Johnny Angel Perez; phony Marine sniper

| February 16, 2017 | 119 Comments

The folks at Military Phonies send us their work on this Johnny Angel Perez fellow who claims to be a Marine Corps sniper;

The records show that he was in the Marines and served from November 1970 to September 1975. He was released from the inactive reserve on September 5th 1977. It appears that he was a Messman until he went AWOL and was declared a deserter. But, after he was apprehended by the FBI and spent some time in the brig, he became an AmTrac Crewman.

He has no listing for sniper school. The awards Perez has listed include National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, and Rifle Expert Badge. He is not showing a Combat Action Ribbon among his awards so it is very unlikely that he worked in long range patrols or motored his armored vehicle down the Ho Chi Minh Trail. It appears that Johnny Angel Perez has no actual combat experience at all.

It looks as though he was with a Fleet Marine Force AmTrac unit that stayed off-shore in Vietnam in 1972-1973 earning him the Vietnam Service Medal, but there’s no other award that indicates participation n combat. He served when most of his generation wouldn’t, I guess he couldn’t just be proud of that.

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  1. The Stranger says:

    I’ll just leave this here along with the observation that Shelly Fabares could probably kick his poser ass!

  2. HT3 '83-'87 says:

    He seems to think a lot of himself. His Facebook has him listed as studying at Stanford, Princeton and Harvard. I wonder if someone has started as site to expose posers of elite universities?

    You can’t believe anything this guy says…whole life is a lie.

  3. IDC SARC says:

    At least he earned better than a pizza box…D-Bag

  4. USMCMSgt (Ret) says:

    On FB he claims he studied at Stanford and Princeton, and studied law and criminal justice at Harvard.

    As IDC SARC noted, he has the coveted “pizza box” rifle qualification badge.

    The requirements for sniper’s expertise with a weapon must’ve been pretty lax back then.


  5. 26Limabeans says:

    Oh yeah, that is definitely a photo of a sniper in the bushes in Viet of the Nam.
    I mean, just check the date on the photo edge.

  6. Sparks says:

    A real “shit taker and heart breaker”.

  7. 26Limabeans says:

    Why no Vietnam Campaign Medal?
    What am I missing? I thought the two went together.

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    It’s unfortunate, isn’t it, that when you take your Instamatic camera film to the drugstore to get it processed and printed, the lab still prints the date on the border of the print.
    Those saplings really do look like the triple canopy in Viet of the Nam. They sure do. Don’t they? (snerrrrkkk!)
    I think this joke could get lost in a brown paper bag.

  9. 19D2OR4 - Smitty says:

    Center third row up, unless my eyes need to be recalibrated, that is the Air Force Longevity Service ribbon.

  10. OldManchu says:

    Camera flashes, at night, in the bush, in Vietnam. Sure thing dumbass fuckstick.

  11. Green Thumb says:

    I love the ghey pron star mustache!

    Very Jerry Vroombutish….


  12. Sgt M says:

    “I’m shaking the bushes boss.”

  13. Combat Historian says:

    The guy served with a MAU off the coast of RVN during the NVA 1972 Easter Offensive; good honorable duty that qualified him as a Vietnam Vet. Now he has to throw away all that by pretending to be some phony baloney bullshit “sniper”…(sigh)…

    • Mick says:

      Yes indeed.

      It’s always ‘Sniper’.

      Or ‘Force Recon’.

      And it’s always bullshit.

    • rgr769 says:

      He may qualify as a “Vietnam Vet,” but he was not off the coast of RVN during that NVA 1972 Easter offensive because his record of service shows he was still at Pendleton with the 1st MarDiv until early September, 1972 when he was sent to Westpac with a Fleet Marine Force with a SF,CA FPO.

  14. Club Manager says:

    I don’t know Jonn, he has the NDSM and that neat patch so he must be a bonafide. Or was it not wearing a doo-rag that gave him away?

    Glad to see you are back with the program and apparently feeling better.

  15. The Stranger says:

    What, no dog? This loser isn’t even trying!

    What šŸ’©bag!

  16. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Ass hamster is a registered sex offender… spent a few years in the poundhimintheass prison.

    ex-OS2… FIRE FOR EFFECT!!!!

  17. Hack Stone says:

    3rd Amtracs. That was where Hack Stone got sent to during his first escape from MCCES.

  18. Mick says:

    I really don’t know why I came in here today.

    I knew beforehand that this embellishing Marine Stolen Valor bullshit, combined with the other phony Marine story this morning, would piss me off beyond words.

    And so it has.

  19. Skyjumper says:

    What the hell is up with these people? Do they wake up one morning, look around, rub their eyes & scratch their ass and then decide they are going to be a war hero?

    Is their place in life so boring or mundane that they decide to spice it up with lies and have everyone perceive them as this big , larger than life, ass kicking, take no prisoners, I’m better than you, hero?

    Eventually (and hopefully) their story falls apart at some point and their fake claims to fame becomes open to all to see & follows them for the rest of their live & further.

    Being a part of this blog and seeing all of these posers has lead me to scrutinize my own military history to ensure that everything that is on my uniform & in my documented history is authenticated, proper & correct.

    Like many of you here that served, I have no need to wear military thingies in public. Oh sure, I still am trying to wear out a bunch of BDU’s working around the house painting and whatever, but never anyplace else. Besides, I’m an almost 69 year old fart that prefers wearing jeans & a tee.

    The only thing military wise that I do wear, is my small “Retired, U.S. Army” pin on my jacket during cooler weather. That pin means more to me than anything located above my left breast pocket.

