Waiting for November?

| August 31, 2014

Being an Army Drill Sergeant back in the 80’s forever ruined my pattern of sleep. It was not unusual that I was wide awake when the coal train rolled through at 3 AM (0300 for you old Soldiers). Hearing the train’s whistle was sort of calming although not a whistle at all but, a rather loud ear splitting horn. The sound of it however was faint from my perch up the hill. A short blast followed by a couple of long ones and another short one and repeated at several crossings was familiar. When the horn faded, only the rumbling remained until all of the sound faded into quiet darkness.

During the quiet, my mind dwelled on things raising a little anxiety here and there. Odd, but I was not feeling safe in my own country. The home of the free. The land that God blessed. Was I prepared for the impending disaster? I knew it was coming. Did I have enough food? Did I have what I needed to protect my home and family? Could I count on the government to meet any of my needs? I know. One of those is a silly question. By then, sleep had left me so I did what I was accustomed to doing. Switching on the coffee pot and trying to figure out how we got in such a predicament and more importantly who if anyone will lead us out of it.

Jimmy Carter had the answer. It was to remove from power the Shah of Iran. In Jimmy Carter’s world the secular Shah was a despot, a powerful and brutal leader. It would be better if the Shah was gone and replaced with that great and moderate religious man. The Ayatollah Khomeini. I can still recall a breathless Peter Jennings reporting from Iran what a glorious day it was for the Iranian people as the Ayatollah paraded through the streets. Well, we know how all of that turned out.

Liberals, progressives, communists whatever you choose to name them this week are slow learners. When they are in charge – now it seems of the whole world – people die and often by the millions.

If you travel a little farther back in history, you can find collaboration between Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini. Since their goals were the same, kill all of the Jews, the Mufti looked for Hitler’s support. And Hitler promised it. Well Adolf took up residence in hell, but the Islamic goal of killing all of the Jews remains. You can trace it to Biblical times if you are so inclined. What ISIS is doing now started many centuries ago. It can only be stopped the way it has been stopped throughout history.

A few years ago, a million Iranians were in the streets trying to overthrow those moderate religious leaders that liberal thinking helped in to power. They wanted our help to oust the oppressive theocracy. The response from our White House was that we should not meddle in the affairs of other countries. For anyone with just a smidgen (the president likes that word) of information about our dealings with that part of the world, that statement could make your 4AM (0400) morning coffee shoot out of your nose.

Keeping in mind that we do not meddle in the affairs of other countries, what have our liberal leaders accomplished? They pushed out Egypt’s secular Hosni Mubarak in favor of the Islamic Sharia law desirous Muslim Brotherhood. They called it the Arab Spring and the liberal media again gushed at the possibilities for the future. Promptly, we gave the Muslim Brotherhood billions of dollars worth of military equipment. Fortunately for us, the Egyptian people were not having it. Now Egypt, like others around the world sits wondering if America is a friend.

In Libya, they felt it was necessary to rid the people of their secular strong man leader Muammar Gaddafi. The man who had been fearfully silent for quite some time. Our, I don’t need no stinkin’ Congress, president decided he would bomb the “rebels” into power. They promptly captured Gaddafi and shot him in the head. We then began a gun-running operation out of Benghazi to what some have speculated were the Syrian “rebels.” Then just in the nick of time some guy no one ever heard of made a video that no one ever seen and the infuriated natives ended the gun running operation by killing our ambassador and others – all of them waiting for the help that was not coming. Hillary then questioned at this point, what difference does any of it make?

Over in Syria, the “rebels” we armed were trying to remove another secular strong man, Bashar al-Assad. Turns out the “rebels” were of the ISIS variety. Following liberals down the path to our own destruction is really working out well for us is it not? Ah, but not to worry. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner will fix everything after November.

In all of these countries, the liberals have tried to remove anyone who stands in the way of implementing Islamic Sharia Law. They learned nothing from Hamas cheerleader Jimmy Carter.

