Cameron Gamble and Don Shipley part four

| January 9, 2017

Cameron and Shipley

Cameron Gamble and Don Shipley go through Gamble’s qualifications as a civilian contractor after his Air Force time;

Parts one, two and three.

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  1. ex-OS2 says:


  2. ChipNASA says:

    I actually went back here on TAH to see if I have said anything disparaging about Cameron and his service particularly because he was Air Force.
    I couldn’t find anything *BUT* because I know that I have jumped on the bandwagon a few times and often have had a size 11 Kiwi taste test here at TAH and have apologized for my comments on a couple of times, I’m going to go out on a limb and apologize in advance to Senior Chief Don and to Cameron Gamble, wholeheartedly if I said anything to denigrate Cameron’s service or doubted him.
    /I don’t want to have nightmares about “The Hair™ “

  3. Dave Hardin says:


    Mr Gamble, do you understand that because there are claims posted about your experience on web sites that claim “Cameron has been training the U.S. Military Special Ops community since shortly after September 11, 2001 on survival tactics.” that people can FOIA your military records and prove that false?

    You had no reason to allow that kind of embellishment to happen, and then have it go uncorrected for years.

    Since the rest of your impressive experience as a civilian is not part of a FOIA request, it would lead just about anyone to assume the rest of your claims were just as embellished as that one is.

    You jumped into a missing persons case with a family desperate to save a loved one. These cases draw every kook on the planet. You did not properly vet yourself to Law Enforcement prior to taking action.

    You belong to a church that openly claims to make attempts at bringing the dead back to life. It also openly admits to teaching children to do the same.

    Mr. Gamble, certainly you must realize that those kind of claims put you in with a group of loons.

    I get it, you have legit credible experience and service. Got that in the first video. WTF ever made you think that doing what you did would not make you a suspect in this case?

    It has…and you are at a minimum a person of interest because of your actions.

    If you can’t take the heat of some scrutiny…stay in the classroom.

    • OWB says:


      Are you saying that you expect to see a civilian instructor’s time training military folks annotated on that civilian’s military record? Can see no reason why that would occur. If you mean that time he spent training others while he was still in the military, that might or might not be recorded anywhere. Unless he was permanently assigned as an instructor, which he obviously was not.

      While I was still serving, I trained a lot of folks in a lot of things, gave a bunch of briefings on quite a few topics, even served as an instructor on a few things. You would find none of that listed in anything NPRC has on file. A lot of it isn’t even in the training records in my possession – the ones I was given when I retired.

      Just sayin’ that it could still have happened either formally or informally with there being no way to prove it.

      • Dave Hardin says:

        Ahhh, I see your point. Absolutely not. What I am pointing out are the reasons his claims of experience were legitimately called out.

        There were provably false claims about his service posted online. Not small insignificant claims. Claims of training special operations members since shortly after 9/11. Calling that an embellishment is being overly kind. That kind of shit is right out of Poser 101.

        People had no way of knowing what his experience was as a civilian. An individual highly trained in behavioral predication should have seen this coming without the help of children with supernatural powers.

        Gamble is NOT the innocent victim of people falsely questioning his service. He brought it on himself, has no one to blame but himself, didn’t need Shipley or anyone else to make an attention seeking plea to clear his name.

        I an guessing that Shipley is trying to make the point that people who do not understand how some things work should not make false accusations based on ignorance. Verbose as this has all become, that will be the anti-climatic message when all this comes to fruition.

        I have worked on missing person cases for many years. There is no public act of humiliation I would not endure to bring a single one of them home. I will accept help from anyone that can.

        Gamble diverted too many resources in his direction.

        • OWB says:

          No argument with any of that, Dave. Don’t know why all this is an issue and am not at all convinced that I need to know anything about any of it.

  4. I’m a bit confused by one topic they briefly touched on.

    They said the United States Army started a chaplain’s recruiting program at Fort Rucker, Alabama, which numerous SEALs transferred into?

    Did I understand that correctly?

    The United States Army has had chaplains since the American Revolutionary War of Independence.

    As for instructor training, that was part of the curriculum when I attended the III Corps Noncommissioned Officers Academy at Fort Hood, Texas.

    It was called the Military Method of Instruction (i.e., “MMOI”).

    At the time, I was a Specialist Five (a rank that no longer exists?) Field Radio Relay and Carrier Equipment Repairman (MOS 31L20) in the 307th Signal Battalion of the 13th Corps Support Command (i.e., “COSCOM”).

