Justin Sullivan; ISIS in North Carolina

| February 1, 2016

Justin Sullivan1

I was looking for feel good stories for tomorrow morning and ran across this story from Morganton, North Carolina where this fellow, Justin Sullivan, a recent convert to Islam, killed a 74-year-old neighbor to steal money from him to buy a modern sporting rifle so that he could kill another 1000 or so folks to show his support for ISIS;

Sullivan, 19, was arrested last June after plotting to kill up to 1,000 people in support of ISIS, an Islamic terrorist organization. A newly unsealed federal indictment against the Morganton teen now links him directly to the previously unsolved 2014 murder of John Bailey Clark, 74, a neighbor of Sullivan and his parents on Rose Carswell Road.

Clark was found in a shallow grave near his home. The indictment says Sullivan stole a gun from his stepfather, broke into his elderly neighbor’s home and shot him three times in the head in December 2014.

“Justin Sullivan had elaborate plans to kill hundreds of innocent people to show his support for the terrorist organization, ISIL,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge John Strong. “During the course of our investigation evidence was uncovered linking Sullivan to John Bailey Clark’s murder six months earlier.”

Obviously, he missed the part about Islam being a peaceful religion when he converted.

Clark’s murder came after Sullivan had converted to Islam and began watching beheadings and other violent ISIS acts on the Internet, according to documents. Around that same time, ISIS sent out a worldwide call for attacks against citizens and soldiers of any country involved in the U.S.-led coalition targeting the Islamic group.

It looks like the FBI was “watching” him at the time of the murder, but not too closely, based on tips from his parents who were “afraid to leave the house” because of his behavior. There’s much more at the link, including a copy of the federal indictment.

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  1. Grimmy says:

    How is this not both offering direct aid and/or comfort to an enemy and waging war against These United States of America?

    Can there be a clearer case of Treason than joining an active foreign enemy?

    Imo, all those in positions of responsibility over such things are blatantly guilty of misprison of treason by refusing to deal with this shit as the treason it so obviously is.

    Heads on pikes.
    That’s the direction the moral cowards are pushing things.

  2. 68W58 says:

    Just a few mile down the road (literally within walking distance). For those not familiar with the area, this individual is also fairly close by http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=39182

    Perhaps, if white boy jihad had been looking for “war heroes” to big up his mujaheed cred it might have deterred some of the local phonies from busting out the clown suit.

    (Silver lining to every cloud and all that)

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      Derek Church and his “buddy” Will Chamberlain didn’t stop this??? They must have been snarfing donuts at the Darby Queen….

    • sj says:

      Dang, you beat me to this. Yep, ole Round is in the same AO.

    • mattinnc says:

      Same for me. Used to work up in the TR area. My current employer lives in Morganton and I still have friends that live there.

      This is some screwed up stuff. Too bad thr dad didn’t get a chance to turn him in before the death of Mr. Clark.

      • 68W58 says:

        TR=Table Rock? Man I love the gorge-it’s a big reason why I think this is an awesome place to live.

        When the murder occurred I was driving to work before dawn one morning and I came up on a house with lots of cars parked in the yard and portable light towers set up. My first thought was “family reunion?”, but ti was the sheriffs department digging up the body. Then it turns out some local boy went all jihad. Freaky stuff!

  3. OC says:

    “afraid to leave the house” because of his behavior.
    They ought to be locked up too, charged with weapons grade stupid.

    • Silentium Est Aureum says:

      Don’t laugh. Many moons ago, I was house hunting when I came across an open house in a pretty respectable neighborhood.

      3 BR, 2 BA townhome. One of the bedrooms was painted black. ALL black, including the windows, well, except for the pentagrams, etc., on the walls.

      Okay, head over to master bedroom. Lock on the door. And chain. AND deadbolt.

      Yeah, who died in this place? Sadly, some ahole probably bought it as a flip, threw in a new door and coat of paint, and made $100k over what they paid.

