For All Our “Old Fart” Army Readers

| January 10, 2016

Remember Chickenman?

Ever wished you could hear a few of those old episodes again?  Well, if so . . . you might want to check out this link.  (Another archive that has a few other Chickenman odds and ends – promos, opening, closings, etc . . . – can be found here.)

No, he’s not everywhere any more.  And those collections might not contain all of the Chickenman episodes ever made.  But IMO it’s certainly nothing to sneeze at.

Unless you’re allergic to feathers, of course.  (smile)

For our younger readers: Chickenman began as a mid-1960s radio parody superhero series modeled on the then-popular Batman TV series.  It was created by Dick Orkin for Jim Runyon’s morning radio show on Chicago’s WCFL.  Orkin voiced the male character parts, except the narrator who did each episode’s intro and wrap-up; Chicago actress Jane Roberts voiced the female roles.  Runyon provided the voice of the narrator.

Each episode was about 2 1/2 minutes long.  It gained fame in military circles when it was featured on AFN (Armed Forces Network) broadcasts during and for a while after Vietnam.  As I recall it was rather popular – especially overseas.

It was campy and dumb; some of the episodes didn’t work that well.  But at times it was freaking hilarious.

It also had one of the most, um, “memorable” introductions at the beginning of each episode you’ll ever hear.  And according to a guy I once served with, at least once Chickenman’s vocal part from that intro was voiced – quite loudly –  in one of the hallways at USAREUR HQ not long after an apparent visit from the “good idea fairly” during a rather high-level briefing.  (smile)

Yeah, I’m old enough to remember hearing Chickenman on the radio too.  Some of the episodes were broadcast on one of the local radio stations for a while where I grew up.

Good times. And if that makes me an “old fart” too – well, considering the alternative I guess I can live with that.  (smile)

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  1. Hack Stone says:

    I recall hearing Chickenman on a Philafelphia radio station in the early 1970’s. Not sure, maybe WFIL or WBIG. Of course, the Sunday night staple was Dr. Demento on WMMR. For those unfamiliar, Dr. Demento hosted a syndicated radio program where he played song parodies, and for better or worse, he introduced the world to Weird Al Yankovic.

    • Eggs says:

      I have a couple of Dr. Demento’s CDs, it was the only place at the time I could find a copy of Kip Addotta’s “Wet Dream”.

    • Jeff says:

      I was raised in South Jersey and had family in North Philly. I remember Chickenman fondly and to this day some still say “he’s everywhere, he’s everywhere!” but, no one gets it. I remember WMMR too. I think it was still on the air up until I joined the Marines in 1982.

      • Hack Stone says:

        Did you enlist out of that shithole mall they stuck the military recruiters in Willingboro? Any chance your recruiter was Sgt Tim Parsons?

        • Jeff says:

          Nope, I enlisted in my hometown of Berlin, N.J. My recruiter was SSGT. Funk. I believe he was busted out later but, I’m not sure. The name Sgt. Parsons does sound familiar though.

    • PSOPAFRTSCA says:

      I was introduced to Chicken Man at Ft. Ben where I trained as a Military Broadcaster. “Thanks for the memories”.

  2. Hondo says:

    Ah, Dr. Demento. Hadn’t thought about him in a while.

    He also introduced many US audiences to foreign broadcasting:


  3. AnotherPat says:

    Now I know I am an “Old Fart” since I remembered Chickenman from listening to him on Armed Forces Network in the 60s. Term of Endearment. Chickenman “may” be Hondo’s new screen name “if” the DRG ever finds his true identity.

  4. Tom Huxton says:

    We listened too Chickenman on the way to jr. high school.(1964) buk, buk, buk, buuuuuuukkkkk

    One of my friends acquired the Chickenman nick by being 6 foot/ 130 pounds. He became our beer buyer; a two day beard and an overcoat made him look twice his real age.

  5. Virtual Insanity says:

    Awesome! Remember listening on AFN in Germany when Papa Insanity was working in 5th Corps HQ!

  6. Claw says:

    Hondo, Sir, one slight correction.

    Morning radio show on WFCL should be WCFL.

    Think radio 1000 AM and Chicago Federation of Labor in the call numbers.

    I know. I grew up listening to both WCFL and WLS (890 on your AM dial) on my tractor radio.

    • Hondo says:

      Yep – reversed those two letters in the station’s callsign when I wrote the article. Thanks for catching that; it’s now fixed.

      • Claw says:

        You’re Welcome, Sir.

        Heard the old Chickenman on AFVN as well as “Animal Stories” on WLS(?) back home.

        Both were great time fillers between the tunes of our youth.

