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From Escondido, California;

Deputies said a man knocked on the homeowner’s door saying he was being chased and asking for money to pay for a taxi. The homeowner, who lives in the house surrounded by a tall fence topped with barbed wire, apparently didn’t believe the man’s story. What happened next is unclear, but the homeowner ended up shooting the man, apparently with a rifle or shotgun.

The man then barricaded himself in the master bedroom until sheriff’s deputies arrived. The homeowner’s two daughters were still in the house and were escorted from the home by deputies. The 28-year-old suspect emerged from the bedroom with multiple gunshot wounds.

The man was conscious and alert as paramedics took him to a hospital. He was released from the hospital and taken into custody.

From Chipley, Florida;

The incident happened at about 2:45 a.m. Sunday when a woman awoke to a loud noise outside her Pettis Road home. She woke up her husband and he went outside and found three men in his vehicles.

“During this time, a suspect, later identified as Tristen Wilson, 19, of Panama City Beach, turned toward the homeowner in a manner that made him fear he was about to be shot and the homeowner began to fire his rifle,” officials wrote in a news release.

The suspects drove away in a black 4 door Honda with a flat tire. Deputies found it and three suspects sitting in the middle of Pettis Road a short time later.

It was “apparent that they were all under the influence of either alcohol or drugs and they were not following commands,” deputies wrote

Once all suspects were detained, Wilson, advised deputies he had been shot. Washington County EMS responded immediately and transported Wilson to a local hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound to the leg.

Deputies found a loaded 9 mm handgun was found inside the suspects’ vehicle.

From Jacksonville, Florida;

Just after 2am Wednesday police responded to the Canterbury Gardens Apartments on Lane Avenue. JSO says the victim had just arrived home and was near his apartment door when a man with a gun approached him.

During the course of the attempted robbery the suspect shot the victim once in the leg.

Police say the victim was also carrying a gun and returned fire at the suspect. But it’s not clear whether the suspect was hit.

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    Asked for cab fare? Never be dependent on the kindness of strangers, especially in the dark hours of the night. You may be met by a large, angry dog or homeowner, possibly with a gun.
    Was this fellow ‘being chased’ planning to flag down a cab in the wee hours?

    Three drunks try to steal cars and drive away with a flat tire and a leg wound instead of a stolen car. Is that correct? Sorry, but that reporter’s effort to relay details muddled the story itself.

    In other good news, Miss Punkin Squawkypants has a second confirmed mousekill. I have pictures. The mouse is in the trash instead of in the house.

  2. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    Well a BZ goes out for Miss Punkin on the confirmed mouse kill. She deserves a nice CAT NAP on top of the computer. Speaking of cats, I watched a cat walking along Delray Beach the other day but I said that it was impossible due to the fact that this is August and what would SANDY CLAWS be doing out this early in the year?

