O’Malley sucks. What was Maryland thinking?

| December 17, 2008

Today’s Washington Post has the news that Maryland state employees are going to bear the burden of the Martin O’Malley’s misadminstration of state funds.

For those of you not familiar with Maryland’s recent fiscal history, Republican governor Robert Ehrlich and his Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele turned over more than a billion dollar surplus when they were voted out of office in 2006 and Martin O’Malley took the reins of the State. By the end of 2007, O’Malley was crying “Wolf!” that the State was in danger of cutting public services if he couldn’t raise taxes $1.4 billion.

In the dead of the night in November last year, O’Malley coerced the legislature into raising taxes under the threat of cuts to public safety services. At the same time, he added 100,000 Marylanders to the State healthcare system. He raised income taxes, corporate income taxes, sales taxes and the tobacco tax.

A month later, an audit of the welfare system found nearly half-a-billion bucks had been paid to recipients who hadn’t supplied or didn’t have a Social Security number.

In January, we discovered that O’Malley’s purported “lean budget” in which he had promised to increase year-over-year spending only 4%  actually increased 6% from the year before.

By March, he had created a new Maryland State Employee pay grade which he awarded to his closest staff along with $600,000 in new salary expenses for taxpayers.

And now today’s news that Maryland State employees will be furloughed in the coming year to cut state spending;

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) today announced a furlough plan under which state employees will lose the equivalent of two to five days of pay by June, an attempt to generate savings in a worsening budget climate.

The announcement came in advance of a meeting of state panel that is expected to lower state revenue estimates by $415.3 million for the current fiscal year, which ends in June, and $963.5 million for next fiscal year.

“In the midst of this deepening national recession, there are some difficult decisions before us that we wish we did not have to make,” O’Malley wrote in an email to state employees.

Yeah, it’s the recession, Marty. It’s not your continued mismanagement of the State’s treasury to buy votes and pay off cronies. We have two more years to suffer this fool, and any working Marylander who votes for him in 2010, no matter who is running against him, should just sign their checks over to O’Malley personally for the remainder of their working lives.

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  1. Shawn says:

    Maryland’s motto – If you can dream it, we’ll tax it.

  2. Confused says:

    He took over in the middle of Bush’s second term, when YOUR president had the country already starting to fall apart. Tell me one State that is not feeling the pressure from Failing budget issues. VA is the same way, and theres not a corrupt Gov. there!

    Jonn wrote: You realize that O’Malley is the governor of Maryland, right? He’s not the President of the United States (that’s the office that Bush occupied at the time, in case you’ve forgotten). You realize that O’Malley spent the surplus he inherited in his first four months in office, right?

  3. mike beall says:

    I just want to know where I can get some suckers to tax so I can spend any way I want without concern. What the heck, if I run outta money, I’ll lay off…I mean furlough some people rather than cut my all important spending

  4. Anthony says:

    I agree, Martin O’malley SUCKS BALLS! In general, a lot of people in Baltimore was stupid to vote for him a governor but stupider to vote for him. And they were even MORE STUPID IN VOTING FOR HIM TWICE! In the past, O’malley had done nothing more but hang his face out, did not deliver the goods of what this state needed, made false promises, and NOW he has raised our taxes when many people are struggling enough already, let alone trying to afford enough money for fuel from these badly raised gas prices. He has just made things even worse.
    He is a liar and an asshole with an ego and he is a total DISGRACE. No wonder lot of people who are angry and protesting because of this crap. Martin O’malley deserves to be fired for doing such a terrible job. I hope when he steps down, they had better find someone who not only more honest, but also better than O’malley and can and will deliver the goods AND some who is a man of his/her word!

  5. icetrout says:

    Well you can’t say we weren’t warned about SCUM.

  6. Robin Paydon says:

    Ive just received notice that my property taxes are going up 50% because the appraisal on my house went down… You don’t need to read that again that’s right O Malleys managed to find a way to increase taxes when your appraised value of your home goes down they took a tax credit from me which has been there for at least ten years and now we have the gas tax coming, we have the sewer tax coming, tolls have been raised and are set to be raised again and then we have the utility bills that never seem to stop going up. I love Maryland but I can’t afford to live here much longer. If anyone is interested in our own Take Back Maryland just let me know and I’ll be there. O Malley is the worst thing to happen to Maryland in its history.

  7. State says:

    I agree with Robin as a state worker we have had to take furloughs, no pay increases for a couple of years, and now are having our health benefits reduced. Did anyone in O’Malley’s adminstration take furlough’s? Have they had pay raises in the past three years? where is the billion dollar surplus?? spend, spend, spend, and now the money is gone so tax, tax, tax…….

  8. Former 3364 says:

    My last day as a resident of Maryland was the day I boarded a plane @ BWI for RTC Orlando. I’m glad I never moved back.

  9. Nichevo says:

    Baltimore born and bred but glad to now be a resident of another state. Sadly most of my family remains in MD and forced to deal with this idiot. He was a tool as mayor an remains a tool as governor. No wonder Schaefer despised him.

  10. Bill says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    O’Smelly is a phony and always has been. He makes a big fuss about being for “working families,” but raises the sales tax and wants to raise the gas tax. So who do you think that would hurt the most? He cares about NOTHING and NOBODY, except that next step up the political ladder. Governor Grandstand is currently spending all his spare time on national talk shows bad mouthing Republicans and begging for attention from the national Dummycratic party. He may have fooled a lot of idiots in Maryland, but hopefully voters around the country will see through him.

  12. sick of liberals says:

    Since Obama got re-elected, we very well may see O’Malley as President, the nation as a whole will be foolish enough to vote him in. Our only saving grace is that O’Malley knows if he goes the Presidential route, he will be “term limited”, so therefore he will fall into Mikulski’s senate seat with very little effort. That way he will have his greedy paws in the taxpayer till for the rest of his “career”.