Iraqi air assets help Kurds

| August 6, 2014

The Agency Presse France reports that the Iraqi Air Force flew operations in support of peshmerga troops when the Islamic State forced the Kurds out of Sinjar and peshmurga leaders announced a counteroffensive.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Monday ordered the air force to provide them support.

“The commander in chief of the armed forces has issued orders to the leadership of the air force and the army’s aviation units to provide air support to peshmerga forces,” army spokesman Qassem Atta said in a statement.

The peshmerga’s fellow Kurds in Syria have meanwhile sent their own fighters across the border to help, in an unprecedented move.

“The Democratic Union Party (PYD) is fighting in the Sinjar area and Rabia,” a senior army official told AFP, stressing that “it was not coordinated with the Iraqi government.”

The Syria-based group posted pictures of what it said were its forces operating inside Iraq and said that PYD fighters had been battling IS militants north of Sinjar.

So, this Islamic State thing might have the effect of doing what the US and Malaki have failed at doing – uniting Iraq. Of course, that was probably Obama’s plan all along…right?

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  1. Climb to Glory says:

    Obama is the great uniter. He will claim this to be a great foreign policy victory. Keep bumbling and stumbling Obama, you dumbass.

  2. Herbert J Messkit says:

    All I have heard about ISIS is that they are 6000 to 10000 guys riding around in pickups. Kinda ruthless but still

  3. FatCircles0311 says:

    Obama’s plan is to have Shiite Muslims gain power and influence while he drones Sunni’s to portray that he’s tough on Muslim terror. He showed his hand back when he officially supported the Muslim Brotherhood.