WV’s Senate overturns Governor’s concealed weapon veto

| March 5, 2016

Last year, the West Virginia legislature sought to make concealed carry universal for the State’s citizens. If you are a West Virginia citizen, and you can buy a gun after a background check, you can carry that gun concealed. Open carry was already universal for all gun owners. The governor, Earl Ray Tomblin, vetoed the legislation last year. Well, today, the West Virginia Senate overturned the veto.

The West Virginia Senate on Saturday morning overturned Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin’s veto of the permitless concealed carry bill.

House bill 4145 now becomes law.

The Senate approved the veto by a 23-11 vote.

Of course, Chicken Little Tomblin warns that we are all less safe now;

“West Virginia’s law enforcement officers have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe and helping us in times of need, and it’s disheartening that the members of the Legislature have chosen not to stand with these brave men and women – putting their safety and the safety of West Virginians at risk. It’s unfortunate that the concerns of officers from every law enforcement branch in the state, including the West Virginia State Police and university campus police officers, have been ignored by today’s action.’’

Of course, there are perks to becoming licensed – if you need to carry outside of West Virginia, you’ll need a CCW permit, also, thanks to the legislature a few years ago, showing a permit to a gun dealer in West Virginia, you don’t have to go through the background check phone call, because you have to have go through a background check when you renew the permit every five years. Of course, there’s not much violent crime here in West Virginia anyway, you know compared to some of our neighbors.

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  1. Ex-Garbage Gun Shooter says:

    At least one state is trying to get it right.

  2. nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

    Even though I’m a little torn on the permit v. permitless carry of handguns, congratulations Jonn.

    Have a cigar!

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      I have my CCW – it was the first thing I did when I moved here after nearly twenty years in New York, DC and Maryland.

      • PFM says:

        Jonn, believe it or not Upstate counties are actually issuing CCWs in NY – never thought I’d see the day…

    • desert says:

      We have it in Arizona and have had it for a couple of years…NO PROBLEM except for whiny little liberal A.H.s

  3. Delilah T says:

    Perhaps a dearth of self-defense weapons should be afforded Mr. Tomblin. Everybody gets to have a gun except his personal bodyguards and security peeps. Obviously, they don’t need guns at all, do they?

  4. Dave Hardin says:

    Gun Nutz, just what the world needs is a bunch of Hillbillies toting around guns in their overalls.


    • Instinct says:

      Dave, I sincerely hope you are being sarcastic because my wife is from WV and there are some of the nicest, most caring and giving people I have ever met in that part of America.

      If your comment is serious then I kindly invite you to go fuck yourself with Bernath’s mold infested cock!

      • Granny Grunch says:

        I suspect davie baby is serious and, with his comments, exposes his level of intelligence to all of us.

      • Cable Dawg says:

        Dave replies like this to all gun threads and makes comments like these in a lot of feel good morning stories. He’s not serious, but his sarcasm is acidic enough to melt steel.

    • PavePusher says:

      Are you a Fascist? Because you sound like a damn Fascist….

  5. Dang Jonn – I logged in just to post this story. Dunno quite how it’ll shake out, but if I owned any of them evil gun things I’d like it.

  6. AW1Ed says:

    I live in The People’s Republic of Maryland, and I have a CCW.

    From Utah.

    Stupid PRofM.

  7. jonp says:

    Congrats. I grew up in the great state of Vermont and never knew anything about a concealed carry permit until I moved away. Odd that we don’t have much crime up that way.

    Every state where concealed carry has been enacted was against the gun banners like the brady bunch that issued dire warnings about blood in the streets and no where has that happened. I bet it doesn’t in WV either.

  8. AW1 Tim says:

    Up here to Maine, we’ve had universal concealed carry for several months now. Of course, all the gun-grabbers were having a case of the vapors when it was proposed,and went into full meltdown mode when it became law.

    Interestingly enough, we haven’t become like the wild west, nor have there been any “gun incidents” as the anti-gun folks warned us about. Instead, no killings. No street shoot outs at high noon, etc.

    Despite what people think about Maine, the only form required to buy a gun is the ATF one if you purchase through a licensed firearms dealer. That’s the only time you’ll have to have a background check too. You can buy privately from anyone, anytime.

    No registration. No permits. No licenses. VERY low crime rate. The way life should be. 🙂

  9. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    The bill that was passed, vetoed, and overridden is termed the Constitutional Carry bill. The reason is that the WV Constitution provides: “A person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and state, and for lawful hunting and recreational use.” I like how straightforward that reads.

    • Old Trooper says:

      Yeah; funny that? I mean, wouldn’t it be nice if all states, and the federal government, actually used straightforward language like that? Sure would make things easier and less confusing.

  10. FatCircles0311 says:

    Constitutional carry is awesome. I wish more states would do it.

    Good for that legislature not allowing such a scumfuck to negate the people’s will.

  11. Open Channel D says:

    Welcome to the Association of Free States.

    What part of “shall not be infringed” don’t they get?

    Sadly, I am moving back to Virginia next year, where concealed carry is at risk, and all the border states bemoan it. Fuck ’em in the neck.

  12. Skippy says:

    Here in Arizona we have had no issues with universal concealed and open carry no rise in crime just a lot of dumb crooks getting lit up that’s all…
    congrats West Virginia…

  13. David says:

    Texas started Open Carry at the beginning of the year, other than when I go into a gun store or range I see no openly carried arms, nor have I had to swerve to avoid all that blood in the streets.

    There is a lot of handwringing from the professors at universities – a study done by the schools suggested they somewhat limit extremely provocative discussion, in case some nutcase pulls his gat and starts blazing away. Apparently they think Freud v. Jung or Kant v. Espinoza is far more likely to cause a severe reaction than someone calling you a m-f on the street. Limits academic freedom, you know… unlike when the lefties start having a teacher fired for even using the n-word as an example of racism she never sees, or the university teachers let go because at a party (given by Hispanic students!” they were seen wearing little six-inch sombreros because someone MAY be offended, etc etc. Leftist censorship on campus is reaching Orwellian proportions.

  14. Poetrooper says:

    Jonn, I’m curious about the reciprocity implications. It would seem if a state agrees to honor West Virginia’s right to carry law, then simple proof of residence in WV, such as a driver’s license, should suffice if one is stopped in another state.

    How does the reciprocity thing work for you Arizonan’s when you’re in other states?

    • PavePusher says:

      Every state with “Constitutional Carry” (except Vermont) still issues permits/licences to people who want them, specifically for inter-state reciprocity purposes. In a few of those states, the permit also opens up another area or two otherwise off-limits, within the state of issue. (For example, here in AZ, it lets you carry in bars, concealed only.)

      Persons from outside the state are treated exactly the same, with one exception being that the Idaho standard permit is not recognized, only their ‘enhanced’ permit. Note that every state has different rules and permit recognition agreements, check before traveling.

      http://www.handgunlaw.us/ has a lot of good info, including some good reciprocity-checking tools for travelers.

      http://www.opencarry.org/ also has some good quick-reference maps.

  15. B Woodman says:

    And the left has been wailing, and the lack of “blood on the streets” very (not) noticeable, since the mid 80s, when Florida first enacted its shall issue concealed carry laws. Funny, you’d think that even the Libtards would eventually learn from history. Or not.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Libtards NEVER learn, it’s ALL about their agenda and how they feel about themselves.