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| May 20, 2017

From Oak Cliff, Texas;

[Michelle] Martinez made an early morning trip, walking across Wilton Avenue to Cowart Elementary School to deliver needed medication to her young son. As she left the classroom in a portable building on the north side of the school, a gray four-door Kia pulled up to the curb. The passenger got out, pulled a ski mask over his face, pointed a handgun in Martinez’s chest and demanded money.

“And he had a gun and he said ‘give me what you got.’”

Martinez told him she didn’t have anything. But with the gun pointed at her he began to pat her down, found $200 in her pocket and then grabbed her cell phone and smashed it on the sidewalk. Then she says the driver told the gunman to take her shoes too: a pair of expensive Nike high-tops.

“When he said her shoes I started punching him in the face. I punched him probably like four times,” Martinez said. “I was like I’m going to get some licks after him. I’m gonna let him feel a little pain. I might be a female but females know how to hit too.”

“I know I hit him pretty good,” she said.

She says the gunman backed up, lowered his gun, got in the car and sped away with his accomplice. But Martinez says the encounter would have ended differently if she hadn’t been feet away from an elementary school, a gun free zone. Because both she and her husband keep handguns in their car.

“If it had happened in my car, it would have turned out differently, way differently,” Martinez said, claiming she’s fired in self-defense before, hitting a burglar climbing over her back fence, and a second time warding off a would-be burglar in her front yard.

“She’s tough,” said her husband Eli Montoya who posted the incident on Facebook to warn his friends and neighbors. “She’s my hero,” he said. “I want them caught. Because he could have easily, by accident, squeezed that trigger.”

The crooks knew she was unarmed because she was in a school zone. Only law abiding citizens abide by the law. Crooks not so much.

From Lexington, Kentucky;

Police say a burglar was caught stealing clothes.

Someone inside fired a shot at him. No one was hurt.

Neighbors say the man in question is mentally challenged.

He is in custody and has been charged with burglary.

From Franklinton, Louisiana, Wilson Glenn Rowell is facing a charge of aggravated battery after a friend stole a firearm and then pointed the gun at Rowell and his family when he was confronted about the theft;

That’s when Rowell got a shotgun and said he fired a warning shot into the ground, then at the man while he was still holding the gun, and a final shot when the man started running, after dropping the gun.

The injured man was taken to the hospital, while the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested Rowell for aggravated battery.

“I just had to protect my family,” he said. “Do what any man should do.”

The gun thief is being treated for his injuries, but the police expect to arrest him when he’s released.

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  1. Frankie Cee says:

    Why would a thug choose to rob someone coming out of an elementary school? Easy, the thug knows that only the miscreants would have guns there, as Law Abiding people are forbidden to protect themselves and their children near a school. Gun Free Zones are, to the punks, a “Target Rich Environment”.

  2. OldManchu says:

    In Texas Elementary schools are actually not “gun free” zones. A person with a license to carry a handgun can go into the campus property, parking lots, etc. you can’t enter a building though. I realize that she did enter a building. But she sure didn’t leave her fighting spirit in her car!

  3. OldManchu says:

    Rowell simply had to put the first shot center mass while the thug was holding the stolen firearm! No arrest or charges then. Idiot.

  4. CC Senor says:

    Be careful choosing your friends, Mr Rowell.