Wounded Warrior Project Execs fired

| March 10, 2016

The other day we talked about the calls for the firing of Wounded Warrior Project’s CEO, Steven Nardizzi because of rumors of widespread mismanagement of their funds. CBS News reports that the board of the charity did just that today;

Wounded Warrior Project’s CEO, Steven Nardizzi, and COO, Al Giordano, were fired after criticisms from more than 40 employees about how it spends its more than $800 million raised in donations in the past four years.

The allegations include lavish spending by the charity at staff retreats, and other costs, at the expense of programs for veterans.

They’ve been under fire for mismanagement for years, hopefully that will change now, but we’ll see.

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  1. Instinct says:

    So, I guess I didn’t need to email you about it after all.

    Oh well.

  2. Instinct says:

    Oh, and they also seem to like suing former employees who they fired for having PTSD


    Real fucking class act.

    • Green Thumb says:

      I have seen them fire guys with penetrating head injuries as well as amputees for actually vetting members.


  3. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    When people have others’ money, they tend to get stupid–and sloppy. (The government is the very best example of this, I know.) Anyway, now that he is history, it might be best for an independent auditor to be given the keys and all of the passwords for a good going over. I don’t particularly wish the IRS on anyone but abuse of a charity exemption might also be ripe for review.

  4. Aysel says:

    well ain’t that just special?

  5. nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

    Splash. Out.


  6. Thomas Hedly says:

    All these organizations to help Vets seem to be a scam to make someone wealthy, side effects is very little help for veterans..I think more than twice before I donate to various causes…I am a vereran & beleive we need to take better care of our VETS..

    • gitarcarver says:

      I realize your statement is a general one and it is a shame that the perception is as you say it is.

      In my neck of the woods, we have a charity called “AVet” and they are the exception to the rule. ( http://www.avetproject.org/ )

      Garren Cone and his wife Kim run the charity. Garren is a vet. Neither take a salary. I once interviewed them for a radio show. Depending on the year, their actual disbursements to vets run about 98% – 99% of contributions with the rest going to advertising of events, etc. (All of which are hard costs and very tough to bring down.)

      AVet is well respected in this community for what they do and no one – and I mean no one – has ever caught a whiff of impropriety much less make an accusation of impropriety.

      Garren and Kim are what you want in a charity focused on vets. They want the spotlight on the vets – not them. They want the money to go to vets – not anywhere else.

      Their passion and devotion to vets is amazing.

      PS – I hope you understand that my post is not to contradict you but to remind people that there are good,devoted people in some charities focused on vets and their needs.

      • Club Manager says:

        It’s late and I don’t have time for research now to provide specifics, but what I found when looking at Wounded Warrior Project national a couple of years ago, in addition to the high salaries and waste such as the nurses party at Landsthul, is the grunt work was being done by local organizations such as the great one we have here in Arkansas. Staffed by unpaid volunteers, headed up by a retired AF MSgt Security Police type, they do great things but the national takes the credit. There is one such local group up North that WWP really tried to screw for whistle blowing on them. I think all will find their state has a local organization that is carrying the water for WWP and they deserve our support.

  7. “hopefully that will change now, but we’ll see.” Aye, there’s the rub.

    Looks like CYA in action.

    • RM3(SS) says:

      Exactly my thinking ZP. 4 years he was pulling these shenanigans and only after a major network published a story do they fire them? I want to see much more in the way of reforms before I’ll ever donate again.

      • Brown Neck Gaitor says:

        It actually took major donors dropping WWP.

        Evidently there is a report looking into policy and financials. That should be released before the $$ starts flowing (if it ever does).

        Better to go quietly into that goodnight, but we all know that is not going to happen.

    • Pat says:

      My thoughts exactly, Zero. Let’s see if they bring in senior leadership who can and does change WWP’s culture and business model to efficiently use donations to help veterans.

      The board knew but did nothing until major donors stopped donating.

      And as I see a lot of veteran assistance charitable 501C3s being created, I wonder are they in it to help veterans or enrich themselves?

  8. Mr wolf says:

    Nardizzi wasn’t even a vet. Fuck him. He was a lawyer. No wonder they sued everything that moved.

    • Green Thumb says:

      They have tried to pass him off as a Vet before.

      They never come out and say it, but they damn sure do not make the correction.

      That turd was running a secret club inside the group.

  9. FatCircles0311 says:

    It’s a start.

    • Hondo says:

      Bingo. Let’s see if the broom keeps sweeping and they actually clean up their act.

      • Green Thumb says:

        We will see.

        The board knew about all of this for years. Trust me on that one. They were all on the gravy train as well.

        They need to go as well.

        They also have put out some new commercials to counter the damage. they say everyone is wounded; physical, mental and emotional. Sad part is that all of the SMs on the commercial are women or amputees.

        Playing the heart strings while trying to cover their collective asses.

      • CB Senior says:

        Absolutely, I am pretty sure that they were not at these parties by themselves, and did not eat tens of thousands of dollars worth of snacks.

        All knew is was wrong, and nothing was said.

      • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

        Ray Ordinero’s son was appointed acting CEO by the board yesterday… I’ll wait and see what he decides to do to “right the ship”

        • Devtun says:

          Anthony Odierno had a very bad awkward interview w/ Bill O’Reilly last night. O’Reilly was curious why the CEO & COO were canned if they didn’t do anything wrong (according to Odierno in his findings).

  10. Usafvet509 says:

    It’ll be a long while before I consider them at all. I even stopped buying UA because they gave me a non-answer when I asked if they’d be dropping WWP lines.

  11. 19D2OR4-Smitty says:

    In related news, WWP hired Nteven Sardizzi as their new CEO and nothing is going to change.

  12. Bobo says:

    They are talking about them being replaced with retired senior military officers. We’ll see how that goes.

  13. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Bye, Felica.

  14. Smaj says:

    Shinseki got axed at the VA and that organization has gotten WORSE, so we’ll see what happens with new WWP “leadership.”

  15. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    Both shitbirds should be doing time and serving as “love slaves” to Bubba, Thor, Julio and Mr. “Tiny” in jail… but that will probably never happen.

    WWP needs to do more than this superficial housecleaning in order to get any $$$ from me… like burn it down and start from scratch. The also need to do a shit load of apologizing to those that they went after legally for “infringing” on “their name”.

    My guess – they disappear in five years or less… their name/brand is tarnished forever.

  16. JimV says:

    I wonder if the WWP will hire a CFO now?

  17. james comrey says:

    that’s why you should donate to your VETERANS ORG.(Amer.leg,DAV,VFWand etc.). They already have programs that are legit and all that money goes their 100%

  18. JohnE says:

    All that piece of shit non profit has ever done was sell a metric shit ton of Under Armour t shirts. Compared to decent Vet charities, they are bottom feeders…good riddance and I hope their successors do something worthwhile…

  19. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder what Steve-O’s severance package was?

    You know, the one that he will get for keeping his mouth shut and not exposing the board and certain “affiliates”.

  20. Gaston says:

    Some Veterans Organizations are honest and hard working. I support a local one. There overhead and budget is almost zero (rent is probably their biggest expense). Fund raising/advertising they get free. Organizations are happy to donate time/services to help out. Not a big splashy organization but the doors stay open and they help veterans every day.

    In contrast I saw a lot of frustration with WWP. One of those “big hat no land” charities.

    IMHO, give locally to charities that you know and can see the results.