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| January 9, 2017

Want to know what liberal movers and shakers really think about us, the kind of folks who read and comment here at TAH? Surf on over to Daily Caller’s article by Robert Donachie where he quotes a Silicon Valley tech CEO as to what she honestly thinks about locating some of those high-paying jobs in Middle America. Here’s the essence of it:

Melinda Byerley, MBA and founder of Timeshare CMO, a Silicon Valley-based tech start-up, tweeted out Saturday afternoon describing what middle America could do to “get more jobs in their area.”

Byerley says that the first thing those in middle America need to realize is that “no educated person wants to live in a shithole with stupid people.” Particularly, in a “shithole” filled with people who are “violent, racist, and/or misogynistic.” In Byerley’s opinion, “big corporations,” do not consider moving to the heart of America because “those towns have nothing going for them.”

The towns have “no infrastructure, just a few bars and a terrible school system.”

The MBA claims that “we,” the educated people, like herself, “would like to live a more rural lifestyle,” but they “won’t sacrifice tolerance or diversity to do so.” Especially, these folks do not want to live in “states where the majority of residents are voting for things against their own interests,” solely, because these voters “don’t want brown people to thrive.”

She declares that if middle American towns can begin fixing their schools, and, essentially, “clean up their act,” then people like Byerley will “want to live there.” She even says that the fixing these problems would bring the “best and brightest” of our youth who “would rather scrape by in SF than live in a huge house somewhere if it meant dealing with with bigots and backwards ideologies every day,” to middle America.

Boy, I guess Melinda sure set ol’ Poe straight on what we have to do here in Arkansas to get more of her kind to move here. She sure knows how to inspire folks into throwing at the welcome mat, doesn’t she? Actually, it’s refreshing to hear one of these pompous liberal assholes tell the truth about how they really view America. Wouldn’t you dearly love to hear what she honestly thinks about the military?

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    Dear Melinda,

    Have you been down to the South Side of Chicago, EVER?

    Have you driven through Englewood at night, when all the kid who are not being watched by their parents, who may or may not be zonked on drugs, are out on the streets, looking to cause trouble?

    Would you like the latest statistics from drive-by shootings on the Dan Ryan Expressway?

    Would you like the 2016 year-end total kill statistics from metropolitan Chicago?

    Would you like to spend a few minutes sitting in your car on your phone on East 63rd or East 52nd, wondering if or, more likely, WHEN someone is going to walk up to your car and shoot you right through the window on your side?

    Would you like to be in one of the Mag Mile shops that got held up and robbed during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day?


    Then stuff your asinine, ignorant opinion up your anal orifice and stay the Hell out of Chicago. People like YOU are the reason for the existence divisiveness, prejudice and the growing crime rates in cities like Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

    Kindly shut your yap, willya?

    • desert says:

      Let me see “fix our schools”, well we probably could if we could get the communistic N.E.A. union out of the schools! As for changing to allow that slut to move here….keep on moving slut, we don’t want you here! We have enough airheaded a.h.’s that are easily brainwashed by communist media, we don’t need another one!

    • rgr1480 says:

      Hell, ask her if she’ll move to East Palo Alto or Oakland.

      • Red6 says:

        Facebook employees are slowly changing East Palo Alto. In three to five years it will most likely be a nice place to live.

        Certain neighborhoods in Oakland aren’t bad either but certain parts I’d avoid during the day let alone at night.

  2. nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

    Ironically my highest paying job ($130k +) was when I lived in Arkansas, apparently an example of a “shithole with stupid people.”

    I sure miss that shithole and those rather decent but apparently stupid people. BTW many of those people up there weren’t brown but a little more tanned….

    • desert says:

      But she sure accepted a couple of real assholes from arkansas into her group didn’t she, namely the clinton mob!!

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Look at all of the big money in Northern Arkansas, Wal Mart, J.B. Hunt and Tyson Chicken.

  3. SFC D says:

    Melinda, please stay right where you are. Mired in a shithole of your own creation. The rest of the country will do just fine without you. You’re really not that big a deal.

