IVAW’s Chiroux apologizes for occupying Afghanistan

| April 15, 2009

This is some silly shit right here. Mathis Chiroux, the IVAW’s biggest drama queen liar who once stopped at an airbase in Afghanistan for six days apologized to Afghan peace activist Malalai Joya for occupying Afghanistan;

[I]n 2005, for a brief time, I helped occupy Malalai’s country, and it was wrong. It was my mistake. I should not have been there. I should not have been supporting this oppression of her people. Today I want to look Malalai in the eye, and I want to tell you, Malalai, how sorry I am for the violence that my Army has done to your people, to your country. I want to apologize to you for the role that I played in it. I was wrong, and I will show you that my country and the rest of the world can come to a place where they can admit wrong, apologize, and offer some sort of reconciliation.

Six days. I once spent six days occupying a table at the Ovalo Bar in Panama on a drunk. Maybe Chiroux would like to show us on his Form 2-1 where his “occupation” was recorded by the Army;

Or show us his campaign medal for his “occupation” in his records;

Further down, he plants the seed for his future PTSD claims;

I was really happy to be in Japan and Germany, but felt the U.S. had no business in either place. I was sent to other places, Italy, the Philippines, and Afghanistan, for example to write an article about how great the U.S. military is to provide medical care to Rumanian NATO soldiers wounded in Afghanistan. On these assignments, I had to carry a weapon: I don’t want to think about how many women and children it may have inadvertently been pointed at. As an Army journalist it was my job to collect and filter service member’s stories. I heard many stomach-churning testimonies of the horrors and crimes taking place in Iraq. For fear of retaliation from the military, I failed to report these crimes. Now I feel I struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), in part because of deep feelings of guilt that I used my art to further what I now consider to be a racist, imperialist and ultimately genocidal campaign.

Yeah, we don’t belong in Japan and Germany – that’s why those two countries are constantly fighting for us to stay there. And now he’s going to claim he got PTSD FROM LISTENING TO STORIES! Yeah, I got PTSD from watching The Longest Day AND reading the book. That’s more ridiculous than the clown, Zach Maddox who got PTSD from pulling guard duty on 8th and Eye Street barracks in DC protecting it from pizza delivery guys who looked like Osama bin Laden.

In related Chiroux news, he posted a press release on his blog today in the run up to yet another hearing date for his discharge reclassification. As we’ve come to expect from this prima donna, he thinks he’s going to turn an Army Administrative hearing into a three ring circus;

“I go now to St. Louis to honor my promises and convictions,” said Chiroux. “Obama or No-Bama, the military must cease prosecuting Soldiers of conscience, and we will demonstrate to them why.”

Soldiers of conscience, indeed. He’s a crybaby sissy who didn’t want to have his lifestyle disrupted despite his commitment to his country. Well, the people who know him say it best;

Chiroux’s true character emerged after his orders to deploy. Prior to this moment, he had no inclination to rant against his “illegal war.” After all, it is easy to take from the government as long as you’re not serving it. Upon his realization that time was limited, Chiroux took a trip back to Germany to visit an ex-girlfriend. This is were the story gets interesting.. He was heard stating that he would run away to either Europe, essentially Spain, or to Canada as a means of avoiding the war. This was stated by him in tears of fear, not of any sense of illegality of mission at hand.

If I may paraphrase it, he’s a big smelly pussy who threatens women, drains their checking accounts and casts them aside. And a dork.

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  1. TSO says:

    The fact that this bonesmuggler claims Afghan service incenses me beyond belief. He didn’t point his effen rifle at anyone, unless it was on Bagram.

    Go smoke a bowl and disappear Matthis, you are an embarrassment to everyone around you, and you’ll end up a loser for all your life. You wouldn’t know honor if it jumped up and bit you on the ass.

  2. Bill, ex-USN says:

    What a lying, whining dirtbag. He’d better pray to God he never runs into some real servicemen some dark night.

  3. Airborne Injun says:

    TSO…Correct me if I’m wrong,but this douche bag is’nt worth the powder it would take to blow is sorry ass to hell!!!