  7. Sparks says:

    Sung to “Four Leaf Clover”

    I’m looking over my dead dog Rover,
    That I over-ran with the mower.
    One leg is missing the other is gone.
    The third one is scattered all over the lawn.
    No need explaining the one remaining
    It’s spinning on the carport floor.
    I’m looking over my dead dog Rover,
    that I over-ran with the mower.

    I’m looking over my dead dog Rover
    Who died on the kitchen floor.
    One leg is broken, the other is lame,
    The third leg is missing, the fourth needs a cane.
    No need explaining, the tail remaining
    Was caught in the oven door.
    I’m looking over my dead dog Rover
    Who died on the kitchen floor.

    • Claw says:

      Woo-Hoo, now there’s a laugher.

      Why is it now that all I can think of is my old legless dog named Stay-Put, a corn chopper and a rabbit?

    • Bernie Hackett says:

      Sparks, bless you! I didn’t remember all them words. Now I can annoy folks even more!

  8. RobertM says:

    Maybe not as old as an “Old Fart”, But I remember Chickenman, now “Chicken-person?”, was played on AFRTS after Desert Storm outside of Kuwait City.

  9. Having completed 75 laps around the Sun, I too am familiar with with this Superhero. I used to listen to him on WTAC AM 600 back in the day, (mid 60s for me).

  10. Climb to Glory says:

    You might not be reminiscing the good times, while also taking a shot at DullAss Wittgenfeld by any chance would? Now Thunderchicken really cometh.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Wittgenfeld, in an email exchange this morning, assures me that he has no intention of “comething”. Something about being a coward and allergic to the truth.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Gee whiz, wotta surprise – NOT!! 😀 I’m sure he’s too busy scavenging lead paint chips and blowing winos behind bus stops for Dutch Rudder Gang Coctail ingredients.

      • Silentium Est Aureum says:

        And something about his felony record preventing him from legally owning a gun?

        At least FWI was a felony last time I checked.

      • Climb to Glory says:

        Not surprised. It would’ve been funny to hear about DullAss failed parachute jump into Camp Lilyea and the subsequent comedy that would’ve insued when he confronted you though. Oh well, maybe Mr. Viking blood in Bethesda cometh. Or would he just send that retarded private investigator Jared Stern. The GRG are a special group.

  11. Eric the OC Tanker says:

    Anyone remember the molar marauder? (the Tooth fairy)

  12. OldSoldier54 says:

    Chickenman … Holy Crap! Now it’s oficial … I’m old, but willing to cause trouble.


  13. rgr1480 says:

    Well, I heard Chickenman while stationed in Germany from ’76~78 and looked forward to each episode. So, since I listened in the 70s vice 60s …. I must be a middle-aged phart — not an auld phart.

    I, too, (every once in a while) will say: “He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere…” but no one catches on.

  14. Reb says:

    I’m old enough to be half of TAHs posters mother, grandma if you started having kids early. Mine waits until she’s 28…

  15. Civilwarrior says:

    Holy shit, I forgot all about Chicken man! Can we get some Charlie Tuna too?

  16. Civilwarrior says:

    I’m sitting listening to Chickenman with an idiot grin on my face, and my wife is looking at me like I’m nuts.

  17. Charlie says:

    I recall Chickenman on one of San Antonio’s AM stations back in early 60’s before I went to Viet Nam (which we called French Indochina back then

  18. David says:

    Think we first heard Chickenman on KXOK in St. Louis in the ’60s. Best part of the morning drive.

    Sam station a few years later played “Inna-Gada-da-Vida” every FREAKIN night at 10PM… fun for the first couple of nights but after a few weeks it was an excuse to hit another station. Believe it was ‘Johnny Rabbit’ who claimed to lock himself in a couple of months later and played “Alice’s Restaurant” instead…and was promptly fired, then rehired a week later after every fan in St. Louis protested. Ah, radio stunts…

  19. royh says:

    I remember hearing Chickenman on the radio when my dad was stationed in Germany in either the early or late 70s. (Two tours there.)Every once in a while my brain throws out a “Chickenman! He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere!” Not sure if that second “he’s everywhere” is legit or not. Will check out the archive for sure.

  20. Bernie Hackett says:

    I used to hear Chickenman mornings when I was in Viet Nam, probably about 1969 sometime, when I was with the 9th in the Delta. At some point, AFVN stopped airing it. One morning afterward, the Col. said to me, “Hackett, what happened to Chickenman?” I was at a loss, he was a SERIOUS Col. We commiserated.

  21. Bernie Hackett says:

    There was a signed photo? Dayum! Missed another esoteric bit for the album of stuff nobody will recognize.Thier loss.

  22. Bernie Hackett says:

    “The wonderful white winged weekend warrior”.It’s all coming back to me!