John De La O; phony SEAL

| September 25, 2015

John De La O

Someone sent us their work on this John De La O who is out in California. He doesn’t have any social media because he’s afraid that al Qaeda will get facial recognition software and track him down, you know, because of all of things he did to them during his years as a SEAL. He has the clothes;

John Delao Claims

John DeLao SEAL

However, he neglected to tell the Navy about his service as a SEAL;

John DeLao DD214-1

John DeLao DD214-2

John DeLao DD214-3

John DeLao DD215

Yep, he had deployments to Desert Storm (in the active Navy on a boat) and then he deployed to Afghanistan and once again to Iraq as a Navy Reservist. But, he wasn’t a SEAL. He was on the USS Connolly for Desert Storm – the Connolly didn’t arrive in the Persian Gulf until 1992 qualifying him for the Southwest Asia Service Medal. In 2007/8, he was a Gas Turbine Systems Technician working as a customs inspector in Kuwait, and got credit for service in Iraq. In 2008/9 he was again deployed in support of OEF. But, again as a Gas Turbine Systems Technician, not a SEAL.

John DeLao Assignments-1

John DeLao Assignments-2

John DeLao Assignments-3

John DeLao Assignments-4

John DeLao Awards

John DeLao Awards-1

Apparently the ladies like SEALs, but when they find you ain’t, they come to us.

De La O

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  1. Nonsense says:

    Why do you all waste your time and breath for this guy?

  2. Orbitz says:

    I tried to send a recent pic of Nikko in uniform but for some reason John (the moderator) refuses to post it…not sure why, he won’t return my emails. Not try to brag or diss…just post a pic. Oh well. Hit me up if you wanna make heads or tails of the rank he wears every day.