Iran: pilot killed in Iraq

| July 5, 2014

Associated Press reports a rather sketchy story about what is being presented as the first Iranian casualty of the latest war in Iraq. It’s not clear if he was flying or fighting on the ground;

The Fars news agency appeared to confirm the IRNA report, publishing photos of a funeral service for the pilot on Friday in his home province of Fars, in southern Iran.

Fars did not give any details, but hinted that Alamdari Mourjani was a member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, whose elite Quds Force is believed to be on the ground and assisting Iraqi forces, despite Tehran’s denials.

Earlier in the week, the Iraqi defence ministry said it had taken delivery of five Sukhoi Su-25 warplanes and released video footage of them being unloaded from a cargo plane.

Of course, Iran is mostly Shi’ite and the government has vowed to defend Shia holy sites from the Sunni “Islamic Nation”, formerly the ISIS, I think.

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  1. Climb to Glory says:

    Oh, well. To quote Ivan Drago: “If he dies, he dies.” Now I’d like to take the time to address the general media. Can you idiots stop calling the Quds Force elite. Just because Iran calls them elite, does not mean they are elite. There are people that we discuss on this site who claim to be pilots, SEALs, Rangers, and CPO(looking at you Birdbrain). Does not make them any of those things. They aren’t elite. They’re idiots that strap explosives to their chests.

    • UpNorth says:

      Maybe they are elite? They get first choice on the goats and sheep on Man Fun Thursday? Or, they get to pick the gnats and fleas out of each other’s beards.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Maybe they’re as elite as Sadaam Hussein’s Republican Guard that according to the libtard media, was going to turn the Iraqi desert red with our blood.

      • The Other Whitey says:

        Don’t you have to be some kind of highborn nobility or some shit to be a pilot in Iran? Maybe that’s what they mean.

        Of course, it’s easy to stand out when your army is the keystone kops.

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          I’m sure that’s the case over there. In that part of the World, one’s bloodline as well as who they know, blow, and bribe means everything. (SHIT, that sounds like Washington, DC as well!)

  2. Just an Old Dog says:

    There was a piece written years ago by an Army Colonel titled “Why Arab Armies Alway Lose”.
    Its practically impossible to stand up an efficient modern Army with the 7th century culture/Mindset that is prevalent in Mid Eastern Countries.
    The raw materiel( as far as potential mental capability and physical strength) is there. The problem is that the countries are so tribal and fractured along ethnic and religious lines there is no national idendity, and commissiona and wards are based on nepotism and corruption. The average officer could care less about the me serving under him and thinks of them as dirt. I turn the men do not trust them and have no desire or loyalty.
    In addition to that the education levels are so bad they cant be trusted with anything needing the most basic upkeep.