    • MustangCryppie says:

      “The rest of the country will do just fine without you.”

      Hell, we’ll do better than fine. We don’t want jackasses like her. She shows up and immediately starts trying to recreate the craphole she came from.

  4. David says:

    That “start-up” is a marketing company which claims to help other start-ups achieve success because they are located in Silicon Valley. Apparently proximity equals marketing genius.

    It is worth noting that she also brags about her marketing team being selected native English speaking Americans only… which violates Federal fair hiring practices. Remember the old “race, creed, color, or national origin” phrase?

  5. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    I read about the little, angry, liberal twatwaffle yesterday – talk about a bitter, closed minded bytch!

    I know of a few at the local school district in my AO – a group have a real case of the asshurt over a black “K” teacher that was hired this year (AO has a minority population of about 10%). She relocated from Florida for her first job, and is a good teacher (parents, kids and admins like her), but her peers have a problem with her because of her skin color (they also love the way the Union tells them to – Dummicrat down the ticket).

    BTW – she looks a lot like Halle Barry, with longer hair… better looking that 90% of her peers!

    • Yef says:

      Ah, my eyes!!111
      I read your last line and I googled Melinda Byerley, and my eyes got burned with dikeness!

    • Private Parts says:

      She fulfills every stereotype of the Social Justice Warrior.

      Dyke haircut.
      “Problem glasses”.
      Smug yet lifeless expression.

  6. 11b-mailclerk says:

    “Voting against our interests”? Funny. What you meant was “Voting against the smug assurance of our supposed betters.”

    You simply cannot stand the thought that someone, somewhere, might disagree with your thinking, especially the premises.

    Like your premise that you are smarter than the average farmer.

    Dude. They deal with multi-variable forcasting on multiple levels, and then have to ride through unpredictable stuff like a year of weather.

    And dude, -their- lobby makes yours look like the three stooges.


    Keep pounding, dude. Soon your most productive folks will be elsewhere, enriching the communities of -ours-. You will live in the blighted pestilence the lies at the end of your preference cascade.

    Ever been to Detroit? Don’t worry. Detroit is coming to you.

    • Doug Reid says:

      Amen. Very well said.
      But why are we surprised when Progressives dismiss their opposites as backwards? Their whole premise, and their whole history is one of division. It is the tragic corruption of our education system and our ever present media that has made this distinctive fact of differing values between Left & Right disappear. BTW, nearly half of the people in my deplorable neck of the woods are, well, in a word “women” and about a third are Hispanic. And almost all of us live here by choice. Imagine that!

  7. Skippy says:

    Please stay put…. we don’t want you

    • Yef says:

      They never do. Liberals destroy their blue states, then move to a red state to enjoy the better economy, and bring their sickness and voting habits to destroy the rest of us.

      Progressivism and liberalism are a plague.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        LIBERALS are not unlike a bacterial or parasitic infection. They render whatever locale they’ve infested unlivable and then migrate to infest other locations like has happened to Oregon, Washington and Colorado.

        • Fyrfighter says:

          No doubt API, Colorado was a reliably blue state, and a great place to live 20 yrs ago… now the cancer that was Boulder has completely infested Denver, Pueblo, and is spreading. I’m sure the infusion of illegals, and all the pot heads who came here for legal weed has nothing to do with it… WE can only hope that with californication legalizing it as well, they’ll all move back to get away from the cold winters!

      • Graybeard says:

        Saw the other day that a lot of California is moving to Texas.

        Wish we could send ’em back.

        • Skippy says:

          Same problem here in Arizona and look what they have done to New Mexico Lol..

          • SFC D says:

            Yuma CBP Sector needs to do a right face and secure the AZ/CA border

            • Sand Sailor says:

              Please hold your fire! Many of us will be seeking asylum. The People’s Republic wants us to “give back” our large magazines. As if we checked them out of the Armory. or Library. (Instead of, oh, like, BUYING them!) And every sporting rifle-compliant AR is now an “assault weapon” overnight. California passed 900+ laws last year alone. Oi-vey!

