Rear Admiral Robert Gilbeau to plead guilty in “Fat Leonard”

| June 9, 2016

Rear Admiral Robert Gilbeau

Mick sends us a link to the Washington Post which reports that Rear Admiral Robert Gilbeau will plead guilty in the “Fat Leonard” scandal today, acccording to his lawyer. Gilbeau will be the highest-ranking officer to have his nuts caught in the wringer.

Rear Adm. Robert Gilbeau, a special assistant to the chief of the Navy Supply Corps, is scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in San Diego late Thursday afternoon, court records show. He will plead guilty to one count of making a false statement to investigators, said David Benowitz, his defense attorney.

“In this unfortunate situation, he accepts responsibility for the decisions he made and for his conduct,” Benowitz said in an email to The Washington Post.

In the modern history of the Navy, only a handful of admirals have faced criminal prosecution. Just one admiral has been court-martialed since the end of World War II. A few others have been charged with crimes by civilian authorities shortly after they retired from the service.

Leonard Glenn Francis, known as “Fat Leonard”, was the CEO of Glenn Marine Group which has been found to have overcharged for services that it provided to the Navy and received classified information regarding the deployment of Navy vessels. The Chief of Naval Operations has hinted that about 30 admirals will have been found to have participated in the scheme known as the Fat Leonard Scandal. 29 more to go.

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  1. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    “In this unfortunate situation, he accepts responsibility for the decisions he made and for his conduct,” Benowitz said in an email to The Washington Post.” WaPo

    Um, no. He is pleading guilty to a single instance of lying to investigators. That’s all.

  2. Hondo says:

    Well, there’s one. ‘Bout time.

    Wonder how many other Flag Officers will end up burned by Fatboy Len?

    • Silentium Est Aureum says:

      Not enough.

      One thing I have noticed, however. Most of the folks slammed are aviation/SWO types, not so much submariners or SEALS.

      Perhaps some people take OPSEC a little more seriously?

      • Atkron says:

        Isn’t he sporting Dolphins?

      • Atkron says:

        My mistake, I have never before observed a Supply Corps warfare device.

        My apologies to my underwater brethren.

        • bullnav says:

          He is Supply Corps and is a qualified Naval Aviation and Surface Warfare Supply Corps officer. According to his official bio, he did not ever serve on a Submarine.

      • bullnav says:

        I have been following this story for the last couple of years. The main culprits were in the C7F N3 shop who handled schedules and were all mainly SWOs and the Supply Corps folks who handled the contracting (C7F N4 shop). This whole thing is a complete disgrace.

      • FrostyCWO says:

        Most of the crimes revolved around Ports of Call in the PACRIM region. I know little about the Navy, but it stands to reason the deployment schedulers and ship commanders (Captains?) would be almost exclusively SWOs and Aviation types. Do subs make Ports of Call?

        • MustangCryppie says:

          Yes, they do.

        • Silentium Est Aureum says:

          Better believe it. And at least when deployed, all submarines movements are supposedly classified at least SECRET.

          Which pissed me off all the more when the bar girls knew our schedule better than we did.

          • Thunderstixx says:

            Of course you realize that now that the Navy has decided to make booze off limits for Japan, the entire Navy can’t be far behind.
            So, you can kiss your “bar girls” goodbye !!!
            I just cannot wait to see how THAT goes over !!!

  3. SFC D says:

    Watch your step, heads are beginning to roll

  4. CB Senior says:

    At this time it is here Ordered that a Flag Officers are restricted to Base and are no longer allowed to drink, take bribes, or have sex with hooker.

    That is all.

    • MustangCryppie says:

      But it’s not official until they sign a Page 13!

      A buddy of mine was on the C7F staff back when women were first integrating into the Fleet. There had been a few instances of inadvertent flashing after they emerged from the shower.

      The Admiral decided that everyone had to sign a Page 13/Admin Remarks that all promised they would wear a pair of skivvies under their towel.

      Leadership by Page 13. Yeah, baby!

      • Hondo says:

        OK, how about some translation for us non-Navy types. “Page 13”?

        • CB Senior says:

          Hondo, It is pretty much a blank paper that Admin remarks are written down in. You then sign and acknowledge the information or rule that they are going to enforce. It is a virtual rope that they will use to hang one later with.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    Let me know when the keelhauling starts.

