Cameron Gamble and Don Shipley part five

| January 10, 2017

Gamble and Shipley go over some of the specifics of the Papini case;

Parts one, two, three and four.

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  1. Dave Hardin says:

    Well, Jonn will get the link fixed soon. I have already seen these.

    Why not offer money to criminals who take people hostage? The answer to that is covered in Idiot 101.

    They had no idea what they were doing? Pretty sure the FBI does not agree with that analysis. Talk about jumping to conclusions with little to no information…isnt that the very thing he has be complaining about all this time.

    Ya, the Sheriff, local and state law enforcement were just eating doughnuts and waiting for the phone to ring.

    I have more, much more. Idiot.

  2. Mr_crabbs says:

    Mr. Shiply, you need to retire if you are actually promoting this opportunistic job-hopper. He claims to have taken a 3-week course in SERE at JPRA, and that qualified him to be a hostage/ransom negotiator?

    I hope you know that the US government does NOT negotiate for hostages as mentioned in the above post (Idiot 101).

    Perhaps you have been out of the military too long.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      Oh ye of little faith. Give Boatly a chance to redeem himself.

      Watching his videos is like that commercial with the Sumo Wrestler ice skating. You keep waiting for the triple lindy on skates to happen.

      I got faith in Boatly.

      • Mr_crabbs says:

        Jeezus I hope you’re right. Hate to see Shipley go daft. Had all my respect up to this video series.

    • Skippy says:

      So if it’s the same SERE I’ve done allbe it two of three phase’s or how ever they are breaking it down now, that would be me a hostage negotiator qualified??? If so where do I sign Lol..

  3. 68W58 says:

    His explanation about how he got involved in the case is reasonable enough. This whole thing is just so weird, certainly Papini knows what happened to her (though whether she is telling he truth about that is another issue). I get why people have doubted Gamnle, butI’m thinking Shipley believes Gamble despite all of questions that have been raised about him.

  4. Dave Hardin says:

    Poetry in motion…

    • Mr_crabbs says:

      Um, Dave–thanks for the video, but he never does the triple lindy. You better not be getting my hopes up . . .

    • spd0302 says:

      The baby bird…breathtaking!

      • Mr_crabbs says:

        So he will coddle it and then throw it out to the crowds to eat alive?

        • spd0302 says:

          I like where your head is at Mr_crabbs

          • Mr_crabbs says:

            Mr. Shipley, you have jumped the shark. Sorry old man, but you retired in 03 and a lot has changed since then. Your young friend’s 3-year military creds were not in question; what the SERE, SOF and internet at large would like vetted are his claims to credentials after he was let go.

            He claims a three week training course at PRA gave him the skills to teach SERE to.SEALs.

            He claims he taught “doctorate-level training” at an undisclosed government agency.

            He claims on his Bethel mission that all those stupid missionaries from his church going to Muslim countries to preach the word of Jesus will be saved by, and I quote:
            Cameron and Jen Gamble are the founders of Project TAKEN, a unique organization focused on training missionaries and ministries to prevent, survive, and escape hostile situations. They empower missionaries by redefining courage and wisdom in the midst of uncertainty. Cameron’s been training the U.S. Military Special Ops community on survival tactics since shortly after September 11, 2001. Their heart is to impart the same elite training, but with a supernatural approach, for those who dare to pierce the darkness with the light of the Gospel. The Gamble’s work closely with Bethel Missions, BSSM short-term missions, high-risk ministries involved with human trafficking and churches around the world. Additionally, they offer in-country resolution for missionaries and ministries facing serious threats by traveling to the source of the problem in order to bring aid.

            Thanks! So SERE bubbas and PJs, and whoever, can risk their lives trying to find your sorry ass missionaries in enemy territory.

            Bad call, Mr. Shipley. Sleep well knowing you have empowered 35 more nut cases from Bethyl church to go abroad and spread the word of Jesus with this tool as their savior.

  5. OldManchu says:

    Pencil neck is full of shit. But very smart!

  6. sbalm says:

    I’ve trying to read up on all of this but I’m just not seeing where Cameron Gamble was called out for his military experience. I see a few isolated blog comments but that was it. Is that what Shipley is talking about?

    What am I missing?

  7. Ex-PH2 says:

    Sorry, but I just can’t sit through this.

