Carl Webb; the IVAW deserter who didn’t desert

| June 1, 2009

As most of my regular readers know, there’s turmoil churning around the ranks in the Iraq Veterans Against the War. Although it’s a result of many things, the most contentious point of the turmoil is between the regular patriotic members who merely oppose the war and the members who want the IVAW to become a tool of the International Socialist Organization – just a facade of veterans to lend some legitimacy to the entire socialist movement. The most vile and despicable member of IVAW, Carl Webb, belongs to that second group.

Earlier this month, TSO wrote about Webb when Casey Porter resigned from IVAW and brought our attention to Webb. Since then, Kris Goldsmith resigned and this stirred Webb up again. He bragged on his own Facebook page that he forced another resignation of a “conservative” from IVAW;

Webb continued calling him a conservative in the comments, and some of the brain-dead hippies chimed in;

Doug Zachary is the president of the local Geezers for Sitting On Our Hands in Austin. Just so he knows, Zachary had better get his story straight, too, because he’s next on our list.

Even Matthis Chiroux chimed in with his usual narcissistic victim theater;

Yeah, Goldsmith called Chiroux a rapist, but Chiroux was forced to admit later that he was indeed a rapist – but that it was the Army’s fault. And Goldsmith isn’t the lucky one in your “slamming” fantasy, stickboy.

Another goober (probably the biggest dork in IVAW) whom TSO wrote about last year, Reagan Sullivan, chimed in;

The especially profane Hart Viges is the chaplain of the IVAW’s Austin Chapter.

Now, in order to call Kris Goldsmith a conservative, Webb has to be to the Left of Stalin. And apparently he is;

Notice how he calls himself a Marxist/Leninist/Trotskyist? That means he’s wrapped around what he thinks are impressive labels with lots of syllables. He really doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but someone told him that stuff once and he liked the way it sounded. Webb is a poser and a leech.

He claims he’s an Licensed Practical Nurse, but he’s never finished school. Witness his MySpace page;

Two colleges, no graduation and making less than $30k. Nice. Also on his MySpace page he says he’s thinking about being a teacher – 43 years old and “thinking” about being a teacher. Real mature guy we’re dealing with here. He can’t finish a one-year certification program for LPN, but he’s “thinking” about four years of college to be a teacher.

He claims that the reason he’s an LPN but has no money or LPN jobs is because he doesn’t like working for big corporations – communism as an excuse for laziness.

All of that LPN training is being put to good use – he’s now a food server at the UT campus…for a corporation;

I guess working for a food service corporation is more spiritually satisfying than working for a health care corporation.

He also uses the social media networks to bum stuff from people. Here, he needs a bicycle so instead of getting a job and buying one, he wants you to be cool and give him one;

A 43-year-old with no job looking for a free, working bicycle. Can it get any more pathetic? Yes, it can. How about loaning Webb some space on your couch;

I found other instances of his begging for things like your computers and cameras, but I figured these two examples are enough to give you an idea what he’s like.

So now we know what a Marxist/Leninist/Trotskyist is – a mooch. The really pathetic part? That avatar is a picture of Carl in leathers standing by a motorcycle like it’s his – but it can’t be his, he needs a free bicycle and nap on your couch. I’ll bet the girls can’t keep their hands off of him.

So what does Webb do in his spare time? He claims he’s a Spartacist – that doesn’t mean that he supports any Grecian community’s struggle for freedom against Persians hordes;

He also writes manifestos for treason, like this one where he chastises the IVAW board for not advocating the right of the Iraqi and Afghan people to fight against US troops.

Notice that last line about “oppressed people have the right to resist occupation by any means necessary TOO [sic] INCLUDE FIGHTING US TROOPS”. That’s the problem he had with Casey Porter – Porter refused to sabotage his unit’s equipment and place his fellow soldiers in danger and Webb pestered him for it until Porter finally resigned from IVAW.

Webb has also threatened to quit IVAW because they’re not radical enough;

See that? IVAW, actual veterans of the war, won’t urge the enemy to kill our troops still engaged in that theater, so IVAW has ethical issues they need to resolve before they come up to Webb’s high standards.

So his military career? According to his autobiography, he joined the Army after he dropped out of high school in 1982 and left the Reserves in 1993. Then in August 2001, he enlisted in the reserves again because he couldn’t find a job. Then 9/11 happened, and all of a sudden he didn’t want to be in anymore.

Webb makes it sound like he was a victim of circumstances – he says he joined just a month before we were attacked and the Army wanted to send him to the war. Then he claims he deserted so he wouldn’t have to participate in the illegal war which he suddenly opposed. He claims he was in hiding from the Army for years – all the while giving interviews to the media about how brave he is. Finally, he claims, the Army sent him a discharge – so he must’ve done a real bang-up job of running and hiding if they mailed him a discharge.

But, see, that’s Webb’s story. The Army’s records tell a different story;

Webb left the Reserves in 1992 and never reenlisted like he claimed. He was never recalled, he was never in hiding from the Army. He was never eligible to even join IVAW despite their loose membership requirements. That’s his total military service in the FOIA document. Webb says he has different records that proves his story – no one has seen these documents and if he does have any, they’re all forgeries.

This is another example of IVAW buying the message without looking closely at the messenger. With his 44 days in the Army, Jesse MacBeth is more qualified to belong to IVAW than Carl Webb. How sad is that?

That’s two IVAW fakers we’ve discovered this month – first Duncan and now Webb. We gave Webb all weekend to come clean about this and he’s decided that he’s going to assume the untenable position that the records are wrong.

The records aren’t wrong, though. He’ll claim that his service after 2001 was in the Guard and that’s why it doesn’t show up in his ARMY records. Notice in Carl’s Form 2-1 he spent two years in the Reserves and then enlisted in the Georgia National Guard in 1992 and it’s all noted on his records and included in his total service;

So why would the Army stop keeping track of his service suddenly? The records aren’t wrong, Webb is lying to the IVAW.

Already I’ve been accused of conducting a “witch hunt” – I’m not. The more vile the message, the more likely the messenger is corrupt. I knew Webb was lying because it fit his personality – I just had to find out what he was lying about. You know, spread around the internet, the information available on Carl doesn’t mean much, but when it all comes together in a single entry, you get a good picture of a hustler and ne’er-do-well who depends on the goodwill and naive good intentions of youngsters in the peace movement. He’s a low-life scumbag, a thief and a liar.

On Saturday, I sent a copy of Webb’s FOIA search from St Louis to Alex Bacon, IVAW’s ED, Amadee Braxton, IVAW’s Development Director (read that; liaison to hippie organizations) and Membership Coordinator, Toby Hartbarger – so let’s see if they still think the message Webb has is more important than his fakery. I told them that I would include any comments they have in this post. Those comments are included below;


UPDATE: Alex Bacon did send a response, eventually;

Dear John,

We do have proof of service on file for Carl including a copy of his DD Form 4/1 (Enlistment/Reenlistment Document) showing him enlisting in the Army National Guard in 2001 as well as mobilization orders from 2004.


Alex Bacon
Executive Director
Iraq Veterans Against the War

I wrote back that since these are the official records, directly from the Army, he must be holding forgeries. Funny how I anticipated this type of response. We’ve seen forged records from IVAW which is why we depend on the Army’s records for the official story. Just like a civilian employer only accepts transcripts mailed directly from a university as proof of a person’s education.

But we’ve also learned that IVAW values some members more than others, especially if they have the message IVAW wants to hear and project.

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