Uh? We lost something?

| October 2, 2009

OK, so the Olympics are going to Brazil in 2016 – how many of you are going? Me, neither. It’s a coupla sports games – what do I care? But to read the blogs, we’ve lost everything. That pony-tailed bike riding guy says that this is proof that conservatives want America to fail. Huh? We’ve never lost a bid for the Olympics before? The doofuses at Think Progress say; “Mission Accomplished For Conservatives Who Rooted Against America “;

Always looking for a way to bring down Obama, conservatives not only criticized the President’s 15-hour trip, but also spent this week denegrating Chicago, downplaying the Olympics, and rooting against America.

They even made a video that “proves” we brought Obama down;

Apparently the Olympic Committee watches our cable TV news programs.

From Glen Thrush at Politico;

Judging from the volume of exultant Tweets and press releases from Republicans today — you’d think they’d won a doubleheader, what with Chicago losing the Olympics and the unemployment numbers rising unexpectedly.

You know who really lost today? Those folks we’ve sent to Afghanistan. Out of the 15 hours the President spent in Denmark, General McCrystal got 25 minutes with him. Imagine that; all of the time he spent on getting the Olympics brought to Chicago – seven years from now (apparently three years after Obama will be out office if he keeps acting like this) – he spent twenty five minutes with the guy fighting his war for him.

dicksmith says that’s fine;

When I was a buck sergeant, I didn’t meet regularly with my Battalion Commander to brief him on my mission. The intermediate leaders did that for me.

Regardless, this is a good thing:

Imagine that – VoteVets agreeing with every.single.thing.the.President.does. Um, dicksmith, did your Battalion commander send you to another country to fight a war by yourself? We’re talking about a guy who is trying to convince the President to give our troops more resources. The same President who has spent the last five days talking to people who AREN’T commanders in Afghanistan about those resources.

All of you folks who are so enamored with the President, listen to yourselves. Seriously.

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  1. TSO says:

    I don’t give a flying horse fuck about the olympics, what I care about is our men and women in A-stan wondering when the fuck they will get the support troops they need to clear and hold these areas.

    Jesus, don’t any of these people care?

  2. USMC Chris says:


  3. USMC Chris says:

    TO: TSO
    FM: ME

    Re: Flying & Horse Fucking



  4. Susan says:

    Ok, so I admit for a moment today when it was announced that Chicago was out, I found the situation funny – not because I wanted America to fail, but because I wanted Obama and his Chicago cronies to fail. The amount of graft and corruption that would have been involved in those Olympic-related contracts is mind boggling. I also thought it was funny because the man who believes he is President of the World misjudged his clout even on this minor matter.

    However, I feel sorry for the people of Chicago who worked hard on their proposal. I also feel for the workers in Chicago who might have been employed to get the city ready. I wonder, however, if the city of Chicago is not better served spending that money to improve their schools and their police force so honor students don’t get beaten to death?

    Of course, we all know that the One would have used the Olympics as an excuse to send taxpayer money to Chicago. I am sure, however, he will find another way to repay his cronies.

  5. grover says:

    Dumb Question Time….

    Whats the deal with McChrystal showing up in ACU’s?

    He looked like shit. Class A and a chest full of tin make you look like you know what the hell you are doing, command respect. Especially when the person sitting next to you looks like a 30# bag of fluffy pillows in a cheap suit. He is fighting a media war with the unicorn bringer, needs to up his game.

    His aid that let him show up like that needs a swift kick.

  6. TexasFred says:

    ACU’s make him look like a WORKING General and not a show piece…

  7. NHSparky says:

    dicksmith: “When I was a buck sergeant, I didn’t meet regularly with my Battalion Commander to brief him on my mission. The intermediate leaders did that for me.”

    Dear Dick,

    There’s a few more levels between you at a BCO than a theater commander and the president. Not really a valid comparison. And if you’re equating your importance to that of a four-star general, might I suggest you up the dosage on your meds?

  8. Scorch says:

    Still do not understand some of the mind sets who claim some kind of right wing conspiracy whenever people do not support the O’s idiotic ideas or his mind numbing priorities. If I was going to the olympics Rio would be a much better destination than Chicago.

  9. Dave Thul says:


    when I was a buck sergeant, my battalion commander had an open door policy. So if I requested more bullets so my joes could do the job he gave me and I was getting the run around, I could go to the BC and say ‘this is fucked up, sir. Give me what I need to do the job right’.

  10. infantryjj says:

    Yes Grover…that is a dumb question.

  11. CRaissi says:

    The narcissism is astounding. The Olympics have never been held in South America. I think the decision of the IOC had more to do with that historical context regarding an entire continent than it did with the inane political squabbles of our country.

    A conversation roughly along these lines probably occurred:
    Guy 1: “Should we send the games to America again for the second time in two decades? They have great venues, massive infrastructure, and everyone around the world is happy about the black dude in charge.”

    Guy 2: “What about Rio? Those guys in South America have never hosted the games before. Rio is a first rate city, could use the economic boost more than Chicago, and we could send a message to that continent and the world by giving them the 2016 games.”

    Everyone Else: “Oh yeah, we forgot about South America. In fact, we’ve forgotten about them for over 200 years. Maybe they should host the games.”

    And then off go the pundits on the “left” and “right” to argue about who is to blame.

    The only thing I’m pissed about is that a lot of folks in Chicago were hoping on these games in order to give the city the financial and public perception boost to see the Chicago Spire project get restarted. Now it looks like that won’t happen, and I really wanted to see that tower get built.

  12. Bill R. says:

    Okay, so they made a video purporting to show how we undermined the olympics. You know what? Our enemies watch videos too. They are watching our president undermine the general he put in charge to win a war. Tell me leftists, which videos have more power to get people killed? No matter which side of this one comes down on, all must agree that the prez cannot vote present on this issue! Win the war or bring the troops home. But if you bring them home, you better be prepared for the consequences that will surely follow.

  13. Kate says:

    Pshaw! All conservatives I know were rooting against Chicago, for the simple reason…..they suck. 🙂 Nothing complicated at all.