      That being said, piano wire him from a tree. Nuts first.

    • Reb says:

      Stupid parents raise stupid children and buy them guns without taking classes on gun safety….why keep reporting anything about ISIL…kids spend 3-5 hours on computers and 5% look up the gory crap

  4. Carlton G Long says:

    Workplace violence is getting out of hand; we need common-sense gun control NOW.


  5. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    A kid like this should have been drowned “accidentally” a long time ago. Sometimes as parents, as we do with rabid dogs, you need to set things right. When your own kid is considering murder of 1000s and you’re afraid to leave him alone because he might act on that you owe it society for that child to have a terrible accident before he kills the 74 year old neighbor to finance his madness.

    Not that I would advocate any such thing, but metaphorically speaking there should have been some sort of removal even if by forced commitment to a mental health facility.

  6. Sapper3307 says:

    I guess the FBI likes their fish bigger than him. Let the local PD deal with it.
    p.s Daniel Bernath can represent him in court.
    Google hit

  7. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    1. Rope.
    2. Tree or Gallows.
    3. Terrorist.

    Some assembly required.

  8. nousdefions says:

    But, but, but, he can’t be a jihadi, he can’t even grow a beard…..

  9. streetsweeper says:

    parents were “afraid” to leave the house!?!?!? What is with these pussies?

  10. Thunderstixx says:

    FIRST !!!!!
    Oh wait… Sorry guys, I just had a big brain fart….
    Oh and I agree with the “accident” theory…

  11. The Other Whitey says:

    The little fucker should be rejoicing right about now. He obviously wanted to get him some Man-Love Thursday, and that’s EVERY day in the hoosegow!

  12. kafir says:

    the FBI was “watching” Nidal Hassan also. Nice job guys.

  13. Andy11M says:

    Man, back in the 80’s when a kid wanted to rebel with religion they either rejected it or became a Buddhist or something.

    • A proud Infidel®™ says:

      Shit, he could have let himself become a devil worshiper, then he could have fun jamming out on Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Iron Maiden,…

  14. UpNorth says:

    When did he convert? He doesn’t even have a goat fucker name yet.
    So, he’s got a chance at Fed poundhimintheass prison, and state poundhimintheass prison? A twofer.

  15. SFC D says:

    If I felt my kid was that dangerous, I’d have called the cops, left the front door open, and had the little shit pinned to the floor with my knee on the back of his neck when they arrived.

    Before you pass judgement, I had a stepson involved with a less than stellar crowd. Cost him two years probation and 180 days in county on work release. He knew that if he wobbled 1/4″ off the straight and narrow, I’d be the first to put him away. He’s now a very productive citizen and father. That’s parenting.

    • Reb says:

      Good job on parenting ?

    • Old Trooper says:

      Yep. I shake my head at those parents that have no desire or inclination to discipline their offspring. Then they expect the rest of us to put up with the result of their lack of parenting.

      I got a call from my ex, late one night, because my eldest daughter got busted at a party filled with underage partiers. She told me that she was supposed to go pick her up at the place where the party was, or m daughter would spend the night in juvi. She asked me what she should do; I told her to let her spend the night in the pokie and go back to bed. Well, she didn’t listen to me and 4 months later, she called me, again, because “our daughter was out of control at the house”. I went down there and things didn’t improve, so my ex called the po-po and when the female cop showed up, we had a talk. After the talk, she told my daughter that she had a choice; go with me or go to kiddie jail for the weekend. The cop told her that by the looks of things (meaning me), she would have an easier time in kiddie jail. She came with me. She’s now an RN 🙂

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      I think there’s a “disease of the mind” in a number of parents these days, one where they’re more obsessed with being their kids’ pal versus being a parent. The father of one of the cowardly little shits that attacked Columbine High School once saw a sawed off shotgun barrel in his boy’s bedroom and said he didn’t want to intrude versus finding out WTF he was up to and that’s just one example.

  16. Dave Hardin says:

    Islam is a disease of the mind.