    For all you fakers & posers out there, past, present, and future, you will never know or feel the true meaning of being a veteran. All your posing, running off at the mouth, and embellishing will reveal to all (eventually) the the worthless piece of human flesh that you truly are.

    To all of the true veterans here at TAH and elsewhere, Thank You for your unselfish service. I am proud to be associated with you. You all are forever, and truly my brothers & sisters!

    • jarhead says:

      SKY….exceptional damned good write there. At 71 I share the same thoughts. A few of those who even wear just a cap drive me nuts when it is adorned with every inch covered with memos begging to be noticed. Most of those likewise have stickers all over their rear bumpers and windows. It’s history friends, just because they did their part and time does not make them a hero to be worshiped today. The times when you can discuss your exploits will happen on a regular basis during a normal discussion with another who has been there. Otherwise, nobody is impressed. There’s so few of us left of our generation, most of the young folks have no idea where RVN is, and don’t give a shit.

  20. HMC Ret says:

    Welcome to your Google ‘Star of Shame’ Perez. People will know of your douchebaggery until the end of time. Congrats, dingus …

  21. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I know Johnny Angel.

  22. Claw says:

    Gotta love that July 1973 picture of him on FB where he says “Here I am at 18 in Nam. Ho-Chi Mien Trail in the Highlands of Ky-Son.”

    But yet he claims to have been at Harvard with the Class of 1969.

    He could give Sheldon Cooper a run for his money by graduating from Harvard at age 14.

    Yep, most assuredly Mesna Club material.

  23. Wilted Willy says:

    I agree with everything on this post! What a pimple on the ass of Satan this douche nozzle is proving to be! He so much reminds me of my pos brother! He was a poser even before he joined the Army. Even when we were kids, he was already full of shit. Always had to brag about something? I am not surprised at all that he turned out to be such a piece of poser shit! He has a 100 cherries on top of his shit sundae! I never left the states in my 6 years of service, but I am still proud that I served, unlike some of these assclowns that just want to be a trained killer? My other brother Ken was a true vet. He spent a couple of years keeping those bombers in the sky and able to complete their missions. He never brags or bullshits anyone of how many kills he has. Shit, the only thing I killed was a few hundred brain cells at the NCO club! I always wonder how my pos brother that says he had half of his arm shot off and all the rest of his phony Purple Heart bullshit, but yet both of his arms look completely normal and he doesn’t have a scar on his entire body? Does he really think people don’t notice that kind of shit? And the last time I saw him, maybe 15 years ago he didn’t even have a Harley, vest or even a poor dog? Maybe the PTSD he has, ( snerk ) has him terrified of a poor little puppy? I just hope I can stay on this earth long enough to see this ass hamster in the barbed wire hotel! I just wish somebody in the government would just take 5 minutes to google this fuckers name? I can’t wait to send Jonn the link that shows his arrest and conviction!! God, just grant me this one wish??? Thank you to all that served! May God bless you all!!!

  24. C2Show says:

    Can’t be too proud ahe you are a sex offender….what a piece of shit.

  25. Just An Old Dog says:

    Whats remarkable is that he was a deserter for a year, came back and did his time and completed his enlistment. Did a deployment and was promoted to NCO.
    If only he had not decided to backslide into shitbaggery it could be inspirational.

  26. rgr769 says:

    I don’t believe this dickstepping asswipe was ever in RVN. I was in Da Nang in May, 1971 when the few remaining units of the 3rd Marine Div. were departing to join the rest of the Division which had been moved back to Okinawa in 1969. In 1973 I don’t believe there were any amtrac units left in RVN. He was assigned to the 3rd MarDiv in Okinawa. Then after he returned to the states he probably got some clueless personnel clerk to put Vietnam “I was there medals” on his records. The only time he was near the “trail” was in his dreams. It actually is not a trail, but is a massive dirt highway network through jungle covered mountains. The portion that ran along the Laotian border was mostly blasted clear of vegetation with bomb craters on either side of the road for about 100 meters in either direction. It was an amazing sight from the air. Plus, no Marine Sniper was ever on the Ho Chi Minh Trail during the time frame he was in the Corps, as all US cross-border missions on the Trail were conducted by the Command & Control Units of MACVSOG. The Marine Recon Battalions of the divisions did not leave the soil of RVN. They performed the same missions as the Army Ranger (LRRP) Companies, all of which were within RVN territory. With the exception of the Cambodian incursion of May-June 1970, MACVSOG was the only U.S. Military organization authorized to conduct operations outside the borders of the RVN. It is all set forth in John Plaster’s book on the history of MACVSOG; plus I had two officers from Command and Control North that joined my Ranger Company because they did not want to lead patrols cross border into Laos.

    • Hondo says:

      FWIW: you could well be right, rgr769 – and he may still rate the VSM anyway. Offshore Navy and Marine elements also qualified if they served within the designated AOR.

      If I recall correctly, approx 3.1M were awarded the VSM – and only about 2.6M ever set foot in the RVN itself.

      • rgr769 says:

        That would explain the VSM with one star, but no Vietnam Campaign Medal. He was possibly a floater with some amphib marine force in the South China Sea. But one thing is for sure, he never heard a shot fired in anger (war anyway); and he was never anywhere near “Ky-Son” or Khe Sahn (not sure on spelling but I flew over it once), let alone the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

  27. Daisy Cutter says:

    Famous USMC Sniper Carlos Hathcock was nicknamed “White Feather” by the NVA.

    Johnny “NoHathCock” Perez was nicknamed “Tickle Monster” by the Fresno, CA PD.

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