Pallywood comes to DC [Jonn]

| December 30, 2008

Pallywood 013

The anti-Hamas battle came to DC today. In front of the US State Department to be exact. On an email tip from William Teach at Pirate’s Cove and Right Wing News, Uncle Jimbo, TSO and I were there to bring it to you with all of it’s repetitious chanting blather.

Today’s rally was organized by ANSWER’s National Coordinator guy Brian Becker;
Pallywood 014
If Becker was in on it, it was the biggest thing going on in the country hippie-wise. If you click on the link you can read what I wrote about him back in January after another anti-Israel protest at the Israeli Embassy. But, their budget must be dwindling because I saw him interviewing himself afterwards – he was the interviewer, interviewee and cameraman.
This was his sidekick;
Pallywood 015
I know who she is, but I can’t remember her name now. (Editor’s Note: Raoul reminded me that she’s Mara Verheyden-Hilliard from the National Lawyers’ Guild – she’s got a page on Discover the Network) She was working the crowd up into a frenzy of paranoia about how we were ringed by police and people in the State Department were watching us with binoculars. She left out the tiny remote controlled mosquito things flying around the group.
Here’s the video of her paranoid rantings;We were ringed by police, but we were on State Department property in downtown DC, not everyone there was protesting. I saw at least one panhandler fleecing the crowd.
Pallywood 029
And it was several hundred people;
Pallywood 046
Pallywood 022
Pallywood 020
Pallywood 021
Pallywood 025
Pallywood 033
At five o’clock some of them prayed, but certainly a small portion of them. I guess that’s as deep as most of them took those shouts of “God is great” I heard.
Pallywood 051
The most important thing is to listen to the rhetoric and lies in the videos. Notice there are very few Palestinians, very few Arabs speaking. The Arab Community, like IVAW, like every other group of “victims” are being used by the anti-war community to work us all up into a lather. But you can see that for yourself.

If you look closely, you can see Uncle Jimbo trying to blend in with his “Don’t be a Dou-Che” T-shirt;
And finally, while I was losing the light, they marched off some-damn-where with their mindless chants;

If anyone in the DC area wants to counter-protest, they’ll be at the Israeli Embassy at 4PM Friday and then they claim they’re marching to the Egyptian Embassy – it’s about 1/3 of a mile. I’ll probably be there, too.
Jimbo’s excellent camera work is here.

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  1. olga says:

    I went there to see for myself. Came in around 1645 and left at 1655, could not stand more. Besides the so-called palestinians and their brothers, there were a lot of old hippie types there, plus those ‘liberated’ feminist-type college girls, plus someone who looked like a teacher/professor who brought her students with the leaflets about being at the Israeli Embassy. I went to the police that was standing in file between the meeting and the DOS and here is my conversation:
    me: – excuse me, officer, in your estimate, how many…mmmm… assholes are here??
    po: – they estimate 200…
    My impression?? Disgust. I felt like I need to take a long hot shower afterwards. I hope the police was taping, you need to know your enemies…

    Jonn wrote: You should have come over and introduced yourself. We were the three guys chuckling nearest the police. Ya couldn’t miss Jimbo in his T-shirt.

  2. Jungle Mom says:

    I applaud you for going to these things. It would be so hard not to slap a few around. I guess it is better to laugh …

  3. This is typical for the leftists, supporting terrorists and being their anti-semitic selves.

  4. Raoul says:


    That Mara, she’s National lawyers Guild DC and he personal commie hobby horse is the Partnership for Civil Justice.

    She IS nuts. One time while in Lafayette Park, so Iraqis came down to support the USA and Mara started foaming at the mouth about them being CIA plants.

    Funny that Becker and Mara aren’t in their black leather Stasi coats.

    We’ve codenamed them “Boris and Natasha”…

  5. LT Nixon says:

    Go back to the Garden of Evil Jonn and Jimbo, LOL.

  6. Those people are seriously nuts.

  7. Raoul says:

    One of Becker and Mara’s little productions in the park was a real bust, a few hundred at most, but while being interviewed she put their numbers as “hundreds…, thousands!…, hundreds of thousands!!!”

  8. Raoul says:

    NEWSFLASH: Due to a rash of tablecloth robberies in DC, resturants today had to close indefinitely.

