When All Else Fails?

| July 28, 2014

Jonn and I had a disagreement some months ago…. Turns out he was right, in large part.

BUT,  Jonn is not the reason I’ve been scarce here.

I need to share this –  because it has been consuming my on-line time.

There is a FB group that is my new home.

Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club

Look it up if you happen to care about old Navy guys.





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  1. Enigma4you says:

    I have enjoyed your contributions on this site.

    Many people are not comfortable with facebook. I am one of them. One of the biggest things that appeal to me on this site is I am not required to be a member (Share any information).

    I refuse to be a product. Make no mistake, yo and others are not facebook customers, you are their product.

    I wish you well

    • Thanks. In this case I might have to agree, albeit maybe not for the reason you cite.

      I had been playing with FB, and got bored. I was genuinely about to plug the plug… Minus the details of that process… I found TGYC.

      Again, thanks.

  2. Isnala says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and learning from your insights. Please don’t be a stranger. You will be missed. Best wishes, calm seas, and smooth sailing @ TGYC.


  3. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Yeah, I was wondering why your posts have become a rarity but it goes beyond the three months. A couple of years ago, you were here daily and contributing posts regularly. As a matter of fact, I recall that I owe you a beer for your brown water operation with the New Jersey National Guard. I’m one on those anti-social types that doesn’t do FB. In fact, until not too very long ago, whenever I saw those letters, I wondered, “What the hell does that reference to fullback mean?” I hope that you derive great pleasure from the Yacht Club and, as for argument, only friends fave fallings out, you know.