    Agatha Christie disappeared for eleven days in 1926. Her disappearance was never explained or resolved until a few years ago, when biographer Andrew Norman, using medical case studies, came to the conclusion that she had a fugue state episode. Eighty years after Christie just vanished into the night, someone finally figures it out, and it makes sense.

    None of this makes sense. I don’t question the guy’s military record. I question his jumping into the fray and then getting his feelings hurt because people were casting aspersions on his character. There’s a lot of ‘stuff’ about this that is out of whack. Why go to Shipley to get your service record verified? Why not contact Jonn instead? Gamble has turned this peculiar abduction/recovery into a public display of his hurt feelings over being questioned about something that had nothing to do with recovering Mrs. Papini. The story should have been about her, but it turns into a story about him.

    He couldn’t shrug off having his credentials questioned? I’m sorry, fella, but aerial refueling doesn’t make you a qualified K/R negotiator or a licensed P.I.

    Quackery. Quack quack quack.

    • Bubblehead Ray says:

      Not for nothing Shipmate, but my service as a SONAR Tech on submarines didn’t exactly qualify me to deliver babies or do Vardioversion on heart patients.. but I’ve done both since leaving the Navy. It is possible to obtain training outside of the canoe club. Just sayin.

      BTW, Happy New Year. 8 days and a wake up. ???

      • surfsup says:

        Of course it is. Why can’t Gamble just say that and move on? Oh, right. He’s been openly and publicly caught in lies at an inconvenience to his big plan to capitalize on the Sherri Papini kidnapping and release. Those lies do make everything he says and does suspect – a normal response to fabricators. That DS cleared a cert or award or two does not change the minds of anyone who has been following CG these past few weeks.

  8. Tallywhagger says:


  9. ex-OS2 says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that the video is titled “Stolen Valor Phonies in the Goose Blind with Don Shipley”?

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      No. I noticed it, too, but was more interested in other aspects of this.

    • Tallywhagger says:

      No! Some of us have been watching Shipley gambling with Gamble, with considerable amusement.

      Maybe he’ll let Diane “direct” the final scene… Glenn Beck was not immediately available.

      • surfsup says:

        Isn’t he calling out those who have been purported to accuse CG of Stolen Valor? I’ve been following this from the beginning and no one has pursued this angle EXCEPT CG himself. Gamble is being called out on a lot more than stretching his military training and experience but he goes to Shipley AS IF there are a bunch of Shipley wannabes doing him more harm than he has done to himself.

        • Dave Hardin says:

          CG did embellish his claims of military service, there is no doubt abut that.

          Because he did, it lead people to assume he was just as full of shit about everything else.

          This is hardly a case of people “jumping the gun” on an innocent man.

  10. USMC8151 says:

    I think the motive lays in the Bethel Mission Investing Policy and Disclaimer:

    I think that Cameron’s motive, as is the rest of the missionaries is to “buy in” and become a partner/stakeholder in this religion…The Bethel management holds no claim on the methods by which members come by their membership dues, if you will, so, all things are permissible…Sounds like a decentralized mafia to me…Cameron utilized his knowledge in what he gained in the military and placed himself in a corner…A negative corner, so in order to make right, he did something wrong, now he wants the military community to vouch for him…Shipley is respected, but he is not the whole community…I still reserve my judgement until this plays out…Cameron, if you are reading these comments, tell us wtf is really going on.

  11. Starbux says:

    I cant wait for the punchline, if there will be one. This is bizarre as hell. If he made this shit up, I am sure the FBI is probably on his ass. That would be some ballsy shit to do. It does seem suspect.

    I don’t doubt he has all the SERE cred. I have met contractors that have done shit with no prior military background in the subject. There is a girl who became a SME for joint planning and taught processes on how to do Oplans for crisis action and deliberate planning to GO’s O-6’s and SES’s. She had no military background what so ever and a degree in economics. So that part I can get.

    Of course going from being a bus driver(Probably my bus driver on my way to “Happy Camp,” in Feb of 05.) I suppose its not out the realm of reason that he got in good with the contractors. Some times it is a who you know world. Now the question is do they go to more elaborate training? I don’t know. I worked with a GG-13 who was a SERE interrogator at SV80 hell around that time. He had only intel background, not James Bond shit. Just standard boring ass analyst like a prior E 1N1 or 1N0 then became an officer in the 14X Intel AFSC. So his bald ass got to do it. I suppose intel at least is relevant. I might try to reach out him. He is a brash asshole so he will be very opinionated to someone he hates.

    I cant wait till the season finale!