  4. Mike43 says:

    This leaves me wondering why this a–hole hasn’t received an attitude adjustment for all the sh-t he’s been spewing.Extreme prejudice would be a little extreme I suppose.And you are correct Bill, ex-USN, he has been lucky so far he hasn’t run into a real veteran from say the Viet Nam war or even more since.First Gulf War comes to mind as I have a couple of ex-USMC buddies that where there for real.Also a few from Nam that I see every now and then.

  5. olga says:

    I have a silly question: is this guy for real?? How can he write such crap with the straight face?? And how other people can read it and believe it with the straight face??

  6. J3 says:

    Mike 43, I respectfully disagree – extreme prejudice would be just fine.
    BUT –
    About his occupation of Afghanistan, though- he MAY have awakened from some stupor, covered in hashish dust and semen from numerous donors, and sincerely said “This must be Afghanistan! Take me again, you bearded brute! Punish me for invading your borders! Invade MY borders, desert prince!!”

    – to be fair, my great uncle, who was much given to drink, DID once mistake Fort Meade for Kabul, so these things CAN happen. He kept trying to twirl his nightstick and tell some Captain that he was a “frkng herhble jemms tombyetch!” by which he apparently meant a turban wearing inbred spawn of a diseased and mildly retarded camel and he should depart this area at once. The effect would have been better, had he not continued to whack himself in the face eatch time he spun the nightstick. The Captain, not grasping the sublety of nuance, or the sublime irony of his actions, simply had him hauled off in irons, and DD’d but the mistake was sincere.

  7. Rurik says:

    Maybe Matthis will next apologize for occupying the US Army. He certainly was not wanted, and had no business being there either.

  8. Lucky says:

    TSO, This sumbitch was there when we were? Where is that Wayback Machine so we can go Wall To Wall Counsel him?

  9. JuniorAG says:

    “On these assignments, I had to carry a weapon: I don’t want to think about how many women and children it may have inadvertently been pointed at.”

    Hey pothead, unlike you, Mr. 6 day “war vet”, I actually performed 46 Q duties for a full Afghanistan tour, we toted our M-4s muzzle DOWN, kind of like the Brit Northern Ireland carry. I used a goody on my vest called a Wolf hook to facilitate this. Real vets, unlike yourself, know it’s not good to point weapons at people arbitrarily in a COIN environment.

    “This leaves me wondering why this a–hole hasn’t received an attitude adjustment for all the sh-t he’s been spewing”
    Naw, we don’t want to beat him up, he’d get some sort of sexual gratification if real vets pummeled him & we don’t want to help him with his kinks. However, as a 46 Q and DINFOS grad, I’d like to give him a wedgie and leave him hanging off a locker at Ft. Meade by his BVD elastic.

  10. Lucky says:

    Ooh, Ooh, we can lock him in those small assed wall lockers and give him a swirly……… F* it. He needs Wall to Wall Counselling!

  11. JuniorAG says:

    Pothead claimed:”I also trained for the 82nd Airborne in North Carolina, but I chose not continue that training, because the 82nd Airborne has a reputation for mindless brutality, both to their own and to the “enemy.”

    Uhh, you get ASSIGNED to the Division, for first termers after jump school. I hope this pussy terminated and lost his jump wings. When I was in the Division, we did ninja mind fvck PT because once you hit the ground, you have got to be fit to fight & “LPCs” are how you do most of your movements, perhaps this is the “mindless brutality to their own” wimp-boy drivels about.

  12. Lucky says:

    When I was in Afghanistan, standing SOP for the TF was to NEVER lock and load at BAF until we left the wire. IDK what Dumbass was talking about, but we also never drew down unless we felt threatened, and as I recall, the only shots fired in anger by the TF were in A Bad and J Bad. Is this Dumbass suible for libel?

  13. Chuck says:

    Unlike pothead, I was proud to be attached to the 82nd Airborne during Operation Just Cause in Panama. I do not know anybody I would want to have my back other than this fine group of soldiers. As far as anyone in the IVAW you can kiss my ass. They have done nothing to deserve any respect. They can suck John Kerry’s dick all they want. Sorry I have had a few drinks and guy’s like this piss me off.

  14. Lucky says:

    The 82D is about the most professional Division of Paratroopers I have yet seen.

  15. Steve Slauson says:

    Where do you find these nuts?
    Better question: How do we make them go away?
    Are we paying them the attention they never got from mommy?
    Or are they just plain stupid? Please help me to understand.
    No. Please make them go away!

