Weiner whines during guilty plea

| May 19, 2017

Mick sends us a link to the Virginian-Pilot which reports that Anthony Weiner tearfully apologized to the 15-year-old to whom he sent sexually-explicit text messages and from whom he allegedly failed to solicit nude pictures.

11:25 a.m.

Former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner is crying in court as he apologizes to the 15-year-old girl with whom he exchanged sexually explicit texts.

The judge accepted Weiner’s guilty plea Friday to a charge of transmitting sexual material to a minor. He agreed to not appeal any sentence between 21 and 27 months in prison.

The Democratic former congressman apologized to the 15-year-old, saying, “I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse.”

The judge told him he would have to register as a sex offender.

The FBI began investigating Weiner in September after the 15-year-old North Carolina girl told a tabloid news site that she and Weiner had exchanged lewd messages for several months. She also accused him of asking her to undress on camera.

They should also forbid that he ever have a telephone or other device that transmits digital photos. Make him send his sexually-explicit messages through pony express like our forefathers did.

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  1. ChipNASA says:

    Annnnnnndddd Huma just threw all his shit out on the front lawn (metaphorically)


    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      She’s milked him for all she can, now he’s little more than a millstone around her neck.

      • Silentium Est Aureum says:

        Much like she’s a millstone around Hillary’s neck.

        Vegas odds of her being “Clintoned” in the next few months?

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          High Speed Car Wreck?
          Three bullets to the head and found wrapped in a rug “suicide”?
          “Accidental” poisoning?
          Drug overdose?
          Sudden lethal illness?
          A lethal slip and fall?

          The list goes on, I can only picture the odds at some betting pool in Nevada.

          • Mike Kozlowski says:

            “High Speed Car Wreck?
            Three bullets to the head and found wrapped in a rug “suicide”?
            “Accidental” poisoning?
            Drug overdose?
            Sudden lethal illness?
            A lethal slip and fall?
            “Robbery-murder” ”

            And simultaneously, yet.


        • MSG Eric says:

          She’s not around hillary’s neck, unless Hillary has a long necklace on to keep her head between hillary’s legs.

    • UpNorth says:

      Next up, H. Wideload files for divorce from BJ?
      Too much to hope for. But, BJ has the Energizer, maybe H. Wideload can have her very own (Huma) Weiner?

  2. Doc Savage says:

    Carlos Danger didn’t learn the first few times I guess….this is simply weapons grade stupid with a big helping of pervert tossed into the mix.

  3. sj says:

    So no more wiener for Huma? Just Cankles now. She hitched her wagon to yet another loser.

  4. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Here’s hoping he has to serve his sentence someplace other than a country club prison where he gets to be the “Property ” of Bubba & Thor.

  5. AW1Ed says:

    “The judge told him he would have to register as a sex offender.”

    He forgot to order him to register as a colossal douche bag, too, but pretty much everyone already knows that.

  6. Jay says:

    Odds that he “commits suicide” in prison?

  7. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    “Ohhhh….I’d love to cut off Carlos Danger’s Weiner…
    That is what I’d truely love to dooo……
    For if I cut off Carlos Danger’s Weiner….
    I just might cut off his hands toooooo…….”

    Thank you. I’ll be here all week. Tip generously.

  8. Graybeard says:

    So Anthony Weiner was crying? Too bad so sad. /s

    Anthony Weiner has a sickness? Yeah, he fits right in the Dem0crat country club.

    Anthony Weiner is sick – just like the Clintons, Huma, Sanders, Waters…. the list is long.

  9. Atkron says:

    Does he lose his cushy Congressional pension? probably not…

    • Devtun says:

      Under the FERS system at age 52 is not quite old enough to collect yet. Besides at only 12 years of service he hasn’t accrued enough seniority to collect a really large pension (probably mid 5 figures at best). Living in the heart of NYC, a mere gov’t pension probably ain’t cutting it. He needs a job or maybe he’s a trust fund kid. Heck maybe Huma ends up paying alimony.

      • Hack Stone says:

        Maybe he can get a job giving speeches to Wall Street Bankers, the pay is pretty good. Just ask Hillary. If that doesn’t pan out, he can always start a proud woman owned business selling software to the government. For the right price, Hack would be willing to sign on.

      • The Other Whitey says:

        “…maybe Huma ends up paying alimony.”

        HA! Those two pieces of shit deserve eachother.

  10. FatCircles0311 says:

    $10000000 he doesn’t have to serve a single day in prison, but rather get probation.

    • MSG Eric says:

      Well it is New York and he’s virtually related to the Clintons at this point so I wouldn’t take that bet.

  11. MSG Eric says:

    “Weiner whines about getting caught during guilty plea.”

    There, fixed it for ya, Jonn.

  12. Jonp says:

    Why apologize to a girl that was all in? He is a scumbag but do I remember it right that she claimed to be 18 at the time?

    • MSG Eric says:

      She might have “claimed” that initially, but as I understand there was a point where he knew she was only 15 and continued on.

      At the end of the day, he’s an adult and should know better than to just text his junk to anyone without verifying up front.

      • jonp says:

        oh, ok. I have to say I didn’t pay a great deal of attention on this as it was more of a National Enquirer story than news. I agree he should have tried to verify, somehow, how old she was. The only comment I have is at the time it seemed to me that the girl knew who he was and went ahead, kept all of the tweets and got her 15min.

        • Hack Stone says:

          Yeah, but if he is stupid enough to continue this shit after being publicly exposed for the same shit on multiple occasions, he deserves whatever comes his way.

          • 2/17 Air Cav says:

            “Weiner pleaded guilty to exchanging sexually explicit online messages, including violent rape fantasies, last year with a teen girl he knew to be underage.” NY Post today

  13. Ex-PH2 says:

    Please, just spray it and step on it so it doesn’t mulitply!?!

  14. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I can see the transcript entries now:

    Mr. Weiner: “Thank you [unintelligible]…sobbing.”

    Judge: “Mr. Weiner. There are tissues on the table to your left, sir.”

    Mr. Weiner: [sniffles] Thank you, your hon…your hon…[sobbing.]

    Judge: “Counselor. Can you get your client to stop crying?”

    • Hack Stone says:

      I thought that this transcript woulda bit like this:

      Carlos Danger: [Unintelligable sobbing]

      Judge Dredd: Bailiff, will you give the defendant a tissue?

      Carlos Danger: Thank you, your honor.

      Judge Dredd: Mr. Weiner, those tissues were for your tears, not your… Bailiff, have the cleaning crew report the courtroom immediately and decontaminate the Defense table.

  15. Mark Lauer says:

    The Democratic former congressman apologized to the 15-year-old, saying, “I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse.”
    But my sickness is my excuse, you understand. Right? Good. Can I call you later?

  16. HMC Ret says:

    Pleeeaaassseee, can he go to prison for a few decades and find the loving he so desperately wants in the loving embraces of Julio, Mr. Tiny and Bubba?

  17. Carlton G Long says:

    For all his tough talk, once he got to Court, he cried like a bitch.

    Divorce filing notwithstanding, Huma’s humiliation continues.

  18. Dustoff says:

    Could you imagine, if Hildabeast would have somehow won?, with Huma in a cabinet position and the weiner meister lurking around the White House. Plenty of laughs ‘fo sure!

  19. Retired Grunt says:

    Ding ding, (doorbell, not pun)

    It’s pony express….

    What is it?

    (Opens package)

    It’s a picture of a dong…


    Mwah mwah mwah