  6. david says:

    Compare and contrast… an E-5 gets an accident DWI and an entire island command is locked down. This guy gets to plead to one minor charge of lying when he said he didn’t do it, and will no doubt be allowed to retire with all pay and benefits. One can only assume that the word “Uniform” in UCMJ refers to people’s clothing, not any amount of equality in treatment.

    • Silentium Est Aureum says:

      As has been observed many times before, “Different spanks for different ranks.”

    • Bobo says:

      I’ll be shocked if the Navy’s equivalent of the grade review board lets him retire with his star.

      • Hondo says:

        If there’s justice, he’ll face court-martial and retire with nada if he was personally involved in the contract fraud or personally looked the other way to cover up same. All he pleaded to was lying to investigators. Article 134 is a gimme if Navy prosecutors want to pursue it.

        But I’m not holding my breath.

        • Tony180a says:

          I’m sure he’s singing like the Temptations on everyone that he knew involved in this crap. Hopefully it won’t get him any leniency and allow him to retire in grade.

          • Hondo says:

            Tony180a: He’ll be retired in the highest grade “at which he successfully served”. I’m guessing loss of his star (due to pleading guilty to lying to Federal investigators) is a given. I’d also guess he’s likely lost O6 (or more rank, if documented) in retired grade if he was involved at all personally in the contract fraud/leaking deployment info.

            That’s if he’s allowed to retire at all. If he’s court-martialed (which I think he should be), he could be dismissed. That would mean he leaves with a big, fat nada – except for the legal equivalent of a DD.

  7. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    “Rear Adm. Robert Gilbeau, a special assistant to the chief of the Navy Supply Corps”

    AKA: coffee bitch

    Asshole probably won’t see any time behind bars, just get his little dick slapped for being stupid.

  8. Atkron says:

    He’s got a Get Out of Jail Free card. He’s an alum of Canoe U.

  9. Devtun says:

    The Flag Officer Protection Club will make sure members get to negotiate a retirement package. The 0-6/0-5 types will take the real punishment.

  10. Atkron says:

    Some of you SeaBees, Marines, EOD, and SEALs might be interested to know this Perfumed Prince has a CAR.

    Now, I don’t hold one, never was in a position to hold one.

    But how does a Supply Corps Officer, a FLAG officer at that, merit a fucking CAB.

    Did he hear a shot fired in anger?
    Did a Mortar land 300 yards away?

    It kind of dilutes the meaning when someone is awarded a CAR for spurious circumstances.

    • Hondo says:

      Per his bio, he was apparently in Iraq in 2007. He also ended up with a Purple Heart from that deployment.

      The CAR IMO may well be justified. Given his career field, I’d guess he was wounded in an IDF attack.

      • Bobo says:

        For those interested, his bio is available at

      • NECCSEABEECPO says:

        He was also in charge of supply cell in Afghanistan. It looks like it was a contract transition team and they travel outside the wire a lot. I would say they got hit by contact IED more than likely.

        Hondo you know the instructions but the way I still under stood is IDF does not mean a CAR the instruction update was more for IED’s not IDF. We had two troops hit in AFG at a VSP and camp was under small arms but they got hit by IDF and CAR denied and yes they did receive PH…The Navy is still hard on this with ground contact it has to go all the way the NAVCENT for approval.

        • NECCSEABEECPO says:

          Ok I need delete just read 1610desig.
          Was IDF I call BS on that as we had troops hit and denied that is Navy BS…..

          • MustangCryppie says:

            1610 desig? What does that have to do with your comment?

            Just curious since I was a cryptologic LDO and 1610 was the RL desig for cryppie officer (it’s now 1810 unless they changed it AGAIN!)

            • MustangCryppie says:

              Never mind. I just saw that 1610desig is a username.

              • 1610desig says:

                Cryptology (code breaking and much EW) became Information warfare became (apparently) crypto logic warfare…along with a silly “been nowhere done nuthin” pin….”on what deployment did you earn that pin, son (or daughter)? At ft Meade, md sir!!” “Whatever, u got room on your chest for one more…DEPLOY!”