  9. olga says:

    Frankly, I was so disgusted after 10 minutes of watching those asshats chanting and fending off their attempts to give me the leaflets, I just needed to leave. You probably saw me: tall, with a long blonde braid, I was talking to a big tall Irish (?) PO (readhead and freckles) who was right at the end of the file :o)

    Jungle Mom,
    There was a pulpable hatred and hysteria once I got somewhat inside that crowd. While you want to slap them upside the head, the self-preservation mechanism kicks in… You start to understand how they could tear to pieces 2 Israeli reservists who made the wrong turn into palestinian town several years ago… Right before I came in, I checked with 2 POs if that was the right direction I was going, and they told me that I probably would not want to be there if I was in support of Israel.

  10. AW1 Tim says:

    Raoul ,

    I remember that incident with the pro-American Iraqis. those guys were definitely anti-Saddam, and they lit into the ANSWER and MoveOn guys pretty well.

    Mara got on a loud-hailer and was telling everyone to not speak to the Iraqis, that they were sent by the CIA/NSA/whatever unit of the BusHitlerHaliCheney death machine. She made certain to make the rounds of all the press to say the same thing, how disgusted she was with the Federal Government for sending covert agents posing as Iragis to oppose the people trying to speak truth to power, etc, blahblahbah….

    Sometime I’ll tell you about my run-in with Medea Benjamin at GOE1 on that cold St. Paddy’s day.

  11. TSO says:

    Tall redhead of Irish lineage and I left early. Figures.
    All I saw was unshaven hippie types.

    Jonn wrote: The tall redhead of Irish lineage was there when you were there. HE was a cop.

  12. robin says:

    But the best news of the day was Cynthia McKinney’s boat getting rammed while trying to deliver some of that CodePinko type of “humanitarian aid” to the Palestinians – you know money for guns and ammo. Too bad she didn’t get a torpedo up the ass. THAT would have made my new year…

    TSO – this redhead had her waist length hair cut off to her shoulders this week to donate to “locks of love”… I’m really missing the long hair but the new Wii Fit will have me in shape for the spring protests – and YES I will be there this time!!

  13. Ray says:

    Jonn’s response to TSO…. ROTFLMAO

    Man! Post a spew warning on stuff like that LOL

  14. tankerbabe says:

    Dang. I missedall the fun again. Thanks for being there guys and for the great reporting here and at

  15. tankerbabe says:

    That,of course, should have been “missed all”. Even in the south missedall ain’t no word in the English language.

  16. Matt says:

    As a teenager in 1987/88, I used to protest the protestors at Concord Naval Weapons Station, CA. The same arguments by the same hippies used during the Vietnam War were being used against our support of the governments in El Salvador and elsewhere. I was a called a baby-killer, a warmonger, a Nazi, etc. I had just turned 17. I keep hearing the same arguments being used 20 years later. The same arguments used 40 years ago. And they accuse Israel of producing Agitprop.

  17. olga says:

    now I am hearing that there were 3000 asshats there… Where did they come from??

    Jonn wrote: Using hippie math. I figure there were about 400 and I passed maybe a hundred more who were arriving using hippie time (5:30 means 4:30 in hippie time) on my way to the Metro. That’s why I filmed the whole crowd when they marched off so I can dispute their inflated hippie numbers.

  18. olga says:

    I heard this this morning on the radio AND my office co-worker, God bless her liberal vegan heart, went to the protest, unbeknown to me, after work, around 6pm, and she claims that the protest WAS at the White House and that there were 3000 people…

    Jonn wrote: That must be where they were headed when I left them. I lost the light for good pictures anyway. There were probably a thousand – for some reason they double or triple actual estimates as if that gives their cause more weight. I’ve been to events that they claimed were a hundred thousand strong and there couldn’t have been more seven or eight thousand.

  19. Raoul says:


    Since this was an ANSWER led event, they always overstate the numbers by 4X.

  20. UpNorth says:

    I’m with Olga, I watched about 4 or 5 minutes of this, and it seemed my computer developed smell-o-vision. Reminded me of all the hippies and Weather Underground types I ran into as cop back in the day. Man, someone could have made a fortune introducing these asshats to soap and deodorant.