Looking over to Europe the liberals saw what a great success open borders were for multiculturalism. So much so that that England’s own Imam can now appear on an American television program and declare that Sharia is coming to America and there is nothing we can do about it. So our leadership still embracing the Muslim Brotherhood decided to open our borders. We now see that ISIS is operating just across our southern border in Juarez, Mexico. They are not there for the hookers and tequila.

Mr. President, I know you believe history began with you. Might I suggest that you read another piece of current history? Read about the Islamist attack on a middle school in Beslan, Russia. Maybe Sharia is coming to a town near us. You and the circle of idiots surrounding you, supporting you from Congress, inside our Department of Defense, and in the media will own it. I am thinking the American people will not be very appreciative.

Republicans, you just keep sitting there and saying we are not them and everything will be good after November. We do not have until November and you too will own whatever happens.

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  1. Poetrooper says:

    Thanks for lining all those secular ducks up for us, J.D. I had not really considered that each of those leaders was secular and their opponents fiercely Islamist.

    Isn’t it strange that it’s the liberals, so many of whom are avowed secularists, even overtly hostile to Christianity and Judaism, have consistently supported the most fanatically religious political movements on the planet? Perhaps it’s attributable to a shared aversion for tolerance.

    Or perhaps it’s just another manifestation of the hypocritical inconsistency of those brains that are wired Left. And if their brains are wired Left that means they’re not wired Right, in both meanings of the word.


    • Delilah T. says:

      And how quickly, Poetrooper, do you think the lefties will come running to you and me to defend them from terror when it lands on their doorsteps?

  2. Ne Desit Virtus says:

    Good read Mr. Pendry. Liberals love shitting the bed and then trying to convince everyone to sleep in it because it doesn’t really smell that bad. Obama, a.k.a “Carter v2.0” has beautifully followed in his foot steps but with a much more sinister odor surrounding him. Carter was just as incompetent as Obama in matters of foreign policy and anything involving the military. The difference between the two, IMO, is that I truly believe Obama is as crooked and corrupt as they come and really has no regard for the American people or our way of life. Carter was an idiot, but I believe he probably meant well.

  3. Azygos says:

    Neda could not be reached for comment Mr pResident.

  4. Robert Finch says:

    Well written…… Thank you

  5. LUNK173 says:

    “Outstanding Writing” thanks for the information!

    Make yourself sheep and the wolves will eat you. – Benjamin Franklin.

  6. Delilah T. says:

    Nice article, JD, articulate and straightforward. You don’t realize how stable things were, by comparison with now, until someone digs up that history.

    And yes, the entire history of that region goes back centuries. The ‘join or be killed’ stuff has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with control. It comes from the top down and slaughter is justified.

    I won’t say we’re doomed, but unless someone shoves aside that idiot in the Oval Office and uses some freaking common sense, we’ll come rather close. Just my humble opinion.

    On the other hand, we are not nearly as sheepish as those madmen in the Middle East think we are.

  7. NHSparky says:

    To paraphrase Ann Coulter, Obama is worse than Carter and Chamberlain, because at least Obama had history and could see the mistakes of Carter and Chamberlain.

  8. Dave Hardin says:

    Watch this, the response to the question is outstanding. Try to remain seated.

  9. Sparks says:

    Thank you Mr. Pendry. Well said and Here-Here!

  10. Thunderstixx says:

    Not only was Brigitte great, she opened up the new manner of dealing with idiot liberals.
    They are irrelevant. Perfect way to answer them.
    I argue a lot with libs and piss as many as I can off over at Twitter, this gives me an entirely new way to piss more off really great !!!
    We need more like her and less like ovomit…
    She speaks the truth, as ugly as it may be it is still the truth.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Some people do not wish to have the truth thrown at them because they can’t handle it.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Facts, truth, and logic are to liberals like garlic, Holy Water and oak stakes are to vampires or soap, water, and honest work are to hippies!

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        But how quickly, Proud, do you think those whiny children will come running to you or me for help and protection from the bad guys, who are already here?

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          People like us of course, and they’ll stab us right square in the back as soon as they get what they want out of us.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          Yes, but you can always tell them they’re on their own, you know.

          Because you know quite well, they’d leave you high and dry if things were reversed.