    As for civilians in military law enforcement, that’s been going on for MANY years.

    Years ago, I was a patrolman in the Department of Defense Police, and we worked with United States Army Military Police and United States Air Force Security Police.

    • OOPS!

      I wrote “XIII Corps Support Command” incorrectly.

      In the United States Army, a corps’ numerical designation is always written using Roman numerals, not Arabic numerals.

      I’m old and it’s been MANY years!

      • nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

        Actually John, you were correct the first time. I was exiled to the 13th COSCOM for a few years and “13th” is/was it’s proper name as it was a Support Command vs. an actual CORPS. The actual CORPS designations are Roman numerals but not for a support command..

        Make any sense???

    • 68W58 says:

      “They said the United States Army started a chaplain’s recruiting program at Fort Rucker, Alabama, which numerous SEALs transferred into?

      Did I understand that correctly?”

      I think you might be mixing up two things-the flying warrant program and the Chaplains corps-and that Shipley spoke poorly in differentiating several things. The flying warrants do all, or most, of their training at Rucker, while Chaplains go to Jackson. I’m sure you probably knew that, but I understand how anyone could get confused at how Shipley jumped around during that part. I think what he was trying to say was that the SEALS lost guys off the teams to both the flying warrant program and to the Chplains corps-where perhaps he was talking about some sort of new program to recruit Chaplain candidates (I kind of looked at my monitor funny when he said “when the Army started the Chaolaincy program”, but I think that’s what he meant).

    • OOPS!

      My scrambled memory goofed again!

      At Fort Hood, I was in the 16th Signal Battalion of the 13th COSCOM.

      In Korea, I was in the 307th Signal Battalion of the 8th Army.

      According to their web site, the 307th Signal Battalion is now a component of the 1st Signal Brigade (which I briefly served in, when I was in the Phu Lam Signal Battalion in Saigon).

      Gosh, gee whillikers, but getting old is embarrassing!

  5. 6-101 AVN says:

    I feel like there’s a lot of confusion on this thread about why people are questioning Cameron Gambles involvement in this case (spoiler alert…I’m definitely one of the aforementioned questioners). I’m an active duty officer myself and I never doubted his military service. So for Mr. Shipley to verify his TS and his DD214 does nothing to allay my concerns. What most of us question are his claims that he training Special Forces, Navy Seals, Delta Force and Army Aviators in Escape, Evasion and Resistance. In my experience an enlisted airmen with only three years experience as a boom operator would not have NEARLY enough experience to be hired as a trainer for any real operators.

    Now add to all of this the extremely suspicious circumstances surrounding his involvement with the case starting with the fact that he um…you know…LIVES IN REDDING!!! What??? A famous international hostage negotiator lives right next door? What are the chances?!!? On top of that Mr. Gamble deduces right away that Sherri Papini had been kidnapped and held for ransom…an almost unheard of scenario in the US. Most of these type of abductions are carried out by sexual predators and the victim usually winds up dead.

    And there are a gazillion other abnormalities here. Such as an anonymous donor travelling through Redding at the exact time of the crime. The victim was released one day before the expiration of Mr. Gambles offer (the day before Thanksgiving). The alleged perps were two Latina women…so pretty much a first in abduction history. These same vicious Latinas were crazy enough to abduct a housewife jogger off the street and beat her within an inch of her life as well as brand her but not quite viscous enough to finish her off so that she could then go on to identity them to LE???

    I swear I didn’t set out to write War and Peace here but I kind of got rolling.

    I’m really hoping Mr. Shipley addresses some of Gambles more colorful history and provides any proof that he actually conducted meaningful training with actual operators. Until that happens I’m solidly in the “This smells fishy as f*&k camp!

  6. ex-OS2 says:

    Man, Cameron is one bad-ass mofo.

    “While on track to become a commercial pilot, Cameron changed his career direction and answered the call to serve his country and enlisted in the U.S. military after September 11, 2001, where he flew on the KC-10 aircraft during the first part of his enlistment. After his honorable time in service, Cameron became a Resistance Lab Interrogator for the Army Combat Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape School as he trained helicopter pilots, Rangers, and Special Forces to resist enemy exploitation if captured behind enemy lines. He went on to consult with the U.S. State Department teams in charge of asset protection in Iraq and Afghanistan. In late 2009, he became a Captivity Survival Instructor for the Marine Special Operations Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape School. Cameron has received credentials through the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency by completing war time, peacetime governmental detention, and hostage survival courses, as well as becoming a Joint Resistance Training Instructor.

