Does Anyone See a Pattern Here?

| November 22, 2008

Current Nomination /Clinton Administration

Barack Obama President / Community Organizer
Hillary Clinton Secretary of State/ First Lady
Rahm Emanuel Chief of Staff/ White House Leg. Aid
Bill Richardson Secretary of Commerce/ Secretary of Energy/ UN Amb
Larry Summers WH Sr. Econ Advisor/ Secretary of Treasury
John Podesta Transition Tm Leader/ Chief of Staff
Janet Napolitano Secretary HLS/ Clinton Apptd US Attorney

Okay, I get it now. “Change” is really, Change back to the same.

Also over the past eight years has anyone been more vilified than Karl Rove? Remember all of the lefties were screaming for the disbandment of the Office of Political Affairs. This was the backroom of Nazis in the white House who were trampling on the constitution and whatever. John McCain apparently listens to Daily Kos more than Obama because he vowed to shut it down.

Obama on the other hand

“President-elect Barack Obama has answered bipartisan calls for the disbandment of the White House office central to the Karl Rove-style politics the Democrat condemned as a candidate. The office stays.

Patrick Gaspard, a New Yorker and longtime labor operative, will head the Office of Political Affairs, the Obama transition announced on Friday.

Gaspard was national political director for the Obama campaign and has been an associate director for personnel for the transition.”

I’m beginning to think that the moonbats on the left are being thrown under the bus. They are already crying about the avalanche of broken promises from the messiah.

What a bunch of frigging idiots.

And yes, it pleases me greatly.

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