75th anniversary of Dieppe

| August 19, 2017 | 6 Comments

Seventy-five years ago today, more than 900 Canadian soldiers died on the beach at Dieppe, France in the precursor to the Normandy invasion, on what CTV News calls the bloodiest day for Canadians during World War II. Of the nearly 5,000 Canadians who took part in the raid, 916 were killed and more than half were injured.

The mission depended on stealth. But by the time the Canadian troops landed on the shore that morning, they were 17 minutes late. The sun was already up, and the soldiers were barraged by German gunfire from the cliffs above. Hundreds of bodies were strewn across the beach.

A few small contingents of soldiers were able to make it into the town of Dieppe, but they quickly retreated once it appeared the raid had failed.

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  1. The Other Whitey says:


    Definitely worth a read. Lionel Chetwynd’s platoon sergeant in the Canadian Army was a Dieppe veteran.

  2. mikeninercharlie says:

    43 members of the 1st (US) Ranger Bn participated in the Dieppe Raid. 3 were KIA and several taken POW. At the going down of the Sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.

  3. Combat Historian says:

    The OPSEC for Operation JUBILEE (Dieppe raid) was absolutely horrible; word had filtered out and personnel and even civvies without a need to know at the port of debarkation and nearby town were talking about the impending raid days before the actual d-day. How much this played a role in the defeat of the raid is debated to this day.

    The Allies did learn a lesson from this, so that when Gen. Eisenhower and SHAEF planned the OVERLORD invasion two years later, they instituted the BIGOT OPSEC system to ensure that word did not get out, and anyone who did not toe the line were immediately bounced and sent home, to include a two-star USAAF general. SHAEF did not play around in 1944…


    Rest In Peace, Brave fellow Canucks

  5. HONEST GUV says:

    There are some moving and distressing pictures of the dead lying where they fell all along the wall and German soldiers wandering around looking at it all. They gave all they had for success later and so God bless them.

  6. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    A good book to read about the raid is “The Dieppe Raid” by Robin Neillands.

    RIP to the brave men that were lost on that day, and to the survivors of the raid.

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