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    There are a lot of small towns in flyover country which do quite well, although they might welcome non-polluting industries such as systems design and engineering, as long as those don’t interfere with the vintage charm of downtown.

    I guess you just have to know what your real priorities are. In this bimbo’s case, it’s being a snot and letting everyone know about it.

  9. The Other Whitey says:

    “Shitholes,” eh? Like, oh, I dunno…Oakland? Los Angeles? Chicago? Detroit? New Orleans? Baltimore?

    Failing schools, high crime, racist thugs running rampant (but it’s okay as long as they’re not white), rampant graft, and ever-increasing restrictions on personal liberty, all run by democrats. Yeah, sounds great!

    Hey, Melinda! I’m from a rural town in California, where rural residents–including blacks, hispanics, and Asians–are generally conservative, Christian, pro-gun, and NICE to everybody, and where we get real Goddamn tired of idiot flatlanders like yourself calling us inbred idiots. We tend to be as educated as anyone else, more so than inner-city residents, and we regard sexual activity between cousins the same way you would. That you and your fellow flatlanders persist in making such baseless claims is indicative of your own bigotry. The funny thing is how every time it snows up here, you fucking flatlanders swarm like locust up here, break down fences, trespass on private property, leave your trash everywhere (way to save the environment, assholes!), and generally act like dicks. That’s when you’re not trying to make us pay more taxes that you’ll weasel your way out of.

    We don’t want your kind, Melinda, and neither do those in the rural states further inland. Yes, I said “your kind:” elitist, bigoted assholes who think you’re better than everyone else because you vote for democrats and buy “organic” shit. Please stay in Silicon Valley. We don’t want you!

  10. AW1Ed says:

    Sounds like the type who moves to the country and then complains about those noisy tractors so early in the mornings and those awful animal smells coming from the fertilized fields.

    • UpNorth says:

      Yeah,, that’s her and hers in one sentence. I’m sure she’d buy a house at the end of a runway somewhere, then begin haunting the city/county commission meetings, bitching about the noise from the airplanes.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        You mean, like those people who’ve bought houses in the vicinity of O’Hare Airport, which was originally established in 1942 as part of a manufacturing plant for Douglas C-54s?
        And after WWII ended, O’Hare opened for commercial traffic to take the overflow from Midway. So are you talking about people who move to the O’Hare and/or Midway Airport areas and complain about the noise from jets landing and taking off?

        When people do that, you really do have to ask why they moved there in the first place, don’t you?

    • MrBill says:

      Smell that dairy air!

  11. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Well it’s nice to know I’m just some ignorant asshole living in a myopic dystopian hellhole as defined by one of the nation’s best and brightest.

    Oddly enough her vision of what middle America might be hasn’t gotten better under her beloved Obama and I notice she says exactly nothing about that. It’s always refreshing to hear the upper income tiers that have benefitted mightily under Obama trying to explain how those poor bastards in the middle and lower tiers who’ve stagnated or lost ground ought to be thankful that their betters know what’s best for them….

    No offense sweetheart, but I’d prefer to have you stay where you are, I’m doing just fine without you or your economic ideas for my state. I’ve seen the places folks like you live in, and personally can’t stand the high percentage of jerkoffs who wouldn’t know freedom if she sat on their faces and wiggled for an hour….

    Keep wondering why your heroine lost the election. Keep trying to blame the Russians, whatever you do please don’t look in the mirror…it’s been great fun watching the Democrats lose 10 states, 11 senate seats, and 70 house seats under Obama and then blame the Russkies and #fakenews when their status quo candidate didn’t win the election.

  12. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I appreciate their staying on their side of the tracks. And, in the event of nuclear war, we know who’s out first, second, and third.

  13. Based on daily news reports, FBI crime statistics, recorded history, and years of personal observation and experience, I see no reason to apologize for being prejudiced, bigoted, biased, and openly expressing the unpleasant truth.

    But, I can have that luxury only because I’m elderly and retired (although that’s also the reason I was evicted from the Armed Forces Retirement Home).

    However, for those of you who want to keep your jobs – – – ?