  16. Matt says:

    How many women were in the Afghan government before we liberated the country from the Taliban? The present government is far from perfect, but then again, neither is ours.

  17. TSO says:

    Mr Slauson, if they go away Jonn and I are out of shit to write about, but I’m pretty sure no panacea for these assclowns exists. We’ll keep looking though.

  18. On these assignments, I had to carry a weapon: I don’t want to think about how many women and children it may have inadvertently been pointed at.”

    Maybe if you had a little muzzle awareness you wouldn’t be inadvertenly pointing your weapon at anyone.

  19. JuniorAG says:

    “The 82D is about the most professional Division of Paratroopers I have yet seen.”
    Exactly why the nutless pothead terminated, if he ever was assigned to the Division!

  20. Claymore says:

    I remember it like it was yesterday, man. Our boat crew had been ordered to make way up-stream on the Euphrates, looking for insurgents…which we all know was code for civies. We motored for three hours when we got hit by this major big time storm. Me and the skipper did our best, but we eventually lost it and put our boat into the rocks, stranding us on this damn deserted island in the middle of the widest part of the river. With the hull all effed up and our radio knocked out, we figured it would only be a little while before we were missed and they’d send a helo out to look for us but they never showed up. They wrote us all off for dead…it was me…the skipper too…Trey and his bunk mate…this dude we called The Professor and all the rest. Man, you should sit right down and here all the tales I could tell about that damn island we called Giggle Land Island. We eventually got off there, but by the time we did, no one cared and we’d replaced several of the original unit…it was all Cheney’s fault, man…here on Giggle Land Island.

    PO3 Jesse Joshua “Buddy” McMinnow
    13th Riverine Squadron Attack Crew Sailors
    2006-2008 Iraq

  21. The Sniper says:

    TSO, when you got dissentary didn’t you actually “occupy” one of the latrines in A-stan for longer than Chiroux was even in the country?

  22. TSO says:

    If by latrines you mean the floor of the showers, then yes. I couldn’t make it to the latrines, as I am sure ANON will attest to.

  23. JuniorAG says:

    “TSO, when you got dissentary didn’t you actually “occupy” one of the latrines in A-stan for longer than Chiroux was even in the country?”

    Oh CRAP, literally. That phuquestain Chiroux wasn’t even in country long enough to get a case of the Afghan chits…

    On my first tour, it was yellow lava & on my second, caught the explosive diarrhea. You can’t claim to have been a vet of the ‘Ghan if you didn’t wonder if your bowels were gonna implode!

  24. j3 says:

    But Claymore’s tale did omit a few details… like the fact that, stowed away on board were two gals from the USO, Ginger and MaryAnn, who managed to keep the guys from being too depressed!
    And there was that other guy, the odd sissy stowaway who deserted the infantry and hid on the Swift Boat… the one that looked like Herman Munster, nicked a hangnail and put in for a Purple Heart, what was his name… something Kerry…..

  25. OIF Vet says:

    PTSD my ass. I know Chiroux from a while back. He tried to feed me the same bullshit. He’s a fucking moron. Honestly, people should just disregard him. Paying attention to his antics only depletes you of valuable time and energy. He’s not worth the morning shit you take.

  26. ssg DIRTYAL says:

    Hey OIF your absolutly right,but i can’t fight the urge to get this c*cks*cker in a rear naked choke and squeeze until he turns purple and pisses his little pink panties. AAAAAAhhhhhhh!

  27. ThommyMac says:

    “Six days. I once spent six days occupying a table at the Ovalo Bar in Panama” ROFL!
    WOW! I was always up at the Ancon (stationed at Kobbe) or occasionally the Las Vegas, back when we were still allowed down range. Does my shock at the weed prices when I got back to the states count as PTSD? NO? Well, I do tend to exaggerate….

  28. Caro says:

    Question: Did Matthis release this statement because he saw who he was going to be pitted against in the elite 8 and needed to do something to gain more votes to advance to the next round?

  29. ThommyMac says:

    “mindless brutality to their own” WHAT? I am still proud to have been able to play with the big boys. I had the incredible fortune to have had a neighbor who was in the 80 deuce 40 years before me. It was like meeting a fun uncle you never knew you had. I miss him bad, rest his soul. Esprit de corps comes from more than t-shirts….