Pentagon: Abu Sayed, leader of ISIS-Khorasan, dead

| July 15, 2017 | 26 Comments

According to CNN, the Pentagon has announced that Abu Sayed, the leader of ISIS-Khorasan, the Islamic State in Afghanistan was killed in a drone attack on their headquarters on July 11th;

US Navy Captain Bill Salvin, spokesman for US Forces Afghanistan provided additional detail of how Abu Sayed was killed. Salvin said he was killed in an airstrike by a US drone. The initial Pentagon statement described Sayed being killed in a “raid”.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis told reporters on Friday that the death of a leader like Sayed “sets them back for a day a week, a month, it’s about who it is and what kind of people are below them. It is obviously a victory on our side in terms of setting them back, it’s the right direction.”

I guess his retirement package rolls over to the next guy. Killing the leaders hasn’t had a lasting effect on these terrorist groups, but every little bit helps, I suppose. The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist. If we can’t dissuade them from their corrupt ideology, the only option is to kill them all.

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  1. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Good Riddance! Terrorists, I say kill them all and let Satan eat their souls.

  2. Usafvet509 says:


  3. CC Senor says:

    Line ’em up

  4. Hack Stone says:

    So, when an ISIS member is dispatched to the eternal sleep, is it customary in their culture to erect a memorial consisting of Mylar balloons, teddy bears and candles? Providing that service to ISIS clientele in that part of the world just may be a growing industry under the current administration.

    • Perry Gaskill says:

      You might want to alter the business plan to include fluffy toy baby goats dressed in burqas instead of teddy bears. The value add in a jihadist market often yields better scale if rendered with a localized identifier…

  5. AW1Ed says:

    AMF, lil’cowpoke!

  6. Sparks says:

    Fuck em all. Kill em all.

  7. Ex-PH2 says:

    The world will little note, nor long remember Abbie whatshisname.

  8. FuzeVT says:

    That missile was tax dollars well spent!

  9. Forest Green says:

    Well, I guess he’ll be looking for his virgins.

  10. Stephen F. McCartney, M.D. says:

    I only hope he was ‘dropping a deuce’ in a deep squat scanning thru the lingerie section of a used 1982 Sear’s Catalogue when it landed on his wrinkled ass. He probably thought the day was starting out pretty good

    CAPT Bones USN (ret)

  11. ALVO says:

    I thought the goats WERE the virgins promised. Good riddance and who is next for the “gift” from above?

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