Behind the IVAW Music; Matthis Chiroux

| March 20, 2009

Last night Tankerbabe sent me this link to a blog post about a protest in New York City against “the war” and she pointed out that Matthis Chiroux was there. This morning I find a link from LT Nixon to a New York Times article about the same protest – it also mentions Chiroux.

Our interest in him goes back to the day that he announced his intention to disregard the letter he supposedly received from the Army ordering him to report for duty from his Individual Ready Reserve commitment. We’ve also checked out his somewhat spotty record and his false claim that he is an “Afghanistan veteran”.

But there is someone who wants to let everyone know the truth about Matthis Chiroux This person has been in email contact with me intermittently over the last few weeks. Whoever it is claims that they’ve known Chiroux for the last few years since he was stationed in Germany.

To begin with, Chiroux was not in any way “targeted” by the military to join. Prior to his enlistment, he had had several run-ins with the law, primarily due to truancy and drug use. Chiroux’s father, whom I feel very sorry for as he is a respectable man, urged his son to join the Army as a means of obtaining discipline and staying out of jail.

As you can see by his military records, Chiroux is by no means a war hero. His tour of duty extended to the far reaches of Tokyo, Japan and Heidelberg, Germany. This alongside a week in a non-combat area of Afghanistan.

I do not have enough information about his activity in Tokyo. However, I do know that his “duty” in Heidelberg consisted of insubordination to his superiors and smoking pot on a daily basis. As a fellow servicemember, I have to admit his work ethic was terrible. How he was promoted to sergeant is even further beyond me. And, finally, the fact that he boasts about his honorable military service is simply disgusting.

After Chiroux was dismissed from active duty, he took residency in Brooklyn, NY following the help of a female friend he had been acquainted with during Army training. I feel especially bad for both this woman, who was his neighbor and had to leave her own apartment on account of his behavior, as well as another young man he knew from Heidelberg, who became his roommate and who subsequently also moved out of Chiroux’s apartment following menacing threats. I have no doubt these two individuals would have more than enough information to put Chiroux in his place. However, I am unsure of their willingness to speak out against him.

Chiroux’s true character emerged after his orders to deploy. Prior to this moment, he had no inclination to rant against his “illegal war.” After all, it is easy to take from the government as long as you’re not serving it. Upon his realization that time was limited, Chiroux took a trip back to Germany to visit an ex-girlfriend. This is were the story gets interesting.. He was heard stating that he would run away to either Europe, essentially Spain, or to Canada as a means of avoiding the war. This was stated by him in tears of fear, not of any sense of illegality of mission at hand.

Following the advice of this ex-girlfriend, whom he would later use in the same way he uses many others, Chiroux decided to “speak out” against the war. He wound up finding the IVAW and obtaining their services. Since then, he has been receiving generous donations from people who believe in him, without knowing who he actually is. The last that I’ve heard, Chiroux spent almost his entire endowment on pot and has virtually nothing left to pay the lawyer working on his case. His behavior has become increasingly aggressive toward the people whom he had dubbed his friends. Furthermore, his greatest means of achieving financial aid is by his manipulation of women. He is nothing more than a common thug.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that the only people who defend Chiroux are women. Of course, most of what this person writes is just what we’ve suspected all along. There always seems to be a point at which these less disingenuous IVAW members suddenly become anti-war. For Kokesh it was when he got turned down for request to go back to Iraq because of he was busted for smuggling an Iraqi pistol from the first tour. For Millard, it was when he discovered that the Army wasn’t going to pension him off for his high school “back injury”. And for Chiroux, it was when his life was about to get uncomfortable after leaving Arkansas and living in Japan, Germany and New York City.

We suspected his attempts to get donations was a scam when we first saw his website. And it’s not like all of this stuff hasn’t been said before by other people. Many of the IVAW people that I’ve had the opportunity to communicate with are similarly disillusioned with Matthis Chiroux the crybaby drama queen liar.

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  1. Sponge says:

    I’m starting to wonder why the Japanese are working so hard on getting the android perfected when the douche bag industry obviously perfected it YEARS ago…..

  2. Raoul says:

    This the guy in the photo that was sucking the lint out of the othe IVAW guy’s belly button in some Hempstead dinner?

  3. streetsweeper says:

    Ehhhhhhhh heh, Raoul. That’d be the *lint sucker*

  4. JosephH says:

    Hearsay from unidentified sources doesn’t make for a convincing case. What would this anonymous source have to fear if s/he revealed her/himself?