          • MNSTC-I says:

            I was there in Iraq, he did not deserve a purple heart or a bronze star. He was the worst deputy for JCC-I ever. He was constantly downgrading medal for staff (airman/soldiers/sailors). He was probably taking bribes in Iraq as well.

  11. Geetwillickers says:

    Just finished reading this:

    Couple of thoughts:

    -Didn’t realize that the reason that the Chief of Naval Intelligence had his clearance yanked was because of this investigation. (But continues to sit in his seat collecting his paycheck but unable to do a damn thing…)
    -Although Fat Lenny is not a Stolen Valor case per se (ie: He never claimed to have served himself) – he still employed a TON of the same tactics used by our scumbag friends to give the impression that he was part of the Navy club.
    -The article only lightly touches on the fact that if Fat Lenny was being fed classified info to help him land contracts or dodge prosecution, how hard is it to imagine that he may have been funneling info to our enemies as well? Why is this being treated like a simple ethics case and not the full-blown espionage case that it is?

    That is all….

  12. 1610desig says:

    I served in the IZ with him…it was IDF and he took some shrapnel to the leg

    • Atkron says:

      Ok, just found it odd.


      That is a crock of shit. He probably received a CAB and asked Navy to convert and they did because he was wounded. I had troops hit by IED’s and IDF that had been denied. Here is the instruction and it states NO awarded for IDF unless in contact, so not on a FOB. Now here is the deal the CAB had to be converted and approved by big Navy higher. So I would wonder if he received the CAB and just replaced with a CAR and that is not correct action. The Bronze star appears to be Admin type so I think something might be funky.

      Here is 2013 instruction so he would fall under the old one but then this one. Under II (E.)no IDF.

      • TheCloser says:

        His official bio indicates CAR.

        He is a designated Naval Aviation and Surface Warfare Supply Corps officer and a member of the Acquisition Professional Corps. He wears the Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit (2 awards), Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Meritorious Service Medal (4 awards), Navy Commendation Medal (5 awards), Navy Achievement Medal (5 awards), Combat Action Ribbon, NATO Medal and multiple campaign and unit awards.

        • NECCSEABEECPO says:

          Well that still BS.. According to the instruction IDF does not allow award of a CAR. The only reason he received was because he was with staff and a commander or caption. That still doesn’t mean he just said he has a CAR because he received a CAB. We had a CNO that had two v devices because he thought his CO said he was authorized. I take pride in the way we award the CAR in our community it looks like others do not.. Still BS… I don’t think he took IDF and ran after the bad guy’s and this is stated in the instruction. Fine his BIO has it he wouldn’t be the first…

          • MNSTC-I says:

            A mortar hit the other end of the gravel parking lot where he was standing, a stone hit him. All he required was a small bandage. He complaint daily until this PH medal was approved. He did nothing for the troops.

            • 2-14 Cav says:

              What a fucking joke! Clearly a case of rank = privilege in the awards system. I took shrapnel and I still feel guilty that I got the same medal as a guy who lost his legs or arms. I hope the guilt and shame eat this dude alive from the inside out.

  13. Hack Stone says:

    In a completely unrelated incident, sources report that 30 resumes of senior Navy officers just arrived at the corporate headquarters of All Points Logistics.

  14. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    ALL THAT and he decided to THROW IT THE FUCK AWAY for some favors, money and pieces of ass. Tell me Rear Admiral Robert Gilbeau, WAS IT worth it to sell out our country?

  15. Club Manager says:

    Regardless of his ticket punching awards, regardless of his assignments, regardless of all the BS. If someone of his senior pay grade cannot figure out how to get laid and drunk at his own expense without compromising ship movements, the dumb SOB should be reduced in grade for the offense of severe dumb ass, and booted out of the Navy.

  16. Ex-PH2 says:

    More and more, with dorkwads like these 30 (count ’em) senior Navy officers and that dicksnot MAJGEN Marine firing everyone in his line of sight, I begin to think that these twits have no more sense than this fellow who got stuck in the Crack of Dawn.

    It took 22 firefighters to get him out of that spot.

    • SFC D says:

      It probably only took 2. The other 20 were there just to laugh at the stupid American!

