small circle of the White House come from? (Hint)

    “Guilty as sin, and free as a bird.”

  16. Reaperman says:

    Oh jeez, imagine the back pay involved here. Basic pay aside, it looks like he’s got 5 years of hazardous duty pay and 50% of the worldwide average per diem. Holy cow. http://myarmybenefits.us.army.mil/Home/Benefit_Library/Federal_Benefits_Page/POW__MIA_Entitlements.html?serv=149

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      That shoudl go to the families of the people who were killed while looking for him. IMHO.

    • Reaperman says:

      Doing some math from the ol’ defense travel site: Per diem may well be the ‘Afghan other’ 51/40/10 (assuming local meals, I guess). Half of that is $50 a day, or $92k for 5 years in per diem alone. Note: I am not any kind of expert on travel or pow benefits and could well have this all wrong.

  17. Ex-PH2 says:

    So instead of the Happy Dance, bodaprez is being told — even by those who think he is just wunnafull — that it was a mistake and he’s getting bitch slapped for it. Is he getting his widdo feewings huhht? Too bad.

    He’s not gold. He’s not wunnafull. He’s just plain stupid and incompetent. It’s only one of many mistakes he’s made.

    Gild the farthing if you will, yet it is a farthing still. – Pinafore, Gilbert & Sullivan

  18. Common Sense says:

    This is the punishment for one of the MTIs at Lackland who was convicted of having sex with a trainee. NO. ONE. DIED.

    “Senior Airman Andrew S. Lira was sentenced today to six months of confinement, 30 days hard labor, reduction to E-1 and forfeiture of $1,200 after pleaded guilty yesterday to having sex with a basic trainee and attempting to have sexual or inappropriate relationships with seven technical trainees.”

    Bergdahl should expect no less (it should be far more), including forfeiture of all pay and benefits. I agree with another commenter, it should go to the families of those killed searching for him.

    • MAJMike says:

      Yup, works for me. Let’s see if the Perfumed Princes have the guts to court martial this “soldier of honor and distinction.”

      I have my doubts.

      • ArmyATC says:

        I’m with you on that. I doubt the administration will allow Obama to get any more egg on his face over this fiasco.

  19. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Meanwhile, a decorated United States marine continues to languish in a Mexican prison over a gun in his car,and B. Hussein 0bama & Company are doing NOTHING about it..

  20. Atkron says:

    Martha Raddatz needs some stool softener…that woman looks a little clogged up.

    By the way, I took that white flag to be one of truce…not a Taliban banner Martha.

  21. Marine 83 says:

    Being a hippy, I wonder if his views on gay sex have changed any over the intervening years? Since I’m pretty sure one of the first phrases he learned in Pushtu was “take of your pants”.

    • ArmyATC says:

      And then, “Bend over and grab your ankles.” I’m sure the third phrase he learned was, “He is much tighter than my goat.”

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      There are four languages spoken in A-stan, Pashto, Dari, Farsi, and Urdu, Pashto being spoken in the majority of that Country. Dari was spoken in the region I was based in, and while taking the Dari class offered at my post, “Man-Love Thursday” was mentioned in class, and our teacher taught us the Dari slang word for that day, “Poosh”, which is man-love for lack of a more polite term, and “Poosht”, which refers to the catcher. I hope they used Bergdahl as their “Poosht”, he deserves it for getting his fellow Soldiers killed looking for him!

  22. ChipNASA says:

    Who wants to take bets on:

    * How long it takes a poster to claim he was on the Bergdahl Extraction Team on the Blackhawk.

    /60 days.

  23. streetsweeper says:

    I still say, see what the 15-6 cranks out. Maybe CID and MI will do a proper job of presenting any evidence.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Ditto, Sweeper, I just hope and pray it doesn’t get stymied, snuffed, or quashed by B. Hussein 0bama & Company!!

  24. AverageNCO says:

    I still reserve final judgement until the Army gets his side of the story. But I have been on the record as saying it’s too early for any parades or giant welcome-home parties. It looks like the folks in his home town agree.

  25. Powerpoint Ranger says:

    In case anyone missed it, our pal Beaker from VoteVets (now HUD) stepped on his own dick in epic fashion.


  26. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Hussar. You have been asked multiple times whether you are a Veteran, AD, NG, a reservist, or none of those. You have never answered the question. Why is that? Is it because you would like for others to assume that you are current or prior service? Is it because if you lie and claim that you are one the those that there might be follow-up questions that you will not be able to answer correctly? (And you won’t, of course.) You have delivered your pompous self here and have had the audacity to tell others such things as “Act accordingly” and to get themselves in order. And that’s something that merits you my attention. It’s okay that you have never worn the uniform, if that’s–as I suspect–the case. There are a number of intelligent and decent commenters here who are full-fledged members of the TAH community but, for one reason or another, never served. They do not claim what is not theirs and some seem to go out of their way to make that clear. You, however, sidestep, obfuscate and lay claim to an evidence-based approach to issues, as if it were your exclusive providence. In other words, you are special. Perhaps that works well between your ears and for Mommy and Daddy, but, here, not so much. So, I invite you to get honest or get out.

    • Hussar says:

      I haven’t answered the question because it has zero to do with anything in any of the discussions I’ve injected myself into.

      My DD214, time in service, work I’ve done since I’ve joined 1st Civ Div, and education are known to those that matter. You don’t matter.

      That’s it.

      • OWB says:

        Yet you come to this community, made up mostly of been there done that types, making demands. You will get respect, when you earn it.

        Whatever. When one acts like a troll, one should not be shocked at being treated like a troll.

        • Hussar says:

          I know…calling for logic and reason over emotion is demanding. My bad.

          As for BTDT’s, so? Up until his ahem…departure…Bergdahl was a BTDT. Does that mean he command(ed) respect based on that alone? Not in my book. Plenty of d’bags in the service (as there are in all walks of life) so you’ll pardon me if service doesn’t equate respect automatically.

          Especially when tough ol’ BTDT’s get their panties in a wad when I simply called for you know…finding out the whole story before running their (uninformed on the particular subject) mouth.

          And you know, one would think BTDT’s wouldn’t be so quick to make assumptions on things they literally know zero about. Pogue. Commie. Liberal. Lol…..

          Seriously, you aren’t all as exclusive as you think. Some just dont have an overwhelming need to pimp that out every chance they get.

          • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

            HEY BOY, I see you claim to be part of “1st Civ Div”, NOT 1ST CAV, so I take it you mean you’re part of the 1st Civilian Division (Cute ‘lil fictional unit).
            GFY sideways with a frozen garfish.

      • rb325th says:

        Spoken like a true Pog, or worse a never has been trying to act like they have been…

      • Jacobite says:

        Ahhh, but you are incorrect grasshopper.

        If you wish to be taken seriously around here, 2/17 Air Cav does indeed matter in this place, he’s one of this blogs ‘establishment’ members.

        If you don’t care if you are taken seriously here, your ‘injections’ mean nothing and it does indeed put you into the catagory of ‘troll’.

        And I love these jewels from you;

        ‘….I mean, are you 12? ….’

        ‘…. some random dude on a website….’

        ‘……don’t have an overwhelming need to pimp that out……’

        Your use of the language is certainly suggestive of exactly what kind of personality we’re dealing with here, as well as your possible youth. There’s nothing wrong with youth by itself, but when you combine it with the conceit you kind of project, well, it reminds me a bit of ‘Dude, Benghazi was like two years ago’ Vietor.