          • David says:

            back in the day when I owned guns so long ago I used to have people say things like “boy, when the sh*t hits the fan I am headed for your place – you have guns!” to which my normal reply was “sure – I need more target practice”. [some got real butthurt by that reply for some reason.)

            • Ex-PH2 says:

              Can’t imagine why. Can you?

              Will they EVER stop being dependent children? What does it take to make them grow the EFFF up?

  11. LC says:

    Lest this become a giant echo-chamber, I’ll voice some opposition to this piece. The trouble is, I’m not even sure where to begin.

    I could point out that oversimplifying complex events to the sole data point of ‘What political ideology was in power?’ is pretty useless. These are, like it or not, complex events with history. It’s like saying that AQ caused far more trouble here in the US during Republican administrations than Democratic ones because 9/11 happened during a Republican one,… and ignoring all the cause and effect of the decades prior that lead to that. Add up the attacks on embassies and FAR more happened under recent Republican administrations than Democratic ones, too. What does that mean? I don’t know, but it certainly DOESN’T mean anything related to the administration itself. These groups have their own agendas, their own timeline, and they couldn’t care less who is in power.

    I could also point out that ‘liberals’ (like ‘conservatives’ or ‘Republicans’!) are a pretty large and diverse group, and if you randomly selected ten and put them in a room together and asked them questions on foreign policy,.. you’d probably get about 15 different answers. And it doesn’t help the country to point to half of our own population and say, “Oh, THAT half is what’s wrong with the world…”, especially without understanding why they hold their views.

    Or I could deal with this idiotic notion that liberals are somehow for Sharia law, something which I, as a (somewhat) ‘liberal’ person would fight against, tooth and nail. Liberals, again, are a pretty varied group, but tend to be more secular than conservatives… so why would they want anything but a secular government? Speaking of which, I noticed you left Saddam Hussein’s secular government off the list of things ‘liberals’ destroyed. Is that because we’re saying Saddam Hussein wasn’t ‘secular’, or are we not saying it because that happened under a Republican administration and thus doesn’t fit the data?

    Long story short, there’s way too much hot air and not enough reality. I get that people are upset with the direction of the country, and President Obama in particular — some of us who lean more liberal feel the same way! Hell, look at Congressional approval ratings and you’ll see that – almost nobody likes Congress. But you don’t right a country by telling half of it that it’s stupid, responsible for all the ills of the world, and clearly doesn’t know anything. And yes, this obviously applies to Democrats as well.

    • GDContractor says:

      I sense that Liberals don’t like Obama because he hasn’t gone far enough fast enough. As for Congress, half of us hate them for not being obstructionist enough, the other half hate them because they don’t rubber stamp dear leader’s agenda. Just my opinion…maybe I’m wrong.

      • LC says:

        Opinions are good – we all have them, and I like hearing others. I’d say, though, that the idea that liberals don’t like Obama because he hasn’t gone far enough is only true of a subset of liberals. Like I said above, ‘liberals’ fits a pretty broad category of people. Some are social liberals (things like gay rights), some are ‘peace’ types (foreign wars are, for better or worse, more seen as a product of conservative actions at the moment), some are entitlement liberals (government should do more for us with taxes), and of course some are simply anti-Republican liberals, as well as many other kinds. Similarly, there are religious conservatives, fiscal conservatives, etc., etc.

        More to the point, I’m not sure what you mean by ‘not going far enough’ — in some things, sure, people feel he didn’t go far enough. Health care is a common one. On others, they feel he went TOO far (military missions), and others, like myself -since people here clearly find me liberal!- .. I’m just pissed that he doesn’t do anything. It’s like he’s tuned out. I mean, I’d have a lot more respect for him if he went in and worked his ass off, even if I disagreed with his direction. The Presidency isn’t supposed to be a cushy job, it’s a calling – give me someone, D or R, who views it as such, gets in, does four years, and gets out having accomplished something and I’ll be happy. I’d hoped President Obama would be like that, and I was clearly very wrong. That’s why I don’t like him.

