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| March 30, 2008


Stolen from The Jungle Hut

I must be getting old – I’m only reading other people’s brilliant thoughts today from the blogs that link here.

People like Van at Kesher Talk who is convinced that McCain will tap Lieberman for VP.

People like my friend Kamangir the Archer – the most visible moderate Iranian I know – who rationally opposes Wilder’s Fitna. As opposed to the irrational Dutch moonbats who apologize for Fitna as reported by Gateway Pundit and Weasel Zippers. If you’re like the two or three people on the planet who haven’t see it yet, Moonbattery and Say Anything have it up on their servers. The Jawa Report writes that the Islamic Republic has summoned the Dutch ambassador – I wonder what they want now?

Folks like my buddy Skye from Midnight Blue who climbed back up on the horse yesterday after being attacked last weekend by an irrational moonbat in Chester County.

I got an email tip from the Milblogs this morning about the upcoming Bad Voodoo’s War from PBS and Andi’s got the teaser video.

If you’re wondering what I think about the recent uptick in violence in Iraq, it’s best described at Neptunus Lex. The Iranians are trying to upend our elections with total disregard for Iraqi lives. al Sadr finally realized it this morning. Rick Moran at the Right Wing Nut House questions Maliki’s judgement. McQ at Q&O dissects the events leading up to the Basra battle and provides links. Haystack at Redstate catches the LA Times painting al Sadr as a poor victim in the latest flare up. The Lonely Sandpiper blames the Brits. I think it’s just Maliki’s version of the Whiskey Rebellion.
The only woman with whom I agree all of the time (except my wife and my Mom), Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy posts John McCain’s first national campaign ad.

Marooned in Marin (who is actually marooned in Northern Virginia these days) examines the rumor that while super-delegates decide between two candidates, the Democrats are plotting to throw all of the primary voters under the bus and just pick their favorite loser of all time. So much for the democratic part of their party. Mike Tippet at Wake Up America is thankful for the democrats’ biggest loser.

Bob Parks at Outside the Wire examines a survey that declares there’s no indoctrination at our schools.

In case anyone is wondering, Snapped Shot is still behaving himself.

Solomon reviews and dissects the play “My Name is Rachel Corrie” at Solomonia.

Spanish Pundit writes that Palestinian Christians are being harrassed by a fundamentalist Islamic mafia in the Holy Land.

Wordsmith at Sparks From the Anvil writes about an Iraqi translator who was denied resident alien status.

The Avid Editor claims (and rightly so) that we’re already at war with Iran.

Wolf Howling has more links to other blogs for something different.

Chicagoan Marathon Pundit, who seems to have something against an Obama Presidency, writes about Obama’s latest embellishment.

And just go visit The Jungle Hut and Don Surber because they both exhibited exceptionally clear judgment by adding me to their blogrolls last night.

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  1. Nora says:

    Oh, God, John. I have been reading about the Kurd translator. I will link it tomorrow. What a shame and what a disgrace!!


  2. Rosemary says:

    I didn’t know you knew Jungle Mom! She is great. They were able to get all of their children out of there, but we should all pray for the other families that have had children while living there. That creep of tyrant has declared that any children born there cannot leave. They belong to the state. Grrr.

    You have quite a great list of links! Wow! I’m going to have to get a hot cup of chocolate and sit back… 😉

    PS. Nora, I’ve been following that too. It is a sad shame about our state dept. They’ll allow ahmadinejad in the country, they invite castro, they’ll warm up to all of our enemies, but when someone needs our assistance to save his family’s and his life? We need to start a campaign to make phone calls to the senators, congressmen and the president. Really. Let me know when you set it up or if you want me to do it. Take care, and never give up.