Hope is Not a Tactic

| June 26, 2009


This totally avoidable display of weakness was just as predictable. I warned that putting the USS McCain on the trail of this ship was a bad idea from the start.

Obama had decided to pursue the toothless United Nations route and should have left it at that. Instead we get this news today.

The United States will not use force to inspect a North Korean ship suspected of carrying banned goods, an American official was quoted as saying Friday.

An American destroyer has been shadowing the North Korean freighter sailing off China’s coast, possibly on its way to Myanmar.

Rather than allow this to be another UN failure, Obama decided to make it a 100% American failure.

HotAir aptly described their view:

So why did we bother to get the resolution in the first place? If the Obama administration didn’t see that threat coming from miles away, then they are even more clueless than I’d imagined. Instead of Obama looking tough, Kim has shown the world that he can bully the US into retreat at any time. He exposed Obama as a paper tiger.

Kim now knows he can do whatever he wants in the Pacific Rim and suffer no consequences at all. He can sell missiles, proliferate nukes, and the worst that will happen will be the US Navy asking, “Mother, may I?” when it comes to inspections. This, Obama wants us to believe, is “smart power”; in reality, it’s neither. It’s Jimmy Carter-style weakness, and our enemies will derive the obvious lessons from it.


Note to President. A war ship at sea is like a pistol in a ghetto. If you have no intention of using it, you don’t want to show it off.

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  1. Mr Wolf says:

    Navy prolly has rad-detectors all around this thing, checking to see if it’s giving off anything. Hull is probably glowing…

    If any 3-eyed sailors get off, we’ll know…


  2. FOMSG says:

    Even worse – Hope is not a course of action…

  3. OldTrooper says:

    Anyone that didn’t know that this was going to be the “mission” all along, raise your hands. When it was first announced that we were going to “shadow” this transport, I knew that they wouldn’t do anything but follow it around the water. Unfortunately, the Norks, Chicoms, and Ruskies knew it, too.

    We have a weak kneed pussy in office that doesn’t give a rats ass about our security, or much of anything else, except for how good he looks on tv every day of the week.

    As others have said; why bother with a resolution from the UN if there is going to be no intention of enforcing it. Talk about a bunch of people trying to justify their pay by attending “emergency security council meetings”. Keep talking and passing meaningless resolutions, just so you can sound important. Worthless bastards.

  4. UpNorth says:

    OldTrooper, he doesn’t care about our security but he did deploy an ABM mobile unit to Hawaii. Maybe because he’s spending the 4th in Hawaii? I thought he was going to defund all “untried” anti-missile technology?
    Not to worry about offending the Norks though, he won’t give permission to fire anyway.
    And, the Chinese and Rooosians knew they could ensure this outcome, just by the language in the so-called resolution.

  5. NHSparky says:

    Could be worse–the McCain could have been chased off the pier in Haiti by a bunch of machete-wielding macoutes. Oh wait–that was the LAST Democrat president.

  6. patrick says:

    Fixed it for ya:

    “A warship at sea is like an M2 Browing in a ghetto.”

    Instead, thanks to the current administration’s tendency towards Carter-era fecklessness, our Browning looks like a Nerf belt-fed dart gun.