        I’m fairly middle when all is said and done; I know no President is going to align fully with my interests. But it sucks to have a slacker in the Office.

        That’s my two cents.

        • HS Junior says:

          That’s plenty reasonable, LC; I wish more people would remember that these issues don’t simplify down to just one party like you do. The Republican party is a bit far to the right for me on immigration, tax cuts, religion in politics, and some other stuff, but I default to supporting them over D’s because I think they have better management skills than the alternative (I don’t know if you live in California, but after what 30 years of all-Democrat governance, I can’t really be left with any other impression).

          Either way, always good to talk to someone of another persuasion.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          ” I’m just pissed that he doesn’t do anything. It’s like he’s tuned out. ”

          LC, THAT is why I don’t like him and more and more people who supported him are turning away from him.

          His last pronouncement about ISIL/IS is that it wasn’t all that much of a problem, some time over this past weekend.

          That even brought one of his most ardent supporters, DiFi Feinstein, out of her coma to refute what he said.

          He is a slacker, a dillettante, a lazy SOB, and had become the living example of the Peter Principle in spades. He doesn’t take the damned job seriously and gives the distinct impression that he not only doesn’t give a damn, he’s just waiting for the exit door to open.

          This is not about being liberal or conservative for me, because I’m middle of the road and independent. I think he’s an incompetent asshole, and I don’t care who knows it.

  12. Dave Hardin says:

    I admire those that take a stand with conviction. Lets see…..where do I begin. I am as strong a believer in secular government as you will ever find. I am Atheist. I am strongly evangelical about my Atheism. My dog tags said ‘NONE’ because they wouldn’t put Atheist on them. I made my own. I have and I will continue to defend any persons right to believe and worship as they choose. I will continue to oppose those that attempt to use the government as a tool by which they force their religious ideologies on others.

    I have voted in every election for the past 30 years. I am a staunch fiscal conservative. All of that and your positions on any of it do not mean a damn thing to those that are intent on expanding their own ideologies through force.

    The events in Ukraine could not be more demonstrative. It is not what is happening that becomes the issue, it is the manner in which it is happening. Putin knows that Obama does not have the stomach for armed conflict. His show of military force should have been challenged from the very onset. Truth is most of the Ukraine is not Pro-Western. Neither are they Anti-Russian. The problems are complicated and diverse. Corruption at all levels of government and business have been a way of life there. At the end of the Soviet Union Poland and Ukraine had the same standard of living, now Poland’s standard of living is 6x that of Ukraine. Tenacious corruption has diseased its economy like a metastasized cancer run riot. Ukraine has lost 25 to 35 percent of its population in the last 20 years because of it.

    This administration has exercised a policy that requires other Governments in conflict to deal with their issues alone. It will only extend its influence with the spoken language and is devoid of any meaningful action. Even when its words foster the very environment that create armed conflict it does not have the resolve to take action.

    Putin has been watching and learning. He reads, writes, and speaks English. He is an Orthodox Christian. He wears a cross that he refuses to take off, ever. He believes he has been called to restore order to the suffering and he holds that belief with great conviction. Western news depicts him as this maniacal despot. McNamara is not my hero but an idiot he was not. Know your enemy. Putin knows that this administration will not fill the void it created in Ukraine as it has failed to do so in Iraq and Afghanistan. He will protect the military bases in eastern Ukraine and consolidate the industrial centers of the eastern half of Ukraine. Western Ukraine’s economic output is negligible. He has been shown that this administration will not take action in a meaningful way. He will not sit idly by while a fierce form of nationalism in Ukraine creates an anti Russian neighbor.

    Not to be overly verbose, but the hot air problem belongs to this administration. That’s all the game it has shown the world. Its not that we pulled out of Iraq, it is the manner in which we did it. It is not leaving Afghanistan, it is the manner in which we are doing it. This administration has incubated an extreme form of militant Islamic radicals. So radical in fact the groups we used to label terrorist are afraid of them.

    So while I am blowing my unenlightened ultra-conservative hot air around, riddle me this: Do you sleep better basking in the ‘Change’ this Administration has brought to the world we live in? I do not.