    In 2010, he took his career in a different direction and developed a program for the Naval Special Warfare Command, in support of their global anti-terrorism missions. During this same time period he also developed an intelligence collection course for various U.S. law enforcement investigative divisions on the East Coast. Cameron’s course became accredited by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). Cameron continues to be a key developer of advanced captivity survival programs for U.S. governmental departments, as well as offers his expertise internationally on captivity and kidnap for ransom situations. Globally, he has trained and led clandestine teams against drug cartel and mafia-run organizations to help thwart the multi-billion dollar sex-trafficking industry. Cameron travels the world as both a keynote speaker and captivity survival consultant.”

    More from his cached website

    “Over the past decade Cameron has become a well respected keynote speaker and platform instructor. Academically, he has trained tens of thousands of people in both private settings and large coliseum venues. His craft has been honed on stage creating the most relevant points of discussion and training, given the limitations of holding only a microphone.

    Taking the topic of Captivity Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape, a standard three-week military training course, and condensing it into an afternoon key note speech can be daunting. Yet, Cameron has done just that by teaching the most pertinent and empowering “save your life” techniques available. His keynotes are interactive, witty, enthralling and energetic.

    If you are interested in learning how to book Cameron for a keynote event please contact us.”

  7. USMC8151 says:

    I would like to ask, who is questioning his credentials? What is the premise of the queries? Is it the LEO community or members of the SVC? I have read that Don Shipley vouches for him but as far as his documented military training…I saw where civilian blogger did raise some interesting questions about his involvement in the abduction case..I will withhold my judgement until this series is done. Al

  8. USMC8151 says:

    In my haste to post, I forgot to add a couple of things…here is the bloggers link regarding Mr Gamble:

    I had time to read most of the feedback comments regarding this case…it sounds pretty much like the questions that would be raised on this site if something was suspicious.

    I also am not satisfied that he placed Mr Shipley in the middle of this conflict he is having…but again LEO’s take their time and go real slow to get things right as possible…

    Seems to me, Cameron should have been able to waylay the confusion on his own with facts but, I dunno… again, I will wait for the final on this one.Al

  9. Ex-PH2 says:

    Mr. Gamble has what amounts to an afternoon lecture on avoiding abduction and extortion?

    Okay, here’s mine:

    1 – Do not sail your boat into hostile waters. (Somalia)

    2 – Do not hike in territory with unmarked boundaries. (Iran)

    3 – Do not assume that, because you’re an American, you’re welcome anywhere for any reason outside US borders, because you aren’t. (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Central Asia, Southwest Asia,etc.)

    4 – As an American with a valid passport, you represent nothing but a cash cow. Your passport is worth money, your silly, useless, stupid hide is worth money, and your multiple credit card accounts are worth money. That’s all you are.

    5 – If you go unaccompanied into hostile territory, you’ll be stripped nekkid, sold into the sex trade and you’ll never see home again.

    That’s about it. Any questions?

    • rgr1480 says:

      You nailed it, Ex-PH2!

      6. While actively evading the enemy and you think you’ve been spotted, FREEZE … don’t move; let them grab you. Otherwise, your movement may alert them to your presence.

      7. When a dog attacks you, punch your fist down its throat. (Same goes for enemy aggressor, only punch him in the throat.)

      8. The prophylactic in your survival kit is for WATER. (That bit of advice was before lubrication & spermicideds were added to the product.)

    • MustangCryppie says:

      Where do I send the check for the $5k?

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Send the check to Jonn so that he can pay the rest of the legal fees for the attorney who defeated Mr. Bernath on behalf of several people.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I forgot about one very important point, which requires an understanding of the primitive mindset of MEsters.

      Pretend you’re crazy. They are extremely superstitious and regard anyone who talks to the Choir Invisible as a crazy person, and will avoid you like the Plague.

      When I was in Photo “A” School at NAS Pensacola, there was this USMC Gunnery Sergeant, a squat little fellow named Gunny Guzman, who walked around the building where classes were held, occasionally loudly uttering “Honk! Honk! Clear the bridge! Dive! Dive!”. I asked one of the instructors, another Marine, why he did that. He told me that Gunny Guzman had been a prisoner of the Japanese during WWII, and knew that the Japs wouldn’t touch crazy people. Didn’t give me any details, just that. Knowledge of superstitions can be a very useful item in your Secret Weapons Locker.

    • nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

      Don’t let IDC SARC know about #5. We’ll never hear from him again…..

  10. rgr1480 says:

    I forgot to add:

    7. When a dog attacks you, punch your fist down its throat and grab its balls. (Same goes for enemy aggressor, only punch him in the throat.)

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I’ve found it handy to scruff an attacking dog as if it were an angry attack cat, but ONLY if the dog’s skin is loose enough. You can also grab the dog’s muzzle and smack its nose good and hard, and just sit on the dog, too.

      Running triggers the canid prey instinct to chase prey.

  11. Kilo says:

    Like with all of these stories there’s two sides and what we have here is a case of gross exaggeration. It’s a fish story that started as a crappie and ended up a large mouth trophy bass.

    SERE at Fairchild does have civilian contractor instructors. I doubt they’re hurting so bad they’re beating down the doors of the bus drivers all because they had a TS/SCI. I could be mistaken but a quick call to that company which is likely Vet owned and operated would clear things up.

    *I’m jumping in pretty late in the game but that’s my .02. I washed out of SERE with some medical issues (go figure).

    • Parker Estes says:


      Yeah they do have civilian contractors at Fairchild. However unlike Cameron, they have backgrounds in SERE with the advanced credentials to perform interrogations. Noticed contract job listings which Cameron said he performed. They require certain criteria which I would guarantee Cameron didn’t have as a KC-10 Boom Operator or as a Motor Pool Troop. Did this goof say he had a TS/SCI? I call BS on that one all together…that coming from someone who possessed one while on AD! He’s the typical “clown act” trying to be more than his station in life allows! No question about his 3 years of service, just what he claims as an SME regarding all things (international man of mystery) he portrays in the media. He’s even claiming his DD-214 was Top Secret on a forum, hence he couldn’t provide a copy. His one iPhone earbud stuck in his ear during an interview says it all. He’s a boy trying to play in a man’s game. Kind of amazed DS didn’t totally vet this character before he vouched for him!?!

      • Kilo says:

        Like I said, some parts are true and the rest has been HIGHLY exaggerated. There’s drinking one too many and bragging and then there’s this clown who’s trying to profit off of his exaggerations. The SERE community isn’t that big so I doubt this dude will be carrying on so much going further.

  12. USMC8151 says:

    The more I read the basics of the abduction, it is reading like the plot of Man on Fire with a twist…

    • Dave Hardin says:

      The abduction itself is a whole different story. Obviously disturbing.

      Her cell phone placed on the ground with the head phones coiled neatly on top. Not possible if she had dropped it while being taken. The captors would have destroyed or disabled it to cast doubt on her last known position. An attempt at obvious misdirection. They wanted that phone found exactly where it was.

      She does not fit the usual profile for someone being trafficked. Married with children not so much. Petite Blonde, most definitely. If they knew she took that route to jog they had been watching her. They would have known this particular blonde was married with children. There are many reasons they avoid those women.

      She was found 115 miles away. They would not have released her near where she was held. Her story of a two hour drive puts her right back where she started from. She was held local.

      What was the purpose of her abduction by two women? Sex is most unlikely. People do not cruise country roads at random looking for women in planned abductions. Some rapists do…not the case here. Her abduction had nothing to do with sex in any form.

      Branding has a very specific purpose in sex trafficking. The person who owns them does the branding, they would never let someone else do it and nobody that was trying to sell her would have done it in advance. Second, what is branded is very specific. It is a mark that identifies them as property, not a message of any kind. Again the branding was misdirection. They knew it was done to people but not why or by whom.

      Why would Gamble fly all the way to the other coast to have Shipley do a video? Over reaction or misdirection is my guess. The motivation for either does not bode well for our little buddy.

      Did his church or a member in it offer to put up the cash? Did anyone make a statement that if someone was abducted they would pay for a release in one of his classes? His ties to the money are suspect. Easy enough for him to pay the money to himself for her release.

      This guy is trying too hard. I am sure there is more out there on him. I have more, I am sure people with a lot of initials do too.

      Only an unbelievably naive individual would be in his position and not expect to have the full scrutiny of everyone on them. Someone with his background should have expected it and planned for it.

      He could be completely legit…looks like a goose to me.

      • OldManchu says:

        The whole thing of running to Don is weird. I would never go crying if someone denied my military service. I would just give them a “fuck you who cares” and move on.

        It’s weird that he has Don all backing him up. I think Don is setting this guy up for punt. Maybe?

