A General not-so-much (Updated)

| April 30, 2009

I know you guys remember Brigadier General Baxter from about two weeks ago;

Well, it turns out he was actually in the Army, he even did a year in Vietnam driving landing craft, apparently. But his service was from January 1966 – December 1968, and he left the Army as a Private First Class. His records show no awards beyond the three medals everyone got for going to Vietnam. It appears that he isn’t even authorized to wear the Good Conduct Medal. Well, here’s his Form 2-1;

Quite bit different from what he’s sporting;

So, here’s his Freedom of Information Act information;

Like I told someone in an email, I really hate to do this to the guy because he is a Vietnam veteran and he served honorably at a crucial time when America needed men like him to step up – he volunteered in the time of a draft and still went to Vietnam. But, damn! A General, a Silver Star? Aviator wings? That CIB really pisses me off, too. So all of this guy’s stuff is going to the local prosecutor’s office in the morning mail.

UPDATED: I’ve been in contact with the FBI on this Baxter guy and I’m waiting for the Baltimore Office to figure out what the Stolen Valor Act is and whether or not they investigate that stuff. *sigh*

In the meantime, anon sent us a picture of the coins this bozo is handing out like candy;

UPDATED AGAIN: We made POW Net again;


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  1. bobofthedesert says:

    Gee, a 1st Lt. who can’t spell Army……and her scumbag father needs to be beaten severely. If he was standing in front of me, I’d do it myself, and that’s no lie G.I……


  2. TheSwabbie says:

    This douchebag is a disgrace. He served honorably but then dishonored himself by pinning on General stars and awards he did NOT earn. Its a slap in the face to all that have EARNED this awards. This guy must have a mental problem to be handing out challenge coins like this. He needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the SVA of 2005 as possible. I would hope the daughter is embarassed and totally humiliated by this clown of a father. I sure as hell wouldnt claim this nut if I was her.

  3. colmurph says:

    How come the AUSA does not care to prosecute this? Time to get a new one!

  4. Doc says:

    Why do they always have to be SF? WHAT THE FUCK! WHAT A FUCKING LOSER

  5. MAJ Mike says:

    These claims to fame are occurring more than most people are aware. This is just another way for people to take advantage of the system instead of doing the hard work required to earn these distinguished awards. He should feel disgraced to act like this as a veteran and also as a father. What a bad example to show your child. I have attached an update as of 1 FEB 2007 – The Stolen Valor Act is passed, and effective December 2006 it is a Federal offense to wear of claim to have earned US medals:

    Under the Stolen Valor Act it is now a Federal Offense, punishable by up to $5,000 fine and six months in jail (double that if the offense involves valor awards or the Purple Heart), to claim VERBALLY or in WRITING, to have received any military award you did not.

    If you know anyone who has made false claims of valor, contact the FBI immediately and INSIST that they arrest the offender.

  6. El Marco says:

    I like the SF and Ranger tabs on his combat patch.

  7. El Marco says:

    Oh, and the Liberation of Kuwait medals from KSA and Kuwait, but no Southwest Asia Service Medal.

  8. Smoke says:

    @TSO: I take exception to everything the guy’s wearing, and don’t be so light on those wings! I was an Army Aviator (Fireball 15) there. I busted my ass to graduate Warrant Officer Aviator Training then volunteered for every mission I could. Better guys than me didn’t come back when I did, and please remember we came in to get you guys when a smarter person would have said “Hell No!” while our buds at home were tooling around in their ’57 Chevies and ’66 ‘Stangs.

  9. WatercraftNCO says:

    Ordinarily I don’t comment on blogs, but when I saw what former PFC Baxter used to do for the Army, it made me even more disgusted. I am currently a member of the Army’s watercraft community; I have served in some of the same units listed on his DD214. It’s not glamorous and it’s not likely to get you any “glory”, but it’s necessary.

    I hope the guys in his units in Vietnam see this, so they can see how little he values the work they did together. Clearly, in former PFC Baxter’s mind, busting your hump on Army boats in Vietnam is not “cool” enough, since he needed to pretend to be something else…

  10. MCPO NYC USN(Ret.) says:

    You can run but you can not hide!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I know this is the proverbial dead horse, however, he has his Purple Heart senior to SSM and BSM and it looks like he has a Marine Corps Good Conduct with three bronze stars. I doubt any Marine Corps General was ever enlisted long enough to rate four Good Conduct Medals, much less an Army General.

  12. patrick0321 says:

    Hmm Navy/Marine Corps CAR too….

  13. Anonymous says:

    You forgot about the navy and marines corps combat action ribbon he’s wearing

  14. Anonymous says:

    Kuwait and Vietnam, but only one NDSM? With two children that are officers you’d think one of them would help him with his ribbons.