  3. E. Conboy says:

    Ex-PH2, may I have a word? I’m a 80 year old lady whose family members have patrioticly served in all branches and we are so thankful every one came home in one piece. Mother’s oldest brother Quincy Eugene Daily, born 03/03/ 1895, tleft the family farm at Rosa near the tiny town of Oneonta,Al, enlisted and was assigned to artillery after basic training and his outfit was shipped off to England, France and Germany, under the command of Harry Truman. He did his job loading and later catching the hot and heavy shells. His letters to his Mama and Papa and family were so short, look like they written with a pencil, but my Grandmother kept them close to her heart.
    Unfolded, reread, and refolded not knowing where her beloved so was. She made him good heavy socks and underwear and tried to send enough sweets and writing materials so he could share with others who didn’t have any. Many of the young men didn’t know how to write, and he listened to them and write for the men a letter they could send home. My grandmother
    guarded those briefs messages, short letters and every ribbon or badge he received..and locked them safely away in her round top ladies trunk. Years later, my cousin and her children inherited them and eventually
    donated the small collection to The Birmingham Public Library, Department of Archives.
    Other cousins followed Quincey’s service to the country
    Qiuincy’s son in law, Stanford W.Coston, enlisted in the Navy in Philadelphia
    and chose to make a career officer, and was Commander, later full fledged Captain and served an a captain of quiet a few vessels, in cruiser off Vietnam Nam, in the Mediterranean on high alert always he was awarded a bronze star with Valor amd this is engraved on hi military marble marker.,which I tend with respectful reverence. His ashes are interred beside hid mother and father in law in oak hill cemetery ,Oneonta Al
    Captain’s son Eric Blake Murray, endured and completed all the training and tests and qualified SEAL, the family is naturally proud of his work for our country,but we do not know what risks he faced tho I know in my heart he didn’t backdown, and rescued several wounded, Now retired, he taught fourth grade in Oone of the most neglected areas in Atlanta for a few years.
    But now he is a granddaddy to a beautiful little girl about 3 years old who lives with her lovely mommy and another man of the sea:After graduating the Naval Academy, he was guided into Nuclear Sciences etc and became an officer on a nuclear submarine,is it permissible to tell they went under the North Pole.patrol.
    My older cousin,LT COL Jerry Robert Daily, Sr,, after Marion Militart Academy, attended University Alabama joined as ROTC officer and joined the service as soon as he could. I know of a few assignments in Germany which were important, but in VIet Nam kept him hopping. He was loyal to his men, and on two occasions volunteered to take these men’s duties ( in the field) in order that one could take leave to go home and care for his mother. I m proud of his decision. Another soldier had no siblings and. He was told that his father was critically ill,in a true spirit of brotherhood, took that man’ s tour 3 for 3. Jerry was a natural leader, Unfortunately AO which definitely wasn’t used in the VIet of the Nam, drenched him and his troops,,
    and they who were so exposed suffered dire medical problems. Jerry’s was first noticed by a dentist in Huntsville who wisely referred him to UAB in B’ham, they advised an oncologist at the hospital where I have volunteered
    About 20 years, One learns many secrets of a hospital if one applies herself.
    I noticed an expanded complex of rooms, with comfortable sofas, chairs, rei dig, micro, tv, walk in shower and a private adjoining room next ti this suite.
    Knowing that was designed to be at the use of the matriarch of a nearby convent,dedicated to prayer,She had CHF and sometimes just dropped in to rest.with her cute little doggie, enjoying the nice meals and the finest accommodations ever.Worship and prayer are impertinent in my life when I was told Jerry would receiving surgery and care at the hospital where I knew all of the administrative staff, many on the medical staff , food services ,housekeepers, security and parking managers,and best of.. The unit secretary! It is she who makes the bed assignments, aha! We were friends,
    but I wouldn’t jeopardize her job security for anything. But in asking if she knew of upcoming plans for this suite, and she investigated, said no , they’re taking a trip somewhere. So I asked if an US ARMY LTC with about 30-35 years of service might find it a conventint location for himself, his wife who had recent knee replacements, there is a lodge across the street.buitl by volunteering bake sales, clothing and jewelry sales, book sales and profits from sales in the gift shop and a big golf tournament, Plus we had a very dericated support group of business men and women eager to help finance the construction. It was built, under budget, but with all the conveniences a family might need at home, it was blessed by the ArchBishop and fully rented the next day. That’s what I was proud to be a small part of. Unfortunately, we quickly realized it involved walking the equivalent of three city blocks for Patty with her recent knee replacements
    So back at the Unit Secretary’s Desk, meeting with her she arranged for my beloved cousin to be quarter there as long as nesscessary. His wife, Patti,could stay by his bed side, sleep in the adjoining room, I’d bring smoked pimento sandwiches, chips or salads and soup for our lunchtime , and supper. Their children,all grown! Son graduated West Point, head of the line.
    He trained men and women to fly helicopters Fort Rucker,did any of you go there? you know that place? Now he’s a senior consultant for AirBus being developed in Mobile,Al.he welcomes military, and suggestions.
    Army Captain Ward Andrew Keith,MD began his medical career with
    At—— base Upon discharge,he opened a family practice clinic in desperately disadvantaged coal mining communities.
    His grandson Gregory Morgan, completed the Military Academy, and is probably in the sand box. Pray for him, please.
    Lastly in my family I want you to meet my coucin’s husband, James Carven McPherson who had worked on the moon rockets and landing, circling the moon, returning all the crew to earth safely. He directed projects at the proving grounds, taught at Dule University, and the Air Force Academy.
    He was a friend to moat of the astronauts and all of them enjoy his wife’s fine cooking. We miss him and will love him forever.
    I am thankful that these men in my family chose to serve and lead in the hell which is war.
    I am thankful for your service to our magnificent country, when I see out beautiful flag which symbolized the red blood shed to form a more perfect union, the pure white stars on the blue background, even at 79 years of age
    chill bumps run up my back and tears run down from my eyes!
    These rebellious protestors must hav smoked at drugged all of the cell in their poor little heads.apparently few bothered to attend school, or really study American History. I am very concerned about our great nation’s future.
    Ladies and gentlemen. What can we do?

    Note to EX-PH2:
    A tiny feral cat decided she would line with my husband and me in March.
    Sweetest little kitty, vet vaccinated her for almost everything, and later spaded at the proper time, told us to try to keep her from jumping .. HA!
    So hus, bought a 15′ long plank propped or on her favorite window ledge
    Onto which we had previously attached a much wider observation point shelf,,said ramp extended from window ,passed the fool of my bed, and she loved it! We had it covered with a layer of yoga mat in her favorite color, ‘HairBall’ .a few nights later when we went out with her in the backyard to let her play with the rising lightening bugs… she vanished! SImply vanished!
    Right before our very eyes! She didn’t make a sound! But she was gone..
    Forever. Our vets believe an owl which sometimes watches from our neighbor’s lighted flagpole must have swooped down silently and grabbed our precious Miss Kitty., She had just pinned a little vole a few minutes earlier, and was very proud of her prize. Have you experienced anything similar? Respectfully, E. Conboy

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      There are so many hawks and turkey buzzards in this area that letting a pet out unattended is almost a guarantee it will disappear in the blink of an eye. Punkin may be feral, but she’s the same size as a squirrel and would make a nice meal for a hawk’s fledglings. I think she knows it, too. So, no, she doesn’t go out, period.

      I don’t mind if the hawks thin out the squirrel population. The tree bandits steal all my bird food. There are also coyotes around here that will attack dogs and children, too. They follow the game trails along the rivers. The deer population is so high that the counties are letting hunters go in where they don’t usually go to think the herds. I expect to see reports of bobcats and cougars at some point. It’s already happening in the western counties of this state.

      But my cats are strictly indoor kitties. They have plenty of windows to watch from and are well cared for.

  4. Elizabeth Conboy says:

    Thank you .

  5. Elizabeth Conboy says:

    I mistakenly wrote the name of Captain Stanford W. Coston’s stepson.
    He is Richard Blake Murray.
    My apologizes, old eyes!

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