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that something about this doesn’t meet the smell test.

      If you’re going to write kidnap/ransom stories, they have to make sense, like kidnapping a the owner of a small business, burying him in a wooden shipping carton of some kind in a cornfield, and demanding a ransom for his return. It works out badly if the victim is found dead of suffocation because the box caved in from the weight of soil on it. This did happen some 30++ years ago. The victim died.

      There’s a logical order of events that take place, which aren’t present in this story. The more things come up saying ‘something’s fishy’, the less it appears to be a real abduction, more like some kind of set-up.

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      Like reading the plot of “Man on Fire” mixed with the manufactured drama of “Balloon Boy”.

  13. D says:

    I still don’t understand why I’m supposed to care about this guy. I mean, we’re four videos in and I still don’t get it. I’d never even heard of him until this video thing. Don is surely setting us up for something, right?

    • OldManchu says:

      Yes! Don almost appears to be mocking the guys and all his certificates!

      “Signed by a fucking Colonel……”

      Yeah right? Phonies have shit signed by all kinds of people.

      Don is up to something.

      • John D says:

        Go back and watch again.

        Senior Chief’s body language, even visible respiration at times make it appear he’s choking on all the BS, even as he draws it out of the guy.

        This is going to be epic.

        • OldManchu says:

          I’m 100% in…. that has to be what’s going on! Like the disgust Senior Chief appears to have at the accusers, is really his disgust at Cameron. I can’t wait!

          • ChowderSleuth says:

            Could also explain why this “series” was initially slated to be 5 episodes (at least to Gamble’s knowledge) only to be set to 7…

  14. Prince of Tides says:

    Seems there is more to this story than meets the eye.

    • D says:

      I agree. Now that I look more closely, the title of the video is “Stolen Valor Phonies in the Goose Blind with Don Shipley.” There’s only one guy in the goose blind with him, so…

      • Prince of Tides says:

        Good point. Even if it was done in jest, wouldn’t that undermine the serious message he was trying to get out?

  15. Yomama says:

    To everyone posting on here…
    You guys are smart as hell, witty and stand up citizens. I salute you all.
    I’m on a reddit thread that’s following the papini case.
    Not sure I can post the link but try Googling.
    reddit thepapinis

    Please pop over for a visit. You seriously have a fan club.

    And CG don’t even try to come onto the thead….we will sniff you out very quickly.

  16. The Ratbastard says:

    I have a lot of respect for Shipley, and spend some of my hard earned money as a subscriber on his site. Granted, what he does will entice you to salaciously watch what he does to phony SEALS, like being unable to turn away from a grisly car wreck on the highway. He’s entertainment value at it’s best, and he knows how to do it, with plenty of subscribers each month, enough to get him out of that double-wide (just kidding, but it did look like one) he and his wife were living in, to an acreage on a lake, with plenty of nature to compliment a luxurious home, somewhere in Virginia. I say good on him, he’s parlayed his SEAL background into an interesting and profitable career for himself which includes his one week “SEAL Experience” training sessions, for old retired fat bastards like me who still think they can roll with the best of them, and the square jawed young guys who potentially want to be real SEALS. He’s a celebrity, people recognize him everywhere, and he’s a difficult guy not to notice. Shipley’s carved out his piece of the American pie, after his E5 or E6 salary in the Navy ended years ago. However, I am mystified that he would use his celebrity to get involved in a case with so many questions like this. With the investigations around Gamble, the dubious information related to his background, the mere fact that he contacted Shipley for help in clarifying his record (which so far has been relegated to actual 3 year service record, which is public info anyway), its very odd Don Shipley has injected himself into this case. There appears to be nothing in it for Shipley, other than more exposure on YouTube and his site for himself. If that is what he is after, well, then I say good on him, again, the Shipley marketing machine seems to be in high gear. But it creates more questions for me as a Shipley supporter as I see no gain in it for him, instead, an ominous downturn from those who do support him, starting to ask questions about his involvement and exactly why he is doing it. I am now less of a supporter, and have more of a tainted eye at what Shipley is actually doing. Not only with Gamble, but across the board with his phony bustin’. Is there a greater agenda here? Not sure. Is Shipley simply trying to help out a fellow VET? Not sure. Either way, Shipley has created more press for himself, hopefully when the smoke clears, I pray we don’t see him on the wrong side of someone who has set him up. Which, if you watch his videos, its tough to do, but like everything, its not impossible…