July 4th Tea Party news

| July 5, 2009

The American Power Blog emails a link to Donald Douglas’ coverage of many Tea Parties. Michelle Malkin live blogged from Dallas.

Gateway Pundit from St Louis’ Tea Party. GP also reports that George W Bush got six standing O‘s at the Let Freedom Ring festival in Oklahoma yesterday.

Our buddy, Skye, has coverage of the Independence Day Tea party in Philly yesterday at Midnight Blue.

Nice Deb covers Kansas City’s Tea party. Part 1 and Part2.

Maggie’s Farm reports from San Diego. The Lonely Conservative from my old stomping grounds in Syracuse, NY. Urban Grounds in Austin, TX.

The Tea Party in Bozeman, MT was preceded by the Gay Loggers for Jesus. Coos Bay, Oregon drew a few hundred to their Tea Party. A few hundred also gathered in Lincoln, NE.

There was a Tea Party in Kalamazoo, New York City, Raleigh, Washington DC (twice), Rogers AR, Monticello, AR, Columbia SC, Prince William County, VA, Shrevesport LA, and wherever Mockarena and The Chicks on the Right were (they don’t say).

If I missed your Tea Party, let me know and I’ll post it.

ADDED: Central New Jersey sent by Freedom Fighter

Another from our buddy DanNY at New City, NY.

Yet another from our buddy Rochester Conservative in Rochester, NY.

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  1. I think The Chicks on the Right were in Indianapolis, Indiana (“Indy Tea Party”). I’m guessing Indy is short for Indianapolis and not Independent.

  2. Karen says:

    We had a tea party in Decatur, Alabama, one in Priceville, Alabama, and one in Huntsville, Alabama. THANK YOU to all who turned out!!

  3. Debbie Clark says:

    Friend of mine was there at the one in Decatur, AL.

  4. Thanks for the link. You aren’t missing much this summer in Syracuse. It’s been pretty chilly and rainy. But today was nice. Hope you had a happy Independence Day.

  5. UpNorth says:

    There were two around here, one in Grand Rapids, one in Grandville, Mi. Though you wouldn’t know it from the local media. The Fox affiliate covered it last night, but it’s gone from their web page. NBC and The All Barack Channel didn’t cover it, at all. Good sized crowds at both.

  6. Irish3 says:

    Central Jersey had 800 people show up in Jackson!!! Hi Calibur, the conservative rapper made a surprise appearance as well, it was a great 3 hour event!! Thanks for adding us!

  7. IndyTeaParty says:

    Indy tea party video clips: (Notice the rain, it was POURING, but a good turnout considering):

    Indiana treasurer Richard Mourdock was a guest speaker:

  8. Eric Andrews says:

    My wife and I attended the TEA Party in Bloomington, Illinois. Despite a steady rain, and non-global warming temperatures in the mid- 60’s, around 300 to 400 Patriots participated.

  9. ron nester says:

    We had a great 4th of July tea party in Beaufort SC with approximately 300 in attendance. No media presence. True grass roots movement against loss of freedoms to ever growing, tyranical, out of control federal government.

  10. L. Nagy says:

    From what I hear on the news its “Nothing” what the President thinks of the Tea Party is “Nothing”.

    Not exactly getting heard? Can’t believe we are not steering up thinking among the Baby Boomers coming up for retirement with 11 Trillion $ missing from the fund and our children who are next in line.

    What a shame. Whats happened??

    Are all the news bought and sold? No free thinking there.