Clinton M. Taylor; Phony vet panhandler

| June 12, 2014

clinton taylor

From our friends at Guardian of Valor comes the story of Clinton M. Taylor who was arrested in Endicott, New York for False Personation. The story from the Broome County Sheriff’s Facebook Page;

Sgt. Thomas H. Williams observed Clinton M. Taylor standing at the corner of E. Main St. and North St. in the Town of Union. He was dressed in military camouflage-type clothing and holding a sign begging for money or work. Taylor told Sgt. Williams he was a veteran and that the government was not taking care of him nor his family. Upon further investigation, it was determined that Taylor had given Sgt. Williams a false name and a false date of birth. Furthermore, it was determined that Taylor was not a veteran and had never served in the military. Taylor eventually admitted that he was a heroin addict and he was impersonating a military veteran in the hopes of soliciting money from the public out of sympathy for military veterans.

I guess I don’t have to tell you folks how this hurts all veterans. First it gives the impression that deep inside us all lives a panhandler and a drug addict and it makes the public mistrust veterans, eating away the good will that we’ve struggle to recover since the 60s (without the help of John Kerry). But Stolen Valor is a victimless crime.

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  1. Stick Stickly says:

    That’s a great tattoo for a 16 year old rebellious girl.

    Also- what a shitbag.

  2. Pineywoods NCO says:

    This asshole should be lit up for making everyone of us look extremely bad.

  3. Isnala says:

    Silver lining he was at least arrested for it. Now lets hope the DA in the matter have the will to prosecute.

  4. USMCE8Ret says:

    Fuggin’ shit stain had the audacity to wear USMC desert marpat.

  5. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Kudos to Sgt. Williams for not merely issuing the “move-along-now, asshole” response.

  6. JarHead Pat says:

    I’m shocked.

  7. Combat Historian says:

    Clinton Taylor vs. Jordan Taylor phony vet cage-match at the MSG…be there or be square…

  8. FatCircles0311 says:

    Now that is a barrack’s cut.

  9. teddy996 says:

    Towards the bottom of the post, Jonn, you mentioned a John Kerry. Did he, by any chance, serve in Vietnam?

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      Yes, that’s the one. He has pics to prove that he was there. He was on a one-man patrol in the jungle–well, one man if you don’t count the juy he had taking 8mm film of the event. He was wounded, too, as many as three or four times. he won’t let anyone know the extent of his wounds, though. He doesn’t like to talk about it.

  10. PFM says:

    I saw this piece of crap the other day on my way to work – work, imagine that – but looked like he had DCUs on and was standing with his dog. Good to know the old Spidey BS sense still works :).

  11. Green Thumb says:

    Phildo at a younger age.

    But he (Phildo) was impersonating a real man.

  12. Just an Old Dog says:

    “Taylor told Sgt. Williams he was a veteran and that the government was not taking care of him nor his family.”

    With all the shit going on with the VA and DOD cuts in the news this is a titally believable story to most people,

  13. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    WHA? He claimed to be a vet while he was panhandling and he wasn’t?

    Gee whiz, wotta surprise.
    OH, Stick Stickly, you’re dead right about the tattoo!!

  14. jonp says:

    Im just surprised he isnt a ranger with 3 Silver Stars and a handful of Purple Hearts.

    Best panhandler sign i saw was in Raleigh held by a rough looking guy all tatted up. It said “just out of prison No job Please Help”. Asked the guy if it was true and he said yeah, no one would hire him and give him a chance. Gave him $5 for honesty

  15. gitarcarver says:

    First, I want to say that I think the guy impersonating a member of the military to get funds is despicable There is no way around that.

    But I do have a concern as to why the cop asked the guy for his name in the first place.

    As the guy was not charged with “panhandling” or anything like that, it is hard to justify the cop demanding the guy’s name in the first place. In addition, as the guy was not charged with fraud it is difficult to say that the cop asked for he name because he was concerned the guy was taking donations fraudulently.

    It is great this imposter was exposed. It isn’t so great, in my opinion, that it appears he was stopped by the police and asked for his name without cause.