    Jonn wrote: Oh, I know who this person is and they’re pretty credible. You either trust me or you don’t – that’s your choice.

  5. StPatrick says:

    Are we rushing to conclusions here? I don’t mean the conclusion that Chiroux sucks at life; that is pretty obvious. What I mean is “are we accepting what others say as face value because it reinforces what we already believe?”

    Let me preface that I have not served in any of the Armed Forces, so I may have missed something important – my fault if so. That said, I am struck by paragraph 3, which states “However, I do know that his “duty” in Heidelberg consisted of insubordination to his superiors and smoking pot on a daily basis.”

    I am lucky enough to have friends that have been NCOs and officers in the Army, and knowing them, I find it hard to believe that Chiroux’ behavior was tolerated. This leads to two questions (with sub-questions, because I like following the rabbit hole, and am genuinely interested in your responses):

    1. Did leadership (NCOs, and his LT / CPT) ignore illegal behavior? If so, what are the implications if others like Chiroux are out there and being ignored? I’d hate to think that this is true, because some of the selfish morons like Chiroux would end up deployed in combat, and their actions will only hurt those in their unit, in combat or out of it. This scenario is an absolute discipline-killer.

    2. Did Chiroux manage to conceal his behavior so well that nobody knew what he was up to off-base? If so, why didn’t the soldier who knew about it report that behavior? Yes, nobody likes a snitch, but everybody hates being dead because someone in your unit was a screwup. That leads to this: was Chiroux the only “soldier” engaged in these behaviors, or was the witness protecting more than one, some of whom might not have sucked like Chiroux?

    I look forward to your responses. Thanks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This article is absurd! I am extremely disgusted after reading this load of bull shit! It is complete hearsay and whoever wrote it has no clue what they are talking about!

    For those who have had the wonderful pleasure of knowing Matthis Chiroux, like myself, know that he is not only a tremendous guy who is so much more than any gentlemen, but he is an exceptionally strong man and has so much courage to not only speak out about the truth, but actually act upon it. First and foremost, Matthis is by NO means a “thug”. He has been such a loving, good hearted and respectable man to his girlfriend, my best friend, and I have never seen him act aggressive by any stretch with his peers.

    Matthis’s resistance is a perfect example of the amount of courage that our men and women have who are serving our country. However, his courage goes far beyond the battle fields. He is brave enough to go against the actions that our country is engaging in and he has inspired his fellow soldiers to join hands with him in resisting the occupation.

    Matthis speaks truth to power, and that is not something that is simple to do. For those who may not believe what I am saying to be truthful, visit or pick up a copy of the book Winter Soldiers: Iraq and Afghanistan: Eyewitness accounts of the Occupation. I guarantee that once you read the stories of the other men and woman who share the same beliefs that Matthis does, you will have the same feelings that I do, when I say that this article is absolute crap.

    Jonn wrote: Yeah, OK, sure. This comment arrived by way of the New School University’s network.

  7. Sporkmaster says:

    What courage? How can you say that running away from duty is the same kind of courage of people that go into harm’s way?

    I do not need to see the websites on IVAW or Winter Soldiers(aka Summer patriots) books becuase I am in Iraq right now. When you have read my stories you will retract that last statement.

  8. Sporkmaster says:

    Here is my myspace page with all the Iraq photos if you want to challenge my claim.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Not Right. Juve File sealed but he joined the army to avoid prison, theft, drugs, you name it. “Poor, southern family” – his dad is a PhD. Throwing his dad and Sgt. Whitetree under the bus – disturbing. Afghanistan – 6 days, Phillipines, same, spent most of his time in Japan and Heidelberg, GE, never saw 1 day in Iraq. It is time to expose his background. This guy is going to make a lot of people, especially IVAW, look like fools when the rest of the story comes out.

  10. Note to Anonymous says:

    Hey Anonymous… you sure he’s still such a wonderful boyfriend to your “best friend?” Why don’t you go find his ex-girlfriend Nicole and ASK HER how he dragged her ass out of GERMANY, only to have HER FINANCIAL SUPPORT him while he was off doing his Congress thing. AND THEN why don’t you ask her how he got rid of her when the money started dwindling. BUT THAT’S OKAY. You want to know WHY? Because then he met YOUR BEST FRIEND, who’s probably loaded, and is now calling her “his love” and “one and only.” One piece of advice to you, girlfriend, from woman to woman. Get a fucking clue.