  15. Green Thumb says:


  16. Fixed Bayonet says:

    I want a coin! What would the exchange rate be for Douchebag to Super Loser Fake Scum be?

  17. RS says:

    The C.I.B being placed below Aviator wings???

    Its so common for guys in the infantry to get selected to flight school, and then decide afterwards that they want to be SF, but still end up being a BG…

    Hollywood much?

  18. Expara82nd says:

    I just found the site today,and have been looking at some of these guys.It’s been a long time since I was in the ARMY,(got out in ’86 after a jump accident at Ft. Bragg) and I am stunned at these guys.Impersonating a 3 star doesn’t get you locked up? how is that even possible?I’m glad see people exposing these people.I used to go to a site that was exposing fake S.E.A.L’s,but it shut down a while back.Well I was just a simple,trouble making Rigger in the 82nd,and it troubles me,these people.I try to look in their eyes to see if I can figure out what would make a normal person do this.

  19. A Proud Infidel says:

    That’s just it, Expara82nd, these AREN’T normal people, they’ll do ANYTHING for attention, and they don’t even think about the consequences to them, let alone to real-life Vets like you and me.

  20. Jumpmaster says:

    No slack. Baxter is a “PX War Hero” and needs to be put in his place. I worked damn hard to graduate from the Special Forces Advanced Airborne (Jumpmaster) Course at Fort Bragg and I have zero tolerance for someone who didn’t walk the walk but talks the talk. I must believe that holders of the SF tab, Ranger tab and CIB that Baxter wears feel the same way. He could be proud of his own service but instead chooses to claim glory that is not his. …Damn poser.

  21. Hondo says:

    Expara82nd: while impersonating an officer is still a crime, it’s only rarely prosecuted. The last case I know of occurred at Fort Huachuca a couple of years ago when they caught a fake USAF Maj Gen wandering around on post. That guy is featured somewhere on this site if memory serves.

  22. Beretverde says:

    The FBI office in Atlanta and Charlotte N.C. suck. The Denver office is outstanding. Good luck with Baltimore (2600 Lord Baltimore Drive Baltimore, MD 21244. Phone: (410) 265-8080. Fax: (410) 277-6677. E-mail: Baltimore@ic.fbi.gov).

    @28/29 To be awarded Master parachute wings, two more items- you must be on jump status for 36 months AND be a graduate from jumpmaster school (in addition to the number of jumps AND type of jumps-mass tac, night C/E etc.). Took me 8 years to get my master wings.

  23. Mike says:

    When I served in the Army, one might earn the Special Forces and Ranger tabs, but we never wore them on our right shoulder, no matter how many combat tours one might have. Tabs stayed on the left shoulder where they belonged…..(airborne tabs over patches is part of the patch, not a tab)

  24. 1SG_LEO_200 says:

    This disturbs me to no end…I recently found this site. I play airsoft which is similar to paintball with allot of MILSIM, I currently play with and have played with in the past some very decorated veterans, active duty LEO’s and military. We wear allot of military stuff but never things like awards and tabs… I wouldn’t be caught dead with anything like a SF/Ranger tab on my shoulder that if I didn’t earn it, I met a legitimate soldier who told me about making it damn near all the way through the SF Q Course only to become very sick and not being able to recycle back in, it is not a joke and I make sure the guys who aren’t military respect that..even so I run into people who lie about service, I’ve seen a soldier go up to a kid and rip off a Ranger and SF tab. I usually dig when I sense BS, and bring along a friend or two in the service to you know talk about “war stories” 😀 Usually they make about a 1000 errors about dates, units, ranks, etc. What doesn’t help is that despite their best efforts they always wear everything incorrectly! So they piss on it twice really…How can you wear something and claim it when you havent earned it? A uniform is just that….a uniform…when I wear fatigues I don’t feel anymore special than when I’m walking around the house in my boxers, maybe thats just me…I’d like to put a group of these posers in one room and see what happens LOL, better yet they just need group therapy! Thanks for your service gentlemen and if I run into any fakers going around you can bet I’ll be shooting you an email, if Stolen Valor becomes a crime that is so serious then it will [hopefully] become less common! Man can’t people just go get fit, enlist and serve honorably? Oh well!

  25. Mr. GameAndShow Formerly C2 says:

    Baxter daughter is kinda hot. Just had to point that out.

  26. Isanova says:


    If I were one of his kids in service, I would be ashamed… heck I’d deck him on Thanksgiving for this

  27. Tool from Brooklyn says:

    Fuck him. Fuck the mother fucking piece of shit.