  14. ex-OS2 says:

    What a fucking narcissistic bigot. I wonder how she even walks with that stiff one crammed up her ass.

    Maybe the Twitchy Bitch of Benghazi should have hired her to “growth hack” her campaign.

  15. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    She talks about the Midwest like that and I say “DON’T TALK WITH YOUR MOUTH FULL, you intolerant bigoted candyassed twatwaffle!” . I’m all for snotnosed candyasses like her staying right where they are, FUCK HER and her Toyota Prius.

  16. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    This woofer has had a great many jobs. Her latest is selling picks and shovels to miners. She’s on the right if the pic comes up below. If it doesn’t she is the second woman in the interview. WARNING! View only on an empty stomach.

  17. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I guess my warning was pretty worthless inasmuch as her pic is up. Sorry. And no, I am not going to clean your keyboard or buy you the lunch you just upchucked.

  18. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I guess I am on a lot of shit lists about now.

  19. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Really. I was pretty certain only the link would appear. Cripes. Some of you guys are gagging. I can hear it from here. Sorry.

  20. Poetrooper says:

    Some folks in Melinda’s elite, liberal, California paradise are epicures while others are mere gourmands…Mel, she looks like she eats with both feet in the trough.

    Seriously, folks, in a region where nearly everyone is a health nut, this lady looks more like a health Melon.

    See what I did there, Dave?

  21. 68W58 says:

    The motto for her company includes the term “grow like a unicorn”.


    I mean are you supposed to want your company to be like a fictional animal? Do unicorns have some mythical propensity for great growth that I am unaware of?

    “Grow like a Satyr”, yeah maybe I could see…

  22. FatCircles0311 says:

    Mental illness can be so entertaining.

    At least 5 cats and 1 therapists.

  23. HT3 '83-'87 says:

    If Middle America is such a “shit hole”, then why does the graphic overlay of Hillary supports and crime match so perfectly? Why is living in Chicago, the second largest city in The US, more dangerous than living in Iraq?

    Chicago-85 consecutive years of democratic mayors 1931 to present
    Detroit-54 consecutive years 1962 to present
    Baltimore-49 years 1967 to present
    St. Louis-67 years 1949 to present…

    …I think I made my point. All those Utopian cities run by the expert guidance to The Jackass Party sure beats the hell out of living in a middle American shit hole…not!

    Fuck her & Meryl Streep too

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two cities that were nuked in anger at the end of WWII and now both of them are thriving Metropolises. Cities like Chicago and Detroit were prosperous municipalities during WWII but now are crime and poverty-ridden hellholes. The difference? Chicago and Detroit have been lorded over by D-rats for at least the last 50+ years! Thus I’m convinced that being ruled by D-rats is worse than getting NUKED.

  24. Kilo says:

    Doesn’t Omaha have more fortune 500 companies and billionaires than like…anywhere else in the nation? I can’t roll my eyes hard enough.

    Tone down the rhetoric hippie nobody wants to be around a dipshit who denigrates an entire segment of the population.

    *I realize I’m being hypocritical; it’s for effect.

    • A Proud infidel®™ says:

      Look at Northern Arkansas where Wal Mart, J. B. Hunt and Tyson are located, three more big businesses headquartered nowhere near liberal epicenters.

  25. Just An Old Dog says:

    Funny, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t every single Liberal Haven literally a 15 minute drive from places where you can get murdered over a hat, pair of shoes or an I-pjone?

    • Poetrooper says:

      You know, Dog, you have a point. There does seem to be a consistent correlation between the existence of elite liberal enclaves and nearby, impoverished, crime-ridden minority ghettos.

      You don’t suppose all those rich liberals need an impoverished, minimum-wage, human labor base to sustain their rich-bitch lifestyles do you?

  26. JACK SHIT says:

    Melinda Byerley DOES NOT know me.

  27. Mark A Lauer says:

    She has no tolerance to sacrifice. What the fuck is she worried about?

  28. Commissioner Wretched says:

    Since no one else has asked it, and he hasn’t volunteered the information, I’ll ask …

    ID SARC – Would you hit it?

