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| February 17, 2017 | 22 Comments

Wilted Willy sends us a link from St Petersburg, Florida where an intruder was shot by the woman who lived in the home that he was invading. He’s expected to survive his injuries.

A 22-year veteran police officer was on his way home from work, in Houston, Texas when his alarm company notified him of an intruder in his home. When the officer arrived there, the thief confronted him with a pickle fork so the officer shot him in the leg. The crook is expected to recover.

24-year-old Tre’von Johnson approached a victim in St Louis County, Missouri and attempted to rob him. A neighbor saw him pull a gun on the victim, so the neighbor pulled his own gun and shot the criminal a number of times. Johnson drove himself to the hospital where police matched descriptions of the thief and the caliber of the bullet holes.

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  1. Hondo says:

    Three perps; all three are in custody after undergoing high-speed heavy metal injection therapy under unsanitary field conditions.

    In baseball terms, that’s a 3-for-3 day with 3 extra-base hits. Helluva good day at the plate for the armed citizens.

  2. Doc Savage says:

    *sigh*…center mass, people…center mass.

    • Hondo says:

      With modern trauma care, sometimes even that isn’t enough. But it does usually result in a perp that’s severely injured and thus off the streets – as well as a living intended victim.

      • Graybeard says:

        True. The Houston trauma hospital Ben Taub is especially skilled at taking folks with knife-wounds to the heart and keeping them alive. Their bullet-wound care is impressive as well.

        If a perp survives (s)he at least has some time to contemplate his/her choices.

  3. 26Limabeans says:

    “she shot him with a large caliber revolver”

    Apparently not large enough for a permanent fix to the threat.
    Always use the largest caliber that you feel safe and confident of your ability with.
    Small bullets may expand but big ones don’t have to. Small bullets may travel at high velocity and cause a thru and thru wound that could injure an innocent person.
    Big bullets don’t have that problem.
    Yeah, I’m a big fan of the .45 ACP.

  4. Dapandico says:

    Tre’Von didn’t join the other Trayvon aka St. Skittles.

  5. 1610desig says:

    “Tre’von”…..such wasted potential…

  6. Foxbat40 says:

    Someone brought a fork to a gun fight….

  7. Skyjumper says:

    HMC Ret, other than the “stabbing dill pickles” type fork, there is also one for removing “ball joints”.

    There’s an opening for comments. 😉

  8. NR Pax says:

    You know how people complain that folks given names like “Tre’von” get stereotyped? This might contribute to that line of thought.

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