    • Poetrooper says:

      Holy crap! The worst one I ever got stuck in only took a couple of my buddies to pull me out by my jump boot laces.

      And I’d have driven out if the bitch would have given me back my car keys…

  17. Dave Hardin says:

    Any chance that gutless fuck Major General James Lukeman was involved?

    Probably not, he clutches to anything he can to save his own career. Probably had his head up the Commandants ass too far to know anything is going on around him.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Involved in what? The Navy’s admiralty meltdown or the giant va-j-j escapade? Or both?

  18. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder what old “Rainbow” Ray’s position is on this?

    If this dude was transgender, he would be promoted.

    You know, initiative and all….

  19. Poetrooper says:

    Wining and dining those who make buying decisions is an age-old reality, both in civilian and military procurement. Take it from someone who’s been there and done that in both worlds.

    Consider this: the small town of Rogers, Arkansas has a Ruth’s Chris Steak House, a very high end eatery that has all it’s other locations sited in major cities. Do you think the fact that Walmart has its headquarters and buying offices located in next-door Bentonville has anything to do with that?

    Of course not…

  20. Poetrooper says:

    It would be informative to conduct a survey of Rogers’ locals to see how many of them had dropped by Ruth’s Chris to have one of those $50 steaks lately.

    Enough to keep it open?

    Now consider that military purchasers may order widgets in the same quantities as Walmart…

    • Hondo says:

      I don’t believe influencing a corporate buyer through “extra perks” that way is against Federal law, PT. However, I’m pretty sure that doing so where Federal purchases are involved is indeed a crime – and ditto for accepting such “extra benefits”.

      • Poetrooper says:

        There is no question of that, Hondo. It was my experience, however, in almost thirty years of marketing to the military, that it is a law largely ignored. Periodically, a command might crack down on perks from contractors but usually within months it was back to business as usual.

        The reason the laws and regulations are ignored is because it’s going on at higher levels as well, as this article indicates, and at even higher levels than these where it’s called “lobbying”. It permeates the federal system. Highly paid lobbyists don’t sit in congressional offices pleading for their clients, they make their cases in all those high-end Washington bars and restaurants.

        Now mind you, I’m not talking about wining and dining to obtain classified information as in this current situation, which is most definitely criminal activity. I’m totally opposed to that.

        In defense of contractors, if you don’t entertain, you aren’t going to be doing much business because you can be sure your competitors are. At least that’s the way it was back when I was in the business. The last time I attended a military medical conference a few years ago as a consultant for a small company, the practice was in full play.

  21. someguy says:

    I see above he got his Purple Heart from an IED but I’m curious how he got a Bronze Star.

    I’m even more curious how someone that needs to take a therapy dog to court because of PTSD is able to remain active duty. Does the Navy allow therapy dogs on ships now?

    • CAARNG 68W says:

      Every Officer gets a Bronze Star on deployment

      • NECCSEABEECPO says:

        Not any more, the Navy stopped that around 2009. The way they get around it is most Navy officers are Joint staff, so they receive Defense Meritorious Service Medal (DMSM). This for 04-06 and then Legion O Merit 06- and higher.

        The Navy now reviews awards given by other services and if it is higher than a MSM, it will go to NAVCENT for approval and if no proof shows any of your mission outside the wire any Bronze or higher will be shoot down. This is why you have seen an increase of the DMSM for Navy and Marine officers. The reason they made the change is they had to many Bronze stars for people not in day to day extreme contact danger.

      • 2-14 Cav says:

        That’s almost a complete certain: even as a prior service guy, when I was a 2LT I got an ARCOM for OIF III. Who’d I piss off you ask? Beats me. I knew one other LT that got an ARCOM (he was a prior E6). Think the Bn CDR maybe have gone to the point. I dunno. But usually the folks who you think deserve them never receive them. At least DOD changed that policy for future generations.

  22. George says:

    Maybe by $hitcanning a bunch of field grade officers is how they plan on financing the purchase of some of those quality Zumwalt ships! /sarcasm off

  23. Green Thumb says:

    I am not going to knock his PH. I was not there.

    But regardless, this dude is a shitbag and epitomizes what is wrong with the military today.

    Hookers, cash and the PTSD.

    If only I was so fortunate.

    Fuck him.