Saturday morning feel good story

| June 21, 2014

Chief Tango sends us our feel good story to kick off the weekend this time it’s from Mississippi where a fellow made a bet that his victim wasn’t armed;

The report stated the failed robber approached the motel guest asking for a cigarette. When the guest said he didn’t have any, the other man walked away before turning back around with a gun in his hand pointed at the victim and reportedly saying, “Betcha ain’t got one of these.”

The guest, whom WLBT reported is a contractor from the Gulf Coast, is not facing charges at this time, though the case will be presented to a Hinds County grand jury.

WJTV News Channel 12

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  1. Hack Stone says:

    Obviously, it was a bet that he lost. If the government would only enact background checks and thirty day waiting periods for tobacco purchases, this could have been avoided .

  2. Flagwaver says:

    Let me get this straight…

    A man (we’ll call him criminal) pulls a gun on another man (we’ll call him victim). Criminal acts in a threatening manner with the gun toward victim. Victim fears for his life because criminal pulled the gun without reason. Victim pulls his own gun and defends himself from criminal.

    This sounds like self-defense and any D.A. that tried to seek charges against victim would be an idiot.

    • Hayabusa says:

      Any shooting–even police shootings–will be reviewed by the DA and, in many jurisdictions, referred to a grand jury. It’s routine.

  3. Sparks says:

    Glad the “victim” is alive. Too bad we’ll pay all the medical bills to get the bad guy healthy to stand trial, then support him in prison while he is “rehabilitated”.

  4. CA_SGT says:

    Another, Saturday Morning Feel Good story: Matthew Pinkerton had all charges against him dropped by the judge yesterday and the prosecutions case against him dismissed dye to lack of enough evidence for even probable cause. Here’s hoping for a change of DAs in Anne Arundel Co in the near future. Make sure you pop over to Matt’s Facebook support page and congratulate him.