German intelligence; Islamic State’s attraction

| August 31, 2014

last convoy out of Iraq

Reuters reports that Hans-Georg Maassen, the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency BfVn says that the Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL’s unbridled brutality is what attracts young jihadists to the organization;

“The Islamic State is, so to speak, the ‘in’ thing – much more attractive than the Nusra Front, the al Qaeda spin-off in Syria,” the BfV chief told Deutschlandfunk public radio.

“What attracts people is the intense brutality, the radicalism and rigor. That suggests to them that it is a more authentic organization even than al Qaeda,” he said. “Al Qaeda fades besides the Islamic State when it comes to brutality.”

No, see, that’s not tracking with I’ve been told over the last 13 years or so – I was told that it was US policy in Iraq and Afghanistan that attracted jihadists to the Terror War. Now I find out, because US policy has turned 180 degrees in the last few years from killing the jihadists by the dozens to treating them as a political entity, and letting the Islamic State have their way with Iraq and Syria is what is encouraging the rambunctious youngsters to join in the bloodbath.

So the real solution to the terrorism problem is relentless pursuit and miles and miles of several highways of death.

I guess the anti-war crowd who undermined the war against terror will be apologizing for being wrong. I’ll just be holding my breath over here while I wait for it.

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  1. Roger in Republic says:

    I have long thought that the veneer of civilization is very thin on these people. They are unevolved savages only held in check by strong dictators who are more savage than they are. Without a boot on their necks they revert to their natural state of barbarism. A case in point; Honor killings. Even after two generations or more living in the west they will kill their own children for some perceived slight against their cherished “Honor”. You can’t negotiate or even reason with a person who kills his own children.

    No, we must stand on their necks until they stop thrashing and their bodies quit twitching. Only then will we be free of this barbarian scourge.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Very true. The only thing those savages understand is violence, YOU CANNOT reason or negotiate with them, they’ll never keep their word, just look at the Paleoswinians as one example. Another issue is that they’ll switch their loyalties at the drop of a hat, switched loyalties among Afghan Militiamen after the Reds left is an example of that, and their religion is the centerpoint of their lives along with their tribal affiliations. The only way they’ll ever leave us alone is if we convince them that we’ll wipe them off the face of the Earth if they attack us, a message that B. Hussein 0bama & Company don’t want to convey. Remember how Quaddafi suddenly shut up after Ronald Reagan sent F-11’s over there to let him know who he was messing with?

    • The Other Whitey says:

      The Arabic word that gets translated as “honor” must be severely mangled in translation. There’s nothing honorable about murdering a girl because she was raped, or because you think she might have gotten freaky with her boyfriend, or because she was in the same room as a male she’s not related to. There’s nothing honorable about treating women as chattel property, or or molesting children of either sex, or oppressing people who don’t share your exact religious belief.

      An honorable man would defend others from all of the crap listed above, regardless of whether they look like him, worship the same god, or speak the same language. So I really wish they would stop describing this barbaric crap as “honor killing.”

    • Dealilah T. says:

      There is something about anarchy and chaos that attracts these people in ways that I really do not understand.

      But then, I wasn’t brought up to think that murdering someone for a perceived slight or for nothing at all is okay. I don’t understand this mindset, any more than you do.

      This behavior isn’t covered by even a thin veneer of civilization. They are nothing but mass murderers, encouraged by their fellow mass murderers and egged on by the smell of blood.

      But if they want to kill each other off, that’s fine with me. Just keep them out of my neighborhood, city, county, state, and country.

      Oh, did you all know they’re also targeting the Pope? Yes, that was published in Il Tempo a few days ago and the news services picked it up.

      Oh, well.

      So I wonder just how many times ISIL/IS will have to be bombed before they stick their tails between their legs and crawl back under their rocks. Oh, wait – are we still doing that?

  2. Just an Old Dog says:

    I think it’s two-fold, the violence and bad-assery of being in a “military” type force is one attraction. The guys flocking to ISIS lack the intelligence to serve in a European Army, not to mention they hate the countries that are hosting them.
    Muslims are a very macho group of men when it comes to fighting and controlling women. ISIS appeals to both of those concepts. You have large groups of sexually frustrated young men who are given a chance to taken out their frustrations through violence and rape.

  3. Rerun0369 says:

    We have the ability to utterly annihilate these people. If only someone would let us, remove the leash and say “Go get them, and don’t come back until the fight is won.”