AIG pressured to donate to Dodd

| March 30, 2009

Jennifer Haberkorn and Jerry Seper of The Washington Times write this morning that after the 2006, AIG execs were influenced by their chiefs to donate heavily to Senator Chris Dodd;

The message in the Nov. 17, 2006, e-mail from Joseph Cassano, AIG Financial Products chief executive, was unmistakable: Mr. Dodd was “next in line” to be chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, which oversees the insurance industry, and he would “have the opportunity to set the committee’s agenda on issues critical to the financial services industry.

“Given his seniority in the Senate, he will also play a key role in the Democratic Majority’s leadership,” Mr. Cassano wrote in the message, obtained by The Washington Times.

Mr. Dodd’s campaign quickly hit pay dirt, collecting more than $160,000 from employees and their spouses at the AIG Financial Products division (AIG-FP) in Wilton, Conn., in the days before he took over as the committee chairman in January 2007. Months later, the senator transferred the donations to jump-start his 2008 presidential bid, which later failed.

Now, if the same type of message had been found among the emails of Enron in regards to a Republican candidate, can you imagine the outcry? So why, exactly, aren’t Democrats calling for Dodd to resign, or at least step down from his influential position among the decision makers in Congress involved in AIG at this point?

If the reason that the media chases down Republicans for sex scandals is because of a supposed hypocrisy between their message and their personal behavior, why isn’t the media attacking the Democrats for their blatant hypocrisy in regards to dealing with lobbyists and donors (not to mention not paying their taxes)?

Speaking of hypocrisy (as we often do here) if this had been the Bush girls, it would have been splashed across front page as a conclusion, not as “purports”.

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  1. Raoul says:

    Maybe we should ask Crazy Joe about how he defined the term “Drug Czar”.

  2. Awe, the Conservatives are upset because someone got more money then their guy.

    Just go to the link provided, and you can see where, oh no, McCain got almost $60,000 from the same company you blast about giving to Dodd and Obama. Romney got some scratch, as well as Guiliani…

    I thought you all were proud of being unbiased when reporting facts?

  3. TSO says:

    We hate them too, SD.

  4. JuniorAG says:

    “Awe, the Conservatives are upset because someone got more money then their guy.”

    No, the cons are annoyed at how the media doesn’t cover a ‘crat the way they would a ‘pub.

    Have you considered doing a hitch in CA or joining an NGO (valid option for a pacifist if you are one.) to apply your assistance “tactic” in the ‘Ghan or are you going to continue screeching “chickenhawk” at people who possess DD-214s???

  5. Southern Democrat says:

    JuniorAG…I do not attack the soldiers that fight in these illegal wars, b ut rather the Administration that sent them there. I hold no malice to the men and women who had no other option then the military..its just not the avenue I had to take, in that I was lucky enough to have scholarship and savings to justify going to college.

  6. Nucsnipe says:

    SD Translator: I’m smarter and richer nyah nyah. And the wars no longer illegal because my wet dream Obama says so.

  7. JuniorAG says:

    “I hold no malice to the men and women who had no other option then the military..”

    And your opinion of people who are born to be career Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Coastguardsmen & Airmen is????

  8. Southern Democrat says:

    Junior AG, I think parents wish they could provide a better future for their children then they were afforded. I honestly believe everyone has this hope for the ones that come after them. Sadly, sometimes that cant happen.

  9. UpNorth says:

    “illegal wars”? Uh, I think if you’ll check, congress went along with both. “No other option than the military”? “Halp us, Jon Kary, we r stuk in Irak” all over again. What a self-serving prick of a snob.

  10. Matt says:

    I declined two scholarships to join the Regular Army. I thought the fight against communism and terrorism was worth the sacrifice. And look, 22 yrs later, we are still fighting both of them. One of them just stopped being a foreign enemy.

    SD- Ever thought that maybe there might be a small chance some of us in uniform actually enjoy what we do and have always heeded the call to serve?