    Or is there an actual line you won’t cross? 🙂

  29. lily says:

    She probably got her idea’s from Plato’s republic and the communist manifesto. Let’s ship her to N. Korea where she can be with the “smart people”.

  30. Reaperman says:

    Since country mice are so stupid, maybe she’d like to demonstrate how she would go about fixing a tractor with only a hammer and a crescent wrench. I’m always up for learning new techniques from the masters.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Does she even know what a tractor is? Like nearly all holier-than-thou screeching moonbats, I’m sure she’s a lifetime under-achiever that can barely wipe her own ass.

      • Graybeard says:

        I’d hate to hear what she thinks a PTO is.

        And what hydraulics are.

        • Reaperman says:

          my guesses for her answers are:
          1) paid time off
          2) a method of growing her drugs indoors

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          She/it would likely wrinkle her nose before she sneered into her $10 organic soy foam pumpkin spice decaf espresso latte with sprinkles (unauthorized sprinkles because those are for winners) the moment you mentioned it. I still say fuck her and her Toyota Prius!

      • Just An Old Dog says:

        “Does she even know what a tractor is?”

        Why would a woman the size of a Buffalo ever have need of a tractor?

  31. Joe says:

    Kind of like when then-governor Rick Perry touted Texas’s low, business-friendly tax rate, and Silicon Valley responded, we don’t need bottom-of-the-barrel employees in ill health along with third world infrastructure, think we’ll stick to expensive California where they actually have a clue of what it takes to succeed in the 21st century as opposed to the 19th century.

    • Poetrooper says:

      Yup, an exact parallel, Joe. You sure nailed Texas there. Poor ol’ Perry and Texas just stumblin’ along, an American state makin’ more money by accident than many nations of the world do with highly planned economies and all without a state income tax. How you figure Texas manages all that with all them there bottom of the barrel employees and that Third World infrastructure?

      Whoeee, Joe, you really got us that time but then we’re used to you bein’ so much smarter than all us ignorant losers here at TAH.

      Dang, boy!!! How’n hell did you get to be so durn sharp?

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        The more I see of him the more convinced I am that “Joe” is an underachieving undergraduate disciple of Lars-Poodle.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      Ever been to Texas, Joey?

      Because everything you just described can be found easily in California. I know. I live there.

      • The Other Whitey says:

        And another thing: where is NASA headquartered, and where do they do the majority of their engineering? Oh yeah, Houston. What state’s that in, again?

  32. OldSoldier54 says:

    This chick sure has a high opinion of herself!

    • Just An Old Dog says:

      I’m pretty Sure after she finished typing out that rant some Liberal Farmer Hogg looking guy standing by her desk looked down at here and said.

      ” That’ll do pig…. that’ll do…”

  33. Nomar Vazquez says:

    Lets get down to brass tacks. How many students of rural high schools are being accepted in to the top STEM programs of the USA? Are rural schools funding science departments adequately? Are creationists really hijacking the science curriculum? I’m honestly asking.

    • ex-OS2 says:

      How many students of rural high schools are being accepted in to the top STEM programs of the USA?

      Not many, why not?

      Are rural schools funding science departments adequately?

      Nope, why not?

      Are creationists really hijacking the science curriculum?

      I think you have that reversed.

      • Nomar Vazquez says:

        I was asking not stating.

      • Nomar Vazquez says:

        Well, shouldn’t we be concerned? Farmers will always be needed but we also need more young men and women in those careers. The industry is so undermanned than companies are importing engineers and scientist from abroad. Schools should expose kids to the sciences as early as possible.

        • ex-OS2 says:

          I agree.

          I live in a rural area that has an excellent Technological University. They have programs for middle and high school students that prepare them for engineering programs.

          STEM is worthless if the student can barely read, write or understand math that is taught at the lower level grades.

          When big daddy goes back to protecting our borders and education is sent back to the states, then we may see more progress.

  34. Sonny's Mom says:

    